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Pampered Chef Party


The other day I went to a Pampered Chef's party with a friend. I did not know the other ladies but my friend did.

It was a pretty pleasant time. It was kind of boring for me but I held in there. Listened to all that was said. I Looked at all the different things they have for your kitchen.

This thing here will help eliminate spills. This one will keep the food from sticking or burning.

About half way through the party I had to take my shoes off. I had worn a pair of sandals. They are sandy colored and open toed.

They let my feet breathe and show just enough footage to be sexy as hell to the ladies who loved looking at my feet.

The lady who was hosting the party had done the same thing. I didn't notice at first that she had been checking out my feet as much as I had been checking hers out.

We were at her house. She has a pretty nice looking home. It's an old house with Victorian style moldings and columns on the outside and inside.

Anyways, I stretched myself out to get more comfortable and my foot had brushed against hers. Man, did she have soft feet!

They were tiny and delicate looking. I am not sure what size she wears but they are most defiantly smaller than my big feet.

Her name is Mona. She stands about five foot four and has a trim build. Mona's hair is a dark auburn color and she has dark green eyes. Her lips are just gorgeous. Mona has the kind that resembles Angelina Jolie's lips.

Where as with me, I am five foot three with long strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am no where's near trim.

I am a BBW (big beautiful woman) and proud of it. Mona likes it so what more could I ask for? It is not like I have to stop be sexy because of my weight.

Back to Mona...after I was stretched out and brushed against her feet I could not help but keep my feet right near hers. Mona kept moving her feet.

It was as if she were telling me something but at that moment I was oblivious to it. Yeah, I was like one of those people who are clueless.

I mean it didn't take me long to realize what she was thinking when she ran her delicate foot along the calf of my leg as she was speaking to the other ladies.

My interest in Mona was peaking as I rub back against her feet. My nipples were getting harder by the minute. I had to make sure they were not poking out for any one else to see or else my friend I came with would start teasing me about being cold or something stupid.

Mona would make eye contact with me and smile. Of course, I smiled back! Mona is a gorgeous creature! I kept picturing her feet running against my body as I lay between her feet nibbling away at her.

My feet running along her body as she massaged and sucked on my toes. The longer I kept touching her the more I wanted the party to be over with.

That party lasted about 3 hours with all the talking and going over the books and then the order forms. Man was there a lot of orders!

I didn't order anything. What I wanted was no where on the order forms unless you count Mona's name at the top of them.

Mona had made a suggestion for one of the girls there to stay after the party. Every one was saying they had to get home. Perfect opportunity for me and I think Mona knew it!

I said I would stay which changed my friend's mind. I told her I would be ok. Mona told her she would drive me home. After every one left then the fun began!

As the last of the tail lights disappeared, Mona flung herself at me kissing me deeply. We never left her front room not till we had our fill of each other.

Her delicate feet trailed along my ample breasts.

"Anastasia, what size are those puppies?"

Mona asked me as she took my shirt off watching them bounce around. I let her know that they were 50 DD's. She had moaned in pleasure. She leaned back on her sofa as she lifted her dress up and over her head.

I cupped my hands against her breasts. Damn does she have a nice set. She ran her feet along my breasts tweaking my nipples as she pushed back on them.

I grabbed one of her feet and starting licking and sucking every where I could. She tasted like something faintly sweet. She was arching her back and moaning softly.

I opened her legs and trailed kisses with my lips down both of them until I was in front of her box.

Mona's musky scent about drove me wild. I trailed my tongue along her slit darting my tongue in deeply where he clit was. She wrapped her milky white legs around my head as I opened her up.

I sucked her clit into my mouth twirling my tongue around in circles constantly. It did not take her long to cum against my face. Mona squeezed my head tightly as she flooded my face with her juices.

"My turn to taste you!"

Mona told me as she unwrapped her legs and pushed me back against the floor with her soft delicate feet. She started by diving right between my legs.

I was already soaked from all I had done to her but the rush of watching her coming at me as fast as she had was another rush of excitement.

When I was close to coming she started to suck and massage my feet. One or two toes at time she would suck on them as hard as she could. Not long after that I came harder than I had in a long time.

We curled up beside each other in a 69 position with her box on top of my face and cleaned each other up. I definitely won't miss another party at Mona's house! She took me home and we've kept in contact since.

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