tagInterracial LoveParadise Found Ch. 02

Paradise Found Ch. 02


I could see his towering ebony cock just inches from my face. And I could almost smell and taste the exciting fragrance of cum and sweat and pussy juices that I remembered so well. I was daydreaming at my desk while I pretended to work on a project I'd finished half-an-hour ago. I was a little hurt that he hadn't called for ten days, but I convinced myself that what we had was too good for either of us to let it go.

The buzz of my phone jerked me back to reality with a start.

"It's a Mr. LeClerque, Ms. Randall. He says he's trying to reach your son and hopes you can help," Kelly reported.

It took a couple of seconds to register and then I broke out in a beaming smile as I picked up. "Is that you, Peter," I asked in a businesslike voice, in case Kelly was still on the line.

"Yes, Ma'am, Ms. Randall. How are you?"

"Feeling wonderful," I replied. And in a loving whisper I added, "Now."

"I'm glad. I had a wonderful time last weekend and couldn't wait to get back to town. But there were a bunch of conflicts. Hope you'll forgive my silence."

"I'll forgive you anything, you wonderful man," I whispered.

"Well, I'm going to be in town for some meetings tomorrow afternoon and I had hopes we could have a cup of coffee or something."

My heart soared. "That sounds great, Peter. When will you be free?"

"About three, I think. Is that too early?"

"I'm sure I can work it out. Why don't you give me a call when you get in and I'll let you know the details."

"Sounds great. Talk to you then." And he hung up.

I was on a cloud as I dialed our support office to arrange for use of the bank's apartment. My spirits almost crashed when the clerk told me the apartment was in use by some trainees for the rest of the week. I was on the verge of tears when the phone buzzed again.

"It's Ms. Proctor, Ms. Randall. She's here for your luncheon appointment."

"Tell her I'll be right out." I hopped up and dashed some cold water on my face in my restroom. Then I snatched up my purse and went out to meet Patty with a bright new prance to my step.

Patty Proctor is probably my best friend in the world. She's almost ten years younger than I am and six-inches taller, but we talk the same language on most topics. I had stood by her through a messy divorce from a world-class horse's ass. He was screwing everything that fit the descriptive 'tramp,' and accusing Patty of adultery. She may have been playing around, but he deserved everything he got, and she deserved all she took him for.

We hadn't even made it to the elevator when she asked, "What happened to the gloomies?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"You've been acting like your balloon was full of lead for two weeks and now you're on the top of the world. How could I miss that?"

"I'll fill you in at lunch."

We walked briskly to a small restaurant where we could have a semblance of privacy. Patty's skirt was as short as usual and did nothing to hide her long, slender legs. We always got a lot of appreciative looks on these walks and Patty enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed her small talk.

After the waiter had brought our coffee and taken our order to the kitchen, Patty smiled at me. "It's the moment of truth. What has Frank done, or not done, to put you on cloud nine?"

"Oh, Patty, it isn't always the husband."

"It always was in my life," she frowned.

"Well, it isn't Frank. In fact, things are a lot better with Frank than they have been in ages."

"Then what?"

"It's just that I have a chance to visit with a special friend and I'd like it to be sort of private. When I accepted the invitation, I thought I could use our company apartment, but the damned thing is booked."

"No hotels in our fair city?"

"I'm afraid of hotels." And I almost sobbed.

Patty looked at me for only a moment before reaching for her purse. She dug into it and came out with a key ring. Before I could say anything, she pulled off a key and folded it into my hand. "Just let me know when I need to be out with the girls," she smiled.

"Oh, Patty. I cant' ask you to do that."

"You didn't ask me, anymore than I asked you to cover for me and hold my hand when Mr. Bastard was giving me hell. I'm doing it because I love you and because I want to do it."

"Oh, thank you, but what will you do for a key?"

"I'll tell the super I lost mine and he'll ogle my tits and make some suggestive remarks and give me another one," she smirked.

I thought for a couple of minutes. "If you have something you can do for a couple of hours tomorrow about three?"

"I hope you're going to need more than a couple of hours to 'visit,'" she snorted. "As a matter of fact, I have a hair appointment after work and there's a movie I want to see at the Marchand, so I can't possibly be home before nine." And she gave my hand a squeeze.

"Thank you, darling. I really owe you one."

"If he's good enough for you, just ask him if he has a friend who likes tall blondes." We paid for our meals and were about to leave when she looked at me teasingly. "In the meantime, if you need to distract Frank, tell him to 'Come up and see me sometime,'" she laughed.

"He should be so lucky."

I was at the top of my form for the rest of the afternoon and breezed through dinner with the family. When Frank rolled over to put his hand on my breast later, I was ready. When I first made love with Peter, I thought I might feel guilty. Even worse, I was afraid I might have a hard time making it with Frank. But neither of those worries was valid. After a couple of nights of pleading headache or exhaustion, the soreness had disappeared and left a wonderful itch that only hard cock seemed able to scratch.

When Frank kissed me goodnight on Tuesday I warmed up enough to practically suck his tonsils out. Before we went to sleep I rode him to a wonderful orgasm and, surprising both of us, gave him the best blowjob of his sweet young life. I'd been truthful when I told Patty that sex with Frank was better than it had been for years. What I didn't admit to either of them was that, when I was swallowing or riding Frank's nice hard prick, I was picturing Peter's big, black monster and imagining his black hands on my excited, white titties.

I told Kelly I would be taking the afternoon off for some shopping and wrapped up a couple of projects that were high priority.

Kelly buzzed through about eleven. "It's that Mr. LeClerque, Ms. Randall. Would you like me to tell him you're tied up?"

The suggestion almost made me panic. "No, Kelly. I can talk to him for a minute." When I was sure she was off the line, I picked up. "Hello," I beamed. "How are you this morning?"

"Very excited, as a matter of fact. How about you?"

"I refuse to answer on the grounds . . ."

He laughed his deep rich laugh. "Will you be able to get away?"

I gave him the address and Patty's phone number and we agreed to meet about three. "Do you like Chinese?"

"My second favorite thing to eat," he replied warmly, and I could feel his tongue on my puss.

"Well, let me give you my cell-phone number in case," I told him. And I'll see you at the apartment." My smile was about splitting my face when I hung up.

I was out of the office like a shot at noon and made a beeline to The Butterfly, a little boutique Patty and I had window-shopped from time to time.

The clerk, who was about my age, introduced herself as Maxine and she was especially helpful. "There's nothing like a lovely garter belt," she counseled. "I always wear my panties outside my belt," she said wistfully, "because my rascal loves the feeling of silk stockings around his waist and things go so much more conveniently." And she smiled at my blush. I picked out a couple of outfits that were definitely not for an older married lady.

I made a couple more stops before running by the Chinese restaurant down the street from Patty's place, and made it to the apartment by 2:00.

I put the Chinese in the fridge and found a note from Patty. "The bottom drawer of my dresser is empty in case you need me to store anything for you. Right side," it said. "Feel free to use anything you need." And I counted my blessings again.

In the bedroom I spread my purchases on the bed and stripped to my birthday suit. I was naked except for my watch and my wedding rings as I studied my refection in Patty's full-length mirror. "Not bad," I thought. I'd brush my hair later, but everything else looked good, I hoped. I opened a small perfume and dabbed a drop behind each ear and on the lower curve of each breast. Then, with a little smile, I dabbed another drop into the dark red fur above my mound. I had trimmed it on Sunday, but it still looked neat and, I hoped, inviting.

I sat on the bed and started to put on the pale green bikini panties when I remembered the sales clerk's comment. I put the panties aside and slipped the slinky, green nylon hose on my legs. I rose and fastened the garter belt around my waist. It was soft and silky and lacy and framed my bush attractively. It took a minute to get the hose attached and the effect was great. I slipped on the panties and picked up the bra. The cups were almost non-existent and they lifted my breasts without fully covering my pink nipples. The effect in the mirror was still exciting and the gauzy top of the baby-dolls promised my darling an almost unobstructed view. I slipped on the jacket and dug out a brush to run through my hair.

When I was decked out to my satisfaction, I put all the trash away and dug into the last bag. I lifted out the bright white beach robe I'd bought for Peter and hugged it to my chest. Then I draped it on chair and checked to make sure everything was ready. I was nervous as a cat, but it was almost three and I knew I wouldn't have to wait much longer.

I trembled when the buzzer sounded and I tried to keep my cool when I responded, "Yes?"

"May I come up?"

"Oh, please, come," I sighed as I pressed the release. I was leaning against the door when I heard his soft knock.

I swung the door open and he came in carrying a long flower box.

"Flowers for me?" I beamed as he presented the box to me.

"For you, my sweet little cunt," he beamed, "but put the box in the kitchen and let me get a look at you."

His nasty words heightened my excitement and I walked to the kitchen as fast as I could in the high heeled green bedroom slippers I'd bought to go with my outfit. They were a little awkward, but I knew they lifted my legs and bottom attractively. When I returned to the living room, Peter smiled and held out his arms and I raced to him. The kiss was worth everything and I felt almost like I'd gone to heaven. His hands on my back and bottom and breasts were everything I remembered and I was ready to drag him to the bedroom.

"Not yet, my precious slut," he scolded, gently. "First let me see what you've brought me."

I felt warmed by his words and a little confused, but he beamed.

"Move over to the window and move for me. Dip and sway and dance and let me see how beautiful and exciting you are."

I quickly complied and, as I was swaying seductively, he moved to open the drapes so I was bathed in warm afternoon light. I could see I was also completely revealed to anyone who might happen to look out their window in the building across the courtyard, but it made no difference. What I wanted was for Peter to see and to approve!

"Beautiful. Beautiful. Even better than I remember."

His words were making me hotter and wetter as I continued to move as seductively as I could.

"Let me see if you taste as good as I remember," he said, moving closer. I would have dragged him to the bedroom, but he stopped me. "Not yet, darling. I want you to dip your fingers in your honey pot and let me have a taste." I started to move away from the windows, but he spoke harshly. "Stay right there, my little bitch, and gather some of that honey from your sweet hot puss. In fact," he added, "face the window so I can see better when you push down your pretty panties."

I didn't want to argue. I wanted to please. And I turned to face the window and slipped my hands under the hem of the gauzy top. I pushed the panties down far enough to let me spread my legs a bit and looked to him for approval.

"Perfect," he beamed.

I was already wet and I dipped two fingers into that hot nest to coat them with my aromatic fluids. When I held my hand out to him, he took it gently and brought it to his lips. He breathed deeply.

"Wonderful," said approvingly. Then he sucked both fingers into his mouth, caressing them with his hot tongue. "Delicious!" he proclaimed. I was so happy and excited I almost cried. "Now tell me whose hot little cunt you are."

I was surprised at his tone. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I want you to tell me whose hot little cunt you are." His hand reached out and his fingers closed tightly on my breast. "So tell me, my little love slave."

He might have been playing a game, but his words and his fingers were incredibly exciting and I wanted to be his love slave. "I'm yours, Peter, darling," I sighed.

His fingers squeezed me harder. "Listen to me, my darling little bitch. I want you to tell me that you are my hot little cunt." He released my breast and there was a little surge of pain. I must have hesitated. "Unless you want to call the whole thing off," he frowned.

"Oh, no, darling," I almost panicked. "I'm your hot little cunt, darling. Please, darling," I pleaded, "let me be your hot little cunt. And your love slave," I pleaded.

His smile almost made me melt. "That's better. Now come and suck your favorite cock." My resistance was fading and I moved to touch him. "You can have a kiss later, slut. Right now I want to feel your hot mouth on my cock."

I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his belt. I let his trousers fall to his knees and unsnapped his shorts. My humiliation was rewarded with the sight of his semi-rigid ebony pole. I reached out to cup his huge balls and put my other hand around his shaft. "Oh darling, I've been dreaming of this for days," I sighed as I pressed him to my cheek. "What a wonderful cock." I touched him with my tongue. "What a delicious cock." I kissed him and then I opened my mouth and closed it over him. I could feel him grow harder and bigger in my mouth and my pussy began to actually drip.

He put his hand under my chin and backed away from my lips. "Whose hot little cock sucker are you, my darling?"

"I'm yours, darling."

He pinched my chin and looked into my eyes. "Tell me you're my hot little cock sucker, bitch," he commanded.

I realized were he was going, and I realized it was what I'd been expecting and maybe hoping for all week. "I'm your hot little cock sucker, my darling."

"And who is your master?"

I knew the answer. "You are my master, darling."

"And you will do anything I ask you to?"

I'd already decided. "I'll do anything you ask me to, darling." And I knew it was true.

He pinched my chin fiercely. "Who is your master," he demanded.

I winced. "You are my master," I almost sobbed. What did he want?

"And what will you do for me?"

I figured it out. "I'll do anything you ask me to do." And I emphasized the word, "Master!"

He smiled and caressed my chin and cheek. "Wonderful, my hot little cock sucking slut. Now get me good and hard." For the next few minutes he let me kiss and lick and suck his wonderful ram, even after it had risen to its towering length.

I was delighted when he lay down and I would have climbed on his rising cock, but he stopped me. "Take off your panties and sit on my face, slave." I wasted no time, and the heat of his tongue rewarded me as it caressed my thighs and the firm lips of my puss. "Delicious!"

Soon his hands were pinching and touching my back and hips and ass and breasts as his tongue probed deep into my puss and toyed with my hard clit. "Oh, yes, Master. Good! Gooood!"

And he murmured his approval as a powerful orgasm racked me and sent my hot juices flooding over his face and lips. "Delicious."

I tried to cling to him, hold him when he pulled me to my feet. "You give wonderful head, my little slave, and you are delicious, but we have other things to enjoy just now." He watched as I put on my panties then he looked around the room. "Does your friend have a big flower vase?"

"I'll find one." I dashed to the kitchen and dug through the high cabinets. I took down the biggest of three vases and filled it with water.

Peter watched from the doorway. "Take it to the balcony."

I was aware of my near nakedness as I opened the doors and carried the vase to the patio table. "What the hell," I told myself. "I want to please him as much as I can." I put the vase down and turned to him as he brought the box from the kitchen and put it on the table.

"Take off your jacket." He commanded. I didn't really consider refusing. Instead, I slipped the flimsy green fabric off and tossed it on a chair. Peter smiled. "Now the top." I looked to make sure he wasn't teasing, then gripped the hem and pulled it up over my head and tossed it to the chair. He smiled, his eyes caressing the hot mounds of my exposed breasts "Very good, my darling. And very exciting titties," he smiled. Now open your flowers."

I could feel a trickle down my leg as I opened the box to discover six beautiful yellow roses." "They're gorgeous, Master." And I arranged them in the vase, increasingly aware of the heat in my puss. God I wanted him.

"And so are you, my delightful slave. But there's something more in the box."

I rummaged under the next layer of paper to find a huge black object. I held it up curiously and turned beet red when I realized it was a huge dildo with heads at both ends. I shyly turned to him, holding it at my waist, a question in my eyes.

He was smiling. "It will give you a comforter when I can't be with you," he explained, and his words started my juices flowing again.

I actually felt appreciation mixed with my excitement. "Oh, thank you, Master."

He kissed me gently, letting his tongue caress mine. "Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful, darling. I love it and I love you for your thoughtfulness."

"I'm glad. Now I'd like to watch you play with it like you do with my prick." I looked at him in amazement and saw that he was completely serious and that this was part of the subjugation he intended for me. "If you want to play with mine again."

I did want to play with his cock again and again. Would have preferred it to this latex imitation. But he wasn't offering me a choice. I raised it to my lips and kissed it. That was when I discovered it was coated with cum. The smell was wonderful, and when I gave it a little lick the taste was even better. In a few moments I had kissed and licked and slobbered over that beautiful toy until all his cum was devoured and I was hungry for more.

"Let's have something to eat," he suggested.

I left the dildo on the table while I hurried to fix the Chinese. It was almost five and I was grateful that Patty had given me more time than I asked for. I carried the heated food to the patio and asked if he wanted anything more.

"I want to see your beautiful breasts," he smiled. "Take off your bra."

I looked around at buildings across from us and beside us. "But someone might see, Master," I protested.

"Then let them eat their hearts out, slut." His voice grew firm. "Show me your titties."

I was overpowered, and resigned. I reached behind my back and unhooked the skimpy bra. It joined the pile of fabric on the chair. I stood erect, almost gasping, and let him admire my excited breasts with their tight pink buds

"Very good, cunt," Peter smiled. Hi pinched one nipple hard and said, "Your titties are very exciting." Then he stood and stripped off his shirt. All of my embarrassment was replaced by lust at sight of his hard chest and tight rippled stomach. I felt my knees go weak as an orgasm washed over me. I have no idea what I ate or how it tasted.

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