tagGroup SexParadise Island Ch. 06

Paradise Island Ch. 06


Mid Summer day started with a light shower in the morning. The shower was welcomed by the people and plants on Paradise Island. The thunder shower broke the tropical heat that had enveloped them in the last few days and the lush foliage took on a fresh green look again.

Tom lay on his bed, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof. For once, he was lying alone on his bed. In the past few days, he had fucked - and hopefully impregnated - over fifty women. He had been at it like a champion stud day and night. Last night he had decided to give it a rest and had gone to bed alone. As he thought about some of the girls he had fucked over the last week, his cock grew hard and Tom laughed. The night's rest had rejuvenated him and he was now ready for the bacchanalian orgy that was the Mid Summer festival on Paradise Island!

By mid-morning, all the Fontana estate had gathered in the big meadow behind the estate house and they were waiting for Tom to kick off the party. Tom dressed in a traditional Paradise Island chief's robes - long flowing robes and a hat with the tail feather of the bird-of-paradise sticking out of a hat. He wore soft leather moccasins. He was walking through a path left open by the crowds towards a small raised platform in the middle of the field.The path had been covered by rose petals. He was flanked by his sister Jill and his fiance Macy in similar long robes. Unlike his robes, their dresses were cut low at the top to show off their lovely cleavages and the sides of the dresses were slit all the way to the top of their thighs to show tantalising glimpses of flesh as they walked! He had forbidden Jill and Macy from fucking anybody. Jill wanted him to make her pregnant before they left Paradise Island and he had agreed to fuck her some time today. Macy was a virgin and he wanted her to remain one until he took her on their wedding night three days from today.

He was followed by Serafina, Firni and four other girls. They were not wearing their normal Tigas - short white cotton dress. They were all wearing long figure hugging dresses made of several panels that moved independently of each other as the girls walked. They revealed different parts of their body as they walked! The six girls following Tom were each carrying a round brass platter heaped with rice. With each step, they took a handful of rice and showered Tom, Jill and Macy and the crowds surrounding them. Tom looked round the crowds and waved. The crowd cheered back. This was the first time that he had seen so many men on Paradise Island. Usually they worked on boats as fishermen or as coast gurards and there were few men on the island itself. Today, he had given leave to all non-essential Fontana men to join the party as well. The women still outnumbered the men by two to one. The men and women were all dressed in different clothes. They had obviously gone to great effort to design and stitch different clothes. While most of the men dressed conservatively in neatly pressed tunics and pantaloons, the womens' dresses were a different matter! The women were dressed in a wide variety of clothes - from simple one piece dresses to wierd creations that left little to the imagination. Several enterprising people had set up stalls selling anything from sweets to mulled wine to corn-on-the-cob.

Tom reached the platform and climbed up on it and helped Jill, Macy and the other girls on to it. The platform was ringed by large stones which had been erected there by some native tribe hundreds or thousands of years before. In the centre of the platform was a large drum. Normally, the stones always shaded the centre of the ring from the direct rays of the Sun. He looked around the crowd waiting for something. He saw John, Lukid's son. He had invited him to the party because this was going to be Macy's last party on the island and he wanted her to remember her friends. He had got some men and women with him from his estate. Tom and Macy waved to John and he waved back, grinning.

The Sun climbed to its zenith on the longest day of the year and the shadows disappeared in the ring. The drum lit up in the bright sun. Tom picked up the large mallet lying next to the drum and raising it high over his head, brought it down on the drum. A large sonorous boom filled the meadow and the crowd cheered and went wild. The Mid Summer party had started!

An impromptu band started up on one side of the field and people started dancing. Others were buying mulled wine by the glass and fruit punches in large pitchers. Still others were already in tight cinches, kissing each other passionately. Tom kissed Macy and jumped off the platform, helping the girls down. He made his way to John and shook his hand.

"Thanks for coming!" Tom said.

"Thanks for inviting me!" replied Tom.

"Hi John," said Macy and they hugged each other and Tom felt just a twinge of jealousy.

Suddenly, John turned and said, "I've forgotten my manners! Tom, these girls are yours for today."

Three girls stepped up to him and curtseyed. Two of the girls were unknown to him but Tom noticed with delight that the third girl was Esha. She was one of the girls that Tom and Macy had taken as a gift to Lukid. She had the most amazing bust that Tom had seen on any girl and he had felt it hard to give her up. She looked at him and smiled and Tom's cock gave a twitch. The last time, he had fucked her in the ass but had to leave her a virgin. This time, he would plough her cunt too!

"Welcome home!" said Tom, "Have you met anybody from your village?"

"Yes," said Esha, grinning and pointing to her village contingent.

"Hi Yamulk," said Tom, greeting the headman of Esha's village. He had recommended Esha and two of her friends as gifts to Lukid when Tom and Jill visited his village.

"Hello, Master. Can I have a word with you in private?" asked Yamulk.

"Sure!" said Tom and excusing himself, went a few yards away with Yamulk.

"What's the matter, Yamulk?" asked Tom.

"Sir, I hear some rumours. Some foreigners have come to the island and were asking about you. They didn't look like savoury characters."

Tom frowned, wondering who it could be, then gave up, "It doesn't matter now. I am off this island in four days time."

Tom rejoined John and the others. Jill and Macy raised their eyebrows in question at him, but he shook his head. No point worrying them.

He hugged Macy and kissed her. Macy's hands crept round his neck, pulling his head closer to him. Tom pulled Macy's body closer, grinding his suddenly hard cock against her soft centre. Macy moaned indistinctly and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Tom's tongue fought a duel with her tongue and Tom's hands dropped lower and covered Macy's ass. Tom gave her ass a squeeze and pushed her closer into his groin, almost lifting Macy off her feet.

When they separated, he saw that John and the other men were busy with various women. Tom and Macy were surrounded by Jill, Esha, Serafina and the other girls who had followed him to the platform. Tom took Jill in his arms and kissed her soundly on the lips. Raising his hands, he took his sister's tits in her hands and squeezed. While he and his sister were kissing, his fiance hugged him from behind and pressed her firm breasts into his back.After kissing for a while, he and the girls went around the ground, talking to the revellers. They each bought a corn-on-the-cob hot from the coals and dug into it. When they came near the band, the girls started swaying to the music and Tom joined in. The girls whirled round and round him laughing.

Somebody in the crowd had a bamboo piston loaded with water and sprayed a young woman on the chest. The woman squealed as the cold water hit her and covered her chest as she realised that her dress had now become transparent. A few more girls were sprayed and suddenly the girls gave up and danced with abandon, their breasts visible to all under their wet dresses.

Tom and his entourage of girls moved on and came to a man selling coloured candy cockerels. Next to him there was a large crowd and Tom saw that somebody had set up a roulette table. Jill and Macy wanted to play and they stayed for a while. By this time a couple of hours had passed and the revelry was getting decidedly raunchy. Tom sent Jill and Macy home. They went, pouting and unhappy. He didn't want anybody touching either of them!

Tom turned to Esha and grabbed her. She came into his arms willingly, laughing. He left his left arm round her waist and raised his right hand to her lovely chest. He kept his palm straight and pressed it into her left breast. He moved his flat palm round in a circle rubbing her. Her nipple immediately perked up and poked prominently out of her thin dress into his palm. Tom grinned and pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Esha moaned and gave him a sloppy kiss with her warm mouth.

He looked around and saw Serafina dancing a wild Samba with one of the village boys. A hot flush went through him and he moved to stop her. But before he took a single step, Esha and Firni laughingly dragged into some bushes. Esha dropped her dress and stood nude before him and Firni stood on tip-toe and snaked a wet tongue into his left ear. The sight of Esha's lovely boobs and the sensation in his ear made him forget Serafina. But the residual anger was still coursing through him and made him rougher. He squeezed one of Esha's tits with his right hand and with his left hand, he grabbed Firni's hair and pulled her round and kissed her roughly. He then turned Esha round and made her bend forward on a convenient rock and squeezing her melons, he spanked her bottom with his right hand. Her ass turned red and Esha moaned. Firni squatted on her haunches and raised his robe and took his erect cock into her mouth.

The wet feel of Firni's mouth on his cock brought Tom to his senses and he stopped spanking Esha. He put his left hand on Firni's head and pulled her deeper on to his cock. Firni took all of him until the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat. The suction was incredible and Tom groaned with delight.

"Aaah! That's great baby! Ooohhh!" he moaned as Esha's cheeks went inwards with the suction on his cock. He continued caressing Esha's red bottom with his right hand and pushed a finger into her cunt. It was sopping wet! He pulled free of Firni's mouth with a pop.

Firni moaned with disappointment, but Tom didn't want to come in her mouth. He wanted to fuck Esha.

He turned so he was directly behind Esha's bent-over body. His hard cock was twitching with excitement and he bent his knees slightly until he was the right height and pushed his cock into Esha's wet cunt with one long stroke. Esha moaned, "Master, Ohhh!"

Once Tom was fully embedded in Esha's cunt, he reached forward and held her big boobs in his hands. He then started thrusting his hips, plunging his cock in and out of her cunt.

After a little while, he left his cock fully plunged inside Esha's cunt and lay still. He squeezed Esha's lovely boobs and let them loose again, squeezed them and let them loose. He suddenly felt his ass cheeks being separated and a tongue inserted into his ass hole. The sensation overwhelmed him and he started fucking Esha again.

"Yes, Yes! I'm coming baby! Oh Yes!" he moaned, shooting jets of semen into her cunt.

After they calmed down, he suddenly remembered Serafina and straightening his robes, he strode out from behind the bushes. The field had degenerated into an orgy. Because the women outnumbered the men, every man was busy. There were men and women dancing with each other or fucking each other. There were several women surrounding some lucky men and there were groups of men and women all involved with each other. Serafina and the young man were not to be seen. Tom looked around and saw John and his group. Several other women had joined them and they were all naked. John was fucking one girl while she was sucking off his friend. Another girl was behind him fondling his balls. Two of the girls in their group were in a 69. As Tom watched, John came with a shuddering climax. After he recovered, John looked up and saw Tom and beckoned him over.

Tom shrugged and joined them. "Come on, bro! Join us!" he drawled. Abruptly Tom's mood changed and he was hard again. He looked around and saw the two girls in a 69. He could see one of the girls on her knees. The other girl was under her, attacking ther first girl's cunt with her tongue. He took his cock out from his robes and strode up to them. The first girl never knew he was coming close. The second girl looked up from between the first girl's thighs when his cock touched her forehead. She made room for his cock and Tom plunged his rigid cock into the first girl's cunt from behind.

"Ohhhhh!" groaned the first girl as the cock suddenly plunged into her cunt without warning. Luckily, she had come several times already and her cunt was dripping wet. As soon as Tom's cock was embedded in the first girl's cunt, the second girl started licking his balls. Tom grunted and holding the first girl by her hips, he started fucking her hard. He felt somebody hug him behind and felt naked breasts on his back. A few minutes later, John had apparently recovered, for he moved in front of Tom and started fucking the second girl. Tom and John were now each fucking a girl, while the other girl was pleasuring their balls. They both held on to their girl's hips and fucked them hard. Both their girls started coming, loudly.

Tom saw another girl move behind John and hug him from behind just like him. The girl was naked and was rubbing her boobs on John's back. Her hand was at her crotch and her fingers were playing with her pussy. She had a far-away look on her face.

Tom let go of one of the girl's hips and smacked her ass. John grinned at him and mirrored his action! They both stopped moving and with their cocks deep in the girls' cunts, they started spanking their asses.

"Ow!" said Tom's girl as his hand came down on her ass.

"Ow!" said John's girl as his hand came down on her ass.

Tom's girl used her cunt muscles to squeeze his cock and Tom got distracted. Meanwhile, his now stationary balls had been swallowed by John's girl. These actions got Tom's ass moving again and with a few more hard strokes, he gave a wild cry and started coming. When he got his senses back, he saw John's head thrown back, his eyes closed hard as he poured his seed into the girl's cunt.

They both withdrew their cocks and sat down next to each other on a rock. A great brotherly feeling enveloped them both and they grinned at each other and gave each other a high five. Two girls crawled up to them and lovingly cleaned their softening cocks with their mouths.

After he had been cleaned, Tom remembered Serafina again and moved from John's group. This time he saw Serafina and the young man a little distance away. They were still dancing. As he watched, the young man raised his hands from Serafina's hips and tried to squeeze her breasts. Serafina brushed his hand away but the young man became more insistent. Serafina turned away but the young man grabbed her from behind. Tom reached them and gripped his hand on the young man's wrist.

"Let her go!" he said angrily.

After that things happened quickly. The young man took out a knife with his other hand and tried to stab him. Serafina cried, "No!" and pushed herself into the knife's path.

"Ohh!" she said, grabbing her stomach. Blood stained her creamy dress like a red flower.

Tom cried out, "No, Serafina! Oh god!"

Slowly Serafina's knees buckled and Tom got hold of her and they both sank to the ground with Serafina's head on his lap. He didn't realise that the young man had slipped away. It took Serafina a long time to die. Tom just stayed there on the ground and suddenly, several men surrounded him. Serbius was one of them.

He is not invited, thought Tom stupidly. A great mist seemed to have fallen over his mind and his thoughts were very sluggish. Serafina was the first girl he had met on Paradise Island and he was very fond of her. He had even told Macy that Serafina should be one of the 'maids' that they take out of Paradise Island when they left.

Serbius was saying something but Tom didn't hear.

"You couldn't stand it, could you? She was dancing with another man and you were jealous. That's why you killed her. I'm arresting you for murder."

Firni and the other girls came there and cried out in shock when they saw what was happening. Firni lifted Serafina's head from Tom's lap and Tom was roughly pulled up by Serbius. Serbius's men quickly tied Tom's hands behind his back and marched him away. Tom looked up to see John's eyes on him. John's head dropped as if he couldn't meet Tom's eyes.

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