Paradise Mom Ch. 04


He smiled at me and said, "Two can play that game you know." He further explained, "My cock gets so hard when you dress up so sexily I don't like it being confined."

My response was to pull his cock free and slowly stroke it. "Yeah, no use in keeping this big guy bundled up," I mused. Then I bent down and licked just under the head of his cock. "Besides, he tastes so good." My mouth opened and took in the head of his cock. I slowly sucked on it, rolling my tongue all around his cock head. He leaned back in his seat and groaned as I continued giving him a blow job. My mouth slid down and took in more of his cock, my lips tight around his cock, my cheeks indented as I sucked harder.

Slowly my head bobbed up and down on William's cock. It had been awhile since I had sucked him off. Every time I had tried to recently he had insisted that I let him cum in my pussy, saying he didn't want to waste any cum. I would giggle and tell him that he had plenty of cum to go around, but he insisted that it all be deposited in my pussy since he was determined to get me pregnant. All the same, I enjoyed sucking his cock and tasting his cum and I had missed doing this. So now I was glad that he hadn't stopped me.

My head started to move up and down faster as I continued to suck him. I felt him shutter as my hand encircled his cock and started stroking it as I sucked. I pumped his cock faster and pressed my lips tighter, determined to coax a load of his cum into my waiting mouth.

I heard William say, "Someone's watching."

I paused briefly and said, "What?"

"Someone's watching. The man in the control tower is watching."

"It's okay," I mumbled as I returned to sucking his cock. I stroked and sucked, faster and faster, humming on his cock as I sucked.

"Oh fuck," he moaned, "I can't hold back. Oh fuck." He thrusts his hips upward and suddenly started shooting streams of warm cum into my mouth. I was determined to accept it all, swallowing each spurt that shot into my mouth. All the while he was cumming I kept sucking and stroking his cock. I loved the feel of his body jerking and twitching, knowing I was giving him much pleasure.

I finally pulled away and sat up beside him. "Did you like that honey? I certainly did."

"It was great," he replied, "but I'm so sorry to have wasted it."

"Wasted it? What do you mean?"

"Well you know. I've only cum in your pussy lately, trying to get you pregnant. I'm sorry I couldn't hold out. It's just that it felt sooo good."

I was touched that he felt so guilty. "You didn't waste it honey," I softly told him.

He didn't pick up on my comment and responded, "Well it's just that even though I enjoyed that so much I had told myself I would only cum in your pussy until I knew you were pregnant."

Now it was me who felt guilty and I knew I had a decision to make. Despite the promise I had made to myself to not say anything to him until I was absolutely sure I was pregnant I didn't want him to be upset with himself. I looked straight at him and repeated, "You didn't waste it."

"What do you mean?" He still hadn't figured out what I meant.

I took hold of both of his hands and grinned, telling him, "William, I'm pregnant." It took a moment for it to sink in. He just looked at me for a few seconds. Perhaps he was a bit startled, perhaps it was in disbelief. Then I could see it register in his eyes, and a big smile came upon his face. He realized he had done it, he had gotten his mother pregnant.

"You're pregnant?" he exclaimed.

"Yes dear. I just found out today." I proceeded to tell him about taking the home pregnancy test. "It should be accurate, but just to make sure I have an appointment tomorrow. I wasn't going to tell you until after a doctor confirmed it. But there's no doubt in my mind that I'm pregnant. And you're going to be a daddy!"

I squeezed his hands and we simply stared and smiled at each other. We were in our own world, lost to the world around us. That is until horns started honking behind us. We hadn't even noticed that the bridge had lowered and traffic could move again. I leaned my head against his shoulder as William resumed driving through the city.

"Pregnant," he bristled, "I'm going to be a dad. And you're going to be a mom—again!" I giggled and smiled up at him as he sped back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel William held my hand as we headed up to the elevator. Once inside it he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. "I love you. You are already the best mom in the world and you're going to be the best again."

I melted into his embrace, wanting him to hold me forever. When the elevator reached the penthouse and the door opened William suddenly scooped me up and carried me into our room. I felt like a bride being carried over the threshold. He had to make a trip to the bathroom—too much beer I teased him—and I walked out to the balcony that looked out over the city.

William soon returned and stepped up behind me. His arms encircled me and held me. I could have stayed in his embrace all night. I was enjoying the little kisses he was planting on my head, ear, cheek and neck. His hands gently stroked my shoulders and arms, finally encircling me. His hand slid over my still flat stomach and I grinned, knowing what he was doing.

"You can't tell anything yet," I told him, "it's too soon. But it won't be all that long before I start to show. Will you still think I'm sexy when my tummy starts to swell?"

His hands massaged my belly as he responded, "I'm sure you'll be the sexiest pregnant lady on the island."

As we giggled I felt William slide one hand up under my sweater. He began to fondle my breast, squeezing it, cupping it, lifting it and holding it.

"They'll get bigger too, and heavier also," I told him.

He didn't say a thing but just continued to play with my breasts. Finding a nipple he pinched it and pulled on it, making it grow even stiffer. I ground my butt against him and was surprised when he stepped back. However I immediately heard his zipper being opened. I still didn't have any panties on and soon I felt William lifting my skirt up over my ass and I felt his cock behind me. I grabbed hold of the railing on the balcony and spread my legs apart. My eyes closed as I felt William's cock rubbing against my wet pussy lips. I smiled to myself, knowing he was hard again, and wickedly thinking that every 33 year old woman should be fortunate to have a virile 18 year old stud to service her.

I moaned softly as William eased the tip of his cock into my pussy. I loved the feel of his thick cock stretching my pussy open and I moaned softly as he pushed in deeper. His hands gripped my waist tighter and he thrust his cock deep into me.

"Oh baby it feels so good." I sighed as his cock filled my cunt. It was right where it belonged, right where I wanted it to be. He started to slowly fuck me with long deep strokes. I pushed back as William thrust his cock forward, driving it even deeper into my cunt.

"How does it feel to fuck a pregnant pussy?" I teased. I surprised myself at how wickedly nasty I could now sometimes be. I was sure it was a result of having missed so many years of sex. Now I wanted to make up for every moment I had missed, and I had the perfect person to do it with. I knew that I would always let William fuck me whenever, wherever and however he wanted.

"It feels fucking good," he replied as he picked up the pace. "But...."

"But what," I asked?

"But it looks like I'm going to be wasting it after all," he laughed.

As I ground my pussy back onto his cock I replied, "Well I wouldn't call this wasting it. You're just keeping my pussy satisfied and happy."

William started thrusting faster. He reached around and began rubbing my clit. I groaned and felt my cunt start to squeeze his cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," I hissed as my cunt eagerly accepted his cock plunging faster and deeper into it. His finger started rubbing over my clit in circular motions. "Oh god," I moaned, "I'm going to cum."

William was close too. He started slamming his cock into me as my orgasm hit. My cunt muscles clenched his cock and he groaned as he started cumming into me. I wiggled my ass as his cock kept filling me. The sperm he was shooting deep into my cunt would once again race to find a waiting egg. But this time they would be too late. The deed had already been done. I was pregnant with my son's baby.

To be continued...

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