tagBDSMPardoner's Slave Ch. 01

Pardoner's Slave Ch. 01


***All characters are over 18***

"Enter Slut," a voice loudly orders in response to a soft knock on the door.

A petite long haired blonde submissively enters the room wearing the sheer white silks of a virgin slave girl.

The stone walled room is furnished modestly, a wooden table, stool, a bed, a small chest, and a fire place. A torch is burning on the wall bestowing an orange glow in the room.

The young slave girl's eyes glance to her new master, seeing him for the first time.

She sees an older man, who's possibly in his mid-sixties, overweight, balding, medium height. He's dressed in heavy dark robes as that of a monk with a sash around his waist.

He sits at the table as the young slave kneels at his feet in the slave position, spreading her thighs in a "V," sitting on her feet, hands on her thighs, looking down as the old man peers down at his new sex toy.

His hand slips between his robes as he starts massaging his limp cock as he looks the girl over. He notices her perky tits in the silks as her nipples visibly poke through the sheer fabric. His free hand slips under the top of her silks as his hand squeezes her tit, grasping it firmly, her tits are more than a handful, the man as if satisfied removes his hand.

"Remove your silks," stroking his cock as he feels it arising to the occasion.

"I demand that my slut's flesh is always on display, in and out of these quarters. You will remain nude. Do you understand, Slut?"

"Yes, Master," the blonde meekly confirms.

He watches her slowly slip off the silks. Her tits appear gorged and perky. His cock becomes hard as he imagines oiling them and placing his hard cock between them and fucking them as she obediently keeps her warm mouth open as a receptacle for his creamy cum.

She stands, with the silks at her feet, knowing she's being inspected closely.

He pays close attention to her pussy as the bottom silk is slipped off; noticing her pussy is bare. A hand reaches out and grabs her pussy firmly as a thick finger slowly teases her lips, "Your pussy is to always remain bare smooth, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," attempting to remain calm as the old man mauls her flesh.

"Do you know what your job is?"

"To please you Master," the young teen nervously responds.

"Your main purpose is to service my cock and any other cock I instruct you too, is that understood?"

"Yes, Master. My duty is to service your cock and any other cock that you wish."

"Good girl," the old man places a hand on her shoulder, forcing her back to her knees.

"Alright, slut, your first duty is to service my cock with your mouth. You will always swallow my cum unless I instruct otherwise. As a matter of fact, I plan on using your mouth several times a day to drain cum from my old balls, Slut."

The nude girl, accepts her fate, kneels at the feet of the old man. She hopes the old man would be satisfied with her mouth and not force her to take the length of his cock deep in her throat.

The man stands, parting his robe, revealing a huge hard cock, pumping it within inches of her face. He strokes his cock up to reveal a heavy shaved ball sack, the girl knows she will be expected to lick and bathe it with her tongue and mouth. The cock is being stroked against her face. She feels the thickness and heat of the hard flesh against her cheek. He gets his cock and bounces it on the girl's pouty lips. She smells a musky odor from his big cock as he's stroking the tip near her closed mouth, coating her lips with his drizzling pre-cum, and rubbing the sensitive tip against her full lips.

The girl obediently kneels as the old man is stroking his cock on her face. She accidentally licks her lips as she winces from the salty taste.

"Good girl, Slut, know your Master's cum as you'll taste a lot of it from now on."

He sees her pink tongue slip out and wet her lips. Her tongue wipes off the drizzled pre-cum as he smiles to himself as he sees her dislike of the taste.

"Alright, Slut, open wide for your Master's cock, I'm going to fuck your virgin mouth."

Obediently her mouth opens into a perfect "O."

He looks at her again as if savoring the moment as he holds his cock firmly and slips it past her lips till the head of his cock sits in her mouth.

His heavy cock sits on her tongue, instinctively her tongue licks the head as her lips wrap tightly on his shaft. The wet tongue laps at the slit, tasting his pre-cum again as it oozes into her mouth, as he makes her gag from the taste.

"That's it Slut, take Daddy's big cock in your mouth," as he pushes a bit more cock in her mouth.

The thick meat in her mouth causes her lips to stretch wide, her tongue stroking his cock as he slowly slips it in and out her mouth. Her tits begin to sway a bit as he gets into rhythm, fucking his cock in her mouth until her lips are wrapped around the head and pushing back in. She looks into his eyes as he uses her mouth. The slave notices the urgency in his thrusts and sweat forming on his forehead.

"Rub my balls, Slut, feel the load of cum Daddy is going to pump in your mouth soon."

His thick cock saws in and out her mouth, her hand reaches up to cup and massage his balls. The balls in her hand are so heavy; it's as if she can actually feel the weight of the big load of cum inside. The cock in her mouth is hitting against her throat causing her to gag on his old big cock. She starts licking his cock more and massaging his balls, hoping to please him with her mouth so he doesn't force her to take his cock in her throat.

A long strand of spit stretches from her lips to his cock as he pulls it from her mouth. He starts pumping his cock up exposing his balls again.

"Lick and clean Daddy's balls, Slut," as he stands over her face, his heavy balls on her mouth and nose.

She starts licking his balls, almost gagging from the taste of sweat. She can see his cock thoroughly aroused and erect, not wanting to try his patience she sucks on a single testicle. The skin feeling soft, as her mouth sucks on it, letting it slip from her mouth, and licking it before moving to the next ball. The girl watches his hand furiously pump his cock as her tongue licks and sucks on his nut-sack. Small hands are on his thighs as she spreads his hairy legs wider so she can have better access to his cock and balls.

"Good Slut, you're hungry for Daddy's cock aren't you," as he pushes his balls into her mouth. Her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk, drooling on his ball sack as he strokes his cock.

"Alright, Slut, Daddy's going to fuck that mouth," as he slips his ball sack out her mouth and feels his cock pressed against her soft lips.

She opens her mouth slightly and he pushes his hard cock in her mouth again but this time she feels both his hands entangle into her long hair.

"That's it keep sucking on Daddy's cock," as he pulls her mouth on and off his cock.

Long strands of drool are escaping her mouth to land on her tits.

"You're going to become an expert cock sucker for Daddy," her eyes tearing as he's hitting the back of her throat harshly with his cock.

"That's it, Slut, gag on Daddy's hard cock. Daddy likes when you gag on my cock."

Coughing on his cock, her head held tightly against his cock.

"Every time you gag, your throat muscles squeeze tightly on my cock," hitting her throat again as if showing her an example.

"Start swallowing Slut, I expect my cock to be fully encased in your throat. It's an act of obedience when your mouth is being fucked like a pussy."

He begins pressing his cock into her throat. She tries to move back off his cock. The gagging causes her to feel like she's going to vomit, but she's firmly held in place. Her eyes tear, her face is red, and drool is coating his cock and leaking onto her tits. She feels just the tip of his cock enter her throat and he keeps it there, showing her the dominance he has over her body.

He forces his cock into the girl's throat as every gag is rippling down his hard cock. He holds her head firmly as he pushes the tip into her throat, allowing her to become accustomed to it. He keeps steady pressure as he push more into her mouth. The thick cock slips out until just the tip is in her throat as he then pushes forward until more of his cock thrusts inside the confines of her throat.

"See Slut, you're taking Daddy's big hard cock deep in your mouth now," as over half his cock is inside the girl.

His balls tingle but he has no plans of stopping until his heavy balls are bouncing off her chin while he's fucking her face.

"That's it Whore, almost all of Daddy's cock is in your mouth now," as he pumps his cock inside the girl.

He loves the way her tits bounce, covered in a mix of pre-cum and drool, knowing later that he's going to fuck those perky tits till he cums another time in her mouth, forcing her to swallow every cummy drop.

The sound of gagging and face fucking is audible in the room. The robes of the old man sway with each thrust.

"Accept your face fucking, Slut, that's it," his hips now fuck her face like he would her pussy or asshole.

He strokes his cock one last time in her mouth, ensuring all of his cock is deep inside her mouth and throat. Loud moans escape his mouth as he feels his hung balls on her chin. He peers down at her face as he holds his old cock deep in her throat, owning it.

"Breathe through your nose, Whore, Daddy has his cock all the way inside your mouth," his hand brushing against her cheek.

His hand is still planted on her head, enjoying the view of the young teen blonde with a mouth and throat full of mature fat cock.

He now begins to earnestly fuck her face, her body shaking with each long thrust into her throat. The gurgling sounds that emanate from her throat only cause her throat to vibrate on his cock which pleases him further.

"That's right Slut, remember the first time Daddy is fucking your mouth. If you don't swallow every drop of cum I'll have you whipped till you bleed."

He enjoys the final moments as he fucks her young mouth as her perky tits bounce with each thrust. He pulls her mouth off and on his cock. His balls loudly slap against her chin. He forces his cock deep in her throat one last time, her lips pressed tightly against his body. He slowly pulls his cock from her throat. The heavy head sits on her tongue, as its oozing pre-cum.

"Lick my cock Slut and remember to open wide and swallow all of Daddy's creamy cum that I'm going to give you."

Her lips feel so raw from the harsh face fuck, she prays that he cums to end it. She licks and laps the head of his swollen cock. She knows she will be forced to swallow every drop of his nasty tasting cum. She can feel his heavy balls slapping against her chin, his balls covered in her leaking drool and his pre-cum.

His fist wraps firmly on his shaft as he pumps his hard cock rapidly.

Holding one hand firmly in her tresses, he pulls back her head so her face is turned upwards to his hard cock. He watches her submissively open her mouth as she's waiting for him to pump a load in her mouth. His balls tighten as he keeps fisting his cock.

"Stroke Daddy's balls Slut," as her hand starts massaging the load of cum from his balls.

The tip of his cock sits on her bottom lip as he begins to cum in her mouth. A thick stream of hot cum lands on her tongue. His hand firmly continues to pump more cum in her mouth as her small palm continues to stroke his old balls. Cum fills her mouth to the brim, forcing her to gulp and swallow the thick load.

"That's it Slut, swallow all of Daddy's cum."

His cock continues to spray cum on her lips as he pulls it from her mouth to stroke it all over her face. The cock drenches her face with cum. She struggles to swallow the big load of cum in her mouth. The old man watches her swallow his cum as she then opens her mouth obediently waiting for another load.

Her eyes close as she feels the thick ropes of cum land on her face as she keeps her mouth open as expected and squeezes his balls as if she wants every single drop.

"That's a good Slut," as he paints her innocent young face with his cum.

He rubs his cock all over her face, smearing the loads of cum on her smooth cheeks, mouth, and chin. The cock softens as he rests the tip in her mouth so she can lick off the last drops of leaking cum.

"You're always to clean off my cock after I fuck you, Slut," the grip on her hair more tight as she rises off her knees to suck on his softening cock.

He admires the work he made of the girl as she cleans the cum off his cock. Her full tits bounce from the vigorous effort. He remains standing as she's licking the cum off his shaft. He lifts his soft cock and as if already trained she licks and cleans his old balls from her drool and his salty cum.

He slips off his heavy robes and stands nude in front of the girl, "That'll do Slut."

The old man steps away from the girl to get into bed, exhausted from fucking her mouth. He grabs her hair roughly and pushes her onto the bed. She falls onto her back, legs splayed, her bare and apparently wet pussy peeking out between her thighs.

The old man gets into the bed, turning onto his side. The cum-faced slave girl peers to him, unsure what to do. The old man calls her near him and as she crawls on her knees on the bed to reach him he puts his hand on her head and shoves her face to his cock. The girl looks confused knowing he's already used her mouth.

The old man looks down to see her face covered in cum and peers down at her tits and cleavage, reminding himself that he needs to give those tits a good fucking soon.

"You'll sleep with your lips wrapped around my cock, Slut. If my cock falls from your mouth, expect a whipping your backside will never forget."

The blonde takes his limp cock between her lips, her mouth wrapped around the head. Her mouth salivates on the cock and unconsciously her tongue brushes against the sensitive tip as they sleep. She awakes, feeling the dried cum on her face from her previous mouth fucking to find his cock slowly fucking her mouth again. She sees the old man still sleeping as his hips gently rock back and forth. Tears form in her eyes as she considers how her life will be spent, used to service cocks and drain cum, day and night.

A hand on her head interrupts her thought...

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