tagGroup SexParent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher Conference


My wife, Debbie, and I were pulling into the parking lot of our daughter's elementary school where we were to meet with her fifth grade teacher. The teacher had sent home a note requesting that we come to the school to discuss our daughter's progress. As we exited the car we continued our conversation about the meeting and wondering if there was a problem or was this just a routine get-to-know the parents meeting.

We had briefly met Mrs. Roberts at a PTA meeting and were impressed with her obvious devotion to her job and her students. I was also impressed with her looks! She was in her mid-forties, I guessed, but was very attractive with a firm and sensual figure. She wore a modest and rather plain dress, but it was easy to see that she had large, well-formed breasts and a nice ass. Not exactly teacher qualifications, but for a horndog like me, nice eye candy. Debbie had elbowed me in the ribs and chided me as Mrs. Roberts walked away and I enjoyed her ass swaying seductively.

So, here we were walking down the hall to Mrs. Hottie's room. I was looking forward to the meeting.

Mrs. Roberts met us at the door with the appropriate hand shakes and greeting. As we entered the classroom, I notice that she shut and locked the door before joining us. She ask us to take seats in two straight chairs she had pulled in front of her teacher's desk. As we sat down, she leaned up against her desk, smiled and said, Thanks for coming. Let me first assure you that Sally is doing fine and this is not a meeting to discuss any specific problems. I just like to meet my students' parents so we can get to know each other better and work together to make the kids' education experience as good as possible. By-the-way, please call me Shirley. I hate formalities.

As she was talking, she was looking Debbie and me directly in eye, moving from one of us to other smoothly as she talked. She had deep blue and very engaging eyes and talked with an unusually soothing voice. I felt myself relaxing and staring back into her eyes. Glancing at my wife, I saw she was also entranced by Shirley.

Shirley continued, "I want both of you to relax and feel at ease. We didn't have much time together at the PTA meeting, but as soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to get to know you both much better. I have a way of sensing which parents will be fun to get to know."

The more she talked the more relaxed and comfortable I felt. I could sense myself slowly loosing control but in a wonderful way. I also notice that Shirley was getting more attractive and seductive. Debbie was apparently feeling the same as her breathing was noticeably deeper and her nipples were pressing against her blouse. As I look back, our transformation was indeed a strange thing, but at the time, I was feeling great. I should also say that my cock was getting very hard.

Shirley continued to look at us with her penetrating eyes smiling and talking. She pushed herself up to a sitting position on her desk and spread her legs slightly as her dress scooted up a little past her knees. I noticed Debbie lean slightly forward as she stared at Shirley's legs.

Shirley looked at Debbie and said, "Debbie, you're a very beautiful woman." Debbie replied with a somewhat shaky monotone voice, "Th-thanks. You're very lovely yourself." I just sat there unable to move or speak.

"Why thank you Debbie." Shirley said. She then spread her legs more and adjusted her position so we could see her pantyless crotch. Her pussy was in full view and was obviously wet. Her vulva was enlarges and her clit protruded between the inflamed lips.

Shirley reached out her hand toward Debbie and said, "I can tell you're enjoying looking at my cunt, Debbie, why don't you lick it for me." I was shocked to see Debbie smile and lean forward as she said, "Oh, Id love to. It's so beautiful and so wet. I want to eat your pussy and make you cum."

I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. My very conservative and bashful wife, who as far as I knew, had never had sex with another woman or had never been unfaithful to me was eagerly eating this total stranger's cunt. I sat there watching unable to move or speak, but getting more excited and hard by the minute.

As Debbie's mouth found Shirley's cunt, Shirley unbuttoned her dress to and exposed her large breasts to my view. As she pinched and twisted her nipples, she looked at me and said, "John, why don't you take out that big cock I see in your pants so I can get a better look." I jumped up, unbuckled my pants and let them slide down to my ankles. As I do not wear underwear, my nine inches of hard cock meat bounced up against my stomach with a slapping noise.

Shirley said, "It's wonderful! Why don't you eat your wife's ass while she's sucking on my cunt. Then I want to watch you fuck her ass." I immediately kneeled behind Debbie and pulled her skirt up and her thong off. I then happily spread her ass cheeks and began fingering her pussy while I ate out her asshole. I can't tell you how exciting that was. When she was lubed up, I stood up behind her and placed my cock at her little brown hole. As I eased my cock into her ass, she began moaning into Shirley's cunt. As I fucked Debbie in the ass, Shirley placed her hand behind Debbie's head and pulled her hard into her pussy. "Eat that pussy you slutty mother. Make your daughter's teacher cum on your face. Fuck her hard, John. Fuck the shit out this slutty cunt-licker."

Her words excited both of us into a sexual frenzy. I shot my load up Debbie's ass just as Shirley came in her face. Debbie joined us with her own orgasm as she received my cum and Shirley held her face tightly into her cunt.

As I pulled out of Debbie's ass, Shirley jumped down and grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth. As Shirley eagerly sucked the cum and shit off my cock, Debbie stood and gave me a passionate kiss. I could taste Shirley's pussy juices as we tongued each other.

After Shirley had cleaned my cock, she looked up at Debbie and said, "Get up on the desk and spread your legs so I can eat John's cum out of your ass. John, you fuck me while I eat your lovely wife's ass and cunt". Debbie and I were happy to comply.

Debbie got on the desk, spread her legs open and placed her feet on Shirley's shoulders as she leaned in cobbled up Debbie's cunt. I stood behind Shirley and rammed my hard cock into her cunt and began to fuck her. Debbie looked at me and said, "Fuck her, John. Fuck her nasty cunt. God, she's eating my pussy so good. I going to cum again."

As the three of us were sucking and fucking, I heard the classroom door opening. The school principle stepped in, replaced his keys in his pocked and relocked the door. Mr. Smithson looked at me and smiled as he unzipped his pants and took out the biggest cock I've ever seen.

He walked over to us stroking his monster cock. Debbie had noticed him by now and her eyes bugged out as she looked at his huge cock. "My god, is that fucking thing real?" Debbie squealed.

When she heard Debbie, Shirley looked up at smiled at Mr. Smithson. "Hi, Tom. Glad you could join us." Tom said, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world Shirley. I see you've got the little wife all warmed up for me." "I sure do. She's just as tasty and hot as we thought she'd be. Her husband has a wonderful cock and as you can see, knows how to use it."

"He surely does. John, why don't you get my cock ready for your wife's pussy before I fuck her." Mr. Smithson was staring into my eyes with the same penetrating look that Shirley had employed earlier. I have never sucked cock before, but I found myself pulling out of Shirley's cunt and kneeling in front of Tom stroking his huge monster cock. I could barely get my hand wrapped around his dick. As I stroked him, I stretched my mouth over his cock head. I could barely get three or four inches in my mouth, but continued to stroke it as I sucked up and down and swirled my tongue around the head. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was really enjoying sucking this huge cock. My wife was watching me with deep interest. "Suck his big cock, John. My god that's so hot! Suck him good, darling. Get him ready for my cunt. I want that big cock slamming my pussy."

After just a few minutes o me sucking him, Mr. Smithson pulled out of my mouth and said, "Okay Shirley, get out of the way. I'm ready to fuck this slutty mom's cunt." Shirley pulled her head out of my wife's cunt and took her boss' big cock and guided into Debbie's hot, wet pussy saying, "Here it comes, Debbie." Debbie watched as the monster plunged deep into her pussy. "Oh fuck! He's so fucking big. Fuck me, Mr. Smithson. Fuck my slutty mommy-cunt."

As I watch the principal slam his salami into my wife, Shirley stood beside me and said, "Doesn't that look hot, John? Don't you love watching his big cock fuck you slutty wife's cunt?"

The principal pulled his big cock out of Debbie's pussy, raised her legs up over his shoulders and placed his cock at her asshole. "I'm going to fuck this slutty mom's ass and shoot my cum up her shit hole." Debbie cried out, "Please, no. I can't take that up my ass. It's too big." As she said this, the principal began pushing his fuck pole up her ass. Debbie cried out at first, but as he eased further up her ass, she calmed down and began to fuck back at him. "Oh shit, fuck my ass, goddamn, fuck it. I love it. Look, honey, he's fucking your wife's tight little ass. Oh god, I'm, going to cum again.

As she said this, the principal began shooting his cum up Debbie's ass. He grunted as he pulled out his nasty cock, "Fuck me, I came in this slut ass. I love it. Here, John clean me up while Shirley eats my cum out of your slut's cunt."

The next thing I remember, Debbie and I were sitting in the car looking at each other. "What the fuck just happened?" I asked her. "Damned if I know, but it was really hot" Let's get home so you can fuck my pussy. I'm still hot and need more cock".

I can't wait until out next parent-teacher conference!

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