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Parking Lot Fantasy


Let me start off this story by saying that the following is an incredible (almost unbelievable) experience that I had. I am not in any way a writer, so the mechanics of the story will not be "text book". Hope you enjoy...

Part I

I'm sitting in my car, outside of the local library, doing my usual Monday morning thing. Well, what I now consider as normal. My "normal" has changed significantly ever since I purchased this used lap top. I travel alot for work, and have a considerable amount of down time. Don't get me wrong, my job is no piece of cake, but it has its advantages. One of those advantages is being able to be in my car, on a Monday morning, chatting on line with someone half-way around the world.

I am a 40 year old married guy, with kids, who up to this point had a pretty satisfying, yet very stable life. I initially bought the computer as an investment. I was buying alot of books to pass the time, and I figured a one time large payment would pay for itself in maybe six months or so.

This is where the real story begins...

I decided it may be interesting to try to make some friends on-line through a chat site. I went there once in a while, but was not that enthralled with it. One day, while surfing around on this site, I began chatting with a lady from New Zealand, her name was Kara. The first week or so we talked about our life, our love of each other's country (I am in Western Canada, and she talked about how she had always wanted to visit here) and the cities we lived in. Sometimes our discussions lasted an hour, sometimes they lasted five minutes.

To be honest, I can't even remember who brought the subject up. We got to talking about sex. It was pretty mundane stuff. The usual, how often? With who? kinda thing. Eventually this progressed to very vivid fantasies. We both seemed to be on the same wave length. She began discussing things that quite honestly drove me crazy. She quite openly mentioned that sex was constantly on her mind, and that she would often "play" with herself to distract her thoughts. We would joke around about masturbating while thinking about each other...but that was about as far as it ever went.

So, back to the present, I am sitting in my car, waiting for Kara to join me on-line. I wondered if we would maybe discuss a specific sexual fantasy, or maybe today we would just talk about the weather, and other non-descript things. As I am waiting I see a small car pull up beside me. This is a bit annoying as I quite often feel like people may be spying on my conversations when they are so close. Kara then pops onto the screen. We discuss the normal, how our weekends went.

She then asks if a small dark car is parked beside me!? I am very surprised, and to be honest scared when I see that the car beside me is both small and dark in colour. She asks if I will do her a favour and unlock my doors and close my eyes. I am pretty sure that this is some kind of a joke, or just bad timing. Feeling very hesitant about it, I unlock my doors and close my eyes 90% of the way. I do immediately see a blur of movement, and hear a car door shut. All I really notice is someone shorter, female, with long dark hair moving quickly. I think that at this point I should probably lock my doors and really find out what is going on. Just as I am about to, my back driver side door opens and someone gets in quickly, and in what seems like a single motion places a blindfold over my eyes!

I am really scared now, but also excited. Don't those two feelings often go hand in hand? The rear door then opens up again, and I am both relieved and disappointed. Just as I am about to remove the blind fold, the passenger door opens and someone clearly slides in beside me. There is silence, what should I say? Is this Kara actually in the car with me? This has maybe gone too far. I feel a hand on my leg, and soft lips brushing up against my neck. Whoever it is smells great! I then realize how aroused I am! My cock is rock hard and burning a bit from the restraint of my boxers and dress pants. Can this really be happening to me?

The hand slowly makes it way up to the top of my thigh. I know what is going to happen, and have no intentions of stopping this now. I try to lean over to kiss my passenger back, but a firm push places me back in the seat. The hand starts rubbing my cock, very slowly. I hear my zipper slide down. My cock is released and a slight moan comes from someone in the car. Was that me? Between the kissing and the hand job, and all of the anticipation, I know there is no way that I will last too long. I try to stop her hand and turn in my seat, but once again I am shoved back. The hand is moving so beautifully up and down. The combination of having an unknown hand on my cock and tongue in my mouth is pushing me right to the edge. Just as I am about to explode, I feel a shift, the hand disappears from my very hard cock, and is replaced by a warm, wet, hungry mouth. That does it! I explode with stream after stream of hot cum. I once again hear moaning and this time I know it's coming from her. How incredibly hot to know that she was so into my pleasure.

I feel her move up into her seat again. I reach up to remove the blindfold, but hear a definite nuh uh and she reaches over and grabs my hand. However, instead of placing it back at my side, my hand is lowered down between her legs. God, she is so hot! With one arm she moves my hand back and forth gently between her legs. She is wearing what seems to be, very thin cotton shorts. I am positive that I can feel her engorged clit through her shorts. Her hips begin to rock back and forth, and I know she is close. I pick up the pace and pressure a bit and wait. Sure enough, her hips begin to buck, and I hear much louder moaning. It is just at this point I try to remember if I had my windows up. Can anyone hear this? Is anyone watching? Once she has finished I hear a little giggle, then silence. She leans over once again and licks my ear and gently whispers, then she is out of the car and into the other in a flash. I quickly remove the blindfold and look over to see what I can find out. The windows are tinted. As the car backs up and drives away I see that it is a rental. I consider following but decide against it. As I am driving away I think about what she whispered...I believe it was just a single word. Patience...

Part II

It's now Tuesday morning. The past 24 hours have been crazy! I keep replaying in my mind the events that took place. I'm once again (you guessed it) waiting in that same parking lot online. Kara is late. I wonder if maybe this was a one time thing. Just then her name pops up. I have so many questions to ask her. Was that her yesterday? Did she like it? Where is she now? Instead I just get one typed line from her;

"Come to the Holiday Inn on Ferguson Street - room 444 - knock four times"

Then she logs off. That's it! I wonder if I should go, this may be taking things a bit far. But who am I kidding, of course I'm going to go!

As I enter the hotel it's only 9:30 in the morning. Tourists and business men are making their way out to start the day. I hope to God I don't see anyone I know! I exit the elevator and approach the room. I knock four times quickly, waiting to see what happens. I hear some movement in the room, someone is approaching the door. I feel something at my feet, look down, and see that a room key has been pushed out under the door. This is interesting. I grab the key, slide in through the electronic lock, and hear the door release. I hold the door open a bit. The room is almost pitch black as the curtains have been drawn tightly closed. I place the key card in my back pocket, enter and close the door behind me.

As my eyes try to adjust, I hear a giggle. It's the same giggle from the day before. I feel myself growing harder at the sound. I can only just make out the form of a figure walking towards me. She walks right up to me, and the familiar smell of her blurs my senses as we begin to kiss. Not the soft, romantic kissing you so often hear about a woman wanting. This is aggressive, hungry, urgent kissing. I can feel she is wearing some sort of lingerie that goes just below her ass. Her tits are bigger than average, and beautiful! We continue kissing for a few minutes. I try to maneuver her towards the bed, but she just drops down to her knees. She quickly undoes my belt, pants, and in one swift motion pulls everything down. I hear a moan as she engulfs my cock. The feeling of her lips clamped so tightly around me is unbelievable!

Her hands are both resting on my stomach. I take her arms by the wrist and hold them straight out. The only contact we now have is me holding her wrists, one in each hand, and my cock pumping in and out of her mouth. I begin to take charge of the tempo and push faster and deeper. I can feel myself right up against her throat. She lets out a low moan and I can feel the vibration of it on my shaft. I now slow down a bit and start trying to get a bit deeper with every thrust. I suddenly realize that I have all the control in this. I may be wrong, but I think she loves it. She is moaning as I fuck her mouth, almost growling. Soon I am as deep as I am gonna get. She gags a little so I try to pull back, but she makes another growling noise and I feel her hands pulling me back towards her harder. I push myself back inside her mouth again and feel her lips clamp back down on me. I tell her that I am gonna cum if we keep this up, but that doesn't slow her down a bit.

I pump my hard cock deep into her throat and cum for what feels like forever. She drinks every single drop of me hungrily, moaning as she does so. I feel her tongue searching the tip of my cock looking for more cum, as she cleans me up. As she gets up and I am getting my pants back on I hear a small voice say simply "You can leave now". I am stunned. She wants me to go? No talk? No "getting to know her (although at this point I know her pretty well...haha)"? I turn and leave the room quickly. I am trying to figure this girl out! I then realize something as I am in the elevator. The key...it's still in my back pocket. I feel a smile forming on my lips. I think I will pay a surprise visit to someone tonight.

The wheels begin to turn...

Part III

All day my mind works, trying to decide when I should go back to the hotel, if I should go back. I work out many different scenarios in my head. I finally decide that I want to make this all about her. I'll wait until late, hopefully she will be sleeping. I can take her by surprise, and finally be able to take the lead. She has been all about pleasing me, it's time I turn that around.

I imagine myself sneaking into her room quietly. Maybe find her fast asleep with the television still on. I would love to be able to slowly pull the blankets back, revealing what Kara is wearing. Then I will slip between her legs and wake her up with my tongue. Just thinking about it gives me chills! Sure, I understand that my plan has flaws. She may not be in her room...maybe she has already checked out and may even be out of Canada by now. Maybe there will be no lights on at all (quite a good chance of that I suppose). What if she is scared, and attacks me, or calls the front desk? What if someone else has already checked in? All legitimate concerns. But still I weigh the pros and cons and decide to push ahead. Why let this amazing experience end now?

I am now pulling into the hotel parking lot. It's just a bit past midnight, and pelting down rain! A huge storm is rolling through, and the lightning and thunder are non-stop. I dash into the lobby quickly, trying to not get totally soaked. I also do not want to draw alot of attention to myself. This plan sounded great a few hours ago, but I am now having some doubts. There are so many things that could go wrong. However, I still find myself exiting the elevator on the fourth floor. I get to the door and stand quietly, as if waiting for a message from someone. I think I can faintly hear the television on inside of the room. I believe that could be a good sign. As silently as possible, I slide the key through the electronic lock, wait for the green light flash, then quickly step inside. The television is on, and amazingly I hear the sounds of sex. She is watching porn? How much better could this get? I walk in a few steps and turn to look at the bed. What I see astonishes me...

I see a male figure, with his back to me, sitting on the edge of the bed. I also see Kara's head bobbing up and down in his lap. She is kneeling on the floor in front of him, between his legs. I hear her softly moaning as she sucks his cock. He is clearly thoroughly enjoying this. I hear him telling Kara that she is an amazing cocksucker. This only seems to encourage her. I feel a bit humiliated and embarrassed. Why was I so sure that I was the whole reason that she was visiting?

She then sees me out of the corner of her eye. I see both a look of surprise and curiosity. I contemplate just turning around and leaving. But I cannot take my eyes off of this scene. I have this beautiful woman enthusiastically blowing this guy maybe ten feet in front of me! The guy then pulls her head away (she was so into this, he literally had to pull her mouth off of his cock!) and pulls her up onto the bed. He moves around beside her (he is still standing), and this is when he spots me. He must have looked at me for only a few seconds - but it felt like an hour. I had no idea how he would react.

Kara then diverted both of us as she turned her head and pulled him back to her mouth. She is now lying naked on her back on the bed, head turned to her right, once again doing her thing. I can't resist! I crawl onto the bed, place my hands on the inside of her thighs, and spread her legs. I lightly kiss the soft skin here, slowly trailing my tongue upwards. I want to make her wait. I bring my tongue ever so close to her clit, and then just barely touching her begin with small circles.

It's funny, I always thought that having another guy in the same room during something like this would be a total mood kill - but it was quite the opposite.

The sucking sounds Kara was making was driving me crazy. I continue lapping and suckling her clit. At some point I slide two fingers inside her wet cunt. She went crazy. I felt her hips tremble and her pussy contract. I pulled my fingers out and pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could and felt her cum with such intensity that her legs clamped closed around my head. I felt her juices surrounding my tongue, it was total ecstasy. Kara then grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me up. I had to struggle to get my pants off. At this point there was nothing I had ever wanted more than to be inside her. I wanted to fuck her hard. I wanted the pussy that I had just finished enjoying to grind on my hard cock. I wanted to stretch her. I wanted to watch her sucking while I screwed her.

I tease the entrance to her wet cunt and watched how she reacts to it. Her hips lift off of the bed searching for my cock. I thrust myself into her hard, she grunts with the force. I am now half sitting, fucking her....I can hardly believe it myself. She has stopped sucking off the other guy in the room and all of her attention is on me. Her hands move to my hands, and we are looking right into each others eyes. Her eyes are filled with hunger and desire. I clearly remember thinking to myself that this is one of those moments that I will never forget.

We are moving together perfectly, totally in sync. Her pussy contracts and pulsates on my cock driving me wild. I realize that everytime I push into her, she lets out a little moan her body shakes and her fingers dig into my hands. So sexy. I then notice that although she isn't paying attention to him anymore, he is now stroking his cock. She looks over and knows what is about to happen. She lets go of one of my hands, pushes his hand away, grabs his cock, and starts a nice slow, long stroke. Kara points the cock (which is maybe four inches away from her) right at her face. He erupts and sends massive amounts of cum all over her face and lips. I feel her cum on my cock as soon as this happens. I then react to this and cum deep inside her. Her pussy milks every drop of cum from my cock. The room is spinning. Can this be happening? The other guy (never did find out his name) then sneaks away into the bathroom. Kara is laying beneath me, smiling. What a sight! He comes back out after a minute, and hands a towel to her. I then hear the door shut and he is gone. Now what? I crash down onto the bed, now realizing how much energy I have used. Kara sneaks back into the bed as well. We just sit and make small talk for a few minutes. We both find it amazing that what started such a short time ago, with such a great distance between us has ended up like this. She says that I should probably be going, for both of us. I know she is right but would love nothing more than to stay with her. I finally get dressed, kiss her softly and gather the will power to leave.

Part IV

I am once again sitting in front of my computer, waiting. The scenes from the past few days are constantly going through my mind. I still have so many questions that never did get answered. I am guessing they will never be answered. Somehow that just adds to the experience...

I wonder how many other men she saw while she was here?

I wonder if she has done this before?

I wonder if I will hear from her again?

I wonder If I will ever see her again?

I wait...and I wonder...

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