tagNonConsent/ReluctanceInitiation Into Slutdom

Initiation Into Slutdom


At the time I was a freshman in college. It was early December. I was invited to a party at a sorority house. I went with a guy who was my boyfriend since my junior year high school.

The party started in the normal quite way with introductions and light drinking. As the evening progressed the drinking was getting heavier both with the guys and girls, me included. I started to look around and there were couples into some heavy petting and groping with some already topless. I knew that this was going to get wild so I asked my boyfriend to take me home. His response was, "Sure babe, but have this last drink before we hit the road." I did as he had asked. Seeing the scenes around me was making me horny and I wanted to get to my place or Jeff's were we could get it on in private environment.

The next thing I remember is waking up in bed, lying on my side with a black arm draped over me, its hand was holding one of my boobs and a cock was in my pussy fucking me slowly. I froze. I was blinking my eyes to get a better picture of the surroundings, as everything was a blur.

I broke out in a sweat. I did not want to yell because there were others in the room. My mind started to ask questions. With my heart racing and pounding along with slight perspiration, it must have sent a signal to the guy doing me that I was awake. I then heard this whisper, "Amy, just lie still and let me get my rocks off. I'm the last. Please do not panic. Your boy friend told us all that you desired this but because of your shyness you never tried. Unfortunately, for both of us this was not supposed to come down like this. You were to be out yet for another hour. Please do not make a scene. Close your eyes and try to enjoy this black cock. It is a cock, like Jeff's, only bigger that should give you more pleasure than his can. I know under different circumstances you would enjoy it more. I will try to make it quick. I know you hate him and all of us but later you will think differently believe me. My name is Andy by the way."

He nuzzled his lips into my neck after having removed them from my ear and soft kissed me. With his hands on my boob, his warm breath and soft kissing of my neck and yet in a half stupor, I began to relax feeling my pussy stuffed with a cock like never before.

I scanned the room, squinting with my eyes, trying to get the blurred vision to clear. There were other guys both black and white staring at us, some were jacking and some of the girls where standing behind them, their tits pressed into the guy's back, with a hand around the guy working his tool for him. I could not believe I was the center of attention. How did I get into this fix? Who else and how many others besides Andrew?

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the stuffed feeling. Andrew was right. It was feeling good so I relaxed more and let him do his thing. He must have sensed it and whispered, "Thanks Amy."

His hand started to pinch my nipple and it was getting rock hard from the attention. He was increasing the speed of his thrusting as my nipple hardened with his manipulations. It must have turned him on more. I was getting turned on more and decided I would enjoy it but not let anyone know. He was right, it was a cock, and not Jeff's but I had other cocks in me before Jeff's and none like this. I never told Jeff of my hidden desire for black cock at least once in my life.

Andy took the hand from the nipple and moved it to my clit. The fingers went to work on it. His thrusting was increasing and I had a small mini cum as a result. That must have signaled him to get with it. I moved my arm over my face so as not to show me breathing a lot through my mouth, as I was getting ready to cum. I felt him stiffen knowing it was going to happen to him also. I enjoyed the sensation; with a picture of a black cock in my pink pussy even made it more intense and pleasurable.

After he recovered and before pulling out he whispered, "Thanks Amy for not making a scene. Fake the being out of it for a while and then pretend nothing happened. I will give you a call in a day or two." He gave me a sweet cheek kiss, pulled out, and lifted off.

As I was faking unconsciousness, I was relishing the feeling sweeping my body of the fatter and bigger cock giving me an orgasm that was very hot. Also the fact that it was black had me turned on more than if Jeff had been doing me. I was hoping Andy would ask to date me again when he called. I wanted to sample his cock again.

I did as Andy suggested faking the unconsciousness. Then suddenly I felt someone getting into bed. I froze again. Then I heard, "Amy wake up babe we got to get home." It was Jeff's voice.

I scanned the room everyone was gone.

I was pissed at him but did not say a word waiting to see what he might say. I had made up my mind to dump him after he got me into this. Still yet, maybe I will get even.

"Jeff, but what are we doing here in this bed?"

"Well babe you passed out after the last drink so we spent the night here."

I felt myself in the middle of a cool wet spot.

"Ok, Jeff let me get to the shower."

As I headed to the shower, I noticed a huge wet spot in the center of the bed.

I was getting more teed by the minute at Jeff but stayed cool to get really even.

He dropped me off and I gave him a cool bye kiss and said we would chat later in the week.

Mid-week Andy called. He was very apologetic and wanted to meet for lunch or dinner to beg forgiveness. I agreed to Thursday lunch.

We met and it was simple him pleading forgiveness and asking for a real date. I asked him, "So you can fuck me again while I am conscious?"

"Amy, only if you desire it. You do turn me on but I would enjoy just spending some soft music/movie time with you. It will make my brothers jealous seeing me with a white chick."

I agreed to a Friday night date. We went to a place for ribs then to a popular disco. He was right, all the white guys were giving me dirty looks and the black guys were winking and "high five" when they were close. "Thanks Amy for doing this for me."

We left when the last call was announced to beat the exiting crowd.

He asked whether I wanted an early morning snack or go home. I looked at him and said, "If I did not have to work today I would take you up on that snack offer but I need to get home for some sleep. Andy I know what you want. I'd like to get it on with you again but can you wait until Sunday night? You can sleep over then."

"Sure Babe, that would be awesome and thanks for giving me a chance to show you I am not all-bad."

He dropped me off. We kissed and he waited until I got in safely.

Sunday noon Andy called and asked if I could change my mind and we stay at his place after dinner. I said, "Sure why not." Well Sunday evening came and we ate and then went to his place. We both knew what we wanted.

He had a well-appointed townhouse I found out upon arriving at his place. As soon as we got in the door our mouths locked and it went from there to hot passion. I wanted to jump that bone that was pressing into my belly as much as he wanted it in my steaming pussy. We were stripping each other as fast was we could to get naked. I could feel myself leaking juices I was so turned on.

After we had made flesh-to-flesh contact Andy asked, "Want to suck on it before I bury it in you?"

"No thanks, Andy. Guys get to rough and gag me with it."

"Ok, no problem babe."

Andy lifted me by me by placing his arms behind my knees and around my waist.

He carried me to his king size bed and laid me in the middle.

He then started to kiss me on the lips and worked his way over my boobs spending some time sucking the sensitive nipples, then down over my stomach to my clit. While at my boobs he got the nipples the hardest they ever had been. As he licked from my boobs down, he made sure both nipples were being played with by pinching and rolling them with his thumb and index finger.

When his tongue hit my clit, I exploded with the orgasm that had been building. He looked up at me with my juices covering his face and saying, "Wow you sure are delicious tasting."

He then buried his head again and went for the clit while fingers started to slip into my hot tunnel. I arched and had another orgasm from his tongue and fingers doing me.

He raised himself up came up to my mouth to kiss me. My god I had never tasted my juices before. I wanted to vomit at the thought but if he liked them, they must be okay. I got hotter as we kissed and our tongues began dueling. My juices did not taste bad at all. In fact it was a different taste. It's no wonder guys do not object. He rolled on his back and said, "Mount me and treat yourself to my meat."

I did as he suggested by kneeling and reaching between my legs, guiding that black tool of his into me. The further it went in the more I arched from the pleasure it was giving me. God I was being stretched and filled so nicely. I knew now what a cock could do.

"Amy have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No, never. Jeff asks from time to time but even a finger hurts."

"Enjoy riding my cock babe. Close your eyes and go for it."

I did as Andy suggested. I lowered my lips to his; kissed and then we began the tongue dueling again.

It felt so good as his stiff cock was rubbing my g-spot as I was humping him, all the while he was holding my breast and pinching my nipples and flicking his tongue inside my mouth.

I was consumed by the orgasm that hit me. It rolled over me like a huge ocean wave but it was a wave of intense pleasure. It envelops my whole body. Never before had an orgasm sent ripples from my toes to my hair.

I collapsed onto Andy's chest. He hugged me tight until I came back to reality. He then said, "Lay on your stomach and let me mess with you."

We scooted around in bed. He lifted up on one elbow placing a hand on my mound and a finger to my dripping slit. His other hand went to spreading my juices over my butt crack with its fingers, every now and then slipping a finger or two into my pussy to finger fuck me to keep my juices flowing. He also was lubricating the other hole. I was enjoying the sensation there but hoping he would not get nasty and insert his finger to break the mood. The finger in my slit was working my clit, causing me to build to another orgasm. I was so turned on by feeling the wet fingers gliding over my back door, the finger fucking and the clit manipulations, I started to hump his fingers, desiring to get off again.

Just as I exploded, Andy eased his thumb into my ass. For some reason, the cums intensity increased to levels I had never experienced. My ring was clamping on his thumb to get more into me as he continued the clit massage and I was raising my hips trying to get more into the dark tunnel. I was shocked at the intense pleasure this was giving me instead of pain.

When I came back to reality his thumb was still inserted in me. His hand covered my mound. I turned my head to face him and said, "Wow, Andy that was the best cum for me ever."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Amy. You know I have not gotten off yet. I need to get my cock into that hot playpen of yours. I suppose you are weak from the last one, so doggie would be asking much. How about kneeling on the floor with your upper body resting on the bed?"

"Ok Andy, I would like that."

He removed his thumb slowly. We got into position. He used his fingers to spread my juices all around again. I assume on his cock also because when his fingers left me, they did not touch me so I assumed he was lubing himself.

He then used his left hand to mess with my clit. His right hand fingers went to finger fucking me. I felt him raise his right leg and place the foot on the floor with his knee pressed against my leg. I was at a point that I moaned, "God Andy fuck me please."

He withdrew the fingers from my pussy. His cock glided in and I moaned, "Mmm...mmm...mmm," with each thrust. Soon I was going, "Ahaaa...ahaaaaa...ahaaa," as I was building.

He would withdraw his cock all the way and then slipped it all the way back in on each of his humps. I had never been done that way before.

As he was doing me this way I felt his thumb slowly slip back into the other opening. He began now to fuck my butt hole with his thumb, played with my clit but was not pulling out of my pussy. I was so turned on that I knew this was going to be better than the last cum. I screamed, "Andy, I am going to ...."

As I opened my mouth to scream my pleasure sounds as my body was going to a place it had never been before, I heard Andy, "God babe here it cums, enjoy."

I then came to the realization he was not in my pussy but in my ass as my ring was reacting to his cock expanding and contracting as he was shooting his man juice into me. He switched from thumb to cock so fast that in the throes of my orgasm I did not realize it. This caused me to have another intense cum knowing I was on the verge of being a slut by taking a cock in the ass. The intensities of these orgasms had forever changed me. Andy brought out passion and feelings I did not know existed in me.

As I was coming back down I began to feel the soreness of the stretched hole from his black cock. He was still in me and I could feel him deflating.

When I had nearly recovered he pulled his hand from my mound and offered the cum covered hand and fingers to my mouth. I took my left hand and guided it to my lips as a signal I was a slut and slurped the juices from his fingertips.

I heard, "Amy, you are a real slut. Please be my slut. I promise you that you will always be pleasured before me."

"God Andy, you have made things happen that I have only read about and seen in porn movies. Sure I will be your slut if you keep treating me this way."

"I promise babe."

"Amy, I'd like another favor if you are up to it."

"And what favor might that be?"

My brother Rick saw you the other night at the party. He has had a hard-on since then thinking of you.

"I'd love to eat your pussy while Rick does your ass?"

"Oh God, Andy. When I said, I'd be your slut I did not think that it would get more involved than the two of us doing something together."

"Come on, please Amy."

I could feel Andy's cock starting to swell as we were chatting.

"Amy close your eyes and enjoy the pleasures of raw sex with no love attachments, just lust. Think of all the horny guys that you could make happy but you will just tease them. Please let Rick enjoy that beautiful tight ass of yours while I eat you and take you yet to another place you have never been."

"Amy we can 69 with you on top. I am not asking that you do anything other than close your eyes and let Rick fill you up while I drink your juices."

"I will not be able to look Rick in the face. I am so embarrassed but I am wondering how it will feel. Tell him to take it easy. I am afraid it will hurt now. I was hypnotized before not realizing what you did."

"That is why I have not pulled out Amy. I have kept you stretched. He and I are same size so you will not notice any difference. Thanks babe. I know you are going to feel really good now and later when you think of it and will desire more it again."

Everything went as planned. After Andy and I got into 69, I closed my eyes and heard Andy say, "Ok Rick enjoy but take it easy, be nice so she will want more black cock."

I could feel Rick crawling onto the bed, fingers went to my sopping wet pussy, over my butt hole and hearing him say, "God Amy your hot juices feel so good on my cock. Ok Andy start eating her."

I felt Andy's tongue go for my slit. My thoughts drifted to the feelings he was generating and away from Rick's cock. I was getting close to a cum. I felt Rick's hands go to my hips then he moved one hand away as he was guiding his rod to the hole he desired. I tensed a little when I felt the head at the door and begin to slip in as he replaced his hand on my hip. I tried not to focus on it but instead on Andy's tongue. I felt my ring snap around Rick's cock. God, the slutty feelings that were developing were nice. I decided to look at Andy's cock so I opened my eyes. It was rock hard with every vein visible. There was pre-cum leaking from its eye. Rick was humping me really slow. He must have really been taking his time to enjoy having his cock buried deep in my ass.

Sine I was enjoying the sensations of being eaten and ass fucked I decided to make Andy really happy by sucking on his cock.

I lifted my head up, placed my hand on it, started to lick it from base to tip. When I reached the tip, I opened my mouth and took the head into it. He moaned onto my pussy. I decided to get a little more slutty and reached for his balls.

I heard Rick shout, "God, Amy you have the tightest ass I ever had the pleasure of doing."

I started to mouth fuck Andy's cock picturing scenes from porn movies. I was now getting really turned on.

Andy was moaning more, his hips were thrusting wanting me to take more but I had one hand wrapped around his shaft to prevent him form going to far in.

We were all building. I was getting very close when I felt and saw Andy's balls pull up to load up his shaft. Just then Rick grabbed my hips hard, pulled me onto him further, and growled his cumming. This caused me to loose my grip on Andy's cock and balls when I went to support myself a little with my hands, one of Rick's hands left my hip and went to the back of my head to keep it from coming off Andy's cock as I was going to arch and scream my cum. It forced my head down further onto Andy's cock just as Andy lifted his hips. I felt my nose in his balls as his cock was shooting his warm juice down to my stomach. This combination caused me to start an orgasm that just kept rolling over me as Andy's tongue just kept lapping at my clit, Rick still fucking my hole and groaning those sounds of pleasure.

My moans around Andy's cock kept it shooting but he had to be dry. I was truly a real slut now so I thought.

When we recovered, I managed to say, "Wow! Guys I am glad that Jeff slipped me a mickey. Now I can do and enjoy things that this morning I would never have dreamt possible. Thanks for being so tender with me. I'm thirsty. What is there to drink?"

Rick said, "Babe I am sure Andy and I are dry so we can get you a soda or juice. Any preference?"

I laughed and said, "Soda please, diet if available. Say guy can you plan something so I can get even with Jeff. I will not tell him I owe him a lot for everything but I am still teed at him and will dump him for what he did but after I get even. I want him to remember a girl's vengeance is nasty."

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