tagMatureExchanging Gifts Ch. 01

Exchanging Gifts Ch. 01



Phil was lying on his side, his head slightly raised on a bent elbow, spooning with Randi Boehmon in her lavishly appointed bedroom. The two were entwined on the California King bed with the wrought iron headboard as early morning sunlight just started to spill into the spacious master suite. Glancing around the room, he took in the expensive furnishings; the 52 inch flat screen mounted inside a small wet bar and the big leather chair where she had ridden him the previous evening. Although he had now shared her bed numerous times, he was still a little freaked out to be fucking her in front of all the family photos she had on display a few feet away on a large harvest table. Along with her wedding photos,and baby pictures of her two, now grown children, there were more recent photos showing Randi with her husband portraying a seemingly happy and perfectly normal suburban family. This image was in sharp contrast with the apparently insatiable MILF he'd been fucking the past few months.

Studying the sleek, warm, naked figure nestled up beside him, Phil recalled being struck again by her classically beautiful profile last night as they laid together recovering from their vigorous coupling. Propped up with a few oversized pillows, a sheet pulled up over her lucious breasts, her lovely toned shoulders exposed, he was captivated by her sexy silhouette as he watched her sip from a long stemmed wine glass before taking a long, slow drag from a freshly lit cigarette.

As his thumb started to gently circle one of her nipples, Phil closed his eyes and relived his most recent tryst with the hottest MILF in Middleton, Ohio.


Randi had started inviting him over to spend entire weekends at her home, explaining that her husband would be out of the country for an extended period of time working on a major project in Brazil. Since both the Boehmon children had moved out after college, he knew that there would likely be no interruptions.

Although Phil had been banging more than a few married women since the infamous party at the Miller's, including one in particular that would involve years of therapy and a thousand Hail Marys if he was interested in salvation, he found himself increasingly drawn to the first soccer mom he had ever fantasized about: the incredibly sexy Randi Boehmon.

Although in her fifties, hard work at the gym, a model's diet and good genes had convincingly beaten back the years. A petite platinum blonde, she had a cute little bob cut with long sidebangs just over her shoulders, curling erotically under her chin. The girls at the Country Club had joked that Jennifer Aniston had gotten her sexy new cut after seeing Randi.

She had incredible deep, blue eyes that seemed to be lit from within, a body that was still firm and slim, with a tight little ass , slender legs and a great set of D-cups for which her plastic surgeon should have received an award.

Phil had eagerly accepted her invitation, and quicklly became a regular visitor, even parking his beat up Accord inside the Boehmon's four car garage so any nosey neighbors wouldn't become suspicious. It was easy enough for him to pretend he was staying with a buddy, Hell he practically lived at the Miller's for weeks on end anyway, so his parents were never curious about where he spent his nights.

Randi had given him a spare garage opener, so Phil pulled into the space vacated by Mr. Boehmon's Land Rover, quickly closing the door behind him. Although he had never had a close call, he couldn't prevent himself from getting nervous as he entered the homes of the wives and mothers he had been screwing, feeling his heart race, and his throat get tight.

Once inside, he was greeted enthusiastiacally by Randi who had heard the garage door. "There's my football star!!" she teased, using her pet name for him, as she threw her arms over his broad shoulders, crossing her wrists behind his bull neck as he bent down to kiss the petite cougar, her jaw dropping in invitation to his searching tongue.

A recently graduating senior, Phil had received honorable mention all-state as a linebacker for the Middleton Bison football team that had lost in the state semi-finals. A few inches over six feet, long hours lifting weights had packed serious muscle on his V-shaped frame.

The two lovers kissed slowly and tenderly, their lips smacking, and Phil was immediatley hard as Mrs. Boehmon rubbed her slim sexy body erotically against him. Breaking their kiss with a dramatic flick of her tongue, she slid her hands down the sides of his jaw, scrunching her beautiful face in a pleased smile, briefly rubbing her nose against his, before taking him by the hand and leading him down the hallway and into her home.

"I could hardly concentrate at work today . . . I was actually rubbing one off. . . thinking about you of course, during my last conference call. " she admitted, looking slightly embarrassed. "I had to cut it short so I could finish!" she laughed.

"Can I get you a beer?" Randi offered before pulling a bottle of Stella Artois from the stainless steel fridge in their recently remodeled chef's kitchen, with beautiful dark stained custom cabinets and leather cut granite countertops. She poured the beer in a gold-rimmed glass sliding it over to Phil as he slid into one of the high-backed stools. She studied him cooly as he took a sip, her incredible blue eyes smouldering behind smoky eyeshadow, her lips glistening wetly in a soft red shade.

Randi looked gorgeous in a soft yellow off-the-shoulder tunic over top of a pair of cropped heather gray leggings, balancing herself on ankle strapped platform sandals with a 4 1/2 inch heel.

After a bit of small talk, she smiled broadly and said "Before we . . . well . . . you know . . . I was wondering, Do you like to play cards?"

"Yeah . . . I play with some of my buddies from time to time. Why do you ask?"

"Well . . . " she lowered her eyes in sexy teasing manner, "I thought it might be fun to play a little strip poker!"

"You did!" Phil teased back. "What will we be playing for. I'm just a poor high school graduate." he offered, clearly playing along.

Randi threw her lovely head back and laughed, before telling him "I hate it when the salesmen at the office talk about a win-win situation . . . . I find that so fucking cliche` . . . But in this case, that may be an accurate description!"

"If you win, I'll give you a sloppy blow-job . . . You know how much I enjoy sucking that big dick you have . . . and you SEEM to enjoy it!" she teased, knowing that her oral skills were legendary.

"And if I win . . . You have to eat my pussy, just like I"ve been teaching you. What do you think?"

Phil shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "It seems pretty silly to bet things we were going to do to each other anyway," he accurately pointed out, "But sure . . . Absolutely!!"


Randi poured herself a glass of Chardonnay and grabbed a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s from the countertop and Phil followed her back through the large living room with the 20 foot ceilings and past the formal dining room. Her husband was an avid poker player and had a room dedicated to cards with a leather topped table and comfortable cushioned chairs.

Phil watched as Randi cupped her hands around a tiny gold lighter, sparking the end of the long slim cigarette pursed between her heavily glossed lips. Dragging deeply, she exhaled a thin stream as she tapped an ash, before picking up the cards and beginning to deal.

After the first two hands, Phil was feeling pretty cocky. Randi had already taken off her tunic top, revealing a sexy lace bra straining to hold back her big, lucious tits. After that, Phil felt his cock thicken when she reached back to unsnap her bra, sliding the straps down her arms and tossing it on the floor. Her breasts exposed, her big nipples pointed at him like a pair of drawn guns.

She peeled her leggings of her wonderfully slim legs after the next quick loss, leaving her naked except for a tiny V-string satin panty and her sexy heels.

She took a long, slow pull of her cigarette, smiling slyly as she exhaled, before getting to her feet.

"I need to freshen up my drink . . . How about you?" she asked, her fingers brushing softly across his shoulder as she walked by.

Phil stammered, as he watched her incredibly sexy form strut by, her high heels clicking against the polished hard woods floors. "No . . . I'm good." he managed to respond.

"Oh . . . You're much better than good!!" she offered, glancing back over her shoulder with a sexy wink.


After she returned, Phil quickly realized that he'd been set up. Randi methodically crushed him in four hands, leaving him in his boxer briefs as she shuffled the deck.

"This should be an interesting hand" she teased. "You feeling lucky?"

"Yeah . . . I guess." Phil replied, thinking to himself that there was no fucking way he could be any luckier than being alone with the hottest MILF in Middleton,both of them nearly naked, with her husband out of the entire country!!

"Okay then . . . But if I win you have to do me a little favor . . . In addition to what we discussed earlier." she quickly added, making sure he understood the original bet was still on.

Phil picked up his cards, spreading them slowly apart to reveal two jacks. "I'll take three." he said sliding his discards to the center of the table as Randi announced that she was drawing the same number.

Spreading his hand again, Phil was pleased to see that he'd caught a third jack, his confidence building, his cock already stirring at the thought of the sexy wife and mother sliding her gorgeous lips over his thick shaft.

He snapped his cards on the table, "Three Jacks!" he told her with a note of triumph in his voice, looking at Randi expectantly.

A thin smile formed on her beautiful face as she began to lay her cards down one by one. Phil's confidence quickly waned as she snapped down the queen of hearts, followed by the queen of diamonds, her hauntingly blue eyes twinkled with amusement as she held the last card.

"This is the last card I drew." she grinned. "Pretty ironic . . . don't ya think, sweetie!!" With that, Randi laid down the queen of spades. Phil immediately got the joke she had made, referencing her well know affinity for well hung black guys.

Phil threw his shoulders back and laughed, before letting out a long exhale of defeat and getting to his feet. As he reached for his boxers, Randi quickly stopped him. "No . . . Let me help!" she urged in a breathy voice, kneeling in front of the young man.

Randi began to tickle the inside of his legs with her long french-manicured fingernails as she slowly slid her hand up under his pant leg, easily finding his fat cock. She gently stroked him as she kissed his rock hard abs, lightly licking the valley between the hard ridges of his six pack.

Looking up at her young lover, her eyes burning with lust, Randi grabbed a tiny fold of his underwear between her strong, white teeth, slowly peeling them down his thick, muscular thighs. His cock sprung free, smacking her in the face, causing her to giggle as she reached for it, her hand working his girth with a steady, practiced hand.

She kissed the plum-shaped head of his dick, taking just the tip into her mouth for a quick suck, her lips smacking. Her head bobbed slowly back and forth just a few moments, his long shaft disappearing past her lips before she stopped.

"Hey . . . Wait a minute . . . I won that game . . . What the hell am I doing?!" she laughed.

Getting to her feet , she put her hands on the sides of Phil's face, pulling him down to her lips, mouth opening, tongue extending. They kissed passionately as he slid his hands down her back to squeeze her tight ass cheeks, causing Randi to moan softly into his mouth as she rubbed her pussy against him.

Strutting over to the couch, she took a seat, one leg raised and bent with a foot on the cusion, the other on the floor balanced on a sexy stiletto heel. With her eyes locked on Phil's, Randi slowly slid her hand down her tight and toned tummy, and under the front of her slutty panties. He could see her working her clit with her middle finger, before sliding it into her pussy. Phil could hear the wet crackle from between her legs as she crooked a finger at him, beckoning him to come to her.

Phil knelt between her legs, using the tip of his tongue to lick the inside of her thigh, leaving a trail of soft kisses as he made his way towards the musty scent of womanhood. She put her hand behind his head as he nuzzled her slit through her already soaking panties, kissing and licking his way up the leg that was still raised on the couch, straightening it in the air.

He sucked the soft area behind her knee,causing Randi to inhale sharply, her pulse pounding. As her young lover continued to tease her with his mouth and tongue on her inner thigh, her head fell back across the armrest as he pushed his fingers past her labia, working the smooth wall of her warm, wet tunnel, his fingers searching for the tell-tale pad of her G-spot.

With a loud moan, Randi threw her legs over his shoulders, levering her ass of the couch to allow Phil to peel her panties off her legs. Burying his head into her snatch, he began to lick the base of engorged clit, causing Randi to sqirm in earnest, his fingers having found her love button.

"Aaaaahhh . . . Fuck Baby . . . That's it . . . That feels so . . . Aaaaahhh . . . Shit!!!" Randi gasped as she used both hands to pull his head between her legs, rubbing her pussy against his mouth, urging him on. Phil knew from experience that she was close, so he sucked hard on her clit as his fingers rapidly plunged into her streaming pussy, her soft moans building to loud crys of passion .

OOOhhh . . . Phil . . . OH . . . OH . . . OH . . . Jeezus . . . OH . . . . MY . . . FUCKING . . . GAWDDD!!!" Randi screamed as she came, her pussy pulsing with pleasure as her young stud lapped her sweet juicies, her thighs squeezing his head as her body began to spasm, her breathing fast and shallow.

"FUCK BABY . . . FUCK . . . OOOHHH . . . SHIT!!!" she screamed as another wave of pleasure broke over her, the warmth spreading from between her legs to slowly fill her entire body with a deep sense of contentment and pleasure, all courtesy of a boy several years younger than her son.


Phil felt Randi stirring next to him as her nipple hardended. When he slid his hand gently down her tummy towards her pussy, she shifted so he could get his hands between her legs. Raising back up on his elbow, he saw that the sexy soccer mom's eyes were still shut, but she had a dreamy smile on her lips as she reached back to stroke his member which was pressed against her butt cheeks.

"Mmmmm . . . " she moaned softly as he began to work her with his fingers, "I think somebody is ready to fuck some more!" She squeezed his member hard with emphasis.

Phil brushed her long, platinum blonde sidebangs away from her neck, lowering his lips to suck and kiss the tender spots he knew would drive her crazy. He felt her body shudder in response to his manipulations and Randi tried to turn her body into his, so she could get on her back for what she expected to be a lovely assault by her young lover's morning wood. However, she quickly realized that Phil had something slightly different in mind.

Phil bent the knee of her top leg up towards her chest as Randi remained on her side, her other leg straight, her ass pointed up. In this position, her pussy lips out below her cute little bum as he got on his knees to take her from behind while she reclined just partly on her back.

The fat head of his cock slid easily into her, and he braced himself, his elbows locked. Randi allowed her shoulder to fall back on the bed so she could watch as he began to fuck her.

Phil started to give her the long, slow strokes he knew she loved, one hand now braced on her hip to keep her in the right position for the fucking he intended to give her. As he began to gradually pick up the pace of his thrusts, Randi reached up to softly pinch the nipples of his deep, chiseled and hairless chest. Her big tits began to bounce erotically each time he smacked against her.

She realized he wasn't likely to last long, given the passion he was showing, but that didn't bother Randi in the least. He had gotten her off numerous times the previous evening, and she loved the fact that her sultry good looks and slim body were still able to drive the young boys crazy with desire. Sometimes she and her boy toys would make love, their fat cocks and hard bodies drawing wonderfully long orgasms from her with the pace and technique she had painstakingly taught them. Other times they just fucked like animals; quick, dirty and hard. This morning was clearly the latter, and she was relishing every mind-blowing second.

"Give it to me, Lover . . . Your cock is so fucking hard! . . . I love it!!! Fuck me, Baby!!" she purred, her eyes lidded with passion.


Later on that morning, Phil walked downstairs wearing nothing but a baggy pair of Under Armor gym shorts and sat down in what had become his seat at the breakfast counter. He leaned on his elbows as he watched Randi cook. Her hair was held back from her face by a large plastic clip and she looked fantastic in a short black kimono, her wonderful breasts pushing against the sheer fabric.

She put a plate in front of him piled high with wheat toast, fruit and a an egg white omelette with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese and smiled as the young boy dug in. She loved cooking for him and realized that she had to keep his energy up so she could get as much of that incredible cock as she could before her husband returned later the next day.

Randi scooped the last of her yogurt from the cup and daintily sucked the spoon clean before pouring them both a cup of dark roast. After Phil cleaned his plate, she rinsed the dishes and put them in the stainless steel dishwasher. After freshening their coffee, Randi reached for the distinctive green and white hard pack containing her cigarettes, flipping the top and sliding one out.

She tapped an ash as she exhaled, asking Phil if she could get him anything else. He laughed, his eyes running up and down the sexy form of the lovely cougar.

"Yeah . . . I can think of couple things!" he said, his eyebrows arched playfully.

Randi grinned in response, her beautiful eyes gleaming behind the light make-up she had applied earlier that morning. Phil notice just a few tiny crow's feet at the corner of her eye when she smiled, the only tell-tale signs of her true age.

"Well I'd love to hear what you have in mind . . ." she said seductively. "But I have a question for you first. Do you know Andrea Laine?" She studied him over the top of her over-sized cup which she held in both hands.

"Sure . . . her son's play lacrosse I think . . . I might have had calculus with one of them. Why?"

"Well . . . she is one of my closest friends. I just love her to death. You wouldn't believe some of the trouble we've gotten ourselves into!" Randi looked at Phil, a sly grin playing on his face. "All right . . . Maybe you would!!" she admitted wryly.

"Anyway . . . she has a big birthday coming up, you know . . . one with a zero at the end of it . . . and I was hoping to get her something really special." "What's that?"

Randi took a long, slow drag off her cigarette, turning her head slightly and releasing a thin stream of smoke as she crushed it out in a glass ashtray. "You!" she said with a grin.

"Whaaaat!!" Phil laughed incredulously, not entirely sure that she was being serious.

Randi came around the countertop to sit across his lap, her arms flung over his broad shoulders. She kissed him softly on the lips, her tongue darting into his mouth.

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