Whenever Darren told Clare he was going to have a party she was apprehensive, but quite excited too. It's not that she was invited to the parties. You couldn't describe it that way at all. She didn't get left out of things either. Clare was always the focal point of activities and she never knew quite what part she would have to play.

Clare knew better than to ask who would be coming and certainly not what her duties would be so she just enquired when it was to happen.

When Darren said "in two hours" a shiver ran right through her.

"Ooh!" The shock of such short notice was too great to conceal.

"Go and shower. Clean your ass out well and bring down plenty of lube, but before you do that remind yourself of this."

He stood up, dropped his clothes and taking her hair he pulled Clare's face to his prick.

Her mind was racing. Why would she need to be reminded of Darren's dick? She had sucked it only a few hours ago and he used her every day in one way or another. The familiar flesh filled her mouth.

"How thick is it? How long is it? How hard is it? What does it taste like?"

Darren thrust his rod hard into her throat and her nose flattened in his pubic hair.

After holding her tightly for a few seconds until she drooled and gagged, he pulled it out, turned round and pressed her face into his ass.

"Get your tongue in there and feel every wrinkle. Get the taste, the hairiness, the smooth or roughness. I am doing you a favour. Make sure you know your man."

As Clare licked for all she was worth she tried to take in what she had been told, but it didn't make any sense. Her tongue was up Darren's ass very frequently. She knew him well.

Darren enjoyed several minutes of probing by Clare's moist, warm tongue before sending her off to get ready with a slap on the ass and a warning to be sure that there was no sign of any hair below shoulder level.

In the shower Clare reflected on what the evening might hold. She enjoyed however Darren chose to take her, but ass fucking was not her favourite. He always put his dick in her mouth after using her ass. She usually took care to be as clean as possible, but never knowing when he was going to do it meant that she could be caught out. He was a big man too. It could really hurt. Anyway she would be prepared tonight, but what if he had one or more of his mates use her ass? She shuddered and put it out of her mind.

After making sure that she was very clean, that she had no sign of the slightest stubble and that her make up was right, time had gone quickly. Darren came into the bedroom and told her to get downstairs. She was to be naked to receive the guests. A tingle ran through her body as she scurried down the the lounge and she felt very moist on her inner thighs. Entering the room her tingle turned into something more like an electric shock as she saw her discipline instruments laid out on the coffee table. Everything from the light strap to the biggest cane.

"Oooh dear."

"Shut up." Said Darren. He approached Clare and fitted a blindfold securely in place.

The doorbell rang. Darren told her to spread her legs wide and put her hands behind her head.


From the welcomes she could hear being said in the hallway Clare knew that there were at least five people coming in, maybe more. It was going to be a busy night. When the lounge door opened and they entered she was aware of the smell of a woman. She didn't like that. It was OK for Darren to let other men use her, but she didn't want him fucking anybody else. Subconsciously she thrust out her tits a bit more and spread her legs wider so that her bald pussy was obvious.

Nothing was said, but there were soon fingers probing Clare's cunt and other hands squeezing her tits and ass. They were all big, male hands and she writhed in response to the attention.

Darren suggested that the men should take their clothes off while he poured some drinks. As soon as that was done he led Clare a few paces and told her to kneel. Fuck she thought. She was kneeling next to the woman and she could feel a naked leg next to hers. They were going to be used together.

Clare's hands were taken from behind her head and cuffed together behind her back. Shortly after she heard the click as the same was done to the other woman.

Darren made an announcement.

"OK guys. We all know why we are here. The girls are going to get to feel all of us in a few different ways and they have got to work out which is their man. The one who does best in this competition will be given to the other girl's partner for him to play with for a weekend. The loser will be given the spanking of her life by all the guys here."

Clare shivered and she heard a little gasp from the woman beside her.

The arrangement had been agreed at the snooker club when Darren had been drinking and was boasting that Clare had his dick in her mouth or her tongue up his ass so often that she would always know him even if she couldn't see. Tony had then bet that Susan was the best trained slave wife in the country and Darren had no chance if they compared women. This resulted in a big discussion and by the time it was finished there were seven men ready to join in putting the girls to the test. They had all turned up tonight and were itching to get started.

"First test ladies. You are going to have seven pricks in your mouth. Make a note of the number of each one. At the end you must identify the number that was your man. Concentrate well, failure is going to be very painful. We will start with Susan."

As Clare knelt in anticipation she concentrated on the slurps, gurgles and occasional gagging sounds while Susan's mouth was fucked by the men. She had sucked a lot of men and they were all different, but she had never thought about trying to identify a man by the feel of his prick in her mouth. She was sure she would know Darren.

Darren watched closely as the first guys used Susan's mouth. She was a beautiful girl of about twenty although Tony was at least forty five. She was wearing a gold buckled, leather collar and there was a letter A branded where her pubic hair would be if she had any. He started to feel a real lust for her.

The first man had asked after a couple of minutes of expert sucking whether they were going to cum in her mouth or hold back.

"Whatever you like, but don't forget you need a stiff prick for Clare. More important though, let's have silence from now on while they are working on you. Mustn't give them any clues."

Instead of letting Susan work her mouth and tongue on him any more, the guy took hold of her head and forced his prick full length into her throat. It showed her skill that she took him without any problem although he was a big man. A few more minutes of hard throat fucking and then he stopped without shooting his load.

The third man to use her either couldn't hold back or decided he just wanted to fill the lovely Susan's mouth. He let her suck and lick him until he was close and then mouth fucked her until he shot a big load. Because of her training she didn't swallow, but held it in her mouth and displayed it to the admiring group before being told to drink it down.

Darren was fourth. He took her really slowly and savoured the feel of the sweet, young mouth. He decided from the beginning that he was going to give this girl his cum even if it was harder for him to keep going later. While he was enjoying a delicious cock sucking from a really expert mouth he was thinking that he might prefer it if Clare were to lose. A weekend with Susan was looking very attractive and the sadist in him wanted to give Clare a thrashing. He let his mind wander over what he would do to her as he worked his dick into her throat and then drew back to enjoy some more licking and sucking. The others chatted, watched and re-filled their drinks as many minutes passed before Darren finally groaned and pumped glob after glob of sticky cum into Susan's mouth.

Tony himself followed Darren fucking the mouth that was so familiar to him, but this time it was sticky with the sperm of his friend and rival in this bet. As he watched Tony thrusting into Susan's throat, Darren thought she was bound to recognise those movements. The way he took clumps of her hair to force himself further into her and how he put his hand on the front of her throat to feel his prick stretch it. It was so distinctive.

Sure enough, when they had all used her and Susan was called on to name her man, she said number five.

Susan's blindfold was removed and she was put on drinks duty while the men rested and had their glasses refreshed. Darren showed her the kitchen and she set to work collecting snacks which had been bought in earlier. Clare ached from kneeling for so long and grew more anxious from the long wait. She knew from the chatter, cheers and laughter that Susan had made the right choice. She wanted to get on with her own part of the cock sucking trial.

They picked out numbers and Darren was number one this time. He could have done with a bit more time really after cumming so recently. He couldn't put it off though. They all had to play by the same rules. As he lobbed his half hard dick into his girlfiend's mouth it occurred to him that this might not be a bad thing. He wanted Clare to lose, she was not used to him being anything other than rigid. Instead of his familiar face fucking routine, Darren stood quite still. He never touched Clare with his hands at all. He made her do all the work. Expert as she was, she used her mouth to get him fully firm, but Darren never moved a muscle. Standing quite still he let her work hard for a full quarter hour before he started to feel the stirrings of another orgasm. Without a sound he let it happen and Clare was barely aware of the small trickle onto her tongue that he managed to produce in this second climax of the day. Darren imagined his prick in Susan's perfect ass as Clare licked him clean and he gave way to number two.

All seven of the men had Clare eat their cum. Most of them throat fucked her really hard so by the time it was over her face was covered in snot and cum as well as being streaked with mascara running down from behind her blindfold. She had been given a far harder time than Susan. Worst of all was that she really could not think which prick had been Darren's. It definitely wasn't six because it wasn't big enough, but four and five both seemed a lot like him. She just couldn't be sure, but she was forced to make a decision.


Raucous laughter broke out and her blindfold was pulled off.

"OK, here's your man." Said Darren. He pushed Phil forward. He was a much older and shorter man than Darren. A tear welled in Clare's eye as she looked at Phil's limp prick. She was wondering how she got it wrong when Darren said:

"I was number one."

She was confused. She could barely remember that one. That wasn't the way Darren used her mouth. Clare began to realise that her trusted lover was playing some sort of game with her. At that moment Susan walked into the room with a tray of food.


They all relaxed and chatted. The full story of the bet became clear to the women for the first time. It seemed that their men were proud enough of them to boast about them and claim that they were better than their mates women. At the same time they were shown to be possessions which could be used, shared and even lent out. Clare could not understand why she felt so good about that. As they discussed how the next stage would be for the girls to identify their men by licking their asses she determined again that she would get it right.

When everybody was finished eating and drinking and all the talk had got them in the mood for more sex, the blindfolds were replaced. This time there were no handcuffs. They would be expected to spread the guy's cheeks and get their tongues in as far as they could.

The girls were placed on their knees and the men picked out numbers again. This time they started with Clare. Number one backed up to her face and put his hand behind her head to press her tight into his ass. Darren started a kitchen timer. Five minutes for each man. Clare got her tongue to work right away. Stiffening it to a warm, wet point she probed the tight sphincter. All the time she was trying to remember the wrinkles of Darren's asshole as she licked with all the skill and enthusiasm she had been taught to use.

Five minutes had never seemed a long time, but now she was slurping her fourth ass her tongue was aching. Clare was sensing every small variation in hairiness or smoothness. She searched out each small difference in tightness of the hole she pushed her tongue into. Every tiny clue was weighed up in her mind. Despite her tiredness and the effort of licking so much ass for so long she worked harder and harder as she was getting towards half an hour of continuous rimming.

When the timer rang to signal the end of the last asslick for Clare, Darren told her to remember which number she thought he had been, but not say anything. The guys then picked numbers again and got Susan to work her tongue on their asses. The younger woman tired more quickly than Clare. By the time she was on her fifth man he was grabbing her head and pulling her hard into his ass to get the feeling he wanted. Susan was beginning to gasp for breath and it was hard to concentrate.

Tony's was the sixth ass she had to lick. Susan's head was swirling with fatigue and he was annoyed that he was not getting the quality of treatment he was accustomed to. Susan felt a stinging slap on her cheek and a big hand pulling her face tight into the ass. She was snapped immediately back to focus on the job and she knew for sure that this was her man. With renewed vigour Susan worked her tongue for all she was worth. When she came to the last rimming she struggled to complete it, but she desperately wanted Tony to be proud of her and she knew that she would be punished if she didn't complete the job.

When the girls gave their numbers both correctly identified their man. Darren made some half joking remarks about Tony not playing straight by giving the slap and the tension rose. Clare was one down, but they needed a tie breaker for the rimming to see whether Susan had won or whether they were equal and needed another test. The two men discussed things for a while.

It was decided. Tony and Darren would fuck each girl in the ass and then deepthroat the other one. The rest of the guys would decide among themselves which woman did the best job. They would toss a coin to decide the order of play.

"Heads it is."

A chuckle rippled through the room.

The little joke had been that Darren was the head of this house and if he won the toss he would get head from his own lady. That meant he got to fuck Susan's ass which he didn't mind at all. The women were told to lie over chair arms at a comfortable height. A guest was given the job of lubing their assholes. Darren was not as stiff as he would like, so while she was being lubed he had Clare suck his dick.

One asshole might be much like another, but easing himself into Susan's tight hole gave Darren a very special pleasure. She was a very pretty girl. He had noticed that his prick was a bit larger than Tony's and he couldn't help wondering whether he might be able to give Susan a better fuck than her own man would manage.

After about five minutes of hard buggery the two men exchanged glances that said it was time to move on to some oral activity. Pulling out of their panting partners the women were told to kneel next to each other and ready themselves for a throat fuck.

Clare had not been pleased about taking Tony in her ass. It didn't hurt and she couldn't really say that it was much different than when Darren did it, but another man in there didn't seem quite right. Giving her ass was sort of humiliating and she preferred to keep that feeling between her and Darren. There was not much time to dwell on these thoughts before Darren grasped her head firmly and pushed his cock hard into her throat.

The taste she got was really only from the edible lubricant, but the thought of Susan's ass flavour being in her mouth just wouldn't leave Clare's mind. The rough face fucking that would often bring her to a fantastic orgasm without even touching her clit was not exciting her in the same way as usual. When both men had shot their load there was a round of applause from the other men. They had a short discussion and the decision was made. Susan did her job best. The score was two nil to Sue.

Oh fuck. What had she done? Clare thought. She realised that allowing her self to think negatively had caused her to lose out in this contest and now she was going to get the thrashing that Darren spoke about earlier. Clare was not exactly a pain slut, but she was very submissive and it always gave her a lot of pleasure when Darren took her firmly in hand. This was different though. Every one of her discipline instruments was in the room and seven men were going to use them on her. She was trembling.


Susan served the drinks while the men picked up the discipline tools. They passed them around among themselves considering which they would most like to use. Darren fixed Clare's ankles to a spreader bar and then did the same with her wrists. He finished positioning her by attaching the centre cord of her wrist bar to a brass ceiling ring.

As the winner of the challenge, Tony got to decide the extent of Clare's beating and he would also be taking her home afterwards for the weekend. He would have preferred to go away with both women and he thought he ought to get that for winning, but according to the deal he had to leave Sue behind with Darren. Well, he would enjoy his bit of sadistic fun.

"OK lads. Darren can amuse himself with my little girlie while we deal with this."

He grabbed Clare by the crotch and forced three fingers into her cunt.

"I'll whip her pussy with the flogger. You guys will deal with one ass cheek, one tit or her belly. You can go first Phil. Pick your target."

Phil went over to Clare. He fondled her tits, ran his hands down her body and round her ass. He probed her sphincter with a finger while nibbling on one nipple before drawing back and selecting a riding crop from the table.

"I'll have her right tit."

"OK Phil. You can have ten strokes with that. As hard as you like, but don't break the skin."

Clare remembered watching some eastern European BDSM porn where a bloke in a monk's habit had caned and whipped women's tits. She had got very excited by it and Darren gave her a good spanking after they watched it. Darren was not as severe as the stuff in the film. Now she had pictures of those seriously marked women in her head and she was scared.

Phil cupped Clare's breast in his hand, focussed carefully and thwacked the soft flesh with the crop. She winced and angled her head down to see the result. A clear, red rectangle marked the spot where she had been struck. Phil pinched the handful of flesh so that her nipple protruded more. His second stroke caught it directly and Clare gasped. Phil continued to pull her breast into different positions and apply the crop firmly to as much of her tit as he could cover. By the last blow her head was swimming with the pain and she sobbed. Phil kissed the inflamed breast, kissed Clare gently on the lips and sat down.

Andy got up and selected a fairly heavy leather paddle with star shaped holes.

"Let's even things up a bit. I'll have her left ass cheek."

"OK mate. That thing looks a bit serious. You can give her six."

Andy smiled. He stroked Clare's ass and patted it before positioning himself. Darren was sipping slowly on a glass of red wine as he watched his girlfriend being fondled, kissed and beaten under the instructions of another man. It was a strange feeling. In a way it was uncomfortable, but there was a strange satisfaction in it too. He liked it that his friends were getting pleasure from his woman. He enjoyed his ability to have Clare used by other men who he allowed to do it. At this very moment he was particularly enjoying Susan's sweet warm tongue licking his balls and running up and down his prick. He would enjoy her very much over the next two days.

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