tagFetishParty Mom Ch. 05

Party Mom Ch. 05


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Chapter 05 (Sonny's Day at the Resort)

Dear diary,

Right now, as I write this, there is a hairy pink little cock pounding into from behind as I'm nude and bent over a kitchen counter. From the sounds of his grunting, he sure seems to be enjoying it but I'm not feeling a thing. The fucker is completely in himself, pawing away at my tits though, and hasn't even noticed that I've been bored out of my mind this whole time and have now begun to actually write in a diary.

That's the way it should be, though. Let him have his fun now, and we'll see who's enjoying himself later.

Of course I never would have considered letting a guy like this anywhere near my pussy, but it's been an interesting day here at Mauve and it's been a bit of a journey to where I am now.

When Josh announced that we were going on vacation, I could tell from the little smile on his face that it wasn't going to be a normal blowjobs-on-the-beach kind of trip. Josh and I have gone away before, and we spent most of that drunk of out of minds, spending money at the casino, and fucking each other's brains out. It was a pretty nice time. But ever since Chad and his sweet little mom came onto the picture, Josh has been a lot more devious and so I kind of expected something kinky, though a sex-slave roleplaying resort never crossed my mind.

I've played sex slave with Josh before, we do it all the time actually. Josh is the king of Rome and I'm his royal queen who greets him each morning with my lips around his balls. Then Chad's yummy mummy entered, and she became our royal hand maiden, who ate me out and licked my ass clean and then Josh would fuck us both.

Josh enjoys being the alpha, and when I'm around him, I can't help submitting. He's just so confident and sexy and I love everything about him. However, it was getting a little hard because in every other context, I'm the absolute alpha. Before Josh, I mostly dated handsome but nervous men who bought me dinners and clothes and ate me out every night when I asked. I admit, I could get a little cruel with how long I withdrew sex from them, but it only made the eventual fucking hotter.

Josh was different though. There was a thrill when his hands ripped open my blouse on our first date, how his assured tone of voice told me to get on my knees and worship his penis. I couldn't say no! He was so smart and ambitious, and thought it may've been cruel how he expected sexual favors from me as a reward for his ambition, I had never been with anyone like him and so I gave him whatever he desired.

We hada lways had an open relationship, out of Josh's wishes. I was jealous of the other bimbos he impaled some nights, all of whom were more naturally submissive than I ever was. Still, some of the boys I kept around during that period were interesting; I could make them lick me out after Josh had just fucked me, or remind them that they were second rate compared to the man god I was sucking off on a daily basis.

Finally though, Chad and that gorgeous milf of his came onto the scene. With her, and with that squirmy nervous Chad, I finally an outlet where I was the real boss as well as still slave to Josh. Josh could order the two of us on our knees, whip out his meat and shove it down each of our throats back and forth. He could fuck that mom hard and good and then shoot his final load all over my tits. Not only did having a second partner allow my job of satiating Josh to become a lot easier, it also meant that I could be satisfied too. Because when Josh eventually left to hang with his friends or do some work, I could order that bitch to clean the sheets, lick his cum off my chest, and finally lick my pussy until I shot my own wetness all over her.

And then that wasn't the end of it, because cute little Chad followed along wherever his slutty mom went. After she ate me out, I could see the mix of absolute reverence and sever humiliation flush over his face. To him, I could be not only this passive statue of unattainability (I know my body isn't perfect, but to that kid, my big tits and curvy hips might as well be), but also this totally active conqueror and his doting mommy.

So now, on a daily basis, I get to get the rocks fucked out of my brain by my Adonis master, I get to be serviced by a slim sexy maternal slave, and then I get to watch the poor horny kid squirm as he wished it was his load coating my tits and not his mom's breasts that were being cupped in my greedy hands.

So Mauve seemed like it would be more of the same; Josh would dominate us all, I would order around that sexy mommy, and then finally I would get to tease and embarrass that poor son, but when the plane landed, I found that they purposefully split us all up. I hadn't seen Chad since I hinted that he might get a chance to bang me at this resort. With that comment, I was hoping to get his mind in a tangle, make the fact that he had to share a cabin on the plane with me and my master even more unbearable, but it turns out he wasn't even in the cabin! I had no idea where he escaped to.

Then one of those purple bikini service women lead Josh away, and then our mom slave away, and then I left too, in a completely different direction to a completely different side of the resort.

When I arrived, it was hot and breezy, which was rather nice, but I was in no vacation mood. Sure the light on my belt was that safe green, which meant no men could possibly come and claim me, but that idea of it turning red in 24 hours, and my body being up for the taking of any of thees greedy bastards, was not a pleasant though. Sure I loved being ordered what to do, sucking cock and getting fucked from behind and swallowing as much cum as that cock could shoot, but that was with Josh, not with random strangers. If he wanted to tie me up, keep in a corner, and cum on me every day until my body was a crusty mess I would have submitted in a heartbeat, but these other losers could take a hike.

I set out walking down an avenue to try to find Josh, but it was clear this place was way too packed that I would find him easily. Since I was fresh off the plane, my breasts and hips were still completely uncovered, and I realized that this was not the case for everyone. You would think that at a sex resort, everyone would be naked, but most of the guys and girls were dressed in nice expensive clothes. I was getting frequent looks from most of the traders, who popped their heads up at the jiggle of my tits as I stepped, but then sat back down when they saw I was at a green light.

"If I don't find Josh before 24 hours," I thought, "There's no doubt that I'll get claimed so fast. Look how much attention I'm getting even now."

A few traders hollered at me, asked me to suck them off and if they could feel my tits, but I ignored them. If you wanted to worship my body, I thought, you could either be Josh himself, or you could be my bitch, but if you're neither then shut the hell up and jack your own self off if my body is so stuck on your mind.

I needed to find some clothes, and so I stepped into a fairly large department store that I passed. The shoppers were all very gorgeous looking women, all of them with green lights, and so there weren't a lot of men there at all.

I wandered around trying to find something that would cover me up a bit, but all of the selections were extremely revealing. I could wear a top that had holes cut out so my tits would be on display. Bikinis and short dresses were everywhere, but I wanted something normal that would allow me to lay low until I could be swiped by Josh and wear whatever he told me to wear.

There was a sleepy looking man in a purple employee outfit, and so I walked up and disturbed him from his nap.

"Hello," I said, and his eyes went straight for my tits, "I know this is a resort with anything I could desire and I want to know if I could get some clothes custom made."

The man yawned, his eyes still glued to my breasts and so I covered them with my hands and yelled, "Hey, listen to me."

"Sorry, what?"

"Is there a tailor or someone who will make me some specially designed clothes?"

"Uhh," said the man, noticing the frustration on my face and becoming a little scared, "I can find someone."

I was still holding my tits when he scurried back and told me some directions downstairs and past the shoes where someone might be able to help me.

The tailor had a tiny alcove in the corner behind some lingerie, and I knocked on his door.

So far, since I entered the resort, everyone I had seen had been gorgeous. The women were slim and curvy, the traders muscular and handsome. The employees even, the few I saw, were good looking men and women in purple outfits.

The tailor was not very attractive at all. I could see why they hid him down here, in an alcove. He was short and pudgy, was breathing heavily, and he had bad acne and oily skin. He wasn't even wearing purple.

I held my hands to my breasts still and he nervously looked around the store before he invited me into his office. It was cramped and hot, and smelled bad.

"So what can I do for you, sweet thing?" It was clear that the tailor was an inside man, working for the company but not supposed to be seen by the clients. He was a sad looking man, the kind of guy who probably didn't get laid until his 30s back in America. I had met people like this tailor before, they were losers in the sack but acted as if they were kings. They felt themselves superior to everyone, look at the dumb brutes with their parties, they muttered, jacking off alone in their dark rooms with no one around. I wondered how he even got hired to come to Mankai.

"I was hoping to get some new clothes," I told him.

"We have lots of clothes available," he said, indicating outside to the department store.

"I wanted special clothes," I clarified, "Something a little less skimpy than what's out there."

"Oh, for like a rape thing, I understand."


"Don't worry, a lot of slaves come and ask for this. You get something that covers you nicely and then the traders come and rip them off you, it's a game."

"That's not really why I wanted them. I just don't want everyone in this resort to be staring at my tits."

"Really? Then why are you even here at all?"

I paused, not sure how to answer the tailor.

"I mean, you do have some nice tits," he mumbled. I shifted my hands to make sure they were as covered as I could. Really, my hands were only so big, and I was busty enough that there was some considerable flesh spilling out between my fingers.

"You're saying if I try to cover up and dress anything other than sexy, that will only entice the people here more?"


I grimaced, and the tailor let out a muffled little laugh.

"Are you really looking to try to escape? We're not holding you here, just leave."

But I knew I didn't want to leave. I imagined my ideal scenario, in which I found Josh and Chad and his beautiful mommy and we went back and fucked all day in this luxurious exotic escape...

"I want to stay," I said, "I just am waiting for a specific person to come and claim me."

"Ah, but the fun of Mauve is that there is no specific person," he answered, bolder in his company's philosophy than in anything else he'd said to me before, "Just traders and slaves!"

"I'm just looking for maybe something not the traditional Mauve."

He stared at me, shifting in his seat. He could see that I was getting a little nervous about the idea that nicer clothes wouldn't allow me to be saved for Josh.

"I can help with that."

He stood up and his hunched over shape walked closer to me.

"If you take care of me in the way I want, I can help you in the way you want."

Oh, I smiled. He just wanted me to get his rocks off. I could do this easily, and then I would have myself an ally. But I played dumb a little longer.

"Please, tell me what I need to do, anything!" I cried, faking desperation. Maybe I overdid it a little, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Come here," he beckoned.

The asshole was towering over me now, and I walked over to him, letting my hands fall and expose my breasts. When I got close to him, he slipped him left hand down my skin and planted it right between my legs. I was a little surprised at how quickly he was rubbing my pussy and my body rewarded him with a sticky wetness that covered his hand.

"Get down on your knees," he ordered, and I obeyed. I pulled out his cock, which was kind of short, but hard as hell. Poor guy has probably never been with a woman like me, I thought.

I figured it wouldn't be long for him to blow his load, so when I took his member into my mouth, I rubbed my tongue all along his purple cock head and let the saliva drip out of my mouth.

My tits were getting mauled as he hunched over to grab them with his tool in my mouth. With the same eagerness with which he went for my pussy a moment ago, he was now obsessed with my pendulous breasts. I really didn't mind, though he still did not smell the greatest.

It was only a few minutes after I started sucking him that I felt a rush of wetness in my mouth pulsing from his cock. It was so soon that I was shocked but starting customarily gulping down his load until I realized something was completely wrong.

I shoved that cock out of my mouth, but he grabbed my hair with one hand and his cock with the other and continued to send jet of warm yellow urine across my face and down my body.

I could still taste its pungency in my mouth, but I remembered that I was supposed to be a good girl, and so I held up my tits and his cock continued peeing all over me, making my tits wetter than any cum load had, and dripping down my warm stomach and settling on the floor.

The shower lasted for what felt like hours, his hard small cock unloading pee all over me. He sent some at my face, and let it collect in my mouth. He even soaked my hair. The room was now a stench of his urine, and I could feel its warmth as the smell radiated off me.

When the last few yellow drops fell from his hole, he immediately shoved his dick right back into my mouth, forcing me to swallow the urine that had collected there as my lips massaged his shaft.

His hands pulled and pushed my hair so that my nose was right in his pubes, but the asshole has a smaller cock than he imagined and so it was really no problem to take his little down in my throat. Though I knew enough of men like him to realize talking was not a good idea, I could have had a completely fluid conversation with him even with his entire cock between my lips. With my eyes still pushed into a forest of black curly hairs, he finally unloaded five long jets of spunk directly into my stomach before he removed his flaccid cock from my face.

He turned and went to the other side of his office, and I stood up from my squat. I was a mess. My hair was soaking wet, my tits were shiny and moist and the makeup on my face was running. And of course there was the smell.

I had been peed on before, but only by Josh, and only once. It had been Chad's mom's idea. She and I had embraced, making out in the empty tub of Josh's bathroom. We spent the entire day in the tub, alternating between shoving our tongues down each other's throats and the yummy mummy gnawing herself away between my legs. The ritual was that Josh was doing work in the other room, but every time he had to urinate he would come in and do it right into the bath tub, all over the two of our naked bodies. It wasn't my favorite day, because Josh spent so much of it out of the picture, but the moments in which he entered that bathroom and let his cock spew liquid gold all over were divine.

I hadn't enjoyed the tailor's shower nearly as much as I had Josh's, and the memory made me more eager to find my man and our sexy mom toy.

The tailor finished pulling up his pants and went away worldlessly into a door at the back of his office. I peered in and saw a large store room back there.

When the tailor emerged, he had a big light blue box, which he set down on his desk and made his way over to me. He sat down in the chair next to me.

"Have a seat, we'll chat," he told me, patting his lap, and so I planted my relatively dry butt cheeks down on his left thigh.

"I'll take care of you, doll, don't worry," he grinned. Though his left hand was exploring the nape of my back and the flesh of my ass, his right hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a dark purple card.

Sliding the card between my breasts in an attempt to be playful (what a pig), he handed me it.

"I'm not supposed to give you this, but you were so good to me, so here you go. Slide your own self, if you want, it's a staff card. Slide it on your belt up to reserve yourself, and down to undo any reservation. If you don't want to get claimed, just claim yourself. If you get claimed by someone else and want to undo it, just slide it down."

I realized that this thing would be much more useful than modest clothes, and I gripped it tightly with my hand.

"It will get you into some buildings too, just try it. I packed up an outfit for you too, in the box. Every once in a while I get to blast a girl with my piss, but none of them took it like you did babe." He squeezed my thigh and pushed me up off his lap.

I went towards the clothes and started to open them, but he stopped me.

"Just take them and go out the hall, make a left, and you'll find a staff bathroom you can use to shower and get changed."

I got up and went towards the door to leave, but he called me back.

"Give me a kiss goodbye babe."

This tailor was insufferable. Wasn't it enough that I was still dripping wet with his piss? Nevertheless, I waltzed back over to him, careful to sway my hips seductively, and leaned forwards to plant a long sensual kiss on his lips.

I don't think he really thought that through, because with my kiss I had left the stench and drops of his own urine into his mouth, but I had escaped out the door before I got to see his reaction.

The staff women's bathroom door opened when I swiped, and it was a roomy space with four shoulder level shower stalls, four toilets, a row of sinks, and purple and white checkered tiles along the floor and the walls.

I set my box down on the sink counter, and left my purple card on top of the box.

The warm water was refreshing and washed every trace of that creep's urine off my body. The shower had a vat of sweet smelling lavandar soap which I lathered all over my body and then washed off. In the warm water and the perfumed bubbles, I was feeling very fresh and wonderful.

I heard the door, and turned around to see it swing open and a long haired redhead came in wearing the typical purple bikini.

"Hello there!" she said to me, smiling friendly and she made her way to the sink.

I knew I wasn't supposed to be in here, but the stall was leveled much above my waist and so there was no way for her to see that I had the traditional slave card reader belt around me.

After she stared at herself in the mirror for a few moments, she reached behind her back and undid the strings of her bikini top, and then did the same at her waist, hanging the purple swimsuit up and a hook and then coming over to the shower stall next to me.

"Are you new here? I haven't seen you before," she said in a bubbly voice.

I told her I was, but inside my head I was groaning. How long would it be until she left? I was stuck in the shower stall because if she saw I had the purple card, there's no way she would let me keep it. That fucking tailor knew it was unsafe for me to be walking around so openly with that card, but it's not like he cared.

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