tagGay MalePaying Dues

Paying Dues



Anyone could go to The Caves but there were a couple of areas where only the members could enter. I had always wanted to be a member after hearing some stories about the goings on.

The Caves is a club in the city I live in. Over five floors of an old warehouse on the edge of the city centre a gay bathhouse, disco, bar club had developed. As long as I’d been aware of The Caves I’d known it as a place where the wildest things happened.

I went as one of the crowd and enjoyed the activities of the VERY liberal attitudes on a few occasions when I enjoyed the freedom to be as great a slut as I desired. I sucked and took cocks in any manner they wanted to give it to me. I sometimes spent hours in the glory-holes on my knees sucking balls dry, every now and then I stood up, turned about and pressed my open ass against the hole to feel some stranger fuck himself to release deep in my bowels. I’d then resume my place kneeling on the floor mouth to glory-hole.

At other times I’d get gang-banged in the sauna or swirl-pool or climb into the sling and let the club use me. I’d been so full of cum some days and nights that it had formed puddles around my arse in the taxi on the way home. Once I spent 6 hours sucking and being fucked in the video room. I took on all and any in the dark, naked and crawling around from groin to groin, arse to arse, cock to cock. Taxis wouldn’t even pick up my cum covered body that night!

After about a dozen visits to the club I’d got a routine worked out. If it was daylight outside I just entered the building and made my way to the bathhouse. If it was night I made my way through the bars and dance areas first to see if I could troll up some interest to follow!



This particular day I was on an ADO and decided to waste the afternoon satisfying strangers with my throat and arse. I only wore jeans, boots and a shirt so I’d be naked quickly as soon as any man wanted to use me.

I paid at the door, the greybeard there smiled, “Nice to see you back.” He said.

I smiled back, “Hope it’s nice to be back.” I cheekily quipped. “Busy this fine Monday afternoon?”

“Cheap Monday, we’re full as a goog. You should have a busy day you little slut.”

At this I blushed, I realised that I made a disgusting spectacle of myself but to have the owner of this place know about it made me nervous and excited all at once. I was still in something of a daze when I received my towel, condom and key and arrived before the locker.

I stripped off, aware of the three older men who’d come to the doorway of the change-room and were watching me as I disrobed and got ready to play. I could just hear their murmurs over the music from the club which hadn’t risen to the outrageous at 3 in the afternoon, anyway there were various far more interesting noises emanating from the maze and playrooms all about me.

I took off my shirt and put it into the locker. I bent from the waist and unlaced my boots before taking them and my socks off one at a time poking my arse at the three men each time. I then undid my belt and buttons. I lowered my trousers to the floor before bending forward and picking them up. Between my legs I could see 3 pairs of eyes boring into my hole. I put the clothing in the locker, locked it and turned to the three. I laid the towel on the bench and sat upon it facing them. I spread my legs wide and reached down to finger my arse.

“Well, you three gunna stand there or fuck a girl like she needs?” I demanded.

I’d hardly got the words out of my mouth when two people I’d not seen further into the change-room rushed me from behind flipping me onto my belly and pinning me there. One cock was instantly in my throat and the other up my arse. I could hear the three greybeards now.

“Fuck the cheap whore,”

“Pump that fuck hole.”

“Fill the slut boys. Get it while you can touch the sides.”

I groaned and my arse began cumming. For almost ten minutes I came, screamed, groaned, gurgled and gagged as the two unseen strangers raped me until they’d both emptied their balls.

They’d left me, dribbling cum from both ends, numerous men had walked by during my rape and now some returned, sloppy seconds being a turn-on for some. Fingers began to probe and I spread my thighs expecting entry very soon.

“Not yet!” thundered from one of the three. Oh good I thought, the three are going to take me. The to my alarm I heard, “He’s not on the block, yet.”

I was going to be the ‘block job’. I was going into the private club, I’d get membership but I’d do it the hard way. I’d heard fantastic rumours but my cock couldn’t help itself and I became so excited I almost came from anticipation.

The three older men, greybeards came across to me. The biggest, 2m tall and 200kg of grey hairy bear pulled me to feet.

“You did good, now you can be real good. If you agree to come with us you WILL do everything we want and you will be a member, but that will take quite a few ‘block jobs’. Do you understand?”

I nodded, and mumbled “Yes please sirs.”, my lips busy against the cloth of his towel. He lightly slapped my face and continued, “If you don’t agree we’ll tie you here and let everyone rape you before dumping your used body outside the city Police station.”

I agreed.

“Good. Now get through the door over there.” He said pointing to a door I’d never seen open before. I grabbed at the towel, condom and key as I headed for the doorway. “Don’t take that, you wont need anything but your slack holes till sunrise slut.” I shivered and hurried through the door his voice trailing after me. “We have chosen you for nomination. It’s up to you and your slack bits to earn membership.”



The door closed as I passed through it leaving me in the dark blue haze simular to the lighting in the ‘play’ areas of the club but slightly dimmer offering extra anonymity to members. I put one hand out to find something and make some sense of the dimness finding a rough brick wall through the smoke, which was pumped throughout the building. Something was being added to the smoke and I felt it begin to influence me. I groped further along the wall until I suddenly touched smooth, warm, sweaty flesh, I jumped.

A hand gasped my wrist from out of the gloom and I was pulled along and eventually pushed down across a padded beam. My ankles and wrists were secured near the floor causing me to be spread open wide my genitals hanging available and loose below my dribbling hole. Semen was running down my inner thighs as well as dripping off my cock and balls. A bright downlight snapped on illuminating my naked restrained form head down, arse up, spread-eagled over an iron, wood and leather fucking horse.

The voice of the big greybeard came from the dark. “You will now be used in any way anyone present wishes to use you. You will not be allowed to effectively resist although any struggles will serve to heighten our enjoyment and we don’t care about yours slut.”

“Thankyou Sirrrgghhhh” I started to answer when suddenly there was someone’s hairy belly and thick circumcised cock in front and in my face. I gagged as he just pushed in.

He took my head in his palms and just kept grinding his hips slowly forward until he was bruising my lips with his pubic bone. I was unable to breathe and spluttered and gasped for air even while forcing myself to keep my jaws wide open and tongue waggling against the thick veins along the underside of the pulsing cock I was already drooling around.

I began to feel panic rising in my belly as bright sparks began to flash before my eyes and the ringing in my ears became loud. I thought, my god they’re going to fuck me to death! I began to struggle against the ropes to the loud approval of the assembled crowd. Then I was suddenly sucking air instead of cock, a flash went off and I was caught for prosperity reaching for a shooting cock with my outstretched tongue, drool hanging down from my chin. I found myself ‘surrendering’ to these people so completely I knew they would be satisfied. A second flash caught me, cum covered and screaming as the next fuck went into my arse.

My eyes slammed open and air burst from my lungs in a scream as what felt like the thickest, bluntest cock was rammed up my exposed hole without the slightest warning. Cheers rose from the crowd, “HOORRAAY, FUCK HIM, FILL THE SLUT, SCREW HIM, LOOK AT THE SLOP RUNNING OUT!” The cock in my arse pumped completely in and out making loud sloppy noises. I realised that something was running down my legs with disgusting regularity.

“Thankyou Sir. Fuck me. Ruin me PLEASE!” I screamed begging for more.

“You will regret those words you fucking faggot.” The announced the cock in front of me with quiet menace.

Another hand on my head and my throat was full. Both men I’d seen had greying belly fur and thick mature cocks. They’re going to need a lot of satisfying I thought with delight as both took up a rhythm, they’d fucked in tandem before and I could gasp air between strokes. One would be entering my body as the other left so I was constantly regretting the loss and celebrating the invasion. Frustrated, filthy horny, bound and available I was GETTING IT!

Both these two fucked for longer than those before them, I was a bit looser and sloppier after all. They sawed in and out of both my holes fucking me to orgiastic bliss. I moaned, groaned, screamed, begged, pleaded, and promised anything at all if they’d just keep fucking me, even when my arse came and I ejaculated from my arsehole. Lube, mucus, god knows what squirted out past the invading cock and loudly splashed on the floor to even more cheers.

When they were cumming I knew because they were both noisy and very active, pounding me mercilessly and now both pounding in at the same time. I felt like I was being concertinaed between two small bulls and gored in the most wonderful way. They both had those thick squirty cocks that you can feel swell and pulse when they pump cum into you and I really felt them both. I didn’t taste anything he was to deep and what went up my arse stayed there until the next cock had really worked up to a frantic pace.

I spent about three hours across the horse and got serviced by all the members present. You had to be to get membership the way I was going to be allowed to. Subs and sluts had to satisfy every member to get in. They voted for me later that night but the grey bear told me I’d made it when he unshackled me and lead me to the plunge pool by the collar and lead he’d applied before releasing my loose, filthy body.



I was pushed into a small cold plunge pool, a firgidarium in deed. I was squealing when I made it to the surface, my balls were trying to climb up my arse, my cock had turned inside out and my nipples has puckered to hard, purple bullets.

“Wash yourself slut.” Grey bear commended.

I began a shivering rub down of everything I possessed.

“Faster you weak fucking queer.” He shouted.

I began vigorously rubbing myself under the icy water. I plunged under and burst to the surface, I was starting to go seriously numb and lose consciousness when He ordered me out.

I climbed out on stiff shivering and numb limbs and stumbled around to his feet where I fell to my knees and kissed his feet and arse.

I was pulled to my feet and pushed towards another door across the blue gloom of the plunge room. Grey bear nodded and I opened the door onto a red gloom. A hot red gloom, a sauna.

I stepped into a vaguely discernible crowd sitting on three levels of wooden benches. The heat and steam made me gasp for air and nearly faint again. I sagged against the lowest bench to recover my strength and attention gone.

Hands were already clawing at me, some fingers went up my arse, I spread my legs and thanked the hand in the steam. Someone shuffled along the higher bench before me and a foreskin was introduced to my tongue. I licked under it and opened wide. A hand stroked my head and hips humped forward pushing another thick cock into my waiting gullet. Fingers pulled and twisted my nipples, a hand gasped my balls pulling and twisting them, the fingers in my hole began delving deeper and I soon had four knuckles deep thrusting in and out. Again I was slopping loudly before a crowd. I groaned and prepared to Get It again.

My mouth was suddenly full of cum, I almost jumped but did moan and suckle ever harder, the taste of pungent thick cum swamped my senses, I was in glory. Then the fist went in and forced me to thankfully stifle my screams on a thick pumping semen tube. I was sweating, sucking, fucking and being a general fuck pig for about half an hour. Eventually another five men had filled one or more of my holes with their juices. I was nearly unconscious, and still unbelievably horny.

Grey bear dragged his ‘pup’ behind him out of the heat of the sauna and parked me on a stool in the cool corner of one of the bars while he had a drink and a yarn. I sat naked, semen and slobber covered, collared and chained to a stool in a public place. I was as hard as a rock. Various passing people stroked, pinched, poked, plucked, fingered and felt me up for the hour I was there. I was even wanked off and made to suck my cum off the hand of the Good Samaritan who’d jerked me roughly to orgasm. All in front of 300 patrons of The Cave.

Grey bear took me by the lead to another part of the building, the second of the private places. I was brighter now. I’d got my second wind, second hard-on and Grey bear seemed to have purpose.



Another door and a long winding corridor. It was very dark although open at the top of 3m black shiny walls. Grey bear pushed me into the dark, any light being shut off as the door closed, I stumbled forward, unsure, unaware, unseeing. He came up behind me, I felt a large hard cock pushing out his towel. I groped behind me to grasp his thick meat as I slowly edged forward.

“Can I have it please Sir?” I quietly asked.

He stopped and put a huge hand on my shoulder pressing me down onto my knees. He pulled me around to face him.

“Open slut.” He commended.

I obeyed and waited for his thick meat to force its’ way into my throat and choke me. Instead I got a bladder full of hot piss straight into my mouth and then belly as he just pulled me onto his pissing cock. I gulped and swallowed but spilt a lot down my chin and onto his legs and feet and all over myself. He pushed me away and stepped up the hall.

“Come here and lick me clean slut. I don’t expect you to miss a drop next time or I’ll beat your arse till it’s black and blue. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” I murmured as I set about licking his piss I’d spilt all across his thighs, legs and feet.

The other end of the hall had another door, this lead into a dungeon like bathroom. There were clean tiles everywhere with chrome shower, enema and bondage equipment, two large deep baths and roman bath, two pissories and even a row of booths to allow for glory holes. There a couple of oddities, these were a couple of 1meter cubes of stone set towards the centre of a large communal shower with four large heads.

Grey bear lead me across the relatively empty Clearout Room, only about a dozen men were present. I saw one struggling young man who was gagged with a dildo being bound to sling by three others. They were using wide leather straps to tie him in place and quickly had him secured by ankle and wrist. He still struggled and Grey bear let me stop to watch while he groped my opening hole.

The three men got other bindings and strapped each limb from wrist to shoulder and ankle to groin until he was helpless. Just then he caught sight of others in the room and renewed his writhing and screams around the dildo. Grey bear pushed a third finger in and I had to gasp and steady myself against his massive chest.

I saw one of the three men greasing his forearm, their punch-bag didn’t know what was going to happen just yet. Grey bear pulled his fingers out and I turned to the huge man behind me, undid his towel letting it drop to the floor and his large cock to rise up against my balls. He put his big hand down between us and shoved his thumb straight up my hole. I squealed and fell against him. He just lifted me up by the hole balancing me upon his thumb. I nearly swooned with excitement as he carried me past the now aware punch-bag thrashing as the grinning man with the greased forearm approached him with a clenched fist aimed at his arse. I could hear his incoherent pleading and sobs as I was lowered into another sling and heard his choked off scream announcing his deflowering as the first bindings were tightened.

The poofter queer next to me had stopped resisting and the two were pulling and pushing him off of and on to the thirds greasy fist, wrist and slowly more and more forearm. He still moaned, louder each time they went into new territory but I could again hear the music of the club. Now I knew what the faint screams were that you’d occasionally hear anywhere in The Caves.

I was secured the same way as I’d just seen and I was watching what was to happen to me. I turned to look at Grey bear, I caught his eye.

“Make me scream please sir.” I begged.

Grey bear grinned and stepped between my thighs. I looked down to see his cock fully hard and upright inches from my hole.

“Stick it in pleeasee.” I begged.

Grey bear just shook his head and pushed the tips of five fingers into my gaping arse. I groaned and felt myself let go. Thank god I did because just then Grey bear pushed his whole fist into me. I was stretched as big as I’d ever been but in one smooth effort and then I passed out.

I awoke to cool water entering my belly from the hose held up there.

“You’re back. Good, I want you to feel this. You already missed the opening.”

I sagged back and felt the water get hotter. Grey bear began to fist fuck me, wanking the hose deep in my rectum. I was clean, I’d made sure but he kept me on tap for about 15 minutes until I’d had about three anal orgasms. He then pulled out and let me empty from where I lay and it wasn’t hard to do, I was so slack and horny.

Grey bear put an inflatable shower shot up me and filled me up one more time. He then shut off the valves and released me from the sling.

“Clean this area up slut.” He ordered.

As I cleaned I watched what happened to ‘sluts’ who didn’t please the members. The now exhausted and pliant punch-bag was being worked over by the third man. Blood and semen and lube marked his arm up to the elbow and just past, my arse contracted just at the thought and that reminded me of the belly full of water I had. The first fister had had the other two just swing the sling back and forth until they were simply swinging the bound slut completely off and onto the proffered forearm. The second had punched in and out with alternate fists until wanking himself off up the now gaping messy hole. Now the third was forcing his arm up above the elbow and wrenching it around to stretch the hole huge and deep. Whimpering from the sling even had me hard as the foul slurping emanated from his guts when fister number three pulled out.

“He’s fucked out. Get me the sizing plug.” He called off to a ‘boy’ waiting off to one side.

The ‘boy’ came forward carrying a huge butt plug.

“Put it in. What are you waiting for?” Number 3 shouted as he washed the mess from his heavy body.

The boy jumped and rammed the plug almost all the way in. It was a really big plug.

“In I SAID.” Screamed number 3 as he cuffed the boy and slammed a fist into the based of the plug. The scream was high pitched and prolonged, I bet they heard it everywhere in the club. The plug was IN and the disobedient slut was left there, sling swinging back and forth, covered in semen, spit, shit, and blood, then washed off with piss.

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