tagBDSMPaying for the Broken Promise Ch. 01

Paying for the Broken Promise Ch. 01


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* * * * *

I was barely in the door. Friday evening after a week on the road. A big hug and a kiss from Lisa and then WHAM. "Okay drop your pants" she commanded.

"What? What on Earth are you talking about?" I replied.

Since Lisa had decided that her favorite activity in life was cock teasing, she had become rather unpredictable, but this was very strange.

"Don't argue with me, just do it. I want to be sure about something."

I've learned that arguing about Lisa's demands just causes me all the more grief. So I unbuckled my pants and lowered them and my shorts. Lisa gently grabbed my balls and started to feel them. Shortly she started to caress my cock. It felt very good and I was soon getting hard. Not soon enough it turned out.

"Peter, you are in deep shit! Have you been messing around with another woman while traveling this week?"

I was shocked, "No, of course not! You KNOW I wouldn't do that." It is true, I love my wife deeply and would never mess around. She is so sexy I would never risk jeopardizing our marriage.

"Then there can be only one other explanation, and that's almost as bad, since you promised."

Oh shit! Now I knew what was up. And I knew I WAS in deep shit.

"What did you do then?" Lisa smirked.

I was busted.

Before I go on let me explain. Ever since the month before, when Lisa had discovered my teasing and denial fantasies, she had played the part of the tease with delight. We virtually never had sex without at least a teasing session that normally included her cumming once or twice while I was brought right to the edge of orgasm and then backed down without getting off. Usually that happened a number of times before I got to cum. Not infrequently, my orgasm was put off until the following day or even longer. During one of our earliest sessions Lisa had made me promise never to masturbate again, without her permission. She just kept teasing me until I promised. Of course I'd tried to keep my promise, but I was weak. This past week I'd broken that promise. Here's why.

We had made love on Saturday night. All day Sunday Lisa kept up a non stop teasing routine. Much of it by putting on a show, some of it by touching. By bedtime I was quite ready for a good fucking of my very sexy wife. She insisted that I get her off twice with my tongue before she even touched me. Which I am always happy to do. I love her taste. And the feel of her cumming so hard. By that time I was very ready, but she just started her teasing in earnest. She stroked and sucked my cock. She kept bringing me right to the edge and then stopping. I was begging her to finish me, sure that she would on one of these cycles. Finally she just stopped and rolled over.

"Lisa," I moaned, you can't leave me like this tonight. I'm not going to be back until Friday!"

I was flying out on a business trip first thing Monday morning. I couldn't imagine she was going to really do this. It wasn't long before I realized she was serious.

"Peter, it will make next Friday soooo, special. And the anticipation will be wonderful for us both." And with that she made it clear she was going to sleep.

I could scarcely believe it. She had never done anything this mean before. Having a severe case of blue balls and leaving for a five day trip was unthinkable. For me at least. With hindsight its obvious that Lisa had been thinking about it before this. She intended to make me break my promise. Something she knows is very unusual for me and that I hate doing. This night of frustration was just the beginning of her plan.

I normally call Lisa almost every night when I'm traveling, even if its just to say goodnight. This week the conversations were longer than normal each evening. Lisa was verbally teasing me something fierce. She kept telling me what she was going to do on Friday night when I got home.

"I'm going to stroke your cock, and suck it, and play with your balls. And you are going to get to lick me to orgasm several times. Oh, God Peter, I'm sooo wet just thinking about it. And Peter, I'm going to make you ache big time on Friday, but I won't make you wait 'till the next day to cum. If you're good, that is."

By Tuesday I really needed to cum already. I was thinking about beating off, but I didn't want to break my promise. Wednesday night was even worse. We were on the phone a long time and Lisa was even more graphic than she'd been the first two nights.

"Peter, if you were here right now, I'd be giving your cock quite a treatment. I'd be licking and sucking it. Taking it all the way in my mouth. I'd be getting it good and wet while I sucked it very, very slowly. Then once it was rock hard I'd get between your legs and start to stroke it. I'd focus special attention on the very sensitive spot just below the head of your cock. You'd already be twitching and your cock would be big and hard. The head would be swollen and purple by now. And I'd just be getting started. You'd know you had a long way to go before you get to cum. You'd even be wondering if you'd have to wait until another day. And I'd be so hot. Every time you'd think I was going to make you squirt, I'd stop and massage your balls just to make them ache some more. Once your cock could take it again without cumming right away I'd start it all over. Pushing you right to the edge where one more stroke would make you cum, then I'd stop again. Oh you'd be so desperate by now. You're probably glad you not here" she giggled. "Peter, I can't take any more. This is making me so hot I've just got to have some relief. I'm going to go get the vibrator and give myself a couple of orgasms so I can go to sleep. Be sure to call me tomorrow. Sleep tight sweetheart." And with that she hung up.

I was crazed. I had a raging hard on and a serious case of aching nuts. I wanted to cum so bad I couldn't stand it. Again I started to think about masturbating, but I really didn't want to break my promise to Lisa. Damn, I was so frustrated. I tried to sleep, but just laid there knowing that right that minute Lisa was having orgasm after orgasm with her lifelike vibrator. I didn't know if I was going to make it.

I considered not calling Lisa Thursday evening, but I knew it would be a mistake. In hindsight it was a bigger mistake TO call. She launched into even more graphic descriptions about how she was going to tease me the following night.

"You've gotten pretty good about not having to be tied up lately, but I think for what I'm going to do to you I'd better tie you or else I think you might just go animalistic on me." She laughed. Next she told me how good the FOUR orgasms she'd given herself last night were. "Not as good as your tongue Peter, but God, I came sooo hard. The bed was soaked, in fact if you were here you could still smell my cum on the sheets. Oh Peter, this is making be very hot again. I've got an idea, hold on a sec."

I heard her put the phone down, my heart was pounding and my cock was dripping. I realized I was rubbing my cock through the sweats I had on. What was I going to do? Soon I heard her pick up the phone, but she didn't say anything. There was a faint noise that I didn't recognize.

"Do you hear that?" she asked.

I told her I did, but I didn't know what it was.

"Mmmm...." she moaned.

Suddenly I realized what it was I'd heard.

"Oh God this feels good Peter. I don't think... mmmm... oh.. oh, I don't...think.. I'm .. gonna last...OH, mmm, MMM...much...mmm..MMM...LONGER!"

With that she let out a scream. I'd just been forced to listen to Lisa cum with her vibrator and here I was with a throbbing cock and aching balls and nothing to do about it.

"Lisa, I need to go. I can't stand this any more" I groaned.

Breathlessly she said, "Okay honey, but hurry home, I can't wait for tomorrow night! Bye." With that we hung up.

I was insane. I yanked off my sweats, flopped on the bed and began to jerk at my cock. There was no stopping. It only took a few strokes and a gusher of cum was all over the place. The second one a few minutes later felt even better and was required to fully relieve the sexual tension that had built up for nearly a week!

So that's the story behind how I came to be standing in my living room with my sexy wife holding my balls and a limp dick betraying my failure to keep my promise. I could only imagine what I was in for now.

To be continued...

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