tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying the Landlord

Paying the Landlord


Rent was 6 months behind, and we had ran out of excuses as to why we didn't have the money. It was £400 a month, gas, electricity and water included. We lived a pretty run down are, you know the type, litter everywhere as was the graffiti, and the apartment block had seen better days. Luckily my husband and I lived on the top floor, of a 3 storey block with about 4 apartments on each level, our landlord lived elsewhere, somewhere nice probably.

Our landlord was called Phil, or Mr.Allen as he liked to be called. Everyone in our apartment hated him, he thought he was so big and had an ego bigger than his stomach, yeah he was a fat bastard, about 40, balding, had awful yellow teeth and he smelled sweaty. I hated it whenever he came round, he always used to look at me as if I was a piece of meat, and he made me feel sick, he was repulsive. He would always come on the last Friday of the month, and I always tried covering myself, especially my 36DD breasts, which wasn't easy.

My husband Steve was in and out of work. We had been married for 2 years and we love each other dearly, Steve is the only man I have ever slept with, but due to the stress we have been going through, our sex life is close to non-existent.

'Knock, knock'.

I looked up at Steve and he me, we knew it was him and we didn't have the money for rent, again. Steve opened the door and in waltzed the fat bastard, and plumped himself down on the couch.

He looked up at me and smiled with his yellow teeth and asked for a cup of tea. I scurried off to the kitchen and began to listen to my husband having to tell Mr.Allen that we still didn't have the money.

"Stephen, Stephen, Stephen...I am owed almost £2400 from you and so far I have been lenient..."

I heard Steve say something but Mr.Allen interrupted, "...I don't want to hear your excuses, I've heard them all, I should have you thrown into the street, you piece of trash!"

"Mr.Allen, we will have your money, we just need time..."

That fat bastard interrupted my husband again, "I don't think so, you will be hearing again from me very soon!"

With that he stood up and marched straight out the door.

The next day, Steve was at work. I went around cleaning the apartment when I heard two loud knocks at the door. I had a feeling of who it was and my suspicions were confirmed when I opened the door to see Mr.Allen staring at me with his yellow smile.

"Hello Helen, is your husband home?"

"um...no he's at work until tonight, how may I help?" I stammered out.

"Well if you may let me in maybe we can discuss the matter?"

I nervously opened the door and he pushed himself through and walked past me. I nervously closed the door and turned around to see Mr.Allen glaring at me. I had completely forgotten that I was only wearing one of Steve's t-shirts which just managed to cover my fanny area. I was not wearing a bra so my big pointy breasts were straining against the thin material.

"Well, how can I help" , I asked.

After he had arisen from his fantasy, he looked me in the eye and said as coldly as anyone could ever put it, "You two are out on the street by tonight".

I started to sob as we had nowhere to go, I looked at him and began to beg for him to let us stay. He wouldn't have any of it, so I added the words I would regret for the rest of my life... "please, I'll do anything."

With that, his yellow smile appeared and he seemed to be lost in his thought.

"Anything?" he smiled.

I just nodded.

"Well I'm sure we can come to some agreement." I had a bad feeling of where this was going.

"Come here and kneel in front of me," he calmly said.

I did as he said and as I knelt in front of him, he reached down and unzipped his flies, reached in and fumbled out his little penis. It stunk. I almost threw up at the pure horrible smell of it.

"Unless you do as I say, when I say, you and your husband will be out on your asses. Do you understand Helen?"

I could only nod.

"Now, I want you to suck my cock, and I don't want to hear any complaints, you will do as I say. Now, suck."

I leant my head forward and placed my mouth around his foul cock. As it touched my tongue the taste sent shivers down my spine, I felt as though I would vomit. As I sucked it, it began to stir to life in my mouth. Mr.Allen placed his hand on the back of my head and forced me to suck it harder, to the back of my mouth.

"That's it you fucking whore, suck my cock hard!"

He was yanking my head backwards and forwards on his dick and once every now and again, he would pull his dick out of my mouth and slap it across my face, then thrust it back in again. I just wanted it to end, but I had to do this for Steve and myself.

After what seemed like an eternity of Mr.Allen fucking my mouth with his 3 inches, he began to moan and I knew he was close to coming. For the final time, he pulled his little cock out of my mouth and proceeded to shoot his foul, thick spunk all over my face. I felt ribbons of his spunk lashing against my face and I had a brief moment of happiness, knowing that he had blown his load.

"That's it Helen, you and your husband won't be kicked out, for now. Unless you want your husband to find out about this little ordeal, I suggest you do as I say, when I say."

I was his sex slave now. I could do nothing about it. If I carried on doing as Mr.Allen says, my husband and I would have a roof over our head, if I didn't we would be out on the street.

"I'll be seeing you again Helen."

With that he left and I rushed into the shower to wash myself clean, and I cried and cried until Stephen came home that night. I spent the whole night in his arms, Stephen unaware of what I had now become, Mr.Allen's sex slave. What would he have me do tomorrow?

I cried at the thought of tomorrow coming.

This story is fiction, any resemblance to actual people or places is purely coincidental.

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