tagIncest/TabooPeppermint Patty's Daughter

Peppermint Patty's Daughter


My daughter started playing soccer when she was six years old and she loved the beautiful game as much as I did. I would take all the time I needed to support her even buying an RV. When she was going out of town for tournament we would hook it up and roll. Of course we saved a lot of money because we would just stock it up with food from the house and throw in our pillows and we were gone.

My wife worked fulltime and I was a semi-retired veteran, waiting for the VA to settle my disability claim. We were always on a budget but we had a blast. Once we arrived at the location a day early, we would set up camp as close to the fields as possible. The team would use the RV as a cool down area. I would go out and buy the girls lunch so they could get out of the blazing sun under the awning.

We also had two TV sets and the girls would sometimes just lay around watching cartoons till the next game. The RV was a 32'foot Coachman with a slide out for the living room and even had bunk beds for the grandkids when they went. The team coach loved it because he could get inside, close the door and leave the parents outside so he could talk strategy to the girls for the next game in an air conditioned house.

My daughter was liked by all the girls and it was mostly soccer moms who went on these trips. I was the only soccer dad besides the coach but his daughter was a few years older than my daughter and did not play for him. She stayed back with her team. We were the united football club and we won most of our games. My daughter played defense and was real good.

I loved to watch her play and was the loudest of all the parent there. During the games, if I parked close enough, me and a couple of moms would stay at the RV and watch the game through the RV windows. We would sip on a glass of wine or have a few beers while the girls played getting either the after game snack together or cleaning up after lunch.

There was a lot to do at the RV, the generator to keep power going, The tables had to folded open or closed depending if we were arriving or leaving. The awning had to be lowered or raised at every stop. One of the moms, Patty, aka "Peppermint Patty" and I used to get so tipsy at the RV. She was cool like the one on Charlie Brown and was a lush like me and we would end up talking dirty sometimes. I would even massage her feet on occasion.

I would massage them with the promise that someday she was going to let me suck her toes. I had a serious foot fetish for the opposite sex but she didn't know that...yet. She always wore daisy duke shorts and she knew I was going to be looking at her feet so she would always have them polished and manicured. I would even suggest a color and the next time I would see her they were the color I asked for, mmmm! I loved her toes.

Our two daughters became good friends and we would even invite her to sleep in the RV with us on occasion. Her mom would go out on the town where she and the other moms had booked rooms near the fields. We usually stayed right on site and would have a good time snacking all night and watching movies or TV. Of course I had the fridge stocked with beer and would just listen to the two of them talk and talk.

They were six or seven years old when this all started. As the girls got older and finally in high school, we stayed with the same club coach and kept the girls together so the team could build on itself as they got better. By the time they were high school age they were unbeatable. My daughter's friend Kat, Patty's daughter was turning into a little hottie and was just as flirtatious as her mom.

On one of the Arizona trips, Patty surprised me with a joint and asked if I wanted to get high? I was like "hell yea" and from then on either I would bring the pot or she would. It was getting better and better on the road. It was like a party every weekend, I LOVED IT!

All I had to do was check in once in a while and my wife was content I was spending time with my daughter. On many occasions when I would massage Patty's feet all stoned, I would slide my hand up her legs as we watched the soccer game. Eventually my hads would end up massaging her legs. She would keep her eyes on the fields and sometimes would spread her legs just wide enough so I could slip a finger or two into her wet cunt.

It was always soaked and I had no problem sliding in and out of her daisy dukes but she would not take them off. She was loyal to her husband as far as her pussy was concerned. She sure liked talking dirty, especially about getting "fucked in her ass." Her husband wouldn't do that. She would always tell me how she would even dream her husband would stick two fingers in her ass and then once opened slide his big cock into her pink butt hole and fuck her like she wanted to be fucked.

I would get such a hard on hearing her tell me her dreams. I would go into the bathroom and jack myself off with her sitting out in the RV which had paper thin walls and doors. I know she could hear me grunting and groaning in there and she would even ask, "How did it go" when I would come out? She aways had a big old sheepish smile on her face.

I would ask her "why she didn't go in and help me" in a joking way and she would always say "one of these days I'm going to surprise you" and wink at me. I hoped some day it would happen.

On one trip to Colorado, it was cold and we even had the heaters on in the RV the whole time. Of course my buddy Patty was right there with me helping me set up for the girls at near half time. She had wore daisy duke shorts like she always did not thinking it was going to get this cold. She asked if she could use the restroom in the RV to change into some warm-ups and of course I looked at her and said "you don't have to ask Patty...Go for it".

She ran to her car and came back with a bag and went into the bathroom and I could hear her fumbling around in the tiny RV bathroom. Then it got real quiet and I pretended to be doing something near the door and could hear little moans coming from the bathroom. I couldn't imagine what she was doing in there and kind of walked away from the door and said "you ok in there" and she said "NO". Can you come and help with something"?. I was frozen in my tracks.

"OH MY GOD", she wanted me in there for something and I knew it was going to be good. I walked up to the door and very lightly tapped on the door and she said "come in, hurry"! I opened the door and she was bent over the little sink with her pink panties around her ankles and she had taken out the baby oil from the medicine cabinet and had two fingers in her ass and was sliding them in and out and looking so fucking horny.

She said in a begging voice "PLEASE FUCK MY ASS, I need it so bad"! I had my pants off so fast you didn't even hear my zipper go down. I dropped to my knees in front of that gorgeous round ass and shot my tongue so deep in her butt hole she thought she was already getting fucked. I even slide my tongue down to her pussy a few times and I could see her twitch with excitement.

She was actually grabbing my hair and pulling me in every time I would slip my tongue into her ass hole. She was primed and ready. I stood up, grabbed her hips and pointed my dick right in her ass and pushed forward. She was already pushing back and I could feel the head of my cock sliding in her tight, tight ass. As I inched my way in ever so slowly, I was kissing the small of her back and running my tongue up her spine and could see her getting goose bumps with every slurp of my tongue on her back.

MY cock wanted to go deeper so I pushed forward and eventually buried my cock all the way in. She was so tight, she felt like a virgin pussy! She whimpered so beautifully and I could see her in the mirror sucking her fingers as I pumped her ass so slow and deep! She kept saying in a whisper, "fuck me, fuck me good, pleeaasse"! I was in heaven, fucking Peppermint Patty at a soccer game, in my RV on the road, "WOW"!

I knew I was close to filing that virgin ass with a hot load of lava and I told her I was cumming. She reached around with her hands and grabbed my ass from behind and pulled me in when she felt my cock pumping my hot cum in her ass. We both groaned and moaned for at least two minutes as my cock went soft in her ass. I could see her satisfied face in the mirror she was leaning against.

Once I slide out of her she turned around and faced me and looked me in the eyes and said "she was going to be my best friend the rest of the season" and gave me a light peek on the lips and we both started to laugh. Once we got cleaned up we realized that the girls would be there in a half an hour so we quickly sprayed the RV with air freshener and got the snack ready for the girls.

I couldn't help staring at Patty all afternoon and even asked her if she was ok a few times. She said she was fine and would wink at me...she had me so fucking horny the rest of the day. I think that's what she wanted was a dick to be ready when she wanted an ass fucking. That afternoon, after the game was over she asked if we would go out with her and her daughter Kat and for us to meet her at the hotel in an hour.

We said sure and went to the RV and got cleaned up and we unhooked the truck from the RV and drive to the hotel. We walked up to the second floor and the girls ran into the bathroom to get ready and me and Patty sat in the living area of her hotel room and sipped on some wine. I was so nervous and didn't know what to say. She saw that I was edgy and she put her hand on my knee and said "you were awsome in the RV today" and kissed me on the corner of my mouth.

That broke the ice and we were chattering like to hens in a chicken coop. "Hurry up girls" we yelled at the teens and I got up and slide the door open to poke them to hurry. As the door swung open I gasped, "I'm sorry" I said, Kat was sitting on the toilet! I looked straight between her legs as I looked in and it was shaved hairless and of course my daughter screamed "DAD, get out"!

I was so embarrassed and told Patty I had busted in too soon and she laughed and said "don't worry about it, her dad does that all the time". We had a blast at the steak house and Patty picked up the tab.

I was pretty buzzed by then and told Patty I probably was to drunk to drive back to the RV and she said "that's ok you can sleep on the couch and Kat and Savannah can sleep together on the other bed in our room". I didn't want to get in trouble with the law. I already had one DWI and the next one would be jail for sure.

I took her up on the offer and we went to her room and got comfortable and the girls jumped into bed and they were asleep in less than a half an hour snoring away. They had played two games today and were exhausted. Me and Patty stayed up another hour watching the news and finished off the wine. She said good night and I grabbed the sheet from the closet and crashed on the couch.

The next morning I got up at six and woke up my daughter and we crept out of the room early so we could get back to the RV and get cleaned up and ready for the first game. It was Sunday and we would be heading home after the second game. Around 8:30 Patty showed up at the RV with her daughter Kat and knocked on the door and came in for some fresh coffee I always had on the stove.

I had made the girls french toast and orange juice and we were off to the game. About eleven me and Patty went back to the RV to get lunch ready between games and within minutes I had her panties down. I lowered the shades on the RV and rocked her ass. I bent her over the fold out table in the RV where the girls would eat lunch and licked her butt crack so good she was squirming.

She was begging for a good ass fucking again and I was more than happy to oblige. She was standing on her tippy toes as I slide inside her wet ass with both of my hand on her naked hips. I pumped that ass like I had never fucked before. We were so horny we felt like teenagers. Within minutes I told her I was going to cum and she grabbed my hand and pressed it into her pussy and asked me to rub her clit. "Harder, harder" she moaned as I pumped her ass full of cum.

She let out a beautiful moan, "mmm, fuck me please"! We both came at the same time and it felt fucking awsome. This would not be the last time we did the dirty deed. It was became a regular occurrence and we became quite chummy with each other but it was cool. We smoked pot together on the road, and would laugh our asses off sometimes.

The other parents would look at us like, "they sure are having a good time"! We could hear them say little remarks like that all the time, and we would just laugh. We knew they thought we were off our rockers, but we didn't care.

Once we would get back home things were back to normal during the week and I was always planning for the weekend. The girl's were even in the same high school and would ride the same bus when we were home. Once In a while Patty would ask if my daughter could sleep over and of course on occasion Kat would do the same.

They would chat like high school teens would and I could hear them talking about the guys at school and giggle. I knew it was getting close to the bird and the bees for my daughter and didn't know how much her friend Kat knew. I had the feeling she knew way more than my daughter.

On one occasion they were in the bathroom in my room where we had a big garden tub. The girls were getting ready for bed and were going to take a bath together and I could hear the water running. They giggled and laughed and living in a double wide the doors never seal right. I could see their shadows through the crack of the door walking back and forth getting their cloth off and filling the tub.

One of my passes by the door I noticed a leg on the tub edge through the crack and I walked quietly to the door and could see Kat sitting on the edge of the tub with one of her legs up. My daughter was in the tub that was full of bubbles so I couldn't see her. As I got closer I could see Kat was wrapped in a towel but I could see her smooth thigh with light golden blond peach fuzz on it.

As I slide my eye higher and higher in the door crack to get a better look, I noticed she didn't have any panties on! "Oh My God", I was staring at a hairless gorgeous eighteen year old pussy. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and my jaw dropped to the floor and within five seconds my cock was throbbing.

I wondered if her mom's pussy looked that good at her age. My dick was so fucking hard. I had to run out of there quickly and I ran to the other bathroom and I locked the door. I closed my eyes as I pulled my cock out and could see that young hairless pussy in my mind. She had a perfect pussy lips, so tight, not a wrinkle or crease. I even thought I could smell her pussy the harder I squeezed my eyes shut.

Within a minute I exploding all over the bathroom. It was so intense my head was spinning. I had better not get caught I said to myself and I hurried to get back to bed. I could not get that sweet little cunt out of my head. I tossed and turned all night. The next day I woke up early to make the girls pancakes and to see Kat again before they went to school.

She was a duplicate of her mom except her hair was blonde and her moms was dirty blond. Kat had her dad's hair and I could imagine Patty that gorgeous at Kat's age. Mmmmm, I kept thinking I wonder how sweet that pussy would taste if I could slide my tongue into that sweet SLIT! I better get my mind out of the gutter before I end up at the other end of her dads fist.

I had to plan the weekend which was approaching quickly. This weekend we were heading to Utah for a three day tournament and we had to be on the road by 12:00 in the afternoon to make it for the evening game on Friday.

It was three hour drive and we would just get there around 3:30-4pm and the girls had to be on the field by 5. It was going to be a long weekend but I didn't mind. Patty even called us so she could follow us all the way. Once we got there, Patty helped us set up camp before she took of to the hotel and of course Kat stayed with us as usual.

I always wonder if Patty was out on the prowl for some hard cock. I hoped I was the only one getting that tight ass hole, It was good!

I couldn't wait for the next day when the girls would go to the fields and Patty would come up in the RV to help me clean up before we headed to the fields just so I could get a smell of her perfume. She was such a clean lady and she drove me crazy. I was so fucking horny that day and I asked Pstty if she wanted some dick in her tight ass and she said "she was definitely getting some" and winked at me with that girlish smile.

Little did I know today was going to be unforgettable. After we went to the field to cheer on the girls for a few hours,around 10:30 Patty said "shouldn't we get started on the lunch"? I looked at her and then my watch and said in my mind she must really be horny because we would normally stay till 11:00am before heading to the RV.

I said "ok, lets go" and waved at my daughter I'd see her at the RV in a while. We got to the RV and I sparked up a joint and we both had a few puffs and within minutes she was bent over on the big bed I slept on and was gesturing me over to put my big cock in her ass. I always started with my tongue in her ass to get it nice and lubed and would slide my tongue down to her pussy and boy was she sweet in both holes.

My mind kept picturing her daughters hairless pussy as I licked Patty's pussy and ass hole. After a minute or two, Patty started to moan with pleasure as I persisted at her pussy and even got her panties completely off! Once they were off, I pushed her foreward and flipped her over and slide my shoulder between her thighs and kept the pressure on.

She had her hands on the back of my head and was grinding me into her pussy and pushing her ass of the bed so I could get my tongue deeper and deeper into her wet, wet pussy!

I know I had better pay attention to her ass or she was going to take me off this pussy so I pushed my index finger into her tight ass. She was bucking like a wild stallion and was whispering "lick me, lick me Navi, lick me Navi"!

I was so fucking hard my cock was leaking precum all over the blankets as I started to lick her stomach and tits but kept that finger in her ass. As I stood up and towered over her, she looked up and said, "fuck me good, fuck me good Navi"!

I climbed up on the bed and slide my cock deep into her pussy. She was so fucking tight. I immediately could imagine her daughter Kat being this tight. I slide in and out of her pussy slow and long, I wanted this to be her best pussy fuck she had even had. It was going to be my best performance ever. I was sucking her beautiful cantaloupe size tits and licking and nibbling on her ears and neck.

I would pass my wet tongue over her ear and she would whimper as my tongue darted into her ear canal. My cock was harder then it had ever been and I was proud of my cock that day. I started to pick up the rhythm as a great oldies by Berry White song played on the radio. Before you knew it Patty had her leg completely wrapped around my waist and her feet were pushing my butt in with each thrust as she continued begging me to fuck her.

I pumped my cock in so deep and hard I could hear my balls slapping her pink ass hole and that must have been what was making her twitch every time I would slam in. As my shaved balls slapped her ass she was squirming and I could feel my cock tighten up as the lava was filling my shaft. higher and higher her moans were getting and I was pumping with all I had.

I could feel her squeezing my waist with her thighs and she had her eyes rolled back in her head and we both came with so much force I though the RV was going to rock of if its blocks and everyone outside could see it moving. She was making sweet sounds "uuuuuh, mmmmm".

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