tagLoving WivesPerfectly Three Ch. 02

Perfectly Three Ch. 02


After a very long night of, honest, open, and some what painful discussion, we came to the conclusion that we still belonged together and would marry. I had concerns about being able to please her (imagine that), she had concerns about being pleased with me (humph). Still, love conquers all. As we made love that night she made special effort to waylay my fears. Reassuring me how much she was enjoying it. For my part, I was trying to prove a point. I am just as good in bed as he was. I went down on her through two orgasms, then tried to fuck her senseless, by pounding her into the mattress. Although she did cum again, I doubt it was what she was expecting or wanted.

Afterward, as we lay there, not really speaking, her head on my chest, she toyed with my now defunct dick. I couldn't help thinking she was comparing it to his "monster cock". All those fears came rushing back tenfold. "I'm sorry I'm not very big." She gave my dick a little kiss, then lay beside me. "You're perfect to me, he was just an enjoyable mutant."

The next day I explained to my parents that she just had some issues she needed to work out before committing to marriage. Her parents probably knew the problem, and never asked. Both sets of parents were delighted to find out we were getting married.

The next nine months were quite busy. The wedding plans were a bitch to get through. Registering for gifts, sending out invitations, meeting with all the different people for food music etc. Someone, (Tracy) thought it would be a good idea to get married on Valentines day. I did what I could to keep expenses down, her parents aren't wealthy and had two more children to pay for. They never complained about the costs, and I snuck in a payment when I could.

We also picked out a house. A beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood. Dads money helped us afford a nicer house and still keep the payments low. The furnishings and decorations would come about slowly, but surely.

The wedding went off without a hitch. It was lovely, if I do say so myself. Tracy was the most beautiful bride anyone has ever seen.

The honeymoon... Dad, what a guy, surprised us with a cruise to the Bahamas. When I say cruise, not just any ole cruise. Dad chartered a private yacht. A 125 ft. yacht with a crew of six. We spent two weeks cruising on the bluest, clearest, water you can imagine. Even at 50 feet deep you could see every detail on the bottom. I have no idea how much it cost, probably as much as our new house. It was a dream honeymoon for us both. When we returned, I thought Tracy was going to give Dad a blow job, she was so grateful.

So life was grand. Everything was perfect. New home, new friends in the neighborhood. I was making great money, Tracy got a position at the local community college, and was doing well. Everything was perfect, until the bottom fell out.

We had been married just under two years. To me life was perfect. We had even started talking about having kids. I made plenty of money, so if Tracy was to stop working, we would still be fine.

Tracy was laying across my chest, as usual, after making love. I thought it would be a good time to continue the conversation about kids.

"So when will you get off the pill?" I asked, hoping the answer would be 'soon'. I felt her tense up as if expecting a punch to the stomach.

"Well.. I kind of wanted to talk to you about that. I don't think I'm quite ready just yet."

"What dear? You know we have plenty of savings, and I'm making good money, you could quit work and we will be fine."

"It's not about the money."

"Then what?"

She sat up and looked at me hesitantly. "I think I need more."

"More what?"


"Well, just give me a few more minutes and I will take care of that for you." I said as cheekily as I could.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it." she punched the words almost as hard as she punched me.

I'm sure my expression was as dumbfounded as I felt.

"I want to have another big cock before we decide to have children"

How long had she been thinking about this? What did she think my response would be? Worse.. did she plan to leave me?

"Look, darling, I love you with all my heart. I want to have your children, lots of them. I told you in the beginning that I really like big cock. I haven't had a really big one in 7 years. I think I want one before I start having your babies. Because then I will only be having your cock in me. Who knows when I will have another chance for a big one."

As confused as I was, somehow I couldn't argue with the logic. I still wasn't happy with this new outcome.

"You have apparently been thinking about this for a while. How long?"

"Seven years."

" No. I meant how long have you wanted a bigger cock?"

"Seven years. I knew exactly what you meant, the answer is seven years."

My heart fell. She just, in so many words, told me I haven't pleased her sexually.. EVER!! I am sure I was visibly shaking. I know I nearly passed out.

"Darling, I know how this sounds. I love what you do to me and for me. I appreciate how hard you have tried to please me. If I had never had a big one, you would be only man I ever want.

When I start having babies I probably will get old and fat and never get another chance at a big cock. I have been very strong for seven years and not done anything with anybody else. I have sacrificed my needs so I wouldn't break my wedding vows to you. Now though, I can't see light at the end of that long 'baby' tunnel, so,.. I would like a big cock again, before we have children. Then I will be yours forever and never mention it again."

"Is this a one time thing or what? Are you going to find a big cock and leave me for him?"

"NO! I love you. I just want to try it for a while. I will let you know when I'm ready to give it up and get pregnant. If at anytime you feel it is interfering with us, just say so. I will drop it like a hot rock."

This discussion went well into the night. Suffice to say I relented. I want nothing more in life than to please her and have children with her. We decided to place an ad on a well known "adult website", along with a nude picture of her (no face showing). Although I must admit, taking those pictures was a lot of fun, and when I thought of why I was taking them, I must admit, I chubbed up a bit.

The ad was simple: "Wife wants MONSTER cock. No strings, just sex. Do not reply unless you are truly gifted. Photo proof required." Of course with her pic, we received hundreds of responses. Some were stupid enough to not include a picture. Some were remarkably disgusting. Some were so crude in their messages they were immediately discounted. One was an oil sheik offering to buy Tracy from me. She punched me again when I considered that one too long.

We had several responses from black men. This was something I had not even thought about. When I asked Tracy about it, she said she had no objection to it because she was only interested in their cocks. Large would feel large no matter what color it was. So I asked her about her first "monster" cock. She said he was white. I hadn't even considered he could have been black and she just hadn't mentioned it.

When she looked at their pics most were excluded because they were too "thuggy" as she put it. One used the handle "baby daddy" and included a pic of himself with two white women and five interracial children. Tracy immediately said "No way."

One White guy was near us and seem to be in fair shape. His faceless pic showed a man a few years older than us, with what had to be the biggest cock I have ever seen. From his response, he seemed intelligent and level headed and most importantly, not creepy. I sent him a reply even before Tracy viewed his response. She was quite interested, so I told her that I had already e-mailed him, and we were having coffee with him in and hour. She said she wasn't ready to meet him yet, that I should go alone and check him out.

So I went. We had agreed to meet in the covered outside seating area of a local Starbucks. When I arrived, there was a lone man sitting at the table farthest from the door. I approached him and said "John?", that is the handle he used on the website. He stood and nervously held out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Robert, nice to meet you." We shook hands and sat down. After a long pause he offered to get us coffee, and went inside.

The conversation, as you can imagine, was a little slow getting started, but soon kicked in. I was soon warming up to the guy, before I remembered why we were here. I explained what we were looking for and why. He seemed to be relieved about the situation.

I finally asked if it was really him in the picture, because I have never seen one that big. He laughed and said he had gotten a lot of ribbing in high school gym because of it. He then leaned back to show me his crotch. There was a huge bulge there. I told him that it looked like he was qualified, and we both laughed.

I excused myself and went to the restroom and called Tracy. I told her he seemed nice and that I thought he was qualified. She said she was ready to meet him now, if I wanted to bring him home. Back at the table I ask him if he would like to come over and meet Tracy, maybe have dinner or something. And he agreed.

We arrived at the house and when I entered followed by John Tracy was out by the pool setting up wine to be chilled. She came in and practically screamed "OH SHIT." Then She turned white and ran upstairs.

I turned to John and discovered he was just as stricken and pale. "Okay, what's up" I asked. John looked at me with a blank expression and said "I'm a professor at the community college where your wife works."

"Oh shit is right," I mumbled. "Maybe I should go talk to her."

"Actually, maybe I should go. I am obviously the problem here."

"Okay" I had to agree, he was the problem, and I really didn't want to face her right now.

Waiting, and listening, expecting some sort of explosion or time/space distortion. I had just decided to have a little liquid courage, when my wife appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked noticeably calmer and not near as explosive.

"Dear... John will be staying for dinner after all. Could you run to the market and get some steaks for the grill, and another bottle of wine. I'm gonna need it I think." In a flash I was gone.

As I was driving, I was thinking about all the repercussions of her co-workers discovering we had advertised for sex. Not just her co-workers but possibly the entire community. She would be fired, I would be humiliated, and probably ruined professionally. Okay, I can fix this. I have a shovel, I can whack him in the head and bury him in the back yard. Shit, there is probably security cameras at Starbucks, they will know he was with me.

While leaning over the butcher counter I thought, bribery. I ordered the $30 a pound fillets and got a bottle of Krystal. Surely after a nice meal like that, he would be reasonable.

Once at home, I put the Krystal in the fridge to chill, and went straight to the patio and started the grill. While tending the flames, mind in a whirlwind, I suddenly realized I was alone. I went inside and discovered it was very quiet. It had been almost an hour since I had left for the market, and the house was quiet. Were they still hashing this out? Had she hit him with the shovel?

Johnny Walker Black and I retreated to the patio, to mull things over. I was on my second glass, when they exited the French doors to the patio. They were both looking a little sheepish and slightly disheveled.

"Can I assume you two have worked out this little problem?"

"Yes, dear, you can assume as much. It appears John is quite happy to keep this a secret. He feels he has as much to lose as we have. The situation works well for him too. He is not married, doesn't want children, is totally devoted to his job, yet requires some form of release. Oh.. and you were right, he is uh.. very qualified."

Having my suspicions confirmed, I suddenly had the wind sucked from my lungs, a terrible emptiness in my stomach, and a swelling in my boxers. I just looked at my wife. Trying to find something different about her. Surly having just been fucked by a "monster cock" would show on her face. And there it was, a certain glow, and blush at the same time. A look that I had always wanted to see on her. I was suddenly very happy for her. I'm sure my face showed it as well, for Tracy looked at me and smiled.

Dinner went remarkably well. They talked about school. He and I talked about sports. We all talked about fishing, something we all enjoyed. I really liked John very much.

After dinner, we were just enjoying the evening and the company, when Tracy stood and said "Robert, will you be sure everything down here is locked up, and turned off, and the fire in the grill is out before you come upstairs." Then, she just turned, and strolled up the stairs.

John looked at me quizzically. I smiled back at him and gave him a little nod. He made a mad dash for the stairs. I can't explain my feelings right then. Earlier, I was unaware of what went on upstairs. Now I had just given him permission to go fuck my wife. My feelings were in a turmoil.

I did as she requested, taking my time to lock up. I slowly climbed the stairs, not knowing what I would find. Opening the door, I was shocked at how far they had gone. He was face down in her pussy and she was laying with her arms spread wide, totally open for whatever happens. She looked at me and extended her hand, inviting me to join them on the king sized bed.

I was naked in a flash and beside her on the bed. I kissed her lips and cupped her small breast in my hand. John was obviously doing a fine job, causing her to almost purr. John raised up, and for the first time I saw the monster in the flesh. It really was thicker than my wrist and longer than my forearm. If a mans junk could be thought of as beautiful, his was.

"Robert, I need to know that you are alright with this." she whispered in my ear as I nuzzled her neck. I looked in her eyes and saw them beseeching me,.. pleading. I knew that this was something I had to do for her. I reached for Johns cock, grabbing it mid shaft, and pulled him to her. I had never handled a cock like this one, or any, other than my own. I directed the almost fist sized head to her opening, and said "Give her what she needs, and I can't give her."

As he popped in she arched her back and let out a slight moan. A moan I had never elicited from her. I watched, fascinated, as he began his entry. When he hit the half way point a couple of minutes later, she reached the first of several big orgasms. He loomed over her tiny body, she reached out for him and pulled him to her. He continued to give her more on each stroke until he was in her all the way. By now she was on a constant, orgasmic high.

He didn't have to give her time to adjust, he just continued a slow steady pumping motion. Both her arms were around him, her knees were raised and spread. She was raising her hips to meet him, on each stroke. I lay on my side with my head near all the action. I could detect some kissing sounds and moaning, but I was lost in all that was happening in front of my face. The lips of her pussy were obscenely stretched around his invading shaft. When he withdrew they were pulled an inch away from her opening. On the down stroke they disappeared inside her. I also noticed that he would be sure that his shaft dragged across her clit on the entire down stroke. A move that seemingly sent her to the moon.

Combine his size and his technique, he was fucking her beyond belief. He didn't have to pound her into the mattress, he fucked her like he wanted to make it last forever. He was enjoying her to the fullest, and she was as enjoying him as well. She willing shared, what should only be mine. He was giving her pussy what it craved, what it deserved.

I was just beginning to feel the tightness in my chest returning, when I felt her hand on my hard dick. She started to stroke me in time with his pumping her. I knew then, she wanted to include me in this union. I suddenly realized, WE were making love. John was an extension of me, to her.

He had given her several gut wrenching orgasms, when he finally unloaded in her. After a few post-coital kisses, she asked him to fetch us all some water from the fridge downstairs. As soon as he left the room, she dragged me on top of her by my cock. I sank in her easily. she was cavernous. All I could feel was his cum sloshing around my cock as I tried to unload as well.

"Did you like that, baby?" I asked

"Yes, very much."

"Did you love that big cock, Was it what you needed?"

"Oh yes!"

"Can you feel me right now?"

She hesitated, then "Not really." Then she added "But I love you even more"

"Was he really good for you?"


"Do you want him again?"

"Oh yes, I really need his big cock. Please let him have me again." That was all it took for me to add my offering to his inside her.

It was then I noticed he had returned. Standing beside the bed with three bottles of water. I rolled off her, and we all sat with our backs against the headboard. I glanced down at his cock and saw that even soft, it was still magnificent. I looked at my own cock and felt somewhat dejected. Then I noticed that my entire crotch was a cream covered mess. I started to laugh, and when they saw what I was laughing at, they both broke up as well.

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