tagNonConsent/ReluctancePersephome's Humiliation Ch. 03

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 03


I looked at the clock ticking. I knew a few yards away she was hanging in the woodshop in darkness. I forced myself to wait one hour before I returned. It would seem like days to her. I had run the bath water, laid out two beautiful slinky dresses, three pair of stilettos, two pairs of thigh highs (black & sheer), two garter belts, and 4 pairs of lace thongs and two shear dresses in her perfect size 7. The bath water smelled of rose petals, dozens of candles lit the room. The antique claw foot tub stood in readiness. Steam filtered the room.

I took the exquisite soft Turkish robe from the cedar hangar in the closet and placing over my arm, as I walked to the door in my other hand I picked up and elegant antique candelabra with six lit candles and walked into the chilled night air. Barely able to control myself I sauntered to the shop.

I opened the door and let the natural candlelight engulf the room.

Still manacled to the pulley, her long legs and heels barely touching the floor. She was Scheherazade in a dark fantasy of Arabian night

The smell of lacquers and wood shavings could not eliminate the smell of her sweat and saturate pussy.

She could hear me enter as I saw the silken hood rise gradually. Her breathing was meager. I took the knife from the workbench and began to sharpen it on a whetstone to razor edge. She knew the sound as started to breathe more rapidly. I moved towards her and moved the flat side of the blade from one of her ankles slowly up the back of her rotating at her patella to her thigh until it reached her slit. Spreading her pussy with the cold steel made her gasp. Her back began to arch while she wailed. I repeated the process on her other leg, this time moving from her inner thigh to her ass, spreading her checks with the cold dagger. The knife had an ivory handle. I placed the end in my mouth to moistened and slowly rotate the ivory into her ass hole. I knelt under her and inserted my entire fist into her pussy while rotating the handle deeper into her ass. She twitched rhythmically to the thrusting that filled both holes. Her back began to arch and again I quit before her rapture. Her frustration was palatable. I quickly cut her remaining clothes off and lowered her from the pulley. I undid the shackles; she fell helpless into my arms. I delicately placed the robe over her shoulders; I removed her heels, leaving her barefoot and submissive. Finally I removed the hood and allowed her eyes adjust to the flickering corona of light. She put one arm limply over my shoulder. The only remnants of clothing remaining were her thigh high. Surprising her I took the knife from my pocket and sheared her stockings rapidly from the top of her thigh to her calf, then ripping then from her foot repeating the display identically on the other leg

At this display of degradation she made no sound, her resolve and strength were non existent. I picked up the candelabrum and walked her to the house. Her arousal was acute but waning. She had been to the brink so many times over the last hours and orgasm seemed like unlikely in her present state.

I laid her lightly on the leather couch; she could see the fire dancing gin the distance, her eyes still adjusting to any form of light. On the glass table candles floated in oil flickering discreetly. I left her and walked to the bar and pored her favorite cold white Russian into a crystal goblet, bring it back to her I gently tipped her head back, and poured the nectar down her parched that. In the other hand I held a syringe, quenching her thirst placed the goblet on the table, as I watched her relax I shove the needle into her neck, pushing the plunger tenaciously with 50 cc of crystal meth into her exposed vein.

She stopped breathing, attempting to scream, and finding her suspended in time. Removing the rig I spread her legs finding an immediate torrent from her quim stigmatizing the leather forever. I crawled in between her legs, pinching her clitty roughly; I tipped the velvet and gorged myself in its juices. Juice flowed down my throat. My tongue continued to prod and genuflect at her clit. She came so rapidly and loudly that her squeals shook the tripod holding the video camera documenting her debauchery. Her complete carnal knowledge was complete and full of the venom I loved in my whore Persephone.

Not letting her rest I pulled the collar from under the couch and wrapped around her neck. T had a 10-foot chain, diamonds on the outside and pure silk against her neck. I stood up abruptly and jerked the chain rudely, she balked, but her arousal led her to submit. Over my shoulder I drug her to the steaming bath, she fell and I made her crawl behind me on all fours. She followed me like a sexy feline, prancing on all fours with her ass high in the air As went entered the privy she crawled into the vessel. The luster of the candles made her pussy appear electric and alive. I placed the mirror at a perfect angle so she could fully examine her vulva, while her hard nipples stood at attention above the rose petals and diminishing waterline.

I told her to spread her lips wide and finger herself. She was dying to find the little man in the boat again, and without hesitation and with abandon she worked her hard button to exultation again. Pulling the leash taut, her head turned perfectly to suck my disk without prompting. She gladly sucked while not removing her focus from her clit. I had waited over 30 hours to explode. Even allowing my whore to come before me. As my cock continued to find the deepest region in the back of her throat, I marveled at how deep my wench took my cock, I loved fucking her beautiful face with deliberate strokes. Her spit lubes each stroke. With malice I drained myself on her gorgeous face. The stream seemed to go on forever, some of it missing her face and landing on the mirror at the bottom of the tub. I watched the jiz dribble from her lips, eyes, cheeks, forehead and tongue. My busted nut fell into globules that floated in the water. The video display worked perfectly a wide angle caught my pearl necklace while my harlot she never stopped toying with herself. She continue to lick her lips and massage my cum over her nipples. I focus a close-up on the camera and watched her rub her perfect taco with abandon, calling her my beautiful whore and demanding she be loud and filthy, repeating that I paid for her and I wanted my monies worth, I wanted a show. If she wanted to leave here alive, she had better put on good performance

Finding a new path to ecstasy, my words heightened her prurient desires.

She began to shiver and twitch splashing water from the floor. She did scream and moan and call out for Mephistopheles himself. It was a gargantuan display of lust. I grabbed her finger lapping the nectar from her manicured digits. Persephone had broken all sexual barriers and still would endure more.

I she began to relax as I began to drain the tun. I tightened the lease and began to alternate the water flow from scalding hot to ice cold, confusing her senses. I tied the end of the leash to the faucet, if she tried to move the lese would tighten, if she accepted her role there was enough slack to allow her comfort, if she fought her comfort level diminished rapidly. I then placed a golden shackle on one of her ankle and attached to the pipe on the floor I stood at the end of tub stroking my cock watching her nipples heave out of the water, her ass swishing from side to side in changing temperature. I told her to spread her long legs and place over the edge of tub so I could gaze at her perfect pussy.

She cursed me, said she despised me, the more she fought the more the noose tightened. Her metal ankle cuff kept her from leaving.

Her inconvenience made me smile malevolently.

I continued to stroke my cock. I climbed in the tub and took her free leg put it on my shoulder and fucked her slowly, she screamed at me to quit teasing her. If you're going to fuck me do it she growled. With that statement I pulled by dick from her libidinous slit said nothing. I wrapped my self in a towel and began to blow all of the candles out one by one. I walked to the door leaving in her total darkness, I locked the door behind me and listened to her swear and scream and splash water.

As I listed to my beautiful whore swear and hurl insults at me, I smiled knowing that the night was far from over.

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