tagRomancePetals of Pleasure: A Valentine...

Petals of Pleasure: A Valentine...


Petals of Pleasure: A Valentine for the Mind, Body, & Soul

It was Gina and Craig's first Valentine's together. They hadn't been seeing each other long, but already new they were madly in love. And there sex life was nothing short of amazing.

Gina came out to her car after work to find it filled with at least 100 balloons, as she gazed in amazement through the window she saw a small note taped there. She opened it to find a sweet note from Craig. He had written:

"Dear Gina, on this the day of sweets for the sweet, let me say that you are nothing short of spectacular. I love everything about you and I can't wait to see you tonight, I have a big surprise for you. Ps, have fun popping enough balloons to fit into your car...and I hope you like all the small surprises hidden within...it's only a taste of what is to come this evening."

As Gina finished the letter with a grin on her face she noticed that there was a straight pin taped to the bottom of the page.

With her pin in hand Gina set out to find all the wonders that were Craig... all the things that made him so special, unique and wonderful to her. She popped the first of many balloons and from inside a shower of heart confetti rained down into her hands. Each tiny heart had been hand made by Craig--each containing a sweet or sexy little message. There where balloons filled with candy kisses, and candy hearts and tons of other little trinkets. But when Gina got to the last of the Balloons, she found a very special message inside...

"Roses are red, violets are blue and Gina Campbell I sure do love you...wear your best dress and meet me at home, be sure now that you come alone! Surprises are there to be found, so look up and down and all around. When that is all through, I'll be waiting for you ..."

Gina's face beaming with happiness, she went home to find her very best dress. When she arrived at Craig's house and entered his door she saw candles and roses and a table set just right for two. Music was playing soft and low and Craig was there smiling his very best smile. He took her by the hand and gave her a deep, sweet, long kiss. "Thank you for the wonderful gifts, that was a wonderful and unique surprise." Gina said.

"Those were the small things; the best is yet to come. Dinner is not quite ready so why don't we have a drink and a dance or two." Craig answered.

After a few glasses of champagne, a few slow dances and tender kisses they had a wonderful dinner together that Craig had prepared entirely by himself.

When that was all through Craig said, "let's head upstairs." To that Gina only giggled and nodded her reply of "Oh yes, Lets."

They rounded the stairs and Craig asked her to give him just a minute before she came into the room. When he was all ready she came in and he moved in and took a hold of her hips. He kissed her sweet lips, slow and long and pulled her closer to feel his growing excitement. He could feel her hard nipples rubbing against his chest. He told her to follow the trail of rose petals that led in from the door. And when she did she found a bath drawn for two. The water smelled luscious and was filled with soft rose petals in many colors. There was another bucket of chilled champagne on the side of the whirlpool surrounded by glowing candles and layers of loose rose petals strewn all around.

Gina couldn't believe her eyes; Craig had made everything so beautiful and so romantic. As Craig approached her she threw her arms around him and as they kissed they began to tenderly, yet feverishly undress one another. They got into the bath together as Gina sat inside of Craig's outstretched legs; she could feel his ever-growing erection.

Craig rubbed and washed Gina's back and shoulders and made his way around to her beautiful, perky nipples. He caressed each one, rolling and pinching them lightly between his fingers. He kissed her long neck and ran his hand down the length of her stomach finally coming to rest at her sweetest spot. He could feel her back arch and her hips pushing back against his groin.

He spread her lips wide with his fingertips and found the sweet warmth of her clit mound under his fingers. He stroked and rubbed it gently in circles; increasing the pressure he used each time. Gina's body shook in response to his wonderful touch.

He gently inserted his finger into her wet pussy and began to stoke her clit from the backside, from the inside and the outside of her body at the same time. Gina moaned in complete ecstasy. Craig's finger began to slide in and out of her body faster and faster, and then he inserted a second finger. That was enough to send Gina's body into complete convulsions. As she moaned and writhed her body against him, his cock grew so hard and so hot that precum began to ooze from its tip falling into the water in little round white droplets that began to swirl in with the petals and fragrance that had brought them so much pleasure. Gina turned to Craig and gently guided him up onto the side of the tub, she could see the raging inferno within his cock, and she knew it was ready to explode. She took it into her hands and began to gently stroke its length. She touched her tongue teasingly to the head, and then pulled away again and grinned a sly, devilish, little smile at Craig. Then she put the head into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around its thickness making sure that he could feel the cold metal of her piercing. Probing every bit of it, Gina inserted the tip of her tongue into the slit and Craig moaned in acceptance and enjoyment.

Suddenly Gina engulfed Craig's entire shaft, burying him in her soft, hot, wet mouth until she had consumed half his cod sack as well. She kept him there and played with the tip of his cock by opening and closing the muscles deep in the back of her throat. Craig couldn't watch her anymore, he had to close his eyes; she was so sexy while she was suckling his cock. She brought his cock back up out of her throat so that the tip was barely in her mouth. Then she sucked him back into the wet, warmth of her mouth, once again swallowing him whole.

"Holy shit, Gina, you are just devouring me. You are just swallowing me up and fucking the hell out of me with your mouth," Craig moaned in a soft excited whisper.

Gina only grinned and gave him the lusty look of a woman whose soul was on fire for her man. And she took him in again, this time increasing the suction and friction with each slide up and down his cock. Craig moaned that he was about to cum and with that Gina tightened her mouth's hold on him and waited for her salty reward, and just as she had swallowed Craig whole before, she swallowed down every hot drop of his white jizz. Teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue as she did.

After Craig grabbed Gina up, both of them still soaking wet, and carried her through the doorway to his awaiting bed. It was covered with dozens and dozens of sweet roses, their sent filling the whole room. "My turn I guess," Gina remarked.

Craig turned and headed back towards the tub, he had forgotten one thing. He emerged with the half full bottle of champagne and he began to pour some onto Gina's full awaiting lips. "You must be thirsty after all of that," he smirked.

He leaned down and began to lick and kiss the dripping champagne from her pouty lips. And they kissed ever so deeply.

He began to pour the champagne at the tip of her chin, following its trail down her skin with his tongue. He drizzled the cold champagne across her bountiful breasts and onto her nipples, they responded by become long and tight and hard. He nibbled and sucked each one to its fullest point of erection. Gina moaned with pleasure.

He made his way between the mounds of her breasts with his tongue, but held onto them, still teasing them with his fingers, as he slid his tongue down the length of her tight sculpted stomach. He paused at her navel and lapped up the waiting pool of liquid. Teasing her to new heights.

He began to tease the inside of each of her thighs with the soft tip of a rose petal before empting the rest of the bottle over her smoothly shaven cunt. He decided it was finally time for his hot mouth to find Gina's sweet, creamy, middle. Craig buried his tongue furiously into her, ravaging her pussy with his tongue and fucking it with his fingers at the same time. Gina wriggled her body and squealed in response. Finally he inserted two more fingers and spread her hot cunt open wide. Working feverishly to bring her to a dizzying climax.

His cock stiff in response to her overwhelming orgasm, Gina slid her way down onto Craig's awaiting rod. It was like a piece of hot steel entering her body and she moaned out in ecstasy. She began to move her hips and body backwards and forwards in that familiar snaking motion that Craig enjoyed so much. And as her clit ground against his pubic bone she began to cum again. Craig could feel her hot juices as they flowed out of her and ran down onto his balls.

Craig couldn't wait any longer for his sweet release, so her flipped Gina over and positioning himself behind her he began to fuck her doggy style. He held her shoulder and used it to pull her back onto hard onto his cock. Gina was moaning now and rubbing her clit, as she did this she asked, Craig, fuck me, fuck my ass please, stick your hot cock deep up inside me and drown my ass in your hot, wet cum.

When Craig obliged and switched to her ass, she squealed as his head entered the back door of her body. Then as length of his hard, hot, shaft entered her, she sighed in complete pleasure.

As they came simultaneously, and fell back on the bed, Gina picked up a rose petal that lay by her face, pulled its scent deep inside of her. With that musty scent she new that the smell of a rose would never be the same again, for Gina the scent of rose would always be the scent of the petals that brought her endless pleasure.

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