Pieces of Jewel


Note-This is a reworking of What a Jewel. I got feedback that tells me Jewel's breasts are massive. I have seen her breasts, and they ARE big. Why I said they were small is beyond me. I think I was trying to be respectful to Jewel for some odd reason. It is MY story after all, and I HIGHLY doubt she will ever read it. Anyhow, the following is a more realistic portrait of Jewel.

* * * * *

I was sitting watching Jewel in concert with my friends. She had a real great voice, but, as far as I could tell at this point, she was a bitch. It made me a bit apprehensive to meet her. I was lucky enough to win a backstage pass. She was just wrapping up.

"Thanks everyone, you were a wonderful audience. " I could tell she really didn't mean that. It seemed as though she was glad to be getting off the stage.

"Well, I'm off. "

"I hope you come back in one piece. " Everyone laughed.

"Well, she may be a bitch, but at least I'm gonna be near her. " That shut them up.

When I got their, there was only about 20 people in line. I guess everyone didn't want to bother with the blondes attitude.

After about 5 minutes, it was my turn.

"What's your name, kiddo?" She didn't seem to care, but, of course, needed to ask.

"Well, I just wanna say that I LOVE your voice. It may not be upbeat music, but your songs mean something. "

"Name. " She was annoyed with my flattery of her music. She gave me a really nasty look. Just your name, damn it.

"I'm, well, I mean. "

"Your names I mean. " No, she mean, alright, I thought. I grinned at my dumb joke.

"No, " I said, ignoring her rudeness. "My name's Bob. "

"You sure?" She was SO MEAN! Why? everyone loved her and the singer didn't care.

"Yeah, I'm positive. " She scribbled something on her picture and handed it to me. It said: To Bob. Not, To Bob, Love Jewel. Just, To Bob.

"Thanks, " I said, not really meaning it. This sure was the last time I'm gonna see Jewel. I started to walk away, when Jewel said something.

"Hey, Bob, wait a minute. "

I wasn't exactly sure why I did it, but I walked back.

"Well, since everyone is gone, I might as well confess. I was a bit affected by Princess Diana's death a few days ago, and I just took it out on my audience. I'm not usually like this. Would you like to walk me to my trailer? I don't like to walk to it along, especially in the dark. There's no security left, they must not care about their jobs to much. Besides, we can talk, one on one.

Was this the same Jewel? She seemed to be completely honest. "Well, ok, your forgiven. I walked with Jewel to her trailer and we talked about sports. "I think the Yankees are gonna win the Series again this year.

"No way, Bob. " She called me Bob. "The Jays are going all the way. "

"YUCK! I HATE the Jays. Rumor has it David Wells is gonna be traded to them at the end of the season. "

"GREAT! They need pitching. Well, her we are. " Jewel started to walk up the steps.

"Hold on. I've ALWAYS wanted to do this. " I put out a hand and escorted her up the tiny staircase.

"What a gentlemen. " I walked behind her. "Has anyone ever told you your cute. Such a flirt. "

"AH, SHUCKS, I said in a hillbilly voice.

Jewel laughed.

I blushed. "Why on earth did you bring me here, anyway?"

"I told you, I wanna talk to yeah, exclusively. "

"What is it you wanna know. "

"Well, first of all, being my guest, would you like a drink?"

"Sure. You have Dew?"

"Sorry, just Pepsi. "

"That's fine. "

Jewel opened her fridge, looked, and got 2 Pepsi's. One for me, one for her. When she bent over, she looked back at me a bit knowingly.

"What?" I asked

"I figured when I bend down you would stare at my ass. "

"WHAT! Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a pervert. " I can be a good liar.

She must have been reading my mind. "Your such a liar. Your what, early 20's, and you don't ever look at my ass, OR my boobs. " RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT!

"Well, the truth is that I do like your ass. I LOVE watching you dance on stage. Or, I guess I should say, I LOVE watching your ass move on stage as you dance.

"That's better. I like a man with honesty. How about my chest?"

"I LOVE EM!!! Certainly not as large as Pam Anderson, but not as small as Mena Suvari. Put it this way, you don't need surgery.

"Ya know, I really like you, Bob. " She walked next to me and gave me a deep passionate kiss. Her lips were so soft and moist.

I returned the favor, a bit shocked, but I wasn't gonna waste this moment.

Jewel was busy running her hands down my chest, to my waist, finally settling on my crotch. Finally our kiss broke.

I sat up and pushed Jewel over to me. My hands traveled to her chest. C cup, I thought. In the heat of the moment, I accidentally tore her dress. "Sorry. "

"That's ok, I didn't like that dress, anyway. " She grabbed my shirt and tore it as well. "Know were even. " Her hands traveled down my chest and found my buckle. She took a finger and unzipped me.

I kicked the off and looked at Jewel. Her expression was that of heat. I knew she was looking through my shorts, at the bulge in them.

"WOW! Can I have that?" Not waiting for an answer, the horny singer put her fingers on the elastic and whipped them off.

Me! Not go to another Jewel show. Those were my exact thoughts moments ago. I think I'll be going to A LOT of shows, I thought, as Jewel went down on me.

To Be Continued...

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