tagNonHumanPipe Dreams Ch. 06

Pipe Dreams Ch. 06


Lina was surprised at how quickly the large house became as familiar to her as her own. Roaming through the rooms when she wasn't doing work or spending time with Kane kept her occupied. There were beautiful paintings and decorations and even a small indoor greenhouse to explore. Strangely enough, there was a desk in one corner between two tables full of some feathery ferns she'd never seen before. When she asked Kane about it he told her that is where he went to work when he was stuck in the city and needed to breathe clean air.

Her werewolf boyfriend was often busy with his betas or stuck in his office dealing with various issues that cropped up from Jacy Industries, but he spent a lot more time with her than she thought he would have. When the weather was too cold to walk in the gardens, he walked her around, telling her little stories about the people in the paintings in the hallway, long lost ancestors, both human and werewolf. He always seemed to find a little nook and would draw her in, teasing her with passionate kisses and caresses, always over her clothes. She was slowly being driven crazy by him, and he knew it.

When he wasn't teasing her body into a state of willing surrender, or telling her more about werewolves, he was easing her into pack life. She had seen several others change into wolves, even watched them play one night in a field behind the house. Kane had given her a reassuring look and then stepped away, changing into a huge silver werewolf with brindled fur. He'd nudged her hand as she had stared at him, a little shocked, and then took a step back when he moved closer. He sat down in front of her and even though he wasn't human, he looked sad. She had bent down, unable to bear that look on his face and buried both her hands in his neck, rubbing the fur behind his ears.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, "I was just a little. . .I don't know. I'm sorry."

He whined.

"I'll be okay. You go play." She stood up and he nudged her, and then ran off. The other wolves greeted him eagerly and then they ran into the woods. Lina decided to join Carrie inside to watch a movie while they waited for their men to come back. They had another talk about werewolves, and Lina let go of a bit more of her worry, knowing that no matter what form he took, Kane was still the man she knew and cared for.

One of the things Lina liked the least was checking on Carson. She felt responsible for his situation though, so she went with Kane when he checked on Carson every day. Lina was amazed at how much better he was, but he still was locked into cravings for the drug and raving because he couldn't get any. He was lucid for only brief moments when Kane would exert his influence as Alpha.

Sunday rolled around before Lina knew it, and classes were set to resume on Monday. Unsurprisingly, Maggie was planning on skipping the first two days of class to stay a little longer soaking up the Hawaiian sun. Lina had called her on Friday and told her that she was staying with Kane for a few days. Maggie's squeal had been loud enough even he had heard it from across the room.

Lina had eyed him, a smile had lingered around his mouth when Maggie started to ask if she had finally got busy and lost her 'v-card' but Lina had been able to cut her off before the final part came out of her mouth. She was pretty sure Kane could hear everything Maggie was saying, and that would be more humiliating than she could bear if he were to find out that she was a complete virgin. She'd shushed her overly curious friend with the promise of a private ice cream gossip session. Lina knew she'd have to pay up, but she would have to keep out all the wolfish details, so to speak. She wasn't exactly looking forward to the talk much. She wasn't used to having to censor herself so much with Maggie and was worried it would drive a wedge between them.

"What are you thinking about?" Kane asked, coming up behind her. She jumped, turning in his arms.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" She glared at him.

"I wasn't trying to." He leaned down and nipped at her lips, then soothed the stinging bites with his lips and tongue. His hands slipped down to her ass and pulled her closer to him, his rigid erection pressing against her stomach. He buried his face in her hair, breathing her in with deep breaths before he pulled back with a groan. "You smell so good."

Lina lifted her head from his chest where she'd rested it against the hard muscles."Hmm. . .so do you." She was rubbing his back as she looked up at him, smiling. Her need to touch him seemed to be growing, and she was thinking about those black pajamas. Her heart was racing, but she took a deep breath and tried to calm down. There were hours until they went to bed.

Kane let her go a little reluctantly. "So, what was it?"

"What was what?"

"What you were thinking about. You looked sad." Kane was watching her face and looked a little worried when she frowned. She sat down on the couch, tucking into a small corner with her feet tucked under.

"Just what I'm going to tell Maggie. I've never had to keep a secret from her."

Kane nodded, his expression serious. "I know and I'm sorry. I wouldn't ask it of you if it wasn't a matter of life and death."

Lina sighed. "I understand. I can look at Carrie and all I think about is her baby; what kind of life they would have if the public or the government was to find out?" She knew though. The baby would be taken away; they'd be tested on and treated like animals. "I won't tell anyone, it's just a little hard."

"How about I take your mind off of it for a little while? Would you like to have dinner with me?"

"Dinner?" Lina said as she looked at her jeans and emerald green sweater. "Um, what kind of dinner? I didn't exactly pack a lot of date clothes, though I suppose I could wear my skirt and blouse from Thanksgiving again."

Kane pressed down on her shoulder to keep her sitting down.

"No, the way you are dressed is fine. There is a diner with a fifties retro theme I like to go when I can manage some time away from the pack and business. They have the best burgers and chocolate malts on the menu. You might even be a bit overdressed."

Lina looked up at him with an amused smile.

"What?" he asked.

"Just surprised, you know," she shook her head, "you aren't anything like I expected a multi-millionaire to be. Honestly, you aren't anything like I would have expected a werewolf to be either. You're. . . ." She blinked, considering what word to use.

"Perfect," he finished for her, preening a little and puffing out his chest.

Lina smacked his stomach. "Conceited!"

He laughed, pulling her up into his arms and hugging her. His warm arms around her again stoked the fire inside her even hotter. She was definitely going to pull out those pajamas that night. She was sure of him as anyone could be, as quick as their relationship was progressing and everything she found out. She was attracted to him in ways she had only ever imagined. She couldn't take much more teasing; she was ready for more with him.

"You are a little bit perfect though," she whispered shyly before she leaned up, kissing him. She even dared to dart her tongue out and press it between his relaxed lips, tasting him quickly before she pulled away to bury her face in his neck, inhaling his spicy scent. She pressed her lips under his jaw, kissing his neck.

"Hmmm," he rumbled, his hands pulling her closer. "That's the first time you've done that."

Lina turned her head, looking up at him with her head still on his shoulder. "Done what?"

His hands were sliding up and down her back under her hair, caressing her. She felt herself shiver, enjoying the chills from the wonderful sensation. "The first time you've kissed me."

She looked at him in disbelief. "First time we kissed? We've been kissing every day, or have you totally not noticed?"

"I've been kissing you." One hand came up to press on the tip of her nose. "That was the first time you kissed me first."

"Oh." Lina blushed.

"It's okay; I know it may take you a while to get used to the fact that I'm a werewolf. I don't blame you for being wary of me," Kane held her tighter, his smoldering eyes making his words a bit unbelievable. "I don't even mind sleeping on the couch. For now."

She knew he would wait as long as she needed though.

Lina had tried to get him to let her stay in a guest bedroom but he refused, insisting that she sleep in his bed. She had tried to get him to sleep in a guest room instead of the couch after that, but he refused to do that as well, claiming he needed to feel her close. She might have wondered he was waiting to catch her unaware, but he never pressed her, never pushed beyond what she felt comfortable with.

At first she appreciated it, but she found that she had no problems with the werewolf half of him or his pack. She was worried about many things; where Pipe Dreams had come from, Caron's recovery, and finishing school, but Kane? No, him she was sure of.

She no longer cared if it was his pheromones, or just the fact that she was finally ready to go that final step with someone; she wanted him. His gentleman act was wearing thin; she wanted her werewolf in bed with her and not on the couch. Maybe she'd just come out of the bedroom in nothing at all. She could feel her cheeks blush scarlet at the thought.

"I am not worried about you being a werewolf anymore. I like your pack. I just. . .I'm a. . . ." Lina couldn't say it, not out loud. She leaned forward and kissed Kane again, this time moaning a little when she dipped her tongue fully into his mouth. She drew his tongue out and into her mouth where she sucked on it. His hands came down to her hips and he pulled her closer to him, his arousal sparking her own desire even hotter. She straddled his lap and rocked against him.

Movement in the next room made Kane break the kiss. He let her lean her forehead against his and they stared into each other's eyes, panting as they caught their breath. They were both caught up in the intense feelings coursing through them. There was a yellowish gleam in Kane's eyes, as if his wolf was looking out at her. Lina blinked slowly, then pulled away to cuddle her body into Kane's.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I got a little carried away."

"I'm not." His voice rumbled in her ear that was pressed to his chest. "I don't think I've enjoyed anything in my life so much as your kisses."

Lina blushed, glad he didn't know what her dreams were like then. They had done so much more in them; she was surprised he hadn't heard her moaning in her sleep. The dreams were so much more vivid since she came to the estate. She pushed herself, daring herself to be bold. "Perhaps we can do some more of that after dinner?" She glanced up at Kane through her dark lashes. It would be a good start to getting him to join her in the bedroom.

He groaned. "I don't know if I can wait." He was urging her lips back to his when her stomach growled.

Lina apologized when he frowned, thinking he was irritated that her stomach was interrupting them.

He laughed. "No, it's not you. I was just trying to think if there was someplace closer to go eat, or if you'd let me get away with just making you a sandwich."

Lina paused like she was considering it. "Hmm," she said.

Kane grinned and tapped her on the nose. "Stop playing, and go get your purse. I want to take you to my diner. I don't get to eat there as often as I want to, and I'd like to get out, just the two of us."

The burgers and malts were as good as Kane said they were. Lina couldn't believe how much she ate, but her stomach was very happy. Kane watched her with small smile on his face all through the meal, clearly happy she was enjoying his favorite food. Sighing in pleasure, she sat back and considered what she was planning on happening later.

"Do you think we can swing by my apartment on the way home? I need to grab a thumb drive I forgot to pick up the other day," she asked. Plus a few other things, she finished silently.

Kane nodded. "Sure, we're not far from there." He looked over at her with a grin. He reached out his hand and grabbed hers, lacing their fingers together and pulling it up to kiss the back.

"What was that for?"

"You said home. You called my place home. I liked it," he said honestly.

"Oh." Lina leaned her head back against her seat. She had said that. When she thought about it more, it was clear that it felt right. It did feel like home. The people she met, Angela, Karl, Teddy, and especially Carrie, had made an impression. Lina didn't like to let people in, but she felt safe with the pack members. She knew their greatest secret and they could have mistrusted and treated her like an outsider, but they didn't. They had welcomed her instead. She was quiet as they left the diner.

"We're here." Kane put the car in park.

"What? Oh." Lina looked around, realizing they were at her place. "Umm, I'll be right back."

"I could come up with you."

Lina shook her head. "No, it's fine. I'll just be a minute."

Kane stopped her with a hand on her arm when she opened the door. "Are you. . .are we okay?"

Lina leaned over and kissed him. "Yes. I just need a moment. I never thought that I'd feel like. . . ." She shook her head, unable to really say what she felt. The look on Kane's face said he understood though. She knew she wanted him, that she accepted his wolf and his pack. Just a few days before Kane had been her boss and someone she thought was off limits. Now he was the man she hoped to make love to, the first man she wanted to make love to in fact.

"I'll be right here when you get back."

Lina smiled at him and climbed out of the car. She shut the door. She looked at her dark house, screened by privacy fence, no longer seeing the haven she found and treasured. It looked lonely. She stopped at the front door and looked back at Kane in the car. She studied his profile, the strong nose and full lips. She frowned a little at the look on his face. He was probably checking his messages, his phone had gone off during their meal, but he had silenced it.

She went inside, flicking on the light switch so she could see to turn reset the alarm. She frowned when it didn't turn on. She flipped the switch a few times, then looked at the alarm. The red light wasn't on. What the hell?

A hand came up over mouth and she felt something press into her back.

"Don't make a sound, or I'll shoot you right now."

Lina stiffened, crying out against the hand across her face. She struggled mindlessly.

Cursing, the man brought the gun back and hit her on the head. She felt a sharp blinding pain and her vision went black. She moaned as she felt herself falling, unable to make her arms work to catch herself. She lost consciousness when she cracked the side of her face on the hardwood floor.


Lina woke up with a gasp, a sharp slap pulling her away from the comforting blackness. The sharp pain in her cheek was doubled when her other cheek was slapped. She moaned, her eyes still closed. Another double set of slaps made her open her eyes as she cried out in pain. Her face felt like it was swelling with every throb of her heart.

Hot, wet tears filled her eyes and dripped down her face as she tried to look around. Everything was blurry, but she blinked several times. She managed to stop crying when she wasn't hit again, blinking repeatedly until she could see clearly. The shock of the blows was worse than the actual slaps; it had been many years since someone had hit her.

"Ahh, good. You're awake."

A man stood in front of her, his suit clean and neat. From the way he was flexing his hand, she guessed he was the one who hit her. She didn't see anyone else in the room, but they could have been behind her. She looked up at the man's face, the tan skin and medium length blond hair looked more suited to a surfer than the businessman his suit made him appear.

"I have some questions for you," he said in a hard voice.

"What do you want?" Lina whispered. He got in her face and she tried to shrink back into the hard chair she was in, but she was tied too tight. The yellow ropes were wrapped so many times around her body, she was unable to move more than an inch or two.

"Why is your boyfriend snooping around my operation?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Was this guy some sort of werewolf? Did he know that Kane was one? Lina had promised she wouldn't say anything but she never imagined that she would be in a situation like this.

Another sudden, sharp slap made her already throbbing cheek feel like it was on fire when the man hit her again. The blow was enough to wrench her head to the side, twisting her neck as she cried out.

"If you think being a woman makes me any less ready to beat you until you cooperate, think again. Now, why is your boyfriend snooping around my drug operation? What interest does Kane Jacy have in Pipe Dreams?"

Lina gasped, her eyes widening as she realized what this was about. The movement of her bruised facial muscles made her moan. It wasn't about the pack; this was about the drugs. This guy was one of the scumbags who was selling the drug he father made and hurting people.

"You're the person selling the drugs! Don't you know how dangerous it is? Most of the people who use Pipe Dreams fry their brains or end up dead."

The man laughed, his head thrown back. "Who cares, as long as they keep buying in the meantime? There will always be more buyers when word gets around how good the high is for the stupid little junkies."

He took off his jacket, carefully folding it and putting it on the desk behind him. Lina hadn't really looked around but she did then. She tried to stay calm, realizing that she was in an office and not her house. "Obviously you know something about the drug. Now, why don't you tell me before things get," he paused, "messy." He was rolling up his sleeves as he eyed her carefully.

Lina shook her head. "I won't help you. You're the worst kind of lowlife, someone who could care less about the harm that happens to people as long as it makes him a profit. You kill people for the money the drugs bring you. You're a murderer!"

"And you should think of what that means for you," he snarled, suddenly in her face again. "Don't think for a second I will let you or your rich boyfriend take me down. This is my territory, and I control the flow of Pipe Dream to it. You have no idea who you are messing with, you bitch!" His fingers dug into her face as he threatened her.

Lina could feel her body shaking, but she tried not to give into the fear. The memories of all the times her father had threatened and hit her filled her mind. She had survived then, and she would survive now. Kane would be looking for her.

"I don't think you know who you are messing with. I don't know how you found out how to make the drug, but you won't get to sell it around here much longer. Kane will stop you!"

Her defiance ended abruptly when his free hand slapped her again. Her vision went white, and she felt a hot pain in her nose and mouth. Fluid dripped onto her chest and she could taste blood in her mouth. Tears poured from her eyes and she struggled not to sob, not to let him know how scared she really was.

She pulled on the ropes, trying to get an arm free as the man laughed at her.

"Like that spoiled little rich boy is man enough to do anything. I saw his men nosing around, questioning my hustlers. Well, we're going to make a phone call, you and I. You're going to tell him to back off, or I'm going to do permanent damage to that pretty little face of yours."

He shoved her head back, finally letting go of her jaw. Lina tried to ignore the fierce throbbing in her face and the burning pain in her hands tied behind her. She blinked, trying to clear her eyes. She had to be smart; she couldn't give in to her fear. The man walked over to the desk and pulled a cell phone out of the suit pocket before walking back to stand beside her chair.

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