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Planting Seeds


Still new at writing, this kind of story has run its way through my head a few times... Seems like a fascinating tale of betrayal and deceit. Let me know if you like it.

His blood was royal, but it didn't roar within him as it should. Even now, watching his bastard half brother remove his wife's clothes as she slept the sleep of the drugged did not rouse his flesh; Lawrence remained soft and flaccid as ever.

Ultimately, he needed an heir and since his illness two years ago, he had not been capable of making love to his own wife, or any other woman for that matter. He'd tried with other women, of course, to no avail. The country was at war and his liege had presented him with orders to lead more troops to the front lines of battle in one month. The fatality rate there was high, if he died without a son, everything would go to that weak sniveling idiot Norman. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

His half brother Damon looked at him while unbuttoning Lawrence's wife's nightgown.

"If you want me to do this, I refuse to have an audience. I'll find you when I'm done. It's not as if you can gain any pleasure by watching, anyway," this said with a smirk.

"Fine. If it wasn't for the fact that I need the babe to carry at least some of my genes, I would have found some other bloke to do the deed."

His half brother replied, "Yes, well, just in case you actually come back alive from this war, you need your bride to believe you were the one to plant his seed in her belly."

Damon watched his skinny half brother walk out of the room, then heard the front door quietly close. He couldn't believe his luck when Lawrence had come to him with the request to impregnate beautiful little Evelyn and give him his heir. He had lusted after his half brother's wife since their wedding. It had only gotten worse when he heard rumors his brother was impotent last year.

He could have her every night until her next cycle or until they were sure she was pregnant, up until her husband left for war.

Lawrence expected him to just spread her thighs, thrust his cock into her body and ejaculate inside her body. Damon grinned, oh, no. She might be asleep, drugged to stay unaware of what was happening, but he would ensure she enjoyed his hands and mouth on her body, his cock deep inside her neglected pussy. His Evelyn was going to have some very erotic dreams, her husband all unaware.

Pulling the nightgown all the way off, Damon pulled the bedcovers to the foot of the bed and drank in the sight of her naked body. She was all slim sensuous lines, nicely rounded breasts heavy enough to overflow his hands but not overly large. Her thighs were lithe, sculpted from riding her horse all over their country estate. Her lovely face was haloed by her vibrant red hair spread across the pillow.

He climbed onto the foot of the bed, starting at her feet he began to massage them, rubbing her high arches with strong strokes of his fingers. She made a little sighing sound and he moved slowly up her legs, his hand caressing her calves, lifting her legs to put his mouth to that hollow behind her knee. He rubbed her thighs, his thumbs pressing lightly on the tender skin of her inner thighs, gradually pulling her knees up higher then pressing them apart.

She must have heard of the new popular fashion in Paris, that of cutting the curls between her legs until just a hint of hair remained. Damon hummed his approval; he was going to enjoy his first taste of her that much more.

Starting with a light touch of his tongue, his fingers gently pulling her pink folds apart and licked from her tight opening up to the little bud nestled in her folds. Finding her little button, he circled it with his tongue and nibbled with his teeth then dipped down to press his tongue into the entrance of her pussy. He chuckled when he tasted her juices on his tongue, lapped up her folds and suckled on her now hard clit. Her hips lifted up, even in her sleep seeking more of his hot mouth when he pulled his head away and moved up her body.

Damon's cock was begging for a nice juicy pussy now, throbbing behind his trousers. He pulled his shirt over his head impatiently, wanting nothing but skin between him and her lush body when he took her. He unfastened his pants and kicked them off, moving his hips between her legs, pressing them wider to accommodate his muscular body, rubbing the head of his swollen cock over her glistening folds.

He pressed the head inside her tight opening, groaning at the feeling and put his hands on her breasts to massage and pinch her nipples as he thrust his hips forward.

"Ahh, god, you're tight," he groaned in her ear, reaching down to pull her legs high up over his arms and sank all the way inside her wet sheath.

Lifting his hips, he slowly pulled out, then shoved his cock deep again. Repeating the slow and heavy thrusting, his hard body labored over her sleeping one, his pumping hips rocking her body up the bed, her naked breasts rubbing against his lightly haired chest.


Evelyn felt like she was being smothered by a heavy blanket of darkness, she wanted to wake up but couldn't find the strength to pull out of the black hot place she found herself in. Her body was being slowly heated, hands and wet magic between her legs, then there was heavy caresses touching her breasts, pulling her sensitive nipples. A hardness slowly pressing deep inside her body, stroking, tingling... Oh, this was an excellent dream.


Damon pulled out of Evelyn's grasping pussy, and grabbing a couple extra pillows, he rolled her over and pushed the pillows into position under her hips so she was lying on her stomach with her knees folded under her and her lovely ass in the air, her wet, deeply pink lips pouting for him.

His hands rubbed over the globes of her lovely bottom, squeezing and pinching. He ran his hands up the curve of her back, back down to hold her hips as he pushed his hard weeping cockhead back inside her pussy. Beginning with a fast hard thrust, he pounded his big cock into her pussy, her juices flowing more to ease his way.

Feeling his balls tighten up, he knew he was close and pushed one hand under her body, stroking that hard little nubbin while his other hand angled her hips for his pounding cock. He moved faster, pressing deeper insider her body and shoving his cock harder, he grabbed one of her thighs and pulled it out and up, turning her body.

She was now lying half on her side, his dark hand gripping her thigh as he ground his cock inside her wet pussy, the other hand rubbing her clit faster to match his thrusts. Just as he roared out his release and began to pump his seed deep inside her body, her wet heat clamped down on his plundering cock and spasmed around him as she came.

Damon collapsed on the bed, pulling her limp naked body on top of his, careful to keep his softening cock inside her twitching pussy, locking his sticky seed deep inside her body, possibly to swim up her womb and fertilize her egg.

He would like to have a son. And a wife. A ready made family, with a hot willing female in his bed every night? The only thing in the way was his half brother Lawrence.

Aw, well, he is going to war. Many men die in wars, it shouldn't be that hard to "arrange" his demise, if it didn't happen fast enough for my liking... (he thought to himself)


In a half hour or so, Damon climbed from the bed and retrieved a basin and washcloth to gently cleanse any excess semen from between her legs. She would probably feel a little sore when she woke up, Lawrence would no doubt explain it away.

Once he finished dressing, he let himself out and found his half brother at his favorite men's club.

"What took you so damned long?" Lawrence demanded under his breath, once Damon had joined him at a table in the corner.

"You want her to get pregnant quickly, do you not? I was thorough. Shall we try again, tomorrow night, midnight?"

Lawrence was obviously clenching his teeth, but he agreed, "Midnight."

Damon thought to himself: In less than a month, her body will be completely mine. And in less than two more months, you will be dead, one way or another. Then she will be mine, body, mind and soul, with my babe in her belly.

His smile was wicked, it was going to be a very entertaining year...

Thanks for reading me! I haven't written anything in over year and still a beginner, so this one was short but sweet I hope... Let me know what you think, I wanted to keep it simple this time around, not too many details I know. Oh, and don't forget to vote!

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I like it !!

It's a good idea with many direction possibilities. Keep it up, I'd love to read more.

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Keep Writing, I would like to read more about this story.

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very good

Please continue, I would like to know what happens next

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