tagFetishPleasing His Ponygirl

Pleasing His Ponygirl


Randolph Anderson – Randy Andy to his friends - and his live-in girl friend, Clarice Davenport, really loved the things they did together in bed, on the floor, in the bathtub, and wherever else they could think of. However, lately they had gotten a bit jaded, and were trying to come up with something new, so they turned to Boxlicker101, their favorite author on Literotica, for inspiration. After reading some of his stories about sexual fun with and by ponygirls, they decided to give it a try.

As with almost any subject you care to name, the internet was able to provide them with a wealth of information on what to do and how to do it. The first thing they needed was tack for her, so they went to a website dealing in that specialized equipment and ordered the sexiest outfit available, which included a shiny leather harness and bridle with reins and a leather bit to use with the latter. It was quite expensive, but they were both very well off and worked only to avoid boredom, so there was no concern with the expense, especially when it came to their sex lives. They ordered a tail from another, even more specialized site, in platinum blonde to match the usual color of Clarice's hair, and giggled together when they read how the appendage would be secured to the wearer's body.

When the cardboard cartons with the innocuous return addresses arrived, they eagerly opened them and removed the things they would be using in their new sexual escapades. They had ordered the tack in shiny black leather, to match Clarice's smoky-dark eyes and, when she held the bridle in front of her face, they were elated at their choice. She divested herself of every stitch of clothing, including her shoes and sox, and they eagerly began to attire her in their new purchases, starting with the bridle.

That part consisted of a leather strap that went around her head just above her eyebrows and another that ran from the back of her head where it was riveted to the first strap. That second band of shiny leather extended over her head, was riveted to the first and ended at the bridge of her nose. Two short straps were fastened to it there and forked down the sides of her face, where either of them was connected to a large metal ring that rested against her cheek. Two more short straps were also connected to the rings and Randy, getting randier by the second as he trussed up his girlfriend, buckled those two straps at the back of her neck and clipped the reins to the rings.

Her bit would also be connected to those same rings, but they decided to put that piece of tack in place last, so Clarice would be able to talk to her boyfriend and describe how she felt about the new experience they would be sharing.

With the bridle in place, Randy carefully pulled her long hair which, by that time they both referred to as her mane, through the spaces between the leather straps. By the time they were through putting on the bridle, Clarice could feel herself beginning to become sexually aroused from the erotic sensations of the unaccustomed restraints around her head and face.

The harness was intended to show off the wearer's body, especially her breasts, rather than to keep her under control as a harness would usually be designed to do. It was also made of shiny black leather with many studs and rings, all shiny with chrome, as were the metal parts of the bridle. The harness Clarice would be wearing was made up of a single strap that went around her neck and crossed just below her throat.

Either of the two ends was connected to rings, which were further connected to a kind of bra, with both cups being webs composed of short leather straps and more shiny metal rings. The cups of the bra were connected to a heavier ring between her breasts, and straps ran from the opposite sides of the webs and were buckled at Clarice's back. When they were through putting it on her, and Randy buckled the strap, her nipples, which were erect by then, protruded through metal center rings in both cups.

The outfit included a pair of leather gauntlets that were held on her forearms, and seemed to serve no purpose but decorative. There was a pair of panties that matched the bra, being made of more short leather straps and chrome plated metal rings. Her pussy was fully visible and accessible in this garment, as was her ass, because the tail she would be wearing was attached to a butt plug that would be inserted there. Clarice had looked over that part of the ensemble, and was eager to get it in place, partly because she enjoyed anal sex with Randy and partly because her pussy was lubricating from her increasing excitement over the new adventure.

"What do you want me to do with this," she ingenuously asked her boy friend, as she stood wearing the leather and metal bra and panties, holding the tail in her hands.

"Stick it up your ass!" he retorted, and they both broke into giggles again.

"You'll have to do that for me."

"Okay. Get on your knees," Randy instructed her.

He was getting horny too, from the enticing aroma of her pussy and the sight of his sexy girl friend, naked except for her restrictive tack, which emphasized rather than concealed her lush figure. With Clarice on her knees and holding her ass cheeks spread, he lubricated her with Aqualube, covered the butt plug with the same lubricant, and carefully inserted it where it belonged. By the time he was finished, the ring of muscles at the entrance to her ass was clamped over the base of the plug and the handle that held the tail protruded. They knew Randy would have to be the one to carefully remove it when they were through having their fun.

With the tail in place, the sexy young woman had almost been turned into a ponygirl, and they were avid to complete the transformation with the bit and for Randy to take the reins.

Clarice remained kneeling while he leaned over and held the bit against her mouth. She opened wide, and he inserted it and, while holding it between her teeth, attached the last piece of tack to the large metal rings in the front of the bridle. Stepping back, his cock pushing out a big bulge in his pants, Randy picked up the ends of the reins in his left hand and looked lustfully at the beautiful creature he had under his control. From long experience and from the aroma of her pussy, he could tell she was also aroused by the situation.

They had also ordered a riding crop and a whip, and he took the latter and lashed himself across the bare arm. Being made of braided feathers, it tickled him, and he decided to use the other implement on Clarice, at least at first. It was a genuine crop, made of fine leather, and he slapped her lightly on her buttock with the flat end, while commanding her to start forward, using the ponygirl name they had decided on.

"Hi ho, Silver," he cried, also lightly snapping the reins across her shoulders.

The new ponygirl started forward on her hands and knees, feeling even more aroused by the sting of the riding crop and the subservient position she found herself in. They had experimented with bondage and with light sadism; neither had excited her, but the combination of slapping her with the riding crop and being on her hands and knees, and of being commanded by a man holding a pair of reins was strangely exciting. Obediently, as a good ponygirl should, she continued moving forward on her hands and knees as she had been ordered.

Randy Andy, so turned on by that time he had to unzip his pants and take out his cock, followed, keeping the reins taut so he could direct his chattel for that day around the apartment. She walked slowly on all fours until she was near the wall, at which time he tugged on the thin strip of leather to order her to turn left. She immediately did as commanded, which sent an erotic thrill through his body.

It did the same for Silver. The tug on the reins attached to the bit in her mouth gave her an erotic thrill as few things ever had, and following the orders of the man who was now her master made it even better. She continued walking on her hands and knees and turned left again when commanded to do so, making her pussy drip even more than it had been. Clarice knew when she and Randy finished the experiment, they would have some of the greatest sex they had ever had.

It got better and better for the ponygirl. She kept moving slowly around the apartment, taking orders from the man she had started thinking of as her master, and hoping she was pleasing him. From time to time, he hit her on her ass with the leather riding crop. The first time had surprised her, but had given her immediate pleasure, and she felt the same rush every time after that. The crop stung just enough to give her a sexual thrill, but not enough to be painful or to leave a lasting mark.

Randy felt great about the afternoon's adventure too. He had never been in anything remotely like this position before, having a beautiful woman wearing a harness and bridle and obeying his silent commands. He liked the feeling, and was sexually excited by it, and was glad Clarice or Silver felt the same way. For another fifteen minutes, he steered his lovely ponygirl through the apartment, before directing her into their bedroom. When she was at the side of the bed, he pulled back on the reins.

"Whoa!" he cried; Silver stopped, and they both had a good idea what they were going to do next.

Since she hadn't been ordered to do anything else or go anywhere, Silver stayed obediently beside the bed, which was where her master wanted her anyhow. He stripped off all his clothing and picked up a pillow to place under her body. From its location, she thought she knew what it was for, and hoped she was right. When she felt his hands on her ass cheeks, she knew she was right, and thrilled at what her master/boyfriend was about to do.

That was to slide his head between her thighs. Wanting him to be comfortable, not because she was an obedient ponygirl, but because she knew he would be able to give her much more fun, she held the pillow in place while he nestled his head in it. She also spread her thighs more, taking extra delight in the way the butt plug attached to her tail moved inside her ass when she did. This put Randy's face perfectly in position, and he started licking up all the juices that had dribbled down her thighs. Ripples of pleasure flowed through her body at the touch of his tongue, and she started cooing, a sound the bit in her mouth did not prevent.

Nothing kept her body from reacting either. Her hips and legs began to writhe in bliss as Randy's tongue traced a path up her crotch, sluicing all her fresh juices into his mouth. He had eaten Clarice's lovely pussy many times, but her nectar seemed to taste better that day. Her outer lip felt better to his tongue also, as he started caressing her there. She had shaved that morning, partly because she wanted her pussy to be sensitive as possible, and partly because she knew Randy loved eating her out even more when the skin was smoothly shaven.

Slowly, with his hands clutching inside her ass cheeks, his tongue traveled up to Clarice's Mount of Venus. He kissed her there and brought his mouth down to start at her crotch again. The first thing he did was to devour the delicious fresh juices his ponygirl had just produced and, when he had relished and swallowed them, he started licking her other outer lip. This one was treated to the same long, slow strokes, and he finished by kissing her mons and bringing his mouth back to her wet, pink hole again.

Clarice was almost going wild from the excruciating pleasure she was receiving form Randy's tongue and lips, and her whole lower body was rocking from side to side above his face. Wanting to get the full contact with Randy's mouth, she spread her legs farther, lowering her body so she was almost lying on top of his face, and ground her pussy against his mouth. During the time she was being steered around their apartment by the reins in her lover's hands, Silver had reveled in her subservience but, when it came to sex, Clarice wanted to take as much pleasure as possible, and give as much as she could.

Randy felt the same way, because he knew the more fun she had, the better it would be for him. Slowly, wanting to build his lover up to the highest level of pleasure he could before bringing her to an orgasm, he licked between an inner and an outer lip. Everything about eating the pussy above his head was truly a delight, the visual beauty, the aroma and flavor of her nectar, and her cooing and moans of pleasure the bit could not muffle, but the best part was the texture. Her outer lips had felt like warm satin pillows, but vibrant and alive, and her inner lip was swollen and spongy with her lust. He licked slowly between the pair of lips until he reached the end of the inner one, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood.

With his hands still gripping the cheeks of Clarice's ass, Randy inspected the precious morsel that had crowded its way out from under its protective hood. Her clit was even more swollen than her inner lips, and looked to him like a beautiful pink pearl. He could have brought her to an orgasm then by licking and sucking on it, but he wanted to first bring her to the absolute apex of sexual excitement before letting her climax. He gently stroked his tongue across the top of her clit hood, but did no more than that before bringing his mouth back down to the dripping hole that was producing her juices.

After devouring all the freshest of her nectar, Randy's tongue treated Clarice's other pair of inner and outer lips the way it had her first pair. She was moaning and whimpering by that time, and her pussy was fucking down against his face, and he knew her arousal was at its peak. After gently using his tongue to make sure her clit had completely pushed aside its protective hood, he enveloped the adorable pearl in his mouth and started sucking.

His lips formed a seal at the base, and his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of the little darling. Clarice's hips went wild, swiveling beside his head and driving her knees into the carpeted floor until she started cumming. Her thighs clamped onto the sides of his head, and she fell to the side, bringing him with her. She ended up on her back, and the butt plug inside her ass was driven in more deeply, giving her additional sexual thrills, while her legs kept squeezing him. Clarice's hands buried themselves in Randy's hair, and she rammed her pussy up and down against his face as her legs swung from side to side. He held onto her legs and kept his mouth clamped around her clit and enjoyed the wild ride.

When Clarice climaxed, all her muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy for a final time into the mouth that had just brought about that glorious event. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed, seeming to melt into the carpet like a pink and white and platinum puddle, while her legs remained draped over his shoulders. He removed his mouth from her clit and licked all the fresh nectar from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips, but Randy left the freshest and most delicious juices in the pink hole that had produced them. He knew they would fuck when she was ready, and the juices would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication. After feasting on all the nectar he would allow himself, he backed away and waited for his ponygirl/girlfriend to catch her breath and be ready to take his cock into her pussy.

She didn't take very long. As expected, after her great orgasm, Clarice wanted to fuck, and Randy wanted the same, possibly more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. She got back to her knees and clambered onto the bed, where she ended up kneeling in the center with a pillow under her waist. Her eager boy friend was right behind her, and waited for her to roll over so he could get on top, but Clarice had other ideas.

Momentarily abandoning her ponygirl persona, she took hold of the bit and pulled it clear of her mouth. "Doggy style. I want to fuck doggy style," she insisted to him.

That was puzzling to Randy, because they had tried that position once, and neither of them cared for it. They much preferred the greater intimacy of the full length, body to body positions, with either him or her on top. He didn't really care. His need to fuck was so great he would have been agreeable to hanging from the ceiling, if she had insisted on it. He approached her from behind, and she reached back and under her body to spread her lips for him.

With one hand holding his shaft to guide it and the other resting on Clarice's hip, Randy rubbed the end of his cock in her plentiful wetness to spread her natural lubrication. When it was prepared, he pressed it between the index fingers that were holding open his target and firmly drove forward while she thrust back to meet him.

He was immediately aware of one reason for the ponygirl's insistence on using that unusual position. The butt plug that was still crammed inside Silver's ass and holding up her tail was compressing her pussy, reducing the capacity, and she was tighter there than he had ever known her to be. Although she was so wet her juices were actually dripping out and running down her legs, he had only been able to wedge the head of his cock into her on his first thrust.

This was far from being a problem because they had all day, and Randy loves tight pussies. The horny young man continued to guide his cock with one hand while his other held Clarice's hip so it would help provide leverage. He gave a firm thrust, while she fucked back to meet him, and another inch of his shaft burrowed into her pussy. She was so tight the muscles inside her love channel were already squeezing his cock, sending bolt after bolt of exquisite joy rocketing through his body. He moaned from the incredible pleasure he was already feeling.

It was every bit as good for Clarice. She hadn't felt her pussy being stretched so much since losing her virginity to an earlier boy friend. Waves of joy washed over her body from the presence of the welcome visitor, and they became even better when Randy thrust forward again, squeezing almost half his cock inside her wet pussy. His penetration was deep enough that he no longer needed to guide his cock, so he leaned over Clarice as close as he could get with her tail upright and in the way.

"I've never known your pussy to be so tight. You feel like a virgin."

She could have responded by moving her bit again and speaking, but Clarice preferred to stay in character. All she did was nod her head up and down and whinny loudly. She had just discovered another reason for using doggy style in their fucking. When Randy leaned forward, he jostled her tail, causing the butt plug to move inside her ass, sending more waves of pleasure gushing over her body from that pleasure hole.

If she had spoken, it would have been to tell Randy how wonderful his cock felt inside her pussy and what was happening to her ass. He continued driving his cock into her and, with every thrust he made, both holes were pleasured more than she could have ever expected. Her joy mounted until his hard cylinder was buried all the way inside her and she could feel his pubic hair tickling the sensitive skin of her ass and pussy. Although he was not particularly well-hung, he was able to massage all her sweet spots and send bolts of pleasure rocketing through her body with even the smallest movement.

The tightness of Clarice's pussy was having the same kind of effect on Randy. She was so wet, with new gushes of lubrication every few minutes, his cock moved freely in and out, but it was being squeezed and caressed by her well-trained muscles, which rippled all over the head and shaft and massaged every inch, while it was surging into her and again while it was being drawn out.

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