Poker Loser


Shit shit shit, Allison thought... how could she have been so stupid?! She was sitting, in nothing but her g-string, across from Todd, and there was nothing in her poker hand. Absolutely nothing. What made it worse was that he was down to his boxers, whoever lost this hand was the loser of the whole game. There was nothing to do but hope that her Queen high would beat him.

The pretty brunette didn't even realize that her face showed everything that was going on in her head, not that Todd was spending all that much time looking at her face. Pretty as she was, her pert 36C breasts with their puckered pink nipples were much more enticing, and the smooth stomach on her 20 year old body gave way to much imagination as to what was just below the table. He could see her face any old day, this was something special. It had taken weeks of preparation to even maneuver her into strip poker, Allison wasn't a prude exactly, but she was a snob about who she dated... fortunately her pride ran to everything, including her skill at cards. Todd subdued his impulse to grin at her discomfort, none of the other guys in his frat had even seen this much of her, and some of them had dated her! True, she'd probably never date someone from his background, although very goodlooking at 6'1" with wavy black hair and humorous brown eyes, Todd came from the wrong side of the tracks. 5'7" Allison was a WASP to her innermost being.

When Allison put down her Queen high Todd almost groaned. The three Jacks in his hand had pretty much been wasted when her hand was so completely lousy. On the other hand, it assured him to final view of her entire body.

Allison glared at him, hazel eyes sparking with anger and pride. The smug jackass was just grinning back at her, waiting for his victory. She couldn't take it.

"One last hand, all or nothing." She demanded.

"We just had the last hand, and I already get to see all." Todd raised his eyebrows at her. Surely she understood the rules of the game.

Snapping, "Really all or nothing. If you win, I'll be yours, completely, whatever you say, this whole night. If I win, I get the same."

Taken aback, Todd thought quickly, no emotion showing on his closed face. Who knew what embarrassing things she might have him do, Allison had a mean streak to her, and he was sure that if he lost she'd be the only one getting any satisfaction... on the other hand, if she lost... he was already hard from starting at her gorgeous tits the last hand. It'd be nice to bring the bitch down a notch or two. Still, no reason to let her have things totally her way,

"That's almost ok," He gave her a stern look, "Really, you should be taking off your last item now, I have to lose twice in order for you to win for the night." At her aghast look, "It makes sense, if you hadn't proposed this then I'd be seeing it right now anyway and you'd just have lost the game completely."

Grimly, Allison agreed. Her best kept secret was that she was still a virgin - her mouth wasn't certainly, but she'd been very good about not letting anyone get into her pants. She had another secret though - she was very attracted to tall men with dark hair that weren't supposed to be up to her standard for a date. The very fact that she wasn't supposed to be with them made it that much better. Having an excuse for making Todd Rinald at her beck and call for a night was very... intriguing. Losing of course wasn't an option... she wondered what that wavy black hair on his head would look like between her legs. If there was anything she liked, it was getting eaten out.

Fate must be against her, she thought glumly. It was almost her worst hand of the night. Discarding three cards she perked up a bit when she ended up with a pair of Jacks. Maybe it wasn't the best hand in the world, but it might not be the worst either, she could still pull this off.

No such luck. Todd had managed another of his amazing hands, three Queens. She didn't know how he'd managed to do that so often. Then she realized that he was looking at her, heat in his eyes like she'd never seen before. Quickly standing, she tried to babble out some reason why she had to go now, this was not the place for her to be. As she turned to make a run for it, a very angry Todd jumped up behind the table, she only had time to grab her clothes from the floor when he got her from behind, pushing her body up against the wall. Her scream was cut off before it could even begin as he covered her mouth with one broad hand. Terrified, she froze, like a deer in the headlights, unsure of what to do or where to run.


She jumped and tried to scream again as his other hand came down heavily on her ass.

"You weren't thinking about going anywhere were you?" breath on her neck and the whisper in her ear made her shiver, "Not after we made a deal. You lost the bet sweetheart, time to pay up." He turned her to face him, dark eyes burning down into hers.

"No...please," she pleaded, "I didn't really mean it, look, can't we just forget about this? I mean, it was just a game... I didn't think... you can't..." Lips came down on hers, sweetly and passionately. It had been a long time since someone had kissed her like that. Her body began to relax into the kiss, and her mouth opened against his probing tongue. When his hand began to run down her naked body, she recalled herself, and tried to pull away, banging into the wall behind her. The kiss became rougher as she struggled to turn her head away, tried to push his body with her hands and arms. He grasped her wrists and held them high above her head, folding them into one of his hands so that his other was free to begin roaming her body.

Lips left hers and began moving against her neck and upper arms, she gasped for breath, panting,

"No... no... please no..." her hands struggled vainly as his gripped her heavy breast, kneading it firmly with his fingers, the position of her arms just made it jut out in front of her all the more. His hard dick was pressing against her groin and upper thighs as he began to move against her, almost a parody of sex as he pressed her hips against the wall. Another kiss cut off her mantra of "no"s, and he tweaked her nipple as his tongue pushed deep into her mouth. Tears were starting at her eyes, she was confused by the voice in her head that screamed denials of what was happening, and the feelings that were beginning to stir in her body. She'd never been in such a conflicted state with a guy before, she'd always been the one in control, and now it seemed like she had no control... and he wasn't taking 'No' for an answer.

Finally, he pulled away, leaving her gasping for air, lips swollen from his kisses. Tossing her over his shoulder, like she weighed nothing, he carried her into his bedroom, ignoring her pleas and the fists pounding on his back. He tossed her on the bed and grabbed a couple of scarves from his nightstand, her eyes rounded as he tied her wrists together, put them over her head and tied them to the bed.

"Please," she whispered, "Todd, please... not like this..."

"Not like what slut?" Glaring at her, "Not treating you like the little cocktease you are? Don't think I'm good enough for you?" He yanked her panties down her legs and stuffed them in her mouth before she could think of a reply, securing them inside her mouth with another scarf. Desperate, she tried to kick him, but he caught her ankles and soon had them tied spread apart to each side of the bed.

Getting up, he stood at the foot of the bed and took stock of this new arrangement. Pleading eyes, framed by brown curls, pouty lips spread around the scarf and panties in her mouth, perfect breasts heaving on top of her chest, nipples at attention. And finally, the newest sight of the night, her pink little pussy, with its neatly trimmed bush, slightly spread and glistening a little with her juices. Now that was a surprise.

"Enjoying this a bit, huh?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her, and as she shook her head no he ran one finger up her pussy lips, coating it in wetness and causing her to shudder at his touch. "I think you're lying Allison." Spreading the juices on the gag under her nose so she could smell it, he smiled at his own temerity. He wasn't really the kind of guy to enjoy really kinky sex, but seeing her tied up and vulnerable like this was playing havoc with his dick. And it wasn't like she didn't deserve it, the little tease. Todd decided that he was going to give her the kinkiest and best sex of her life. Who knows, if he played it right, he might end up having her begging for more.

"Wait right here." he whispered, and left the room.

Allison struggled against the scarves, cursing herself for her own stupidity. She had seen the desire in Todd's eyes, just as she saw it in all her boyfriend's eyes, in most guy's eyes for that matter. And she'd been overconfident and reveled in it, and now she'd pushed him too far. Stupid stupid stupid. There was no doubt about it, if she couldn't get herself out of this situation, this would be the last night she was a virgin. Tears sparked her eyes as pulling against the scarves only made them tighten around her wrists and ankles. What kind of knots had he tied anyway?! Finally she gave up, and lay there, thinking. Would it really be so bad, to have sex with him? Probably not. It wasn't like she wasn't attracted to him... it's just that she had always thought that her first time would be really special and romantic. It was supposed to be perfect. Not being forced to it, not tied up, and definitely not with a guy that she wasn't even dating! Her and her stupid pride. She could've just taken off her underwear at the end of the game. But no, she had to be dumb and add on that extra hand. Slumping, she realized that it was all her fault. Teasing him, and then offering a wager like that... sure, she could probably claim rape after all this was over, but he'd know, and he'd probably tell everyone the story. No she hadn't agreed to sex specifically, but she had said she'd be his for the night. Anything. Why had she been so stupid? She'd been thinking more along the lines of humiliating him in front of people, practical joke type stuff, and then a little fooling around.

Now, she was tied up and completely vulnerable. Stupid. But she would take it, she decided, and she would learn from it. There's no time like the present to learn to be humble.

These thoughts stopped cold when he re-entered with a video camera and tripod and started setting it up. She screamed behind her gag, NO!!!! Sound emitted from her of course, and it was obvious that it was a negatory sound, but Todd just smiled at her like she'd said yes and jumped for joy and finished setting it up. Pressing record, he left the room again.

She stared at the lens of the video camera, and the little blinking red light underneath. Bad enough that she was tied up and vulnerable, bad enough that she was going to lose her virginity without any candles, roses or champagne, but he was going to tape it too?! Struggling again, she gave up very quickly, realizing that her breasts were heaving and bouncing around on her chest and that she was probably just making the video more enjoyable for him later. Clenching her teeth around her panties and gag, she resolved that she was not going to make a great tape for him to watch.

Todd came back into the room, his arms filled with items. He set them down on the table next to her. Two bowls - one with water and one with ice, some kind of massage oil, a razor, shaving cream, a small washcloth, and a very large vibrator. It was long, at least 7", and thick, and had small bumps covering its length. And it was purple. Where the hell had he gotten it?

Seeing her looking at the vibrator, he grinned, "That was my ex-girlfriend's. Her favorite. She left it here when we broke up and I figured I might as well keep it for any future company." Allison was disgusted, have another girl's vibrator in her pussy? The thought made her want to gag. He laughed at her expression, "Don't worry, it's been cleaned." Like that mattered. Guys just didn't get it.

First thing to worry about though, he got between her legs with the bowl of warm water, shaving cream and the razor. Immediately Allison started to struggle, she kept herself nicely trimmed down there, having it shaved was for gross perverts who wanted little girls, not women! Once Todd finished lathering her - not too hard even with her wriggling and struggling - he picked up the razor and smiled at her,

"Better be careful, you definitely wouldn't want me to cut anything down here." Eyes big, all she could do was watch as he shaved her pussy clean. When all of the hair was gone, he wiped her down with the washcloth and sat back to admire her newly bald pussy. Perfectly pink, her clit was poking out from between her little lips. "Even more beautiful than before." He smiled at the furious expression on her face.

Putting aside the instruments of her humiliation, he opened the massage oil and squirted some into his palms. Deftly he began massaging her breasts, kneading them between his fingers, enjoying having the heavy globes in his hands at last, making them gleam slickly in the lamplight. Allison struggled against the feelings of arousal that came from the handling of her breasts, he was plucking at her nipples, making her gasp and even grind her hips a little bit into the bed. Her nipples had always been one of the most sensitive parts of her body, and now the massage oil was starting to heat up in the friction. It had to be one of those kinds that heats when rubbed, and it was giving off the distinct smell of strawberries, her suspicions that it must also be flavored were confirmed when he lowered his head to her nipple, licking and sucking at it.

No no no no nonononono... she couldn't be enjoying this! Gritting her teeth against the panties in her mouth, she reminded herself that this was not a situation she wanted to be in. But his tongue was flicking the nipple sucked into his mouth... and the other hand was still playing with her other breast and nipple, her chest was starting to feel hot and tingly as the massage oil really began to work its magic, and when he lowered his hand to her pussy she realized that he had had the desired effect. She was dripping, wetter than she'd ever been before in her life. The finger rubbed massage oil around her pussy lips, making them warm and tingly, she groaned, and couldn't help her body from pushing against the finger as it slowly began moving into her. It felt slick, and he added another finger, stretching out her hole a bit. Then he lifted his head off of her nipple, and she was shocked at the feeling of disappointment that swept over her when he did. Disappointment was replaced with fear when he stepped off the bed and disrobed. He was huge, about 7" long, but it had to be at least as thick as her wrist. The massively wide dick bobbled its pinkish head at her, a fat stick hanging off his body. This was going to hurt. This was going to hurt a lot. She shuddered in revulsion, thinking that she knew what was coming.

Instead, Todd got onto the bed straddling her stomach, pushing her breasts together he created quite a lot of cleavage with the large globes. Then he began pushing his dick back and forth between her breasts, aided by the massage oil. Allison had heard of "titty-fucking" but she'd never thought anyone would actually do it, nor enjoy it as much as Todd seemed to be. What she didn't know was that Todd was enjoying his power over her more than anything else. Tit-fucking didn't appeal to him as a general rule, especially when he couldn't use her mouth at the same time, but looking down at her, squeezing her breasts between his hands and having his dick moving back and forth in the deep valley created there... and knowing that she couldn't do anything about it. It was almost as good as a blowjob. There was no way he was going to risk actually getting bitten though. Looking down at her face, seeing both her desire and her revulsion at the situation, he decided to push things a little bit more. Give the bitch sometime kinky, really make her ashamed. Not that he was worried about her going to the police, not with the video he was making. God he was going to treasure watching this later.

It was time to get serious. He released her breasts, enjoying watching them bounce back into place, he grabbed the vibrator. It was pretty obvious that she was completely disgusted by the idea that it had been another girl's, which really just made it all the more fun for him. Turning it on low, he began running it up and down her lips, pressing it firmly against her clit and then pulling it away. Suddenly he got an idea, and put the vibrator aside for a moment. Untying both her feet - tucking one under his arm so that she couldn't kick, he tied each leg to opposite bedposts on the headboard, so that they were higher than her arms and she was bent nearly double. Now there was complete access to her pussy and ass, and the camera would get a much better view. Even the revolted look on her face as he began pushing the vibrator into her was going to be caught clearly.

Allison was revolted, not only had she not managed to get free when he'd given her the opportunity, but now he was pushing that disgusting vibrator into her... and not only that, but she was starting to get off on it! Her body was becoming more and more aroused, and more and more inclined towards giving in, just so she could get off! Angry, mostly at herself, she still had to moan as he turned the vibrations up a little, and began working the vibrator in and out of her. His tongue came down to lick around her pussy lips, sucking on her clit, and kissing her inner thighs. She tried to push back, but the new position he'd put her in made it almost impossible for her to move.

The heat between her legs was getting too heavy for her to ignore, she was panting, and actually trying to move with the vibrator now, thankful for the moments when he sucked on her clit. There was nothing going on in her head except the thought of her orgasm. Suddenly, there was pressure on her asshole, and her entire being froze. She tried to scream through her gag, it was echoing in her head


that was dirty... dirty and wrong and gross... but the finger pushed relentlessly forward. Squeezing her muscles together did nothing except make him chuckle. She winced as he wiggled the finger around in her ass, causing her to clench spasmodically at the sensations. Thoughts of an orgasm were dismissed, she wanted out now. Her ass was not part of a deal with ANY man, much less one that was taking her without her consent! She'd started to give in to the idea of losing her virginity... but that would be too much!

She relaxed as he seemed to get her drift and pulled the finger from her ass. The bastard grinned at her as he began pushing to fingers into her ass, causing her to wave her hips frantically. Straining, breath heaving in her chest... it hurt, his fingers were pushing a burning path into her asshole. Bearing down on them really only made it hurt more as her sphincter muscles stretched and clenched. Finally, his fingers were all the way inside of her, and she panted for breath as she tried to adjust to the discomfort. He began moving them back and forth, mimicking sex in her ass, and causing her to wriggle at the strange sensations. Slowly, it began to stop hurting, to stop feeling so uncomfortable. At least physically. Mentally, she was going crazy. Anal sex had never been on her menu, it was perverted and sick that anyone would want to put something up her ass! Why would anyone want to put anything up her ass was beyond her. It was dirty... and yet... there was something about it that was starting to feel good. She must be imagining things, he'd probably just turned the vibrator up another notch.

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