tagGroup SexPolyamorous Ch. 03

Polyamorous Ch. 03


Part III

The Return of Alison

I took Adam's advice and booked a weekend at a posh California spa that Adam recommended. The rest, relaxation, and ultra-pampering were something I dearly needed. I found more than I bargained for at the spa. Was it possible Adam knew something I didn't? Was it a mere coincidence when I walked into the herbal body wrap session I booked I found Alison waiting? I wasn't sure who was more shocked? Me or her?

She performed the wrap on me and promised she would meet me after hours in my room. This I was looking forward to. My whole being tingled with anticipation. After 6 long years, there she stood, beautiful as ever. Thoughts assailed me. Where had she been all this time? Why hadn't she looked me up during that summer? Why hadn't she come back to State? I knew I would have to find all this out. I spent the rest of the day giddy with bated breath. My heart pounded. My pulse raced with nervous excitement.

Finally Alison knocked on my door. I raced to it and quickly let her in. She embraced me like we had never been apart. It was magical and intense. We kissed, touched, and stroked one another. Being with her again felt so right. She broke off the steamy kiss and led me to the bed. I was soaking wet with anticipation, but instead of the lovemaking I thought would follow, she began to explain why she hadn't come back to me.

She said our relationship had become so serious and it scared her so much that she applied to a different school. She graduated and took a job here at the spa as a massage therapist. I told her about Adam. I was surprised to find out she knew all about him and our marriage. I had a suspicion her being here was why Adam suggested I come here. Little did I know he had planned to join me here? After our long talk, we continued what we had started when she first arrived at the door. Long lustful passionate kisses, our hands roaming each other's bodies.

The moment was broken though when a knock came at the door. Who could be here? Frustrated at the intrusion, I answered it. There stood Adam. My eyes widened. The two loves of my life were both here. I felt lucky and blessed to have a husband who understood my needs. He told me how magnificent I looked with a passion flushed face, swollen lips and hardened nipples showing through my shirt.

The three of us came together like we had always been together. It was natural. Almost spiritual. Like nothing I'd ever felt before. Both Adam's and Alison's attention was centered on me. Kissing me, touching me, fondling me, and stroking my body. Both began to undress me. There were lips and hands everywhere. I felt like a sex goddess being pampered with intense passion. They led me to the bed and laid me down. I helped both Adam and Alison out of their clothes. Adam was hard as a rock. Alison moaned as she looked him over. She licked her lips. I winked at her.

"Eat me first and I'll let you feel Adam's mighty cock inside your luscious cunt," I told her.

She groaned and dived between my legs. I saw Adam's eyes grow as big as saucers. His cock stiffened even more. I touched him. He was harder than he'd ever been. A grimace settled onto his face. He begged me to touch him, to suck him. I gladly obliged my hard husband. Anything for him. He'd allowed me to have my Alison.

A hot feeling crept over me as we shared the bountiful fruits of passion. I wanted to see Alison fuck Adam. I wanted to see his luscious hard cock thrusting into her sweet pussy. I groaned as Alison's tongue hit that nerve on my clit. After all this time, she still knew how to please me. She jabbed her fingers up my snatch, finding my g-spot. I moaned around the cock in my mouth and sucked harder. Adam panted, groaning. I felt his penis jerk in my mouth. He would cum soon. I sucked harder, using my tongue on the nerves centered on the underside and stroked the base furiously. He let out a scream of passion, shooting his load into my mouth. I swallowed it greedily, licking his shaft all over. He groaned and rolled to the empty bed beside me, watching Alison devour my pussy.

I looked over at him, winking at him as he stroked his meaty cock back to full fledged hardness. I reached over and helped him, my hand joining his on the burgeoning shaft. When he had reached his full hard massive 10 inch erection, I smacked his leg and ordered him to fuck the hell out of Alison's cunt. I had to see that. He nodded, grinning. He said he was my dumb studly slave and my wish was his command. He knelt behind her, stroking her round ass. He pulled her up onto her knees and spread her cunt lips. His fingers pushed in, fingering her until she was soaking wet.

Her licking and sucking on my snatch became more intense. She attacked my clit with heightened fervor. Plunging her tongue in and lashing my pussy, I squealed and exploded all over her face. I moved around, working myself beneath her until I came eye to eye with her bare shaved snatch. I could see Adam's fingers plunging in and out of her. I pushed her head back between my thighs. I had only just begun to cum. I took a hold of Adam's hard cock, stroking it then lined it up with Alison's cunt. I watched as he slid it into her.

They both groaned in unison. Damn, honey, you are tight, he moaned. Fuck her, I ordered, fuck her hard. I smacked his thigh and then hers. To tease her, I snaked my tongue over her clit. She exploded instantaneously, soaking his cock and dribbling down onto my face. Yesssss, mmmm, he still tasted so good. I had never forgotten her taste. I continued to lick her clit and fondle Adam's balls. I worked my finger in next to his cock as he thrust his girth into her. She squealed, her moans becoming louder and louder. Adam joined in as his body began to shake. He groaned, grunted, and screamed as he slammed into her, fucking her violently. They came together, wild and untamed, feral in their lust.

Adam reamed her, stuffing his cock into her the entire length. He slapped her ass. Alison screamed from the pleasure/pain of it. I bit her clit and sucked as hard as I could. She came instantly on the heels of her last. Adam pulled out of her and collapsed to the bed, panting and gasping for breath. His groans subsided as his penis went soft. Alison went limp atop me, still reeling from the intense orgasms. Yet she never missed a stroke of her tongue on my clit. Once more she brought me to orgasm and I drenched her face.

Breathlessly we all cuddled up on the bed. I lay in the middle with my two lovers flanking me. We all curled together and rested before starting again. We started slowly, touching, kissing and fondling. Both Adam and Alison suckled my breasts, my flat stomach, and down to my hairless pussy. Adam moved between my legs, his tongue going to work on my wet pussy. His larger tongue and fingers felt different than Alison's. He finger fucked my cunt and licked my clit, making me cum again. With a smack to my thigh, he ordered me to get on my hands and knees. I glimpsed down his body. He was hard as solid steel and ready to fuck again.

To Alison, he motioned to his bag. I watched as she removed a bevy of dildos, oils, strap-ons, and lube. He instructed her to put on the middle sized strap-on and lube up his ass. He said he wanted to be fucked like he fucked her. He wanted to be fucked hard while he fucked my dripping cunt. With a squeal of delight, she agreed.

We became a chain of fucking, Adam driving his cock into me and Alison reaming 'her cock' into his ass. Adam responded like a mad man. The harder she reamed him, the more intense his thrusts became. All three of us were screaming from the sensation of it. The feeling was incredible. When Adam had taken all of the 'dick' he could, he commanded her to get the biggest strap-on he'd brought and use it on me. It was Alison's choice. She could fuck my ass or join Adam in fucking my soaking wet slick pussy. I knew I could fit both of them. Adam often stuffed his cock and a dildo inside me at the same time. Alison opted to join Adam inside my stretched cunt. He pulled me up off the bed, holding me back next to his body while Alison 'her cock' up inside of me. I groaned as I felt my pussy stretch. It was such a tight fit. My g-spot got an incredible workout from all the stimulation Adam and Alison provided. Adam kissed my neck, suckling on my ears while Alison plucked my nipples. All I could do was moan from the intensity of the pleasure.

Alison's strokes alternated with Adam's. I had never felt anything like it. I came and came and came until exhaustion set in. Yet Adam kept going. I could tell he was holding back. He was holding back for one massive orgasm that would rock my body. He sensed it was close as did Alison. They both double timed it, thrusting, pumping, reaming me with a ferocity I'd never felt before. My moans became screams as the built up exploded within me. It was the most intensely explosive orgasm I've ever had. Then Adam unleashed the torrent of cum he'd been holding back. His shouts mingled with mine. We collapsed as the sound reverberated off the walls and furious knocking came at the door.

Someone must've heard us and complained. Too spent to care, we sank to the bed and cuddled up together. The knocks continued, growing louder. Alison gasped as the head concierge swung the door open and stormed in. The look on his face mirrored anger and disappointment. He promptly asked us to leave and fired Alison on the spot for her wanton behavior. Knowing it was too late to catch an airplane home, we managed to talk him into allowing us to stay until morning, promising we'd be quiet. Reluctantly he granted us that much.

After he left, Alison erupted in tears. Fired after six years of loyal service. I kissed her tears away and told her that behind every cloud is a silver lining. I promised her everything would work out. Adam and I offered her the opportunity to come home with us. I also offered her partnership at my salon. She happily smiled and accepted.

Alison has been a part of us for two years now. Our sex is never dull. Yes, we are the talk of the town. To hear the town folk tell it we are sinners of the worst kind, cavorting in our carnal lust. We are happy. I am happier than I have ever been. I don't long for something I can't have because I have everything I could ever want. I've given up on my yearnings for children. It wouldn't be right to bring children into this lifestyle. Perhaps some polyamorous couples do it, but it's not for us.

We've considered moving to a larger city where we may blend in instead of stand out like criminals. The whispers and cold shoulders haven't bothered us much. Our salon still does good business and Adam has gotten several promotions.

Life is wonderful. What more could I ask for?

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Having been in a poly relatinship....it has to be an understanding an openness for everyone....nothing is to be secret or held back....everything is shared...if it s to last...as in this story....whatmore...

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