tagLoving WivesPool Hall Disaster Ch. 02

Pool Hall Disaster Ch. 02


Her anger had helped her shake off some of the affects of the alcohol, allowing her to sink two shots, but as she was concentrating on the third, Rick walked up behind her, reached around and caressed her right breast as it hung down without the bra to support it.

"Ooh," Katie moaned, as much from the pleasure of the touch as from the surprise of Rick's hand on her breast.

"That's cheating!" Katie said to him as he surveyed the table for opportunities.

"All's fair in love, war, and sports," Rick said, reminding her of what she had said earlier in the evening.

"Oh Rick," Katie called to her pool opponent.

"Yes, Katie," Rick said as he looked over at her and saw her giving him the finger.

"Maybe later, if Pat doesn't mind," Rick said to her, "But right now, I think I need to teach you a lesson."

He then ran the table on her, leaving her another $220.00 in debt to him.

"Oh fuck!" Katie said to herself. "Now what do you want?" She asked Rick.

"Blouse!" Was all that Rick said to her.

"You want me to give you my blouse?" Katie asked.

"Yup," Rick said with a huge smile on his face.

Katie looked over at Pat, who said,

"Give it to him; you just lost another $220.00. Oh, by the way, you might want to stop while you are still at least partly clothed. Besides, you've been flirting with him all night and acting like you want to fuck him, so just show him you tits and be done with it."

Katie turned bright red, but did not deny anything that Pat had said to her. Then, she turned her back on the three men as she undid the last four buttons on her blouse and peeled it off of her sweaty body. She stuck her arm behind her and Rick took the offered blouse and tossed it onto the bar stool with her bra.

"Turn around Katie," Pat said to his now topless wife.

As she did, she crossed her arms over her chest in an effort to hide her breasts. "How are you going to play the next game with your arms crossed over your boobs?"

James was quietly watching the events unfold in front of him and wondering where it was going to stop. Katie now owed Rick $340.00 in addition to the $70.00 she owed the bar for the two bottles of wine she had drank that night. He wasn't sure what the other two men were feeling, but he was glad that the bar was between him and Katie, so she could not see that his cock was straining against his jeans. He was brought back to the present when he heard Pat tell his wife,

"Put your arms down Katie and let Rick see your tits."

"What?" Katie asked, not sure she had really heard him right.

Pat looked her right in the eyes and said,

"Drop your arms and let Rick see you tits! Oh, James would like to see them too, since she owes you for the wine."

Katie realized that Pat was not playing. He was going to get back at her for ignoring him all night while she flirted with Rick, by humiliating her. She knew it was pointless to argue, so she slowly lowered her arms, exposing her plump, hanging tits to the gaze of Rick, James and her husband.

"What do you think of Katie's tits, guys?" Pat asked Rick and James.

"Those are two of the finest tits I have ever seen," James responded to Pat's question.

"Nearly perfect nipples," Said Rick, who noticed her nipples getting hard as the men talked about her.

"What do you mean "nearly" perfect?" Katie asked with just a twinge of hurt in her voice, "What's wrong with them?"

"They don't have my lips wrapped around them;" Rick said with a laugh, "Fuck, look at how hard her nipples are getting, Pat; she's loving this attention, maybe we should all suck on them puppies for her."

"Go try and win your clothes back Katie, or it is going to be a chilly ride home," Pat said to her as James handed him another Diet Pepsi.

"WHAT?" Katie asked. "You mean you are not going to make him give me my bra and blouse back?"

"You are the one who lost them; it's up to you to figure out how to get them back. Remember, sweetie, I have a blanket in the car, but you have to get out to the car to get it." Pat said to her as she stood looking at him.

"Okay, I'll show you!" Katie said as she walked over to the pool table and grabbed her cue stick while Rick walked over to the table and racked the balls.

"My break," Said Katie as she stood there with her tits swaying from side to side as she chocked her cue, causing Rick to stare at them and just sigh.

As she leaned down to take her shot, her breasts hung down from her chest and her nipples grazed the felt top of the pool table causing a jolt of pleasure to course through her body. She took longer than she normally would have to take the shot, because she was enjoying the feeling of the table felt on her rigid nipples. Rick noticed that she was taking her time and said,

"Hey Pat, I think Katie is letting the table top feel her tits."

"I noticed that she was taking a long time to make the shot, too," Pat said in reply to Rick's statement.

Katie stood up quickly and snapped at them,

"I was not letting my nipples rub on the felt." But her nipples gave her away.

"You break it then," Katie said to Rick who calmly walked to the table and bent down to break. But as he did so, Katie stood right next to the table and pushed her arms close to her body, causing her tits to stand out more, and shook them. Rick was so distracted that he got a lousy shot and the rack did not break well.

"My turn," Katie said as she quickly leaned over and took a shot. Unfortunately, nothing fell for her, so Rick got to shoot again. He was growing tired of the game, so he ran the table out on her again.

"Katie, you owe me roughly $800.00 and I believe you owe James for the wine and Pat's drinks. How do you plan to pay this debt?" Rick asked her.

"What do you want?" She asked Rick. "I can't give you the money until payday."

Rick looked at her and said,

"Panties and jeans, take them off."

"You can't be serious!" Katie said, looking over at her husband.

"You lost, pay the man," Pat said to her.

James, who had not said a word in a long time just swallowed hard and crossed his fingers that Katie would comply with Rick and Pat's directions to her. She blushed, fidgeted, cleared her throat and shifted her weight from foot to foot in an effort to stall, hoping they would change their mind, but they didn't.

"Come over here and take your jeans and panties off," Rick said to her sternly.

Katie walked to where she was directed and unbuttoned her jeans. She worked them over her hips and down her legs, and then stepped out of them. Leaving them on the floor, she hooked her fingers into the waist of her panties and, bending down, she pulled them off her legs. As she stood back up, completely nude in front of her husband and two other men, she kept her eyes closed.

"Come here Katie," She heard her husband say.

"You have to pay your gambling debts," Pat said to her as she walked towards him.

"James, Rick, what does she need to do to pay off her debt to you?" Pat asked Rick.

"She owes almost $100.00 for her wine and the Diet Pepsi you drank," James said, "But I will wait until the 15th for her to pay me. Hell, just looking at her naked is a treat for me."

"Okay, that's your decision, but she needs to pay you off on the 15th?" Pat said.

"Thank you, James," Katie said as she kissed him on the cheek, but let her nipples graze his hand.

"I never thought I would have to pay this way," Katie said, as tears welled up in her eyes. "Isn't it enough that I am standing here naked in front of the three of you?

"You were the one who kept going back for more," Pat said. "Now, you need to deal with the debt?"

"PAT!" Katie said as she stamped her foot, causing all three men to catch their breath as her breasts bounced up and down on her chest, but she walked over to where Rick sat and looked down at him with glazed eyes and said,

"What do I have to do to pay off my debt with you?

Rick looked at Pat, who was completely enjoying watching his wife squirming under the gaze of the three men, watched as. Rick looked at Katie and said,

"Get on your knees and suck me again, Katie."

Katie glanced quickly at Pat, who did not react to Rick's demand, and knelt down, took Rick's rigid cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down the length of his seven inch shaft. While she was sucking on her "Best Friend's" cock, Pat got up and walked over to where Katie knelt and knelt behind her. She had her eyes closed and was making little murmuring sounds as she tried to suck the sperm our of Rick's dick, so she had no idea that Pat was behind her until he slid his finger into her soaking wet pussy and began to finger fuck her.

"Who is that?" She asked as she popped her head up and looked over her shoulder to see who had their hand in her twat. Seeing it was her husband, Katie smiled and went back to sucking on Rick's dick.

"I am going to finger fuck you until you cum, Katie. Do you want me to do that for you?" Pat asked her.

"Ugh, huh," Katie murmured around the hard cock in her mouth as she continued sucking, tasting the pre-cum on Rick's dick as Pat continued sliding his fingers in and out of her flowing pussy.

"Faster please," Katie said around the dick in her mouth as Pat increased the speed of his finger fucking.

"Faster, faster, oh baby, faster," Katie said lifting her mouth off of Rick's cock and begging for release.

Katie's mouth dropped back onto Rick's cock as her orgasm built in her until finally, it washed over her like a wave breaking on the beach.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, huh, huh. Oh God!" Katie groaned as her vaginal fluid ran down on her husband's fingers and her body shook and convulsed around them. She stopped sucking Rick and laid her head in his lap and licked the base of his cock and balls as she murmured,

"Just the way you like it."

Just as quickly as his fingers were in her, they were gone.

"Why'd you stop?" Katie said, as she raised her head off Rick's lap and pouted.

"Because I just realized what Rick said earlier and what you just said" was Pat's reply as he stood up and grabbed Katie and Rick's clothes as he headed for the door.

"What did he say?" Katie asked, trying to pretend she didn't know.

"He said, he wanted you to suck his cock AGAIN,"

Pat said as he stopped in his tracks and looked at his wife, who still knelt on the floor with her hand around her "Best Friend's" cock.

"And YOU just said, "Just the way you like it." You two are having an affair, and that's why you have been acting so weird tonight. You got so drunk that you forgot I was here." Pat said to Katie as he continued towards the door.

Neither Katie nor Rick reacted to Pat's picking up their clothes until he actually stepped out the door into the parking lot. As the door closed behind him, Katie jumped to her feet and ran after him, not realizing that she was outside until Pat said,

"Shit Katie, are you going to fuck the world now? You do realize that you are naked, don't you? Hell, after 38 years of being married and you knowing that I had fantasies about doing a threesome and would have let you fuck anyone you wanted as long as I got to take part in it; you have to fucking cheat on me. Why?"

"It just happened! When we were at the convention last month, we got tipsy and he ended up in my room." Katie told Pat as tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Wait a minute. We Skyped after you got back to your room that night. You were naked while we were doing it and you were shaking your tits and even fingered yourself while I watched. Was your "Best Friend" in the room while you were doing that?" Pat asked as he realized what was really happening while they were talking that night.

"Yes, Rick was in the room while we were skyping. He was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed playing with his cock." Katie said quietly, as she looked at the ground in shame.

"And how many times have you two been together since then?" Pat asked through clenched teeth.

"Five times," She said.

"Shit, we've only had sex four times since you got back, because you kept telling me you were tired. Now I know why you were so tired, you've been fucking Rick," Pat said, shaking his head in disbelief at what his wife had been doing.

"Where are you going, Pat?" Katie asked as the cool night air chilled her nude body.

"I am going home, Katherine," Pat said to her as he reached their car, opened the door, got in and started the motor.

"I am coming with you!" Said Katie, as she reached for the passenger door and found it still locked.

"No, no you're not. You can go back inside and finish sucking your lover's cock. When you are done, you can go home with him, though I am not sure how you are going to drive to his house since I have both your clothes and his keys." Pat said.

"PAT!" Katie screamed as he drove out of the bar's parking lot and, probably, out of her life.

Rick came out of the bar with a tablecloth wrapped around himself and maneuvered naked Katie back inside. She was crying hysterically as he and James took her into the office and laid her down on the couch there. James pulled a blanket out of his bottom desk drawer and covered her up as she buried her face in a pillow and sobbed uncontrollably.

"Rick, you're a fucking asshole," James said as he stared at Katie.

"Hey, she is as responsible as I am for what happened," Rick fired back at him, suddenly angry.

"That may be so, but she is the one who is paying right now. Did Katie suggest that you meet again after you got back from your convention, or was that your idea?" James asked Rick.

Rick was quiet a second and then said, "It was my idea. I love the way she sucks cock."

"You need to get the fuck out of my bar, and don't come back," James said.

"How am I going to go anywhere? Pat took my clothes!" Rick said, getting angry again.

"Call a fucking cab!" James said stepping right up into Rick's face.

"I don't have any clothes or money and what about Katie?" Rick said as he retreated a step from James.

"Katie can stay here tonight and I will talk to Pat tomorrow and try and get him to come and talk to her. I'll pay for the cab and you can send me a check," Said James.

"What are you going to do, fuck her while she cries?" Rick asked him sarcastically.

If he hadn't blinked, he would have seen James' big left hand headed towards his jaw. As it was, he woke up in the parking lot as James and a cabbie tossed his tablecloth wrapped body into the backseat of the cab. He heard James tell the driver where to take him and the cabbie tell James that the twenty he was giving him was plenty enough to cover it and a tip. Then the cab's motor started and they were off to Rick's house. James walked back into his bar and locked the door behind him.

"KATIE!" James yelled as he walked into his office just in time to see Katie drag a bar knife up her left arm.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, SWEETIE?" He yelled at her as he saw blood flowing down her arm from her wrist to her elbow.

"Honey, this is not going to solve your problems!" James said as he slapped the knife out of her right hand and grabbed her left arm to put pressure on the pressure point in an effort to control the bleeding.

Katie slumped back on the couch as James grabbed the phone and dialed 911. The Paramedics were there in minutes, but had to break in because James had locked the door.

"Back here, in the office!" James yelled when he heard the medics calling to him.

They ran into the office and found James still keeping pressure on Katie's lacerated arm. Her naked body was covered in blood and they had to check her over to make sure the wound in her arm was all that was physically wrong with her. While they were stopping the bleeding and checking her over, James was explaining what had happened to the two cops who had responded with the paramedics.

"Do you have the husband's phone number?" One cop asked James as he was making notes.

"Yeah, and I have their address too," James replied.

"I'd like to ride with her to the hospital, if it's okay," James said as the paramedics rolled Katie out to the ambulance.

"What about your broken door?" One cop asked him.

"Fuck the broken door, I don't want her going alone," James said, wanting to protect Katie from further pain.

"I can back my car up to the door, pin it closed and lock my car up." He continued as he watched her loaded into the ambulance for the ride to the hospital.

"Yeah, go ahead, James," The senior officer said to him as they all walked out of the bar. "We'll go talk to the husband and tell him where she's being taken. Oh, and the next time you decide to have a sex party, how about calling me."

"Fuck you sarge," James said as he got into his car to block the door to his bar. "It didn't start off that way; it just got out of hand."

With the door blocked shut and his car locked up, James climbed into the ambulance, took Katie's hand, and they were off with lights falshing and sirens shattering the night.

"Mr. Harrison, are you in there?" The cop said in a loud voice as he pounded on the door to Katie and Pat's house.

The lights were on in the back of the house, but there was no response to the officer's calls into the house.

"I am going around back to see if anyone is here," The younger officer said as he headed to the side gate.

"Hey sarge!" The officer called from the back of the house, "This guy is passed out. He's lying face down on the floor and there is a really big cat that won't let me near him. It keeps hissing at me and stays between me and the homeowner."

"Holy shit, that's a big fucking cat," The sergeant said as he walked in the back door of the house. "It's got to weigh thirty pounds. Hey, open that can of food at see if he'll go eat."

"Here, kitty, come eat," The officer said as he put the bowl of food on the floor.

"Hey sarge, the fracking cat loves me now." The cop said as the cat rubbed up against his ankles and then went after the food.

"That's why I have a German Sheppard," The Sergeant said as he knelt by Pat's unmoving form lying on the floor.

"HEY BUDDY!" The cop said as he shook Pat by the shoulder. "Are you okay?" He said again.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house?" Pat slurred as he slowly came out of his alcohol induced stupor. "What do you want?" Pat said once his eyes focused on the police officer kneeling next to him.

"Your wife is in the hospital, she slit her arm open." The older cop said. "We're here to take you to the hospital to be with her."

"No, let her fucking boyfriend go sit with her. She's not my problem anymore."

Seeing Pat's Marine Corps sword on the wall, the cop said,

"James punched the Jodie-fuck out and tossed his ass in a cab to go home. He also rode to the hospital with your wife, Katie, that's her name, right"

Yeah, that's her name, Katerine." Pat said as the two officers helped him to his feet.

"Why did she have to go to the hospital, did Rick hurt her?" Pat asked, the fact that his wife was in trouble finally sinking in through the half-bottle of Tequila he had killed since arriving home and breaking his hand when he punched a hole in the wall.

"No, Pat," The younger cop said after looking at Pat's driver's license, "She slit her arm open from the elbow to the wrist, and lost a lot of blood. They'll probably make her stay in the hospital for a while. Do you want us to take you there? You are in no shape to drive."

"Yes, I can get a cab home when I need to." Pat said as the three men headed out the door.

"You'll have to ride in the backseat," The Sergeant said as he opened the door for Pat.

"Not the first time," Pat said with a bit of a laugh as the door closed behind him.

The ride to the hospital was a long twenty minutes and James was sitting in the ER waiting room when Pat walked in.

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