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I knew the day was going to become disorganized when hubby announced at breakfast that he had arranged with the swimming pool company to have someone out to service the pool filtration system. That means I would have to stand by to unlock and show them where the controls were. However, the thing that really ticked me off was his mention of a small party of business and customer associates he was going to invite over for an informal cocktail hour with an optional swim late this afternoon. Where does this guy get off. He goes off to work all day and leaves me home to take care of all these chores.

I had planned to visit my hair stylist this morning plus would have to cancel my bridge club at noon. This would make it difficult to make my afternoon schedule which was already full of necessary activities such as meeting with a group of the girls at the country club for an afternoon drink and to catch up on the activities of those who probably will not show up. Oh sure, hubby has contacted a caterer but he still expects me to be there to help host the function. I would not even have time to shop for a new outfit before the afternoon event.

The phone rings and sure enough it is the pool company and they are sending out two repair people around 10 AM. Right in the middle of my morning, of course, and on this really hot day it will really mess up my routine. I will be wasting my time while a couple of maintenance people fiddle around with the pump and filter system. Damn that husband of mine. I tell the pool place secretary to just have them walk around the north side of the house and enter the pool area through the gate, which I will unlock.

I really could not explain why but about an hour before the scheduled arrival of the filter checker people I continue to get extremely irritated at this situation and on the other hand I also feel an extreme need of some sexual release. It is hot and the lips on my pussy have swollen as I change into my very skimpy backyard two piece swimming suit. I begin to fantasize about the repair people. Will they be male or female? Old or young? It will be hot and humid by the time they get here thus will they be dressed in coveralls or lighter garments for the day. As I feel the tight narrow portion of the bathing suit slip between my pussy lips I reflect back to the young fellow who was painting the house last year. On several hot days he would just wear overalls with no undergarments. I know this for sure. I would track his movements as he worked around the house from the scaffolding and when he was working near a particular window I could give him a very good view of my tits or pussy or a combination as I invented house chores in various states of partial dress. I could then watch the front of the bibbies rise up. Also, if I timed it just right I could look down on him if he was working on the lower level and see his hairy pubic area and catch glimpses of this wonderful cock. I get more excited and my spirits start to rise as I plan for the uncertainty of the morning even though I will have to miss bridge club.

I move out to the patio and position my lounge chair for a good vantage point in a shady area under a wisteria-covered trellis. My day is starting to feel better already and now at a few minutes before ten I have set up to take care of this imposed arrangement. I notice my pussy has formed a wet spot in the crotch of my suit. What a bad deal if the pool folks prove to be two duds. It might be an elderly fat couple who are officers in the local community church. Oh well, I can always retreat to the cool inner parts of the house and use my battery powered toy to ease my morning arousal.

I barely open my book when I hear the familiar squeak of the gate that signals the pool people had arrived. The moment of truth is here, I thought, as the first worker with a tool box and extension cords holds the gate for what first appears to be a twenty foot unsupported vacuum pipe and sweep attachment. In a moment the other worker enters carrying the long tube with the hose wrapped around him and wheeling a small portable pump. Good God. These are both men and good looking. The one with the wrap around hose is younger but both most likely younger than me. They are healthy and dressed in loose fitting shorts, tennis shoes and tank tops obviously for the hot weather and not the potential dirty job. My mouth must have been stuck on open as the lead fellow smiles at me in a most friendly way, which I interpret as more than just a greeting. " Hi," he says ... "lets see if we can get this pool working. Where is the current breaker to the pumps and filter? We will take a test of the water so we know the temperature and pH."

My narrow swimsuit shifts into the groove between my swollen pussy lips exposing more of me as I swing a leg to the side toward them. Humm, pH, I puzzle, it is hot and I'm with as little cover as possible and the pubic hair I usually keep fairly confined but glancing down I did notice a fair amount had worked its way out the edge of the suit. The repairperson again asks for directions to the breaker box and pool controls as his eyes transfix on my only partially covered pussy. I'm starting to feel a lot better now as I point to the small door on the side of the garage. He continues in a helpful way to explain that pH means the acidic condition of the pool and that along with the temperature is critical for a successful activation and functioning of the system. I whispered something like "amen, I know to well". My temperature was up and my pH wet.

The other fellow, the hose man or should I call him nozzle man, has set up his pump and after the electrical service has been cut takes apart the filter. As he cleans the sludge type slime and hair out he glances over at me. I decide to change position and lay on my stomach with my legs parted so their view of my pussy which I now know is only half covered, is unobstructed. I could not resist and reach under myself and let my fingers work the nub of my clit. I could tell I was having some effect as the noise of their activities had nearly ceased. The only problem with this strategy was I could not see if I was having any effect on them. I needed to see if I had caused them to bulge their shorts or better yet perhaps one of their cocks might be visible at the leg opening.

I now knew it was time to take advantage of the situation. I took my sunscreen (baby oil for special places and locations) and held it out to my new admirers and asked them if they would like to put some on my back. They were very helpful and they rapidly move over and start the process. As they performed the task I could look right at that lovely tent that had formed in the front of each. I asked them to untied the small halter so as to apply an even coat. It was wonderful, with all four hands moving around on my bare back and most of the adjacent areas. Being very careful to do a complete job their hands were seeking places unoiled, which included the small patch of material covering part of my bottom. I did nothing to inhibit the thoroughness of the job. In fact as they leaned over to reach areas across my body I accidentally managed to brush my hands on each of their hardening cocks.

Jake wonders if anyone can see us and I assured him this was a totally secure area and we swim nude here often. The hose man has started the pool to test run the system and explains that they need to just watch it for a short while to make sure the filter is not leaking and the pH stabilizes. My pH is wet just like the one he is measuring. I invite them to have some ice tea which I had made earlier and perhaps they would like to finish the oil application on my front while they wait. They did not hesitate and seated themselves on each side of my recliner. I now turn on my back and pass Jake the oil. His eyes are fixed on my crotch and my halter has now slipped off exposing my tits. I smile at them and ask what they are waiting for? Jake, who has developed a sense of humor as well as a huge hard on says we should oil around the pussy area and it would be much easier if the suit were not in the way. I tell him to take it off then, if it will help. The hose man in the mean while has taken it upon himself to make sure my breasts have been evenly coated and repeatedly contours the globes with his palms. He uses his fingers to apply the smooth oil to each nipple. This is far better than bridge club or even the hairdresser.

I now have reached a high level of uncontrolled behavior as I reach out to the near by hose man and run my hand up his leg and into the opening of his shorts. Oh my gosh, what a tool this fellow has. I love the feel and tell him it needs to be free and he helps attain this by unzipping. As it springs out the fly it extends itself just inches from my mouth and I quickly clasp and place it where my lips can lick the pre cum. He was so thick I couldn't close my fingers together. I was merrily jacking him off and getting ready to suck him off completely when he suddenly shot a tremendous load right over my head. I frown and think big prick and short fuse, just my luck. His cum must have shot five feet away.

Meanwhile Jake was doing one hell of a good job on my labial area once he finally got the swimsuit removed. Using his fingers as carefully as a surgeon he oiled each lip, many times, carefully mixing the oil with my vaginal fluids. What a great slippery combination with his fingers gradually attains additional depth with each circuit. I was reaching a point of no return and moaning for greater participation by him. I grabbed the hem of his shorts and pulled him to where I could unzip and unbuckle to free his shaft. It sprang out in a most majestic way pointing slightly up toward the overhead trellis. I thought, another beauty, two in one day and this one is still loaded. I needed to make sure I could derive the full benefit before he went off. I stood up and pressed against his chest sharing the oil from my breasts. He then moved back and sat on the edge of the lounge chair and with a coordinated motion I was able to straddle him and with near perfect aim I felt his large cock slide right in. Wow was that nice, and as he started to work his shaft in and out I was getting ready to explode. Just then the hose man who had partially recovered approached from behind and with a new stiffness started to insert his member into my anal opening as he massaged my tits. It did not take but a few minutes before I came with force and as I clamped down on Jake he released his wonderful load into me.

What a morning and what a great feeling I was having. Both Jake and the hose man also seemed to be very pleased as they smiled and zipped up their shorts. They then moved over to check their gauges. They reported all was well and that the pH was perfect. Well, I knew that. I waved good bye and told them I would be pleased to have them repair my pool any day. They said to just request them and they could be here within an hour then noted they were on call 24/7.

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