tagNonConsent/ReluctancePost Game Rape

Post Game Rape

bySean Renaud©

"Call me when you get home!" Pam shouted back to her friends. Several of them were piling into the back of an old pick up truck, and a few more in the back of a van on their way back from the football game. They all promised her that they would call her as soon as they had gotten home which left her almost alone in the school parking lot.

The petite Asian pulled her gym back up against her c-cup chest and shivered slightly suddenly feeling the chilled night air on her bare thighs. Her ass was barely covered by the red and blue cheerleader skirt that made up the lower half of her uniform. The top, a form fitting strapless blue tube top that did nothing to conceal her tits was covered in a letterman jacket.

Pam pumped her thighs back and forth slowly trying to get a little warmth into her stems. "Where is she?" She looked at her bag where her blue pom-poms were half hanging out of the bag and her cell phone sat atop it all silent. Her sister had said she'd be there as soon as the game ended, but that had been nearly a half hour ago. The last of her friends had just abandoned her to return home leaving her standing in the parking lot of the Havenwood Mustangs waiting for her ride.

Only a handful of vehicles were still in the parking lot then, all of them belonging to the other team. Aside from the cars and a few stray insects hovering around the lights though Pam was completely alone, or so she thought. The first clue that her isolation had come to an end was the clatter of a soda can skittering along the concrete. It was closely followed by raucous laughter and howls.

Pam didn't need to turn to know who was coming around the corner but she did anyway. The only people still there were the Mustangs themselves. For a team that had just suffered a near shut out, a fifty four to seven defeat they certainly didn't seem to be in poor spirits. In fact from the shouting and the spring in their step you'd think that they had just won the championship or something.

Of course part of that happiness was undoubtedly attributed to the several bottles they were passing around between them. It was too far for Pam to be sure what they were drinking but it wasn't beer, not in bottles that big, or clear. Pam didn't drink at all, she had been fourteen the first and last time she'd drank. It had been New Years Eve and her older sister Kelly and her friends had descended on the house for a party. Her parents had gone away for the night, to this day Pam didn't understand why her parents had thought that New Years Eve was a good day to spend on the swings but it wasn't important. She wasn't sure why she even remembered that detail, she remembered so little else of that night. She remembered that she had pepperoni and pineapple pizza and that she'd been thirsty that night so she'd asked for a Sprite. One of the boys had brought her a Dixie cup of Sprite but of course the tiny paper cup didn't quench her thirst. Nor did the seven she could remember drinking after that. By the time Kelly had stumbled over her sister, literally she tripped over Pam's prone corpse, it was the middle of the morning. Well not corpse obviously as she was still alive but she was kinda wishing she wasn't right then as the pineapple chunks and pepperoni slices plotted a third tummy break. Like the three previous attempts and countless latter schemes this one was successful. It was set apart from the others because some of the yellow fruits hitched a ride on Kelly's shoes. She'd spent the entire next day trying to turn down the sun and quiet the war going on downstairs. Her first drinking experience had also become her last.

Pam found herself scooting further into to the light, her formerly white tennis shoes slightly green with grass stains. She could almost feel the light on her skin and it felt . . . safe. That was the best word for it. It was probably the worse thing she could have done. If she'd stayed still, partially in the shadows there was a chance that the intoxicated athletes would have walked right past her, and never seen her. By stepping into the light she might as well have painted a bull's eye on her impressive chest.

'Holy shit looks like somebody got left behind." One of them shouted. She recognized him as Tyrone Smith, he was one of the line backers. He was over six feet tall and he seemed as wide as he was tall though some of that was the shoulder pads beneath his silver edged black jersey. Some of it wasn't however as his belly stretched the lower half of the jersey pulling it out from the lower half of the uniform. Even in the light he was dark, even for a black man he was dark almost blue or purple but in the night he was nearly invisible. Only his eyes and teeth were clearly visible. "They left behind a little cheer slut."

"No nonono, they left behind the cheer slut!" Another man said trotting to the front with a beer bottle in hand. He turned the brown bottled to his lips and stepped closer to her moving to sandwich her between himself and the other perhaps twenty members of his team. "This bitch right here is Pam." She didn't recognize him until he turned his back on her for a moment but then she knew exactly who he was. Crow, his name was Jet Crow. Really, his parents had thought it was neat, basically naming him "black" crow but when he'd become a varsity wide receiver his freshmen year it became obvious that Jet was really a comment on his speed not the color of his skin, which was also black. It was a delicious chocolate brown Black war stripes were painted beneath each eye.

It was obvious after a moment that the other didn't really know who they were looking at it. "You've got to be fucking kidding me my brothers. You don't know Pam? Little sister of Kinky fucking Kelly? The girl who would do anything for a cock?" Several grunts and groans made it obvious that the name Kelly was legendary. "I bet Pam here is just like her fucking slutty sister. You want some fucking black snake?" He taunted grabbing his crotch and suggestively pumping his hips towards her.

"No." Pam responded backing away as the slender black man stalked towards her. Her heart started to race, preparing to flee even though she knew there was no escape. She nearly leaped into the air when she felt a massive hand palm her bare rear.

"This slut ain't got no panties!" Pam spun around and away from Tyrone's grasp. She didn't want to admit it, but the feeling of his rough hands on her smooth rear sent a jolt the length of her spine. It was a pleasant jolt, one that started her tight cunt moistening.

"No shit?" Jet slipped his arms beneath hers, lacing his fingers behind her head and locking her into a full nelson. "Lets see that pussy!" Pam kicked her legs trying to catch Tyrone in the balls, or in the jaw. Both were equally good targets as Jet lifted her up. She failed to connect with either. Tyrone snagged one of her legs and lifted it up letting her skirt fall out of the way revealing her puss.

She wasn't wearing panties, she never wore any when she was out cheerleading. Kelly had convinced Pam that wearing panties when you cheered would make it harder to perform and that the cool air would keep her from overheating. She shaved down there as well, a thin stripe of black hair drawn above the narrow slit between her thighs. "Let me go!" Pam screamed flailing around against her attackers.

Her reward was a slap to the face that snapped her head to the side. Pam was instantly aware of the hand print, the hot flesh rising on her cheek as equally hot tears welled in her eyes. "Shut the fuck up Pam. I know you, you're just like your sister. The louder you scream the more you fucking want it. You're just another slut like she was." Tyrone growled and then backhanded her. She started to open her mouth again but he raised his hand threatening to cuff her yet again so Pam bit down on her lip letting out only a desperate whimper. "That's what I fucking thought." The crowd gathered around her. "You know what Pam I'll make you a deal are you listening?" The raven haired girl nodded her head. "Prove me wrong, if you're not a fucking piece of shit whore like your sister you won't be wet and we'll just let you go isn't that right boys?" There were several approving grunts.

Pam grit her fingers as Tyrone forced a pair of fingers into her hole. He was right, she was Kelly's sister and her body was already betraying her. Beneath the jacket and wrapped in the skin tight fabric her nipples were starting to harden into points. "Stop it." She whispered feeling her face flush red this time from embarrassment more than the stinging handprints on either side of her face.

"Stop it?" Tyrone mocked jamming a second finger into her slit. "I told you I'd stop if you were a whore like your sister, but you are! He pulled his finger out of her and paraded it around the crowd letting the rest of the team get a sniff of her cunt. "Ya'll smell that? That's genuine pussy juice!" They roared their approval ad started crowding around her tighter. "You wanna suck my big black dick?" It was Tyrone again clutching his groin.

"No! I don't do that!" Pam whimpered.

"You won't suck my dick?" Tyrone smiled. "How bout I make you a deal?" She looked at him and nodded her head as much as Jet's grip would allow her too. "If you can go for five minutes without begging to suck a cock I'll let you go. That sound fair?" Pam wasn't stupid, she knew it was some kind of trap what option did she have? It was close to two dozen men, surrounding her and even if she could get out of the circle they were all bigger, stronger and perhaps most important to her running away faster than her! She choked back a fresh set of tears and nodded. "Let her go."

Jet released Pam and took a step back from her. Pam spun around slowly finally getting a solid look at the unruly gang surrounding her. The team was mostly made up of black men, though there were a handful of whites and even a few Latinos in the mass. Up close she recognized the liquor bottles, a detail she would later wonder why she recalled. It was probably just like she remembered that Kelly's toes had been painted alternating green and red with stars of the opposite color when Pam had puked on them. There were seven bottles passed between the men, three of them were bottles of rum, two of them whiskey and the last two tequila. As soon as she'd finished taking in those details another one became obvious to her. Nobody had touched her, they were just drinking.

An evil smile spread across Tyrone's face as for a moment before he lunged forward driving his shoulder into her cut and lifting her up onto his shoulder. "C'mon guys don't be shy free licks!" Pam shrieked before the first blow landed on her unprotected buttocks. One after another the huge paddle like hands landed down on her rump turning her flesh bright red within seconds. Pam wriggled and kicked her feet but the team didn't seem to mind, either avoiding her legs or holding them down as they continued the abuse that she'd still remember whenever she sat for the next week.

Less than a minute later she was an uncontrolable bag of sobs and Tyrone held up a hand pausing the continued swats for a moment. "You ready to suck dick now?"

"YES!!!" Pam sobbed.

"Beg bitch."

Pam hesitated long enough for one blow to land on her super sensitive ass and then she gave in. "Please give me cock! Let me suck you, Tyrone, Jet, all of you. I want to suck all your dicks one after another! Let me swallow your cum please!"

"Well that's not good enough any more. Can we shove a beer bottle in you while you suck?" Pam's eyes widened with fear.

"Please no."

Tyrone shook his head sadly but the truth was that he wasn't sad. The smile on his face made it obvious that he'd gotten what he wanted. "Yo, get her top off I wanna see these titties." Tyrone had barely finished speaking when several hands gripped the bottom of her top and started yanking. They could easily have unzipped the jacket, for a second it was like they were playing tug of war with her head as it refused to pass through the jacket's neck until one final tug sent Jet and several other team members stumbling back into the crowd with her top leaving Pam in just a bra and skirt.

It had been obvious during the game that Pam had a great set of tits, but freed of the jacket and shirt they were quickly rewarded with gasps and lewd comments of how they'd love to suck those titties, or how great they'd look when she was riding a cock, or how he was going to enjoy wrapping them around his cock or dumping a hot load of cum on them. Pam pressed her thighs together trying to deny the warmth spreading from them as the men made such lewd comments about her body. The bra only stayed on her a few more seconds though as one of the men ripped that from her as well and then Tyrone tossed her down on the pavement.

Pam grunted as she was pulled back to her knees, her arms both wrenched painfully behind her back and tied in place though she didn't know with what. Her hair was used to wrench her head back. "We'll stop when you beg for to fuck a bottle." Tyrone explained then stepped back.

Several of the boys had broken branches off one of the nearby trees and were walking back towards her. For a moment Pam wasn't afraid, she couldn't figure out what to be afraid of until she heard the first switch whistle through the air and pop her nipple raising a welt on her flesh, there was a second and a third as the boys took turns whacking at her breasts with the narrow pieces of wood laying down bright red crisscrosses.

"Please please stop!" The gratification was almost immediate, instead of the white hot pain flares of switches on her tits there was the dull hot sensation of her breasts pulsing with each beat of her heart. "I want to fuck a beer bottle while I suck dicks. While I suck all of your dicks! Please don't hurt me anymore."

"Prove it." Tyrone said snatching a half empty beer bottle and pouring the rest of it over her head. "Let her go." Pam didn't move as the warm foul liquid poured over her head plastering her hair to her skull. She was perfectly still until he handed her the bottle. "Might want to spit on it, get it lubed up a bit before you try to stuff it in there!" Tyrone laughed. "Might want to practice that cock sucking too." He laughed dropping the bottle.

Pam barely caught the bottle in her hands and she followed his advice. First spitting on the bottle then licking it from root to tip over and over again until the glass glistened with a coating of her saliva. Here eyes slide shut trying her best to ignore the crowd gathered around her. It might have been possible if they weren't all chanting around her. Look at that cunt! She's gonna fuck the bottle! Worthless cunt! Pam had to listen to the men around her talking about what a whore she was as she took the smooth glass as pressed it to her cunt. She bit down on her lower lip muffling her moans as the hard glass parted her lips and pushed into her cunt. Pam's whimpers grew louder as she managed to force the cold glass neck into her cunt. "Cock." Pam bit down on her lower lip then opened her eyes looking around at the gathered men. "Please let me suck a cock, please!"

"I'm sorry Pam. I meant you should have a bottle in your ass while you suck. Boys." The men holding the switches stepped forward.

"Please no! I'll put it in my ass!" She pulled the bottle from her cunt and scooted her hips forward slightly pushing the opening of the bottle against her virginal anus. She'd never had anything in her ass before not the vibrator she'd stolen from Pam, not her hairbrush, not even a finger had ever been in her ass.

Pam winced slightly as she felt the asphalt dig into her knees as she lifted braced herself and started lowering her body onto the glass. Her teeth grit as she felt her sphincter fight against the invasion but she kept pushing down using her weight until the ring of muscle gave way. "Ahhhhhhhhh" She hissed as the lip of the bottle forced its way into her rectum then farther. "Cock."

"What's that cunt?" Tyrone asked stepping closer to her.

"Cock." She repeated opening her mouth and sitting down a little farther on the bottle until the neck had vanished completely inside of her. Pam's hand was on her clit, rubbing it back and forth against her clit, pumping her hips back and forth against the bottle driving it a little deeper into her each time.

"All right all right can we get a dick for this slut?" A few men stepped forward tugging his pants far enough to fish his cock out and waggle it around in front of her face.

"Don't call me a slut." Pam whimpered as she stared at the cock. She'd only seen one cock before in her life and she'd never sucked one, in fact the idea of having one in her mouth disgusted her. At the same time she could feel her cunt moistening at the thought of performing such a degrading act. She felt her salivating at the idea of actual cum pouring down her throat.

"What should we call you? Tramp? Whore? Harlot? Skank?" Pam sobbed. The warmth flooding her pussy ignited as Tyrone listed off the things that could describe her. Finally she nodded. Then she opened her mouth and leaned forward accepting her first cock into her mouth.

The man who'd stepped forward tasted faintly of sweat and dried piss. Pam brought one hand up to rest on his thigh, the other gently wrapping around his cock, her petite grip not quite able to encircle the mass of flesh she was faced with. "Fuck her skull! Fuck her skull!"

The chant grew louder and louder until the man she was sucking reached down twisting his fingers into her hair and jerking her forward ramming his dick down her throat. Pam couldn't protest she could only sputter, spiting up a mouthful of saliva as she gagged. He didn't care about her though and the dark flesh was rammed back into her throat again sending an explosion her spit out onto his scrotum and partially covering her chin. A third thrust and she felt her stomach threatening to heave but he continued to assault her throat faster and faster.

Pam got the hang of it after a few minutes, thrusting her tongue out as far as possible, breathing through her nose, relaxing her throat to accept him with as little gagging as possible. She was still choking each time he pushed down, tears started running from her reddened eyes. Pam kept sucking, slurping, stroking his cock until she felt his cock expand in her throat and felt his cum float into her throat.

The cock in her mouth was pulled away but Pam barely noticed as she focused on her fingers, plunging them in and out of her cunt. She rocked her hips violently sinking the glass bottle in father than before, stretching her anus until the bottle of the bottle started slip into her rectum along with the three fingers in her cunt. There was a new cock in her mouth but she hardly noticed, bobbing her head up and down by reflex. A fourth finger found its way into her pussy churning her juices around.

She whined as her stomach tightened, her cunt muscles clenching down around her clit. Her juices started flowing down coating her fingers down to her wrist. Pam kept slurping and sucking feeding from the cocks bringing one more off before her own orgasm crashed into her body.

"No more." She whispered as her own orgasm waned and she realized she'd only gotten two of men off and still at least twenty were standing around her in the abandoned parking lot. She had another between her lips when the sound of an approaching vehicle changed the action.

"You keep quiet and keep sucking." Tyrone growled stepping towards the front of the crowd as a white Civic pulled into the parking lot temporarily blinding everyone.

"Hey have any of you seen my sister?"

Tyrone smiled as he recognized the driver of the Civic. The legendary Kelly herself pulled into a nearby space and stepped out of the car. At twenty years she was nearly two years older than anybody else in the parking lot not that her outfit gave any hint of that. Starting at her head she was wearing pink spaghetti stop that ended just beneath her smallish breasts, at least six inches over her navel. Her jeans were of the low cut popular with her age and leaving little question as to her lack of undergarments. The question was clearly answered by the black thong that extended higher than the painted on blue denim that flowed into a pair of calf high fur boots.

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