tagInterracial LovePreparing Beth for Black

Preparing Beth for Black


I have a beautiful girlfriend.

Beth is probably about 5'4, 5'5, pale, smooth skin, the perfect body for a shy eighteen year old girl; thin with a little baby fat. Black hair, gothed up overdone eye shadow. The shirts she wore always showed off her perky b cups, either torn and revealing a bit of the bra or the neck was wide enough to show the strap.

I love the way she smiles at me, without saying a word, just watching. I love the way she shuts her big, grey eyes tight as I push inside her; the way her glossed lips part to let a cry out.

We've been together for a year; each the others first sexual experience. We couldn't get enough of learning and teaching each other new things our friends told us, we read about online, or saw in a porno.

The porno she reacted to the most, which got her the most wet and made her nearly cum every time we watched, featured a monstrous, rugged black guy and a girl that looked a lot like her. We found that video on a foreign site, the video was shot from a handheld camera. These weren't actors and from the way he fucked the girl, I doubt they paid her enough.

The black guy's cock was huge. Using mine to compare it to, well, Beth can wrap one hand around my entire cock, the girl on the film couldn't touch her fingers when gripping his shaft. And she used to hands to stroke him.

That video became her favorite, but she was always to shy to request it. I got jealous, knowing that I could never compare to that black guy, and chose not to watch it for a while, when one night she actually requested it.

"Could we, uh, watch that foreign video, tonight?"

She was fingering herself under the sheets, staring innocently at me.

"You want to fuck that black guy, don't you?"

She could tell I was hurt and I was.

"No, baby. It's just a video. We haven't seen it for a while."

She nestled her head into my chest, pulling her naked body against mine.


That was a month ago. The interracial snuff film became a regular viewing and our playful fantasizing was heavily influenced. It started with pretending she just got pounded by the black guy, was shaking and out of breath, and I got sloppy seconds. This was exciting for a while, until I introduced a new element that brought our fantasy a step closer to reality.

A large, black dildo.

I was trembling when I bought it. I drove for an hour out of my way to go to a porn shop where I was sure I wouldn't run into anyone I recognized. Even though I did this, I was still nervous about buying it. I was a little angry that she secretly wanted to try this, potentially preferring a black guy's cock over my skinny five inches, so I figured I'd want to get something to hurt her a little.

I bought the thickest dildo I could find. I could barely fit my hand around it and it was advertised as being nine inches long. It was massive.

I called her that night and told her I had a big surprise for her. It was spring break and she was off for the week, so she came over.

When I got her in bed, I blind folded her. I entered her and pounded away - she knew something was up and really got into it, crying a little louder than usual. She never made a lot of noise, mostly whimpers and quiet yelps, mostly because of the neighbors or out of practice from hiding our actions from parents. Before I came - it took everything I had to hold on - I pulled out and kissed her, telling her to wait a moment.

I got up from the bed, my cock was dripping from her wet pussy, and took the dildo out of the bag. For a moment, knowing she couldn't see, I compared it to my erect cock and it put mine to shame. Almost twice the length and width.

I snuck back under the covers, slathered the giant cock with lubricant, and pressed the tip of it against her tiny vagina.

"What's that!" she jerked up. She didn't try to remove the blindfolds or kick me away, she was just very surprised.

I didn't reply, just pressed the head against her tiny, pink pussy lips. Looking at how this beastly black head, how wide it was, contrasted her thin, tight pussy, I didn -(TM)t know if it would fit. But lust and a little bit of spite fueled my determination to make it fit.

She cooed a little, pressing her little pussy against it, not to take it in, but kind of to identify what it was. I slid the length of the shaft against her clit, explaining exactly how thick and long this monster was to her pussy.

"You're crazy," she said, finally removing the blind folds, looking down at me, "that thing is too big."

"You don't need to fuck all of it. Just the head."

Her pretty grey eyes stared at me, innocent and a little frightened. She trusted me, but I think she was still afraid I might hurt her.

"Pretend it's the guy from the video video. I just finished fucking you and he's here to finish you off."

"But you didn't finish fucking me. I want you," she pouted back at me.

With that, without replying, I pushed the very tip of the head into her pussy. She instantly threw her head back, clenched her fists, and almost arched her back off the bed. I pushed again and again her body buckled against it.

"It hurts!" she hissed between gritted teeth. She was sweating. It streamed down her neck and onto her soft breasts.

I climbed up her, my hand still threatening to shove the giant black cock into her, and kissed the sweat, suckling on her small nipples. I bite her lightly and moved my mouth up her neck, next to her ear.

"He doesn't care," I said, pushing more of the head into her. Her hands came up to grip my arm, her fingernails biting into my skin. "He wants to fuck this little goth girl. Make her his."

She must have responded to that thought, imagining that huge, muscular black guy holding her down, his powerful shaft pressing hard into her, because she became suddenly wet and the whole head slipped in with one push.

She cried out, louder than she ever had before, much louder than I ever caused her to cry. Pissed and turned on, I began bobbing the head in a little deeper, but not much - I never realized how tight she actually was.

I jerked it in and out of her, fast but shallow strokes. She was on fire; I'd never seen her like this. She went from gritting her teeth to moaning. One moment she grabbed my arm, the next she reached for her own breast, to pinch her a tiny pink nipple.

Harder, faster, but never deeper, I plunged it into her and she bucked.

"Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop." She pleaded. She'd never been like this before, I didn't know how to feel, but my cock was raging away. I kept pushing the head in a little deeper, then pulling it back, jabbing her quaking little pussy with a thick black tool.

Finally, she began to quiver little convulsions... she was about to cum. She never came before. We'd been together for a year, fucking for half that time, and she never came once. But it was as if I didn't have control of the dildo any longer. I had to fuck her with that black cock, had to violate her tight eighteen year pussy with that giant veiny shaft. I had to keep pushing and pulling, watching the girl I loved get ready for her first orgasm.

She opened her eyes, starred into mine, and opened her mouth for a silent scream. Eventually the scream did come and I had to take my other hand to cover her mouth. Her body tensed and strained as the orgasm crashed over her and she screamed into my hand.

I kept pumping.

As it crested she bit down on my hand. The pain inspired me to pump harder, push a little deeper.

I kept pumping.

She had tears in her eyes now and her arms around me. Her legs twisted, trying to squeeze my arm away, but I ignored them.

I kept pumping.

"Please. Stop. Please." She gasped over my hand.

"Do you want me to pull it out?"

"Carefully. Oh my god, you have to be careful. It's gonna kill me." She laughed a little.

I didn't. I was hurt.

After pulling it out slowly, to which she tensed once more and reacted to with a painful squeal, she wrapped her arms around me.

"I want to feel you now," she said to me. "I want to feel my man inside me. Cum inside me."

My cock harder than ever, I hesitated only a moment, then mounted her. Her pussy was not only wetter than I ever felt it, but it felt a little different. Not much, but it did feel stretched. I thrust my cock in all the way.

Her pussy was soaked. I felt her cum spill past my cock and onto my balls. She stared up into my eyes, mouthing the words "I love you" with her sexiest pouty look.

I still made her cry out a little, because my cock was pressing deeper than I pushed the dildo. Not deeper than I could push the dildo, just deeper than I pushed it tonight.

I was afraid to think what it would feel like if I didn't stop. What if that monstrous guy from the film actually fucked her, he wouldn't have stopped - then what would she feel like.

I erupted inside her, realizing, if she were ever to be fucked by a real black guy, he wouldn't have stopped so soon, nor held back as much. He would have pounded and pounded my beloved little goth girl til she could probably not feel my cock anymore.

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