tagInterracial LovePrice of Bad Debt Ch. 04

Price of Bad Debt Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Second Appointment, First Real Client

Then on Tuesday morning after the family had departed and as she was cleaning up the kitchen, the telephone rang.

"Hello," she replied without even thinking.

"Good morning Janet. Jackson here. I told you I would give you good warning so you can make up a good excuse for being gone. I have a client who you will meet at the downtown Hilton at 10:30 on Thursday. His name is Tyrone Thomas. He will have a table reserved at the restaurant and will treat you to a light brunch before you adjourn to his hotel room where you will treat him to what ever his heart desires. Mr. Thomas is a very important client of mine and I expect him to sign a sizeable contract with my company before he leaves town. You are to ensure that he signs that contract. If you perform well I will see that a debit is made to your account. In fact if you perform like you did for Ron and me last week, I suspect you may earn a sizeable tip. Do you understand what is expected of you?" he asked?

Shivers ran down her spine and she felt weak in the knees. It was all she could do to answer him, but softly she replied, "Yes, I will be there."

Then, he asked "Have you followed my instructions from last week?" "What do you mean?" Janet replied.

"Have you stopped taking your birth control pills?"

Again hesitating with her reply, she finally responded, "Yes, I have not taken any since last week. Please, you don't really expect me to leave myself un protected do you?"

"I told you last week that you could buy some strong douche, but no, you are not to have any other form of birth protection. I told Mr. Thomas that you would be a married white wife who was no longer protected and he was very pleased. Also have you ever gone Greek?" He asked?

"What do you mean Greek?" Janet stammered.

"I mean have you ever had anal intercourse?" he fairly shouted at her over the phone."

"Oh, god no, that is so dirty! I haven't even considered doing that with Rich." What she didn't say is that on several occasions Rich had actually tried to get her to let him do it in her bottom.

"Well you better be prepared because I know Mr. Thomas takes a fancy to that and once I tell him you are a virgin I am sure he will take great pleasure in breaking you in" he laughed. "Oh, one last thing, I want you to shed your fur coat."

"What do you mean?" Janet asked.

"I want you to either shave your pussy hair off or go some where and have it removed. My customers like the baby smooth feel" he said.

"Now I suggest that you make up a good story so your husband will not get suspicious. Mr. Thomas knows to ensure that you are on your way home by 2:30 so you are home and recovered before your family gets home. Oh, you should be delighted to hear, Mr. Thomas is very well endowed, and I understand he can please the ladies beyond compare. I expect you will enjoy it despite your feelings. Good day."

As she hung up, Janet slipped to the floor and sat there just staring across the room. It was true! She was now just a prostitute and arrangements had just been made for her first paying customer. She could feel her entire body shaking, but was it in fear or in anticipation of the potential that she would again feel the pleasures she had experienced last week. What would Mr. Thomas be like? Would he really try to have anal sex with her? What would she tell her husband when he found she had shaved her pussy hair? Quickly she wiped that thought from her brain as it was just too much to deal with. From his name and the way Mr. Jackson talked, he must certainly be black. Could she really go through with this meeting? Yes, she knew she must for she couldn't let Rich ever see those tapes of her last week with Mr. Baker or let him know of the mess she had gotten them into. Wasn't this business arrangement away for her to solver her financial problems?

Recovering finally from the shock, Janet realized she had things to do. She needed to visit a drugstore away from their home and buy a supply of strong douche. What kind did working lady use, she wondered.

Time seemed to stand still for the next two days. It was all she could do to not think constantly of what awaited her at the Hilton on Thursday. Wednesday night at supper she told Rich that she was going out on Thursday with some of her friends for lunch and shopping. She had actually already been shopping but had hid the packages in the guestroom closet so that she could pull them out on her return home on Thursday. If the afternoon turned out like she expected, she knew she would not have the time or energy to do any shopping on Thursday.

Thursday morning finally arrived. After getting the family off, Janet took a warm soothing bath. She did not know why but she felt like she did when she was a high school sophomore getting ready for her first big date. She picked out new matching bra and panty set and again put on thigh high nylons. Then picking a nice but conservative church dress she looked at herself in the mirror. "So this is what a working whore looks like, she said to herself.

The drive downtown was uneventful, after last week she knew right where she was going. Butterflies were still present in her stomach, but was this form fear or in anticipation. Parking the car in the garage underneath the Hilton she took the elevator to the main floor and proceeded to the restaurant. As it was only mid-morning there were not many customers present. Upon being greeted by the Hostess she told him that she was there to meet Mr. Thomas.

"Please follow me, he is waiting for you at his table," replied the Hostess as she led Janet to the same back corner of the dining room as she had been seated in with Mr. Baker.

As they approached the table, Janet immediately realized that Mr. Tyrone Thomas was a very big man, a very big black man. Seeing her arrive, Mr. Thomas rose and extended his hand to her.

"Janet, so nice to meet you," he said, "please have a seat," as he indicated the chair to his right rather then the normal seat across the table from him.

Janet quickly realized that this placed her very near to him with their backs to any other customers who might enter the dining room. However, with the plants and other decor in the room they really were very private. This had to be intentional she was sure. The table was also already filled with a number of dishes so it was clear they would not be disturbed

It was almost immediately after sitting down that Janet felt Mr. Thomas' large hand descend upon her left thigh. Without any effort it seemed he had raised her skirt so that in fact his hand was on her bare thigh gently stroking her. A chill ran down her spine whether in fear or in anticipation she did not know. What she knew for sure was that she was helpless to stop his erotic advances.

"Janet, you are certainly a lovely creature, I am sure today is going to be a fantastic experience. Please call me Ty," he commented. "Go ahead and help

yourself, I don't know about you but I am famished. Would you like some coffee, do you like it black or with cream?" he asked?

Janet softly replied, "Black please," as she helped herself to some fruit.

As he poured her he gave her a wink and gently squeezed her upper thigh. "I knew you would be a black only," he replied.

The conversation throughout the meal was actually very pleasant though Janet could feel his hand constantly moving closer to the junction between her legs. She could tell that she was already getting wet in what she now realized was anticipation not fear. It was not long before his finger was inserting itself beyond her panties and was rubbing her clit which responded by immediately becoming erect, almost like it was she who had a penis.

Where a week ago with Mr. Baker, Janet had dreaded every moment and was not sure if she would go with him to his room, now it was clear to her now that she was looking forward to the privacy of Mr. Thomas' room.

However, Ty seemed in no immediate hurry as he continued to feast on the more then ample food. His hand was now continuing to stimulate Janet to the point that she was no longer able to concentrate on eating.

Just when Janet thought his manipulations were going to bring her to a welcome climax he stopped and with drew his hand. Janet felt at a loss, why was he stopping? She needed the release.

"I think it is time you felt what I have in store for you this afternoon" he said. Taking a hold of her hand he maneuvered it under the table and placed it into his lap.

Janet could not help but be surprised by the feel of the enormous monster that was in his pants. She could not believe it was really his manhood, it had to be even larger then Mr. Jackson's and she didn't think they could come any larger.

"So do you like what you feel?" he asked as he smiled down at her. "I usually have to take my time with new girls till they get accustomed to my size, but I never have any complaints afterwards."

"Ah, I don't know if I can handle anyone as big as you are." Janet stammered. Food was no longer on her mind; she realized she wanted to see how big he really was. "Can we go up to your room; I don't think I can wait much longer." She quietly said to him. Janet couldn't believe she was had actually said those words. She was now anxiously looking forward to servicing he first client, or should she call him a "JOHN"?

Ty was quick to pick up on the changed mood of Janet. "Certainly, my dear," he responded, "I am sure I am going to enjoy the desert I intend to have up in my room."

His response left little doubt on what he intended to do to her, sending another wave of chill through her body. Rising from the table as he gave her a hand, Janet walked with an air of confidence she had not previously had as they made their way to the elevators. Ty placed his arm around her and as if signaling to all around that she was his woman he let his hand rest or her right buttock.

Once they we in the elevator he continued to rub her bottom and turning her towards him bent down to give her a warm kiss. Tilting her head back she eagerly accepted his lips and when his tongue pushed between her lips she hungrily socked on it. Janet did not even flinch as the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and a family of five, mother father and three young girls stepped in beside them. Gone was her care for what others may think of her. Her thoughts were now just on the anticipated activities she knew awaited her when they got to Ty's room.

When the elevator arrived at their floor, Janet and Ty walked down the hall to the exact same room that Janet has spent the afternoon in last week. Again, Janet was filled with apprehension, however today it seemed of a different type. Was she actually looking forward to the afternoon's activities? Little was she to know but over the next few months she would visit this same room very frequently and in fact get to know the feel of the big king sized bed with a man on it pumping her full of his sperm better then her own martial bed.

Upon entering Ty again gave her a long kiss and patting her on the ass said,

"why don't you just go ahead and undress for me?" as he sat down in the large easy chair.

This was it, here she was a prostitute, no a whore about to undress for her first client. Then moving somewhat stiffly, she went to take took her heels off.

Ty, however stopped her by saying, "No wait, save those for last, I love to see a beautiful naked lady in just her heels."

Following his directions, Janet began to strip while he sat watching her. She kept looking at him, not sure what emotions she felt. As she unzipped her dress and let it fall from her body a cold shiver ran down her spine. But the shiver was not from the cold as the room was pleasantly warm and Janet knew she was actually quite hot. Then she reached behind to unhook her brassiere and dropped it on top of the dress by the bed. She then slowly slid her matching panties down and stepped out of them leaving her in just her thigh high nylons and heels. Janet thought his gaze was the most intense she had ever felt as he looked at her bare, bald pussy from less than three feet away, and let out a low rumbling wolf whistle.

"Damn baby!" His voice was filled with respect, and adoration, but hardly raised above a whisper. "That's what I call eaten pussy."

Ty saw that the nipples of her breasts were puckered tightly and that her face was flushed as she stood facing him waiting for his next move.

Janet realized what she was doing was evil and ugly, but she could not do anything to stop it or to stop the yearning that she had for what she was about to do. No matter what her church up bringing was, she knew deep inside this was what she was meant to be, a whore, a working whore serving men, especially big black men. As much as she might later try to erase the images from her mind afterward, each tiny detail of the next few hours would be burned into her mind like an EPROM in a computer.

Ty then rose and began to strip. He wasted no time getting out of his shirt, and pants shedding his shoes in the process. When he was down to his silk black boxers Janet was already panting. Then turning away he lowered his shorts letting them puddle to the floor before turning to give her more than an eye full of his equipment. Once was down to his under shorts, he sat on the end of the bed close to her. He had an athletic build, with thick muscles and his long black cock could be seen poking through his shorts.

"You have such a beautiful body," he smiled at her. "I suspect that you are a little nervous right now though, but there's no need. Mr. Jackson told me this was your first time. But, there always has to be a first time and I am sure you are going to enjoy the afternoon. Now why don't you just lie back and relax and we'll get to know each other a little better, okay?

She sat down beside him for a moment, and then she let herself lean back to stretch out on the large bed. As boldly and easily as if he'd known her all his life, he sat and ran one hand up the inside of Janet's leg. She shuddered.

Ty kept stroking her leg and talking to her, then after a minute or so, she lifted one knee a little bit and let her legs open more. He grinned even wider and cupped his hand over her pubic mount. He began working his finger in her and she stiffened a little, closing her eyes. He kept fingering her and after a while Janet sighed.

There now," he said softly, "I believe you are getting nice and wet now. I guess I should let you see the rest of me." Then turning away he lowered his shorts letting them puddle to the floor before turning to give her more than an eye full of his equipment. Janet stared open mouthed, and had the stupidest expression on her face as drool formed around her lips at the sight of his onyx monolith. And it was only at half-mast at that.

He then got up onto the bed and knelt between her legs, his penis now completely erect. Continuing to play with her, he didn't lie down on her immediately but knelt there, showing her his hard-on with sly patience until she stared nervously at the thick length and the swollen, purplish black head that was about to be thrust into her.

"It isn't going to bite you, Sweetheart" he chuckled. He took her hand, put it on his cock and held it there. "It's okay. Get acquainted with it some."

Janet felt embarrassed and miserable but she still grasped that rigid, wicked looking thing when he took his hand away. She could hardly get her fingers around it. "Go on," he prompted and she hesitantly stroked it. "You can do it better than that," he chided. Wetting her palm with her tongue she grasped it again and took longer strokes.

In retrospect Janet supposed it was just the shock of seeing her first uncircumcised penis that made it look so huge, but the damn thing was bigger than any cock she'd ever seen in her life, and lived up to the legend, and then some. Not quite as long as her forearm, or as thick as her wrist by any stretch of the imagination, but it was damn near three times bigger than her husband's small penis, and probably half again as big as Mr. Jackson's.

"That's the way," Ty said in a soft, purring tone, "get it nice and hard for us." It seemed weird to Janet the way his foreskin reacted when she pulled down along the length of his shaft as if she were peeling it away from the deep purple/black headed treasure knob underneath. Her eyes already wide as she held him went wider still. Her face drew closer and closer with each passing second. Her tongue came out, and she took a swipe at the uncovered head to taste it, and then pulled back sharply after realizing what she had just done. All of her sensibilities exploding into nova dots that flashed before her eyes. And suddenly she had the whole head of his cock in her mouth, and headed half way down my throat.

She had to use both of her hands around the shaft as she sucked on it to keep from gagging, but by then Ty had lifted her up, and turned her inverted so that she was squatting over his face. Just the touch of his tongue rasping against her clit set off another explosion, this time multiple mini orgasms that shorted out every grating nerve ending in her body.

The next thing Janet knew she was flat on her back looking up at Ty's face. "Okay, here we go, Sweetheart. Put it where it belongs and let's enjoy ourselves." He slowly lowered onto her. She cocked her knees back as she guided his erection to her, only flinching a little as he slowly pushed the head slowly into her. He took his time not wanting to hurt her but she could not help from flinching as the longest cock she had ever seen, longer then she ever even dreamed they came pushed is way into her depths. He seemed to take an awfully long time, riding her with long, slow strokes. She lay somewhat stiff under him at first but as he continued to stroke in her and her juices started to flow even more, she let her breath out in little grunts as he rocked away at her.

At one point, she cried out "God, no more, its too big!"

"Easy baby, it's all in you now," Ty's voice like a soothing balm on a boil about to pop. "Just relax, I know you feel stretched out, but babies come out of there, and I am no where near that big."

He was right of course, but to Janet it still felt like somebody had shoved their hands up her pussy, and were trying to applaud while in there.

However Ty gave her plenty of time to let her body get accustomed to that awesome girth, and length of his cock by just laying still over top of her resting his weight on his arms for good measure. A patient lover and one only concerned with their partner's pleasure first always get their way. And soon Janet's pussy began to lubricate again as it got over the shock of being stretched out to the size of Lake Erie.

She was already perspiring profusely, her flesh a sheen of salty meltdown when Ty eased back out of her slightly, then eased all the way back in.

Her cunt was so packed full of his cock that it was making slushy noises, and Janet sure she blushed every time she heard them. But it gave her the time to realize the stark contrast in coloring that the two of them

Janet and Ty fucked for what seemed to be hours, with Janet experiencing an orgasm every five minutes or so, and Ty cuming with a flood into her sopping cunt.

Just as he came, she expelled a long "ahhhh-uh!' and lifted up to him.

When it was over, Janet asked herself, "How could I have responded to him that way? She rolled onto her side, breathing deeply, her eyes unfocused. There were wet streaks on her lower belly.

"I'm going to take a little break now," Ty said to Janet, "but stay nice and warm." Janet sat up, hugging herself. When he returned, Janet dropped to her knees without being told, and took his penis in her hand, bringing it to her mouth. She licked her lips and then suckled him, her head moving back and forth with a slow, steady movement until he came fully erect. Then she stopped, holding it in her hand as if waiting for instructions.

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