tagGroup SexProfessor Explores The Limits Ch. 01

Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 01


It's one of the goals of a serious academic life that scholars should push knowledge and experience to the limits of human curiosity. That's how great discoveries have been made, and the invention of all those essential technologies that make modern life easy and worthwhile.

Professor Letitia Ingham was the youngest professor at the Barsetshire University, England. She had degrees in biology and chemistry. Her formal title was Assistant Professor in Anatomy & Physiology, and she carried out research into unusual human developments such as very tall or short individuals, steatopygia (very prominent buttocks), khoikhoi labia (pendulous genital lips), penile gigantism and so on. She also had a great interest in all forms of body modification such as tightlacing, labia stretching, scrotal inflation, pumping, tattoos, piercing and scarification. She herself had three tattoos; one on the top of each breast and the other below her navel. She had her ears pierced, her left nostril and a navel ornament that complemented the tattoo. Around the top of her right arm, she's had a bracelet scarified into her skin with tiny black beads under the skin so that it looked like a broad band, about 4 inches across, over her biceps. She regarded herself as a living, walking encyclopaedia of the unusual physical traits which were the focus of her academic study. She was beginning to think about "labial work" and tightlacing and pumping, and she thought they'd all come in time.

She was known as Lettie to most people but as Tittie to her French lover, Bertrand. He'd been the love of her life, or so she thought when they were first together. He'd been romantic and sensual; intellectual and physical; caring and liberating all at the same time. During their fifth year together, he'd gone on his summer holiday by himself after announcing the fact just a few days beforehand. Lettie had been left in their university apartment looking through the windows and wondering what to do with herself for the next three weeks.

The following academic year had been fraught with arguments over their relationship and their sex life had ceased altogether. She came to the realisation that he was engaged in a succession of affairs. She saw all the signs and asked him outright one day.

"You believe that if you want." he'd shouted, "If it's a problem, Tittie, why don't you do the same. It might spark you up a bit, you know."

That was neither a Yes nor a No, and she knew that they were moving to the end of the friendship. It came one weekend in October, just after the university term had started. Lettie was sad but also angry. Bertrand had not treated her well and she was determined to shake him off; out of her hair; out of her memory if she could. She was also sexually frustrated by the many months of Bertrand's neglect and a plan came to her in that context, also. It took her two months to set it up.


The room was warm and almost dark, with just a soft light bulb shining away in a lamp in one corner. In the middle of the room was a low futon, scattered with cushions. To one side of the room was a table laden with drinks, some alcoholic and some fruity, and many bottles of mineral water, a pile of small hand towels. On the opposite side of the room was a ceiling-high ornamental screen that set off a small separate area. Nearer the bed was a porcelain pot about the size of large mayonnaise jar. The lid had been removed and the contents looked smooth and gel-like.

There were three people in the room. Gus was a big Nigerian aged about 30, very overweight but nearly 7 feet tall so quite an imposing figure. Gus was gay. Also there was Suzie, a woman of about 45; once attractive but now showing her age more than she should, and carrying the aura of someone who shouldn't be ignored or angered. These two were there to look after Lettie, who lay on the futon in tight black Lycra high-leg panties and a long black bra that covered her breasts and nipped into her waist. She reached across to a low table near her head and pressed a button on top of a clock, which started counting off the seconds and minutes. At that signal, Gus went to the door and let in a naked young man with a card carrying the number 1. Gus took the card, and he and Suzie disappeared behind the screen. Lettie reached out and encouraged the young man to come to her, which he did. He reached between her legs and pulled the panties to one side.

"Tear them off," said Lettie in a low voice, "rip them off."

He got hold of the crotch of the panties, with one hand in each leg, took a firm grip and wrenched them apart. The panties disintegrated in his hands but still remained intact around her waist. She took the waist band in one hand and held it out towards him.

"Finish it."

He took the waist band in both of his hands and broke the elastic and the binding, and then wrenched the remnants of her underwear from underneath her. He flung it to the far end of the room. She arched her back in excitement and he could see her dripping between her legs. He reached down with his head and kissed her on the tattoo at her navel, and then he lay on her and she let him in. He hadn't spoken a word during all this and he didn't now. He pushed and pulled into her and she held him as he gradually speeded up. Soon their pubic bones were banging against each other and she knew that this wasn't love making; this was shagging of the most primaeval sort. She wanted it and she was getting it.

The boy began to tense and his penis began to spring inside her. She knew he was on the point of coming and she wanted everything from him.

"Yes, yes." She urged him. She wanted to feel the hot rush of his sperms and seminal juices into her body, and she prepared herself by thrusting her hips up, off the futon slightly.

He threw his head back and spoke for the first time, grunting, "Arrrrgh," as he emptied his fluids into her. Then he collapsed onto her, pressing his chest against her long bra. But she wasn't waiting for him. She had a schedule to keep. She tapped him twice behind his shoulders. Gus and Suzie came from behind their screen and stood to one side of the futon.

"Time," she said and reached to the clock, pressing the lever on top. One hand stopped at 4 minutes 13 seconds, but the other hand kept moving. The boy got off her and went out through the door without looking back or saying anything more. Suzie reached down to Lettie crotch and wiped her with a warm small damp towel. Then she reached into the pot of lubricant and pressed some into Lettie's labia.

Gus went to the door, opened it again, and let in another young man. He was black and taller than the first, and carried the card with number 2. Gus took the card and Lettie pressed the clock button, and then held out both hands to the man and he went to her. Suzie and Gus went behind their screen.

"Where do you want me?" she asked.

"Kneel up," he said.

She rolled over and kneeled up. Before she could do anything else, the boy kneeled behind her and pressed on her shoulder blades until her face was in the pillow, and her rear end was sticking up in the air at an acute angle. With great care, greater care than she was expecting, he held her hips and entered her slowly with a gradual back and forward penetration, until he was deep inside her. Then he started to shag her equally slowly, but deliberately and rhythmically until he began to breathe deeply and his eyes began to stare a little at nothing in particular. Lettie made no sound or movement but she was aware of his moving inside her and his hands on her hips. Soon and with no ceremony, he let out a great sigh, "Aaaah," and pumped her full. He stayed in her for maybe ten seconds before pulling out, and gently pushing her to one side so that she lay on the bed with her knees still bent up and her arms stretched out. He bent down and kissed her face and said, "Thank you" and then he was gone. Lettie reached to the clock and noticed that 5 minutes 52 seconds had passed since he came to her. Suzie came and did her little job.

And that's the way it was for the first two hours. She stayed on the bed and accepted 13 men into her in that time and was very wet with their fluids. The bed needed changing and she needed a more thorough wash out. Gus went out of the door and made the arrangements for the next two hours.

She went into the shower and had a quick douche around her legs, groin and torso. Suzie helped her to dry with a nice big warm towel. The entire cross-over to the next session took only 10 minutes; "About the average time of one of my men," she thought to herself.

Her plan was going well. She had arranged from 6 pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday to "entertain" as many men as she could before running out of men or giving up from exhaustion. Gus had used the college sports grapevine to recruit 5 men per hour for 30 hours; total 150 and this was what she wanted more than anything in her life. Each of the young men had a number and a time to come to her apartment. She was getting through the men slightly more quickly than Gus had arranged but he was a resourceful confidant, and had brought a few forward in his schedule at short notice. By quick arithmetic, she and Gus both realised that six-and-a-half men per hour for 30 hours came to nearer 200 than 150, so he'd started ringing around again.

Her two main disappointments so far were the unimaginative sex that these young men were giving to her, and her lack of a real orgasm. She'd come close a few times but then the boys had finished themselves and left her on the cliff-edge, so to speak, so she'd had to please herself with a vibrator and her hands. There had been no unusual sex, either; no anal, no inversion, never her on top, no contortions or calisthenics; mostly plain bonking with a couple of doggies and one she called Spoons. She hoped for better and more satisfying sex in the next session.

Why was she doing this? Because she wanted to set a record that perhaps only she would know, but at least she WOULD know. Also, she'd heard of women being gang-banged so much that they passed out and she wanted to know how that felt if it happened to her. Of course, this wasn't a gang-bang because she'd arranged one man at a time, but the idea was similar. She now started to think about multiples; "What if I let two in at a time, or more?" she wondered, but put the thought out of her head for the time being.

In an odd academic sense, she also wondered how this experience would affect her studies into sexual deviance and cultural analysis. She still had on her long bra and she found that curious. Since the first boy had torn off her briefs, not one of them had tried to remove the bra and get at her breast or nipples.

"Isn't that strange?" she thought silently to herself, "Perhaps my boobs don't look inviting." She was disturbed at the thought and hoped it wasn't true. She soon found out.

Gus let in number 14, a man of about 23 and something of a disappointment to look at. He wasn't a body builder by any means but he was lanky and gangly, as if he hadn't got used to controlling his arms and legs yet. Suzie and Gus went behind the screen and Lettie held out a hand towards him. He came across to her, bent down and kissed her on the lips, and then put his hands over her eyes as if to make her close them, which she did. For five seconds nothing happened and then she felt him put a hand on each of her breasts, feeling through the bra initially. Then he raised his hands on her body until he was stroking the gentle curve of her breasts above the bra. She felt him move his fingers down a short way into the bra cups, with his knuckles touching her skin. Suddenly, with a deft and forceful movement, he gripped the two bra cups and pulled them apart. She opened her eyes with alarm, just in time to see and feel him rip the long bra right down the front. The fabric made a loud tearing sound, two long bones came adrift, and the under-wires stuck out from the wreckage. The cuff waist was the strongest part put, even so, he just flexed his arms and that disintegrated also until the bra lay in two halves on either side of her torso. She looked up into his face and he smiled a half grin at her, crinkling his eyes and then giving her a big wink with the left eye. The long row of hooks and eyes at the back seemed to have survived this process of destruction but he wasn't interested in them anyway. He lay his hands on her freed breasts, bent down and gobbled them into his mouth; first one and then the other.

"At last," Lettie thought, feeling her breasts free and cooler, "I hope he gives me lots of this stimulation."

He did. He lay on her with one breast in each hand and kissed her over her neck and shoulders, down to each breasts and around her nipples, so that they stood out with arousal. He sucked on them and she closed her eyes with pleasure and let the sensation build into a pre-orgasm. Cleverly, with his knees, he parted her legs and forced her to lift her own knees so that her heels were across his bottom. He was perfectly placed and he made little thrusting movements until he could feel her labia parting before him, and then he moved slowly into her. She realised that this lanky, awkward young man was perfectly formed in the fucking department: his was longer and thicker than any of the previous thirteen and he used it to perfection. Not hastily or jerkily, but smoothly and completely; filling her on the forestroke and leaving her trying to suck him back in when he moved outwards. At the same time, he had a nice way with her breasts and his lips on her nipples added to her anticipation. Her orgasm was there, coming closer to her like a small creature crawling inside her body, and he seemed to sense it. He changed his pace a little as her pleasure grew, and she put her hands on his hips and guided his rhythm. She was coming and she wanted it to last as long as possible, and he knew it.

"Aaaah," she sighed with release, and arched her back as the orgasm overtook her.

She closed her eyes tightly and was pleased when he came to his climax a few seconds later. He collapsed slowly onto her and buried his head in her shoulder, amidst her hair, and he murmured like a small child with whimpering noises. They stayed like that, locked together for less than a minute, and then he withdrew. He rolled to one side and cupped one of her breast again, leaning across to kiss it and then her face.

"Wonderful," he said, "that was perfect. Thank you."

She giggled, "No. Thank YOU. You're very good."

He smiled at her as he got off the bed and she pushed the clock button, surprised to see that he'd been with her for almost 20 minutes.

"Any more like him," she thought, "and my schedule will be lost. But it was worth it!"

He waved at her from the door and she waved back. "Maybe see you again?" he asked.

"Hmm. Maybe," she replied as Suzie came across with the warm comforting towel and Gus went to the door.

After a break of only a minute, the next numbered "companion" came in. Lettie was startled by his appearance in the nude but remembered his face and knew he was a member of the university Rugby team. He was a massive man, nearly as tall as Gus, but much more fit and muscular. His biceps, pectorals and thighs rippled as he walked and his skin glistened.

He handed his card to Gus who retreated behind the screen as usual with Suzie, and then came over to Lettie. He reached out a hand and almost lifted her off the bed with one arm. She stood on the carpet, wondering what would happen next, but only for a few seconds. The Rugby guy bent down so that his head was to one side on her hip, and curved one arm around her waist. With a single swift movement, he stood up and twisted Lettie in the air so that she was upside down against his chest and stomach.

"Bend your knees," he said, which she did and found that they settled over his shoulders with his face in her groin and his tongue finding her lips and clitoris immediately. She reached round and held his hips, to steady herself, as he reached down with his free hand. He took a handful of her hair and pushed her head towards his erection. She opened her mouth and took him in, whilst he started to pump his hips. He was crashing into the top of her mouth and the back of her throat.

"My god," she thought imaginatively to herself, "I'd better be careful with this guy. He's strong enough to bash straight through and come out the back of my skull."

She quickly learned to take him further down the back of her throat, in her upside-down state, rather than have him crashing into her teeth and palate. At the same time, his tongue was beginning to work its magic on her clitoris and she could feel another orgasm building in her intestines -- or somewhere up there, as it seemed to her.

He was growing in her mouth and throat as her orgasm became urgent, and he seemed to know what was happening to her. He continued in a steady rhythm with his tongue over her clitoris and into her labia, and then into her wide-open vagina. In, stroke, and out; stroke and then in again. He knew just what she liked and she was responding until the orgasm crept up on her and she was overwhelmed with all the sensations surrounding her body. His tongue; his arm around her waist his hand on her head, his penis in her throat; his rippling muscles moving all the while against her skin.

She came explosively, inundated by her sensations, and she made a scream of pleasure and release past the erection pounding into her face.

"Aaaarh," she could hear herself, but all anyone else would hear was a muffled grunting sound. She was aware of pumping her own juices up into his face and then feeling them running down her groin and stomach, towards his arm curled round her and supporting her weight.

Now it was his turn and he kept up a regular pumping of his hips as she swallowed and licked, licked and swallowed his turgid penis, until he became more rigid and swollen close to his climax. She had another thought.

"If I'm not careful, he'll push this right down my throat and ruin my vocal cords, or puncture some tube or other. He's so strong."

She reached round his buttocks to steady herself a little and felt something hard between his mounds. She touch it carefully and realised what it was.

"He's plugged up in his bottom," she thought, "shall I touch it or leave it to his sensations?"

She touch the plug lightly and he responded instantly with a further swelling of his erection. She touched it more and pressed on it; he became bigger, verging on the gigantic in her mouth. She realised how big the plug must be; it seemed to be about 4 inches across and she wondered how big it was inside him. She pressed hard on the plug end and he began bucking into her face.

She had another thought.

"If I'm not careful, he'll push this right down my throat and into my stomach or lungs. He's so strong."

He didn't do either, and his orgasm came gently and long as he let out a low rumble of satisfaction. It echoed through his whole body and she could feel the deep vibration of his lungs through the pectorals and his stomach, pressed hard against her.

He finished pumping his load into her mouth and she swallowed some but there was too much and it dribbled down into her nostrils and into her eyes and into her hair.

"I must look awful," she thought, "like some slut in a bukkake contest."

Her strong companion flexed his muscles, turned her over with one arm, supported her head with his other, and laid her on the bed with her head on the pillow. She was covered in his juices and couldn't open her eyes until she'd wiped them with the back of her hand. She looked up into his face to see that he was in the same condition. He was wiping his face and chin, and she could see her own glistening ejaculate still running down his chest. He leaned to one side, to the small table, and passed her a little towel and took one for himself. They both wiped and smiled at each other.

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