Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 01


"That was good. Thank you." He spoke softly.

"Yes. Thank you. You're very strong."

He was standing at the side of the bed and she reached out to touch his thigh and his diminishing erection. His legs were slightly apart and she reached further until she could feel the butt plug again. He flinched but didn't move away.

"That looks big."

"It is big."

"Inside it must be as big as my hand," she prompted, hoping that he may suggest such a thing one day. Man-fisting would be a new experience for her.

"Professor, it's bigger than your hand. Think about your arm. It's taken me all day to get it up there and it'll take me another day to get it out. It's my special thing and I hope that's OK," he explained.

She thought for a few seconds what he must feel to have something like an arm thrust up inside his bowels and how he must have straightened out his intestines to accommodate it. She spoke with wonderment.

"That's amazing. I enjoyed this very much."

"Me too." Then he was gone.


Over the next eight hours, Lettie admitted a further 31 men into her bed and her body. By the end she was exhausted by her orgasmic releases and by the sheer physical effort of engaging in so much vigorous and imaginative sex. Suzie helped her clean up and she fell easily into the slumber of exhaustion for just 30 minutes. Gus sat outside the door and Suzie busied herself planning the towels and drinks for the next session.

She'd given instructions to Gus to arrange a different theme on each of her days of dissolute sex. Unknown to her, as she slept in the warmth and comfort of the big bed with its changed linen, the next day would bring her to the very edge of her imagination, and show her things about herself that she had only vaguely pondered. The final days would take her to the limit and beyond; to the amazing, the outrageous, and the dangerous even.

Such exciting, alarming, terrifying and memorable experiences she would have to experience and to analyse. But they were in the future. For a time, she slept.

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