tagMind ControlPuppet Master & the Hooters Girl

Puppet Master & the Hooters Girl


This is the third story in the series of Puppet Master. For details on how his strange power developed and was cultivated and used by him, see "Puppet Master" and "Puppet Master & the Lesbians."

Keith O'Brien, who thought of himself as Puppet Master, spent most of his time in his luxury condo, because anything he wanted would be brought to him. However, from time to time, he had a need to go out for a business consultation with his stockbroker or to run personal errands, and one day last week was one of those times. After finishing what needed to be done, he decided to stop for lunch in a Hooters Café that was near his building.

The chain of restaurants has a reputation for hiring buxom waitresses, and that was one of the reasons Keith happened to choose one of them. He had always preferred women with extra large breasts. As a youth, when he decided upon a girl to play "Doctor" with him, it was always the most bosomy of all those who were available, and all girls were available, once his powers had been perfected. The sex partners he selected for himself from the city's female population were almost always blessed with large breasts, and he always made sure they were 100% natural. He happened to be in a position to indulge his wants, and he took advantage of it.

He sat at a table in the restaurant, and one of the first things he noticed was a waitress who had one of the most magnificent racks he had ever seen. She was tall, and carried herself well, which was good, for otherwise she would have been too top-heavy to walk. Disbelieving, he probed her mind and learned her huge breasts were completely real, with not a drop of silicone. Besides her enticing bosom and curvaceous ass, she had a very pretty face, with dark brown hair cascading to her shoulders, a clear, creamy complexion and a vivacious smile. After probing her mind for more personal details about her, Keith decided that Gina, which was the young woman's name, would join him in his condo for sex after she got off work.

The decision to select her, rather than one of the other alluring young women, was quite an easy one. She was unattached, having broken up with her boy friend a week before, and was not expected anywhere until her shift started the next morning. She was not a virgin and was using birth control pills and was free of AIDS or any kind of STD, as far as she knew, and there was no reason for Keith to believe there was anything she didn't know about.

To be absolutely safe, he was always careful to use a condom anyhow, because he didn't want any of his DNA around and didn't want to leave any clue of his existence that might lead to knowledge of his mysterious powers. Keith had nothing to do with her in the restaurant, making sure she was not his waitress, and he imbedded in her mind a strong desire, almost a need to join him in his condo after she got off work. Having done that, Keith went home and prepared for his date with the young beauty.

At seven PM, which was the time Keith knew she got off work, he sent his mind out to Hooters and took control of Gina's. Through her eyes, he watched as she said goodnight to her co-workers and walked out the door. There was no need for him to guide her, because the address and the three block route had been included in the details he had implanted earlier. That information and anything else he did with her mind would be erased after they were through with their sexual escapade.

He kept his mind with her because Puppet Master wanted to make certain nothing happened to delay her. Any friend who might have wanted to engage her in conversation would have been easily deterred by exercising a tendril of his mind, but that turned out to be not necessary. Ten minutes after leaving the restaurant, Gina was in front of his door and through her eyes, Keith watched her hand as she reached out and rang the doorbell.

He pressed the button that opened the front door to the building and watched the progress of the bosomy woman as she walked over to the express elevator and called for it. A minute later, the door to the cab slid open and she stepped into the hallway just outside the plush condo that Keith called home. He was waiting in the open doorway and, after she entered and he closed and locked the door behind them, he greeted his guest, whose mind thought of them as lovers who shared the condo.

"Hi, Gina," he greeted her. "How was your day?"

"Busy and tiring. I'm sure glad to get home with you."

Keith let her know how much he shared her happiness when he embraced her and kissed her pretty lips. Gina's big, soft breasts felt even batter against his chest than they had looked in the restaurant, but Keith wanted to get even closer to them. He ended the kiss, unbuttoned her blouse and reached inside to take one of the lovely twins in either hand.

While fondling them, he tweaked the urges he had earlier implanted in Gina's mind so that she would unfasten her bra, letting him feel their naturalness. She reached behind her back and, seconds later, the unwanted barrier dropped to the floor, and there was nothing to interfere with his gently fondling and squeezing her vibrant breasts. With both his hands still full, he leaned forward to lick first one, then the other of her dark pink nipples. Straightening up briefly, he peeled the blouse all the way off and tossed it onto a nearby chair, feasting his eyes on her incredible globes as they bounced, completely free.

"Are you ready to make love?" he asked. He already knew the answer, because, thanks to his control, there was nothing in the world she wanted to do more than that.

"I sure am. I've been looking forward to this all day."

She retrieved her blouse and bra and Keith steered her to his bedroom. Gina thought of the place as her home, and he wanted to make sure there was no confusion in locating the place where she supposedly slept with him every night. She sat on the bed and removed the flat heeled shoes she had put on just before leaving Hooters. Wearing just hot pants over her thong panties, she lay on her back, a pillow under her head and her succulent mounds ready to be worshipped by the man she believed to be her live-in boy friend.

She didn't have to wait very long for his adoration to resume. Keith peeled off his shirt – he had been barefoot since returning home – and lay down beside her, wrapping both hands against her nearest breast. Moving slowly, wanting to take every bit of pleasure he could in the first of her magnificent breasts, he started to lick its precious nipple. It quickly became hard under his loving ministrations, and he moved his mouth over to its gorgeous twin.

Puppet Master licked this breast the same way, sometimes using broad strokes of the flat of his tongue and sometimes just dabbing with the tip. As this nipple grew as hard as the first one had, Gina started squirming under him and cooing her pleasure. He continued for a long time, using just his tongue, until he drew as much of one luscious breast into his mouth and began to gently suck on it.

While his lips formed a seal on the firm flesh, his cheeks went in and out like a bellows and his tongue continued caressing the rigid nipple and pebbly areola. He could feel the individual ridges that made her precious nubbin erect, and he switched back and forth between her incredible breasts again. Gina's erotic movements under him became even more pronounced and, when he moved his mouth from one breast to the other, she thrust the new one up into his mouth.

Her cooing was turning to blissful moans and Keith could start to smell the delightful aroma of her pussy juices. With some reluctance, he left her lovely breasts and started kissing and licking his way down her firm belly, but he made a silent promise to them that he would be back. They may well have been the most succulent pair of his extensive experience, and he could almost have spent all day caressing them with his mouth and hands.

After Keith reached the waistband of Gina's hot pants, he licked her soft belly all along the strip of fabric, unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper before getting off the bed and getting back on at the foot. When she saw him, Gina smiled, at the thought of what they were about to do, spread her legs and watched as he walked on his knees until he was between them.

"You know how much I love what you're going to do," she told him.

Keith did know, but not for the reason she thought. He had read her mind earlier, and learned she really loved having her pussy eaten but, even if she didn't, he would have been sure to put such a preference in her mind, because he enjoyed it so much. He reached out, hooked his fingers in the loosened waistband of her shorts, and started to pull on them. Gina raised her ass from the bed and he peeled them all the way down and off around her feet. After tossing them aside, he treated her panties the same way, and leaned in closer to the beautiful and naked woman's pussy.

She raised her legs and rested them on his bare shoulders, because that was the way he most liked to eat a pussy. Keith wrapped his arms around Gina's thighs, until his fingers met on her mons, and gazed on the feast that awaited him. The shaven skin of the slightly plump outer lips of her pussy was as creamy and fair as her face, with a small "landing strip" of dark pubic hair running from above her clit hood to the bottom of her mons.

That creamy skin framed a lovely pink slit, and Gina's inner lips, dark pink and engorged with her lust, were blossoming through. Keith spread apart the sides of the slit and breathed in deeply of the delectable aroma that arose in a cloud. Her lips and crotch were already wet with her juices, and he leaned forward to let his tongue take a tiny sample. Their taste was even better than their fragrance, and he greedied on the nectar that was trickling down her crotch from the pink hole that was its source.

Gina was already happily moaning as Keith's tongue started licking the ultra-smooth patch between the origins of an inner and outer pussy lip. After thoroughly covering that tiny part, his tongue started slowly caressing her soft, smooth outer lip, reveling in how it felt, like warm satin. He loved the beauty of Gina's pussy, and the scent and taste of her juices and the sound of her moans of bliss, but the best part of all to Keith was the way she felt to his mouth.

He took his time licking all the way up to her mons and, when he reached that point, he raised his head to see how much Gina liked what he was doing. It was truly gratifying to see her body writhing in joy and her lips parted in a blissful smile while her head tossed from side to side on the pillow. Keith brought his mouth back to where he had started, devoured all the fresh nectar that had been produced, and started licking her other outer lip.

He treated this one the same as he had the first and, when he reached Gina's mons again, her movements were more erratic than they had been and her moans were starting to end in whimpers. Keith noted that her clit had pushed all the way out from its protective hood, but he decided to leave it for later. He preferred taking his time and slowly bringing a woman to a climax that would be momentous and immensely pleasurable to him and to Gina both, although she wouldn't remember it the next day.

Once again, he feasted on the nectar available and started his tongue fondling a new part of her pussy. Keith started licking between an inner and outer lip, turning his head sideways at the place where they were close together so he could lick them both simultaneously. By the time he reached the end of the inner lip, her ass was actually bouncing up and down on the bed as Gina rammed her pussy into his face.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered. "I really love that! I love the way you eat me down there!"

Keith was glad to hear that, because he loved eating a hot pussy like Gina's too. His tongue eagerly sluiced up all the delicious fresh juices again and started stroking between the other pair of inner and outer lips. Moving his tongue the same way on the second pair, he carefully caressed the entire area of both lips.

As his mouth wended its way upward, Gina's body was thrashing around on the bed and her juices were running freely. Their truly heavenly aroma was almost intoxicating to Keith, besides being one of the most delicious things he had ever tasted. When he reached the end of the inner lip, he looked again at her clit. The adorable little morsel resembled a beautiful pink pearl, and Gina's thighs had rotated slightly outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to him. She was ready to cum, but Keith was still in no hurry. Once again, he brought his mouth down to below her pink hole and devoured all the nectar that had trickled out.

Keith started again from there, but this time, his tongue licked straight up Gina's delightful pink slit, its curled tip scooping all the freshest juices. He actually probed the agile organ against the soft edges and dipped it into the hole that was their source. By the time he reached the top of the slit and his tongue was stroking her clit, Gina was begging him to make her cum.

"Yes! Yes!" she implored him. "Suck my clit! Make me cum!"

The time was right, and Keith did what his sexy partner wanted. He moved his mouth an inch higher and engulfed the swollen morsel and started to suck on it. While his cheeks worked like a bellows, his tongue caressed the sides and top, while Gina continued to tell him how good it was and how badly she wanted and needed to cum.

Puppet Master wanted the same thing, although he was still in no hurry to bring it about. While Gina's voluptuous body thrashed about on the bed, he kept working his mouth on her clit, until she blurted the glad tidings.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!"

Her legs clamped down on the temples of the man who had brought her to that delightful state, and her hands went to the back of his head to press his face against her pussy. She continued bouncing up and down on her succulent ass while her legs swung from side to side, carrying Keith's head a very willing prisoner. He clung tightly to her thighs and kept his mouth wrapped around her clit and enjoyed the wild ride.

As joyful as Gina's previous announcement had been, the next one, where she announced her climax, was louder and even more ecstatic. As she cried out the delightful news, all her muscles spasmed and her back arched, ramming her pussy against Keith's face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, all the sexy young woman's muscles completely relaxed, and her legs remained draped over Keith's shoulders, while the rest of her body sank into the mattress like a [ping and creamy white puddle.

Keith removed his mouth from her clit and his tongue started mopping up all the juices that had spattered on Gina's thighs and, when those were gone, it squeegeed up everything that was trickling down her crotch so he could swallow it. He devoured everything from her inner and outer lips, and even sucked all the freshest nectar from the pink hole that had produced it.

Usually, he would have left it to perform its function of natural lubricant, but Keith had something else in mind that day. When he had feasted on all of Gina's freshest pussy juices, he backed away and got to his knees, looking at the sumptuous body that awaited his further pleasure.

His cock was stiff and ready for action and, for what he was going to do, a condom would have just gotten in the way. Although she had seldom been fucked between her breasts, and didn't usually like it very much, Puppet Master grafted a powerful desire in Gina's mind to do it with him, and she held her luscious breasts apart to accommodate his cock. Keith moved up until he was leaning over her body and rested his stiff shaft between them and she squeezed the succulent globes together, creating a soft channel.

He backed his shaft out most of the way, and thrust forward while Gina's head, propped up by a pillow, bent forward with her mouth open. When his cock was close enough, she snaked out her tongue to caress the head, relishing the firm, velvety texture, and under the ridge. With the next stroke, she kissed the tip and, on the one after that, she held it briefly between her lips and probed her tongue into the slit. Puppet Master's mind was controlling Gina's actions and forcing her to make love to his cock with her face and mouth, but he let her choose the exact form.

Slowly, reveling in the incredible sensation, he stroked his cock through the tunnel formed by her soft, succulent breasts. Gina pressed them together when he thrust forward and loosened them when he drew back. Her erect nipples scraped erotically against his skin with every stroke, and her face performed a new and intensely pleasurable act of love. Sometimes she kissed his cock; other times she wrapped her tongue around it as far as she could reach and, on some strokes, she even chose to caress the shaft with her soft cheek or even the side of her nose. Keith didn't try to guess what the sexy and inventive Hooters girl would do next; he just enjoyed her variety.

Gina was having a glorious time too, with the man she thought of as her live-in boyfriend, as he slowly fucked her between her breasts. She knew it was one of her favorite sexual things to do, although she couldn't actually remember ever having done it with him before. Rather than be concerned about that strange gap in her memory, the happy young woman simply enjoyed the pleasure of the moment.

And it truly was a pleasure to her. She was proud, and justifiably so, of her big, all-natural breasts, and she loved the sensuous feel of her lover's hard cock sliding back and forth between them. His body rubbing against her nipples, especially after he had eaten her pussy, was causing her to start to lubricate again. Perhaps more than anything else, she reveled in the sensation of his cock doing great things to her mouth and cheeks and nose and whatever other part of her face she chose to have pleasured.

Gina was providing him with the best titfuck he had ever gotten, and Keith was moving slowly, making it last as long as he could. The time finally arrived that he felt his climax start to well up inside his groin, and he could tell he would be cumming within minutes. Knowing what he wanted her to do next, Puppet Master fully took over the mind of the Hooters Girl again so she would want to do it too, in order to provide him with the most fun.

"I'm almost ready to cum," he told her.

"Move higher up on me and stick your nice, big dick in my mouth," she gave him the directions he had told her to give. "I want to swallow all your cum." Moving slightly so her head was propped up higher on the pillow, Gina opened her mouth wide so her lover could do what he had told her to want.

Keith could control the mind of the woman under him, but he couldn't control her reflexes, and he didn't want to shove his cock so far into her mouth that she would choke on it. He raised his shaft from the lovely channel that had felt so good and slowly inserted his head between Gina's lips. She leaned forward to envelop it and took almost its entire length before he felt it brush lightly against the back of her throat. Slowly, wanting to set up a final rhythm, Keith started fucking her in the mouth while she moved her face forward and back to meet him, caressing his cock with her lips and tongue.

After a few minutes, Puppet Master felt his climax only seconds away, and he told Gina he was cumming. She had felt his cock jerking in her mouth and already knew it, and she positioned her tongue where the semen would land on it. Keith climaxed, feeling a great gush of pure pleasure, and squirted a big gob of cum into the mouth that was eager to receive it. Gina relished the flavor and kept stroking her mouth, expecting him to ejaculate more, and wanting to fully relish the flavor and texture.

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