tagNonConsent/ReluctancePurchasing Suzanne

Purchasing Suzanne


This is the best feeling I have ever had. Running my hands through the soft hair of the woman I once loved but who didn't love me as she is kneeling on the floor of my limo, licking my cock and trying to suck me dry. The best part was, the more I thought about how much she hated doing it, the more it turned me on. So I pushed her head further into my lap and drove her mouth down on to my rock hard cock. I knew I couldn't last much longer, but I didn't care. I knew this would be the first of many great feelings over the next couple of days. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and let her up for air. She grabbed hold of my dick and tried to rub it against her beautiful bare tits, but that's not what I wanted. "No baby," I moaned, "this is for that sweat little face of yours." With that I reached behind her head and pulled in right in front of my dick. I put her hand on me and told her to jerk me off nice and hard. With just a second of hesitation she did and by the fourth or fifth pump, I was shooting the biggest load of cum I had ever produced all over her face.

When I finally finished shooting my load, I pulled her up to the seat next to me to get a look. She was embarrassed and a little disgusted with herself and me and tried to look away. I gently placed a finger under her chin and turned her to me, my god what a sight! She was so beautiful and sexy with a face full of cum and topless!

She asked for a towel to wipe her face but I had a better idea...I scooped a finger full of the creamy goo from her cheek and put it to her mouth. At first she tightened her lips and pulled away, but soon realized she had no choice and gently grasped my hand and brought it to her mouth. Slowly she licked and sucked my finger just like she had my cock a minute before.

"Now you" I commanded and with that she scraped the cum off her face and neck and tits with her fingers, licking them clean. When she got just about all of it up, I gave her a towel and bottle of water to finish the job. I pulled her close to me and kissed her on the head. It was going to be a great couple of days.

And to think, just 24 hours before she and I were sitting in a restaurant and I never would have dreamed this was possible...

"$50,000 is a lot of money," I told her. She tried not to look at me like I was lying, even though we both knew I was. Business was booming and fifty grand was now play money. She knew it and I knew but we had to play our parts.

I was having lunch with Suzanne, a woman I once loved and who 7 years ago had rejected me. We'd seen each other on and off over the years and I was shocked when she called to ask if we could have lunch. She said it was important and could we meet that day. I was curious but made her wait a day, no sense seeming eager, which I really wasn't.

Turns out her boyfriend of 6 years (they met right after she decided our friendship wasn't going to turn romantic, no matter how much we cared about each other) was in big trouble with his business. He'd screwed up on a delivery date and the penalty for missing it was half a million dollars, which he didn't have. If he could get $50,000 he could make it work and save his business and I guess their lifestyle too.

"We'll why don't you have him call me, maybe I can have my business people take a look at it and work out a deal." I wasn't going to do that, but no need to rude, right?

"Oh no, he can't know I called you about this," she said almost crying at the thought.

Now I am a nice guy, but please. Playing on old feelings to help out your current boyfriend? They must be pretty desperate, but life's tough.

"We've got to come up with that money by the end of the week, I'll do anything," she said and gently caressed my hand for emphasis.

She can't be saying what I think she's saying, can she? No way, but what the hell I figured, let's play it out for fun.

"Anything, like what?" No need to make it easy for her

"Let's be honest, we cared for each other a long time ago but you wanted more. Now I am offering more" and with that she slid a hand under the table and massaged my inner thigh, creeping further up each time.

That was true and she still was hot. About 5' 4," short brown hair, big brown eyes, thin body and great tits, which she usually hid very well, but they were awesome. Still, $50,000 and saving her boyfriend just for an afternoon romp, even if it was with the one woman I always wanted? Nope, she was going to have to do better than that.

Sipping my drink to buy sometime and get control of myself I came up with a counter offer, an all or nothing one.

"Tell you what Suzanne, this is the deal, it's Tuesday afternoon and you need the money by Friday noon. I'll give it to you but here's what you're going to do for it. Tomorrow at noon a limo will pick you up and bring you to me, you won't know where you're going but you won't come back until Sunday night at midnight. All the time we are together you will be my personal sex slave. You will do anything and everything I want. You can enjoy it or not, that's up to you, but you will do it willingly and enthusiastically.

The look of revulsion and anger on her face were predictable. She had some how reconciled herself to the idea of whoring herself out for an hour or two ($25,000 per hour isn't a bad rate) but this was well beyond anything she was prepared for.

When she finally could speak, all she could sputter out was, "If you think that I'm....are you insane...who the hell....?."

This was the make or break moment. "Look, you came here for my help. That's the price. I get you don't like it, but that's the deal." With that I reached in to my pocket and threw two hundred dollar bills down on the table for meals that couldn't have cost half that much and got up to walk away. "I understand why you don't want to do it." "Good luck finding the money" I added sincerely and walked away.

I got about 3 steps from the table when I heard her say, "I'll do it"

That's how I found myself in the back in the limo, pulling Suzanne close to me and kissing her on the head. It was going to be a great couple of days.

We finally arrived at a cabin I owned on a secluded lake. I gave her a tour of the place and told her to make herself at home. I showed her to the master bedroom where we'd be spending a lot of our time together. She was awed by the view of the lake and ran out onto the deck to get a better look and for a moment she forgot why she was here. I followed her out a gently ran my hands down her shoulders and arms, finally hugging her across the waist. I could feel the happiness drain from her body as she slumped just a little when she remembered why we were here. "It's beautiful, just like you" I said and meant it. She turned and tried to smile a little, "I guess you want to go back inside and fuck me now?" Not coldly, certainly not seductively, just matter of factly.

"No Suz. Just enjoy the view and get settled in. I am going to pick out a dress for you to wear for when we go into town for dinner tonight. I'll leave everything on the bed. Be ready at 5:30" With that I kissed her on the head again and went back inside. She went down the stairs and walked to lake to be alone with the thought of what she had gotten herself into.

When I had the limo pick her up I gave her a shopping list and an envelope full of cash. The driver knew which stores to take her to. I wanted her to get some dresses and sexy lingerie. I went through the bags she had brought and it looked like she got everything I told her to buy. In going through the bags she packed from home, it looked like she anticipated what would be needed and packed some pretty hot stuff. Good, maybe she would warm to the idea in the next few days.

I picked out a short black dress, a matching black thong and bra along with black high heels. Basic stuff to be sure, but hot none the less. The dress would be tight and the bra would really push up and out those wonderful tits of hers. I knew her ass would look great and really show off that little curve in the small of her back. God I loved that! It would be torture for me seeing her in that but fun, especially since I knew I could order her out of it whenever I wanted.

At 5:30 she came down and took my breath away. I gave her a deep, slow passionate kiss. She was as beautiful as ever and the sweat taste of her mouth and touch of her slightly reluctant tongue were delicious. Sliding my hand down her back, I was in heaven as I traced that curve that lead to her small tight ass. A quick grab and it was time to go.

Walking into the restaurant and all eyes turned. We were seated and our waiter, Joe, could barely keep his eyes off Suzanne's tits. From his angle, he could probably see right down her dress. He certainly kept coming back an awful lot, I don't think I've ever seen such attentive service.

I wanted to have a nice, normal dinner for the most part. Part of my enjoyment was keeping her off balance. So far the blowjob in the limo was the most serious thing I had her do, maybe she thought she'd get off easy.

By the time we were most of the way through dinner she was calm and laughing, seemingly having a good time. When Joe brought the check it was time to start my next plan to humiliate Suzanne, though she wouldn't know it.

I asked him to sit down and explained that I had 'forgotten' my wallet and only have enough cash to cover the check. He was kind enough to say that was alright and not to worry about a tip. I told him had been so attentive that he had earned one. If that's the way I felt, Joe said not to worry and to catch him next time. "No Joe you deserve something special," I said. "How would you like to fuck my friend Suzanne here for your tip?"

I don't know who's jaw dropped further or faster. "I know you've been looking at her all night, it's okay, she's gorgeous. She also gives great head. What do you say?" He was speechless.

"Suzanne, tell him how much you enjoyed having him serve you tonight and how you'd like to return the favor."

She swallowed hard, fixed me with a look that could kill. She turned back to Joe and just nodded her head. There was no way I was going to let her out of this so easily. She was going to fuck this guy. "Ask him nicely to take you in exchange for his tip"

Ever so slowly something clicked on in her mind or maybe she turned off her mind. She leaned across the table giving him another good look at those tits and grabbed his hand, "please, come back with us, let me thank you for such great service."

I squeezed her hand and explained that was hardly an inviting invitation and to try again. I slid my hand under the table and up her dress. I started to rub her cunt through the sheer black panties she was wearing. She inhaled sharply and continued her plea to Joe "Come back with us. I want to suck you cock and then I want you to fuck me." It was pretty unemotional but about the best I could get out of her.

Joe looked at me. I told him it was alright and go see if he could get out of work now, we'd meet him out back at the car.

Suzanne didn't say anything until we got to the car. She was crying, "why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can." It was short, but the truth.

When Joe came out Suzanne moved to sit in the front seat next to me, but I told her to hop in the back with Joe. As Joe and I walked around the car I explained that he could do just about anything he wanted with her, but that I had to be there and watch. The only other condition was that when he fucked her, he had to do it from behind, not in the ass, and that I had to be able to look her in the eye. He was cool with that and off we went.

Looking in the rear view mirror I could see he didn't waste anytime. Before she knew what was happening, Joe was kissing her mouth and neck. His hands were rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. At her first Suzanne kept her arms at her side but soon she gave in to the moment and embraced her soon to be lover. He quickly began to rub her beautiful tits and suck on her hardening nipples. As much as she wanted to deny it she was enjoying this.

I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road the whole way back to the lake house. Joe caught my eye in the review mirror, poor kid, he looked a little lost and confused, I guess I couldn't blame him. I told him that Suzanne sucked a mean dick and that he should try her for himself. I've never seen two people react so differently to hearing the same thing. Joe had the look of a man who just won the lottery and Suzanne like a woman who was in way over her head. I heard him unzip his pants and saw the look of horror on her face as she looked down and saw his hard cock staring back up at her. She was frozen and through he had a raging hard on, Joe didn't know what do.

I knew I was going to have to help the poor kid out. "Suzanne," I said sternly from the front seat, "takes Joe's cock and give him a blowjob like you gave me earlier." She hesitated and it was pissing me off. "Do it!" I yelled. With that she took a deep breath and plunged into his lap, inhaling his dick into her mouth and down her throat. After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking, Joe was about ready to loose it. "Joe, where do you want to cum? She'll let you do it anywhere you want." I think he said, "in her mouth" but with all the sucking and his moaning it was hard to tell. Suzanne must have heard that too because she came up for air long enough for me to hear her say, "no, please not that." I told Joe to just hold her head down against his cock and keep it there if he wanted her to swallow. He must have because I could here her gagging and trying to keep up with the flow of cum into her mouth.

We finally got the lake house and Suzanne was so spent that she could barely walk. Joe had to carry her into the house.

I showed them up to the bedroom and told Joe to relax, I'd get Suzanne ready for him. I took her into the bathroom and noticed that she still had some cum around her lips and a bit on her hair. Joe must have wiped his dick on her face. I have to admit the sight of this woman who had once rejected me being so debased turned me on. Knowing that she was putting herself through all of this for money I wouldn't notice spending made me hard. I told her to take off all her clothes and kneel down. Without saying a word to me she did as told. She didn't say anything the whole time I stroked my rock hard cock right over her face. I was so turned on that it didn't take me long to shoot a load on her face.

I hadn't realized how angry I had been at her all these years but seeing her so humiliated and sobbing made me feel so happy. I knew it was wrong to enjoy it but I was.

I told her to stand up and look in the mirror. She was clearly shocked to see her self naked and covered in cum. She started to softly sob but I didn't care. I told her to watch herself in the mirror as she cleaned her face of my cum by scooping it into her mouth. By this time she was so shocked she did as she was told with out hesitation or complaint.

Once she was done I told her to get in the shower and clean herself up she still had to fuck Joe for his tip.

While Suzanne was in the shower I went out to Joe to ask him if he was ready to fuck her for real now and if he wanted her to wear anything special. Joe was so ready to fuck her he didn't want to waste time getting her dressed and undressed, "just bring her hot ass and tits our here nude."

I told him he could fuck her doggie style and that I would be watching, looking her straight in the eye.

When I went back into the bathroom I found Suzanne had finished her shower and wearing a robe. I thought this would be a good time to begin to work in what would be happening once Joe was done with her. "Who told you to get out of the shower and what the fuck are you doing with clothes on?." The sharpness of my rebuke was something she wasn't used to or expecting.

She tried to explain by saying, "I was done and I thought.." But I cut her off.

"You don't get it Suzanne. You are mine. I'll tell you when you are done. The only thing you need to thinking about is making me happy. We'll deal with this insubordination later. Right now take that robe off and get out there. You are going to get fucked hard and long by that kid. He had a taste and he's dying to stick his cock in that tight little cunt of yours." The harshness of my tone and language were like a smack in the face to her.

When we returned to bed room Joe was laying on the bed with his pants on the floor ready to fuck. I nudged Suzanne over to the bed and took my seat for the show.

Suzanne walked slowly over to Joe knowing there was nothing she could do about her situation. The best she could hope for was that this would be over quickly and painlessly.

Joe was so excited by the her that he simply grabbed her an threw her on the bed. She landed with a thud on her stomach. She was facing me and for a moment our eyes met. Those brown eyes pleading with me to spare her from she was about to endure. But she knew I wouldn't.

Joe grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto her knees. The kid was so excited he didn't take anytime to get her prepared. As her legs were roughly spread apart Suzanne realized was about to happen but there was no time to say or do anything. Joe didn't bother with any foreplay, no contact with her dry pussy at all. He just guided his swollen cock into her. As he thrust deep into Suzanne he pulled her hips to him, practically impaling her.

"Oh God. Please...No...I'm not ready...I'm...I'm...sooooo dry....Oh...it. you're...ripping me...in half"

After a few strokes her howls of pain were replaced with the guttural noise of a woman being well fucked. As much as she would not have chosen to be there with this strange man's cock stuffing her, Suzanne's body betrayed her. She began to push back against him, trying to stuff more and more of his cock into her tight pussy.

It was all too much for me to stand. My cock was practically sticking out through my pants and I needed relief. So I stood right in front of Suzanne's face. As I unzipped my fly she realized what I had in mind. Through her heavy breathing and grunting she was pleading with me not to do it but there was no way I would pass up this opportunity.

I took my rock hard cock and shoved it into her mouth. I am pretty sure that this was the first time Suzanne had two cocks stuffing her and as much as this was against her wishes, her body could not deny the pleasure she was feeling. She began to suck on my dick with greater enthusiasm than she did in the limo.

Joe was still pistoning in and out of her and slapping her ass with great joy. He was clearly having the time of his life. Suzanne pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to jerk me off before shoving it hungrily back into her mouth, she was finally giving me a blowjob and not just letting me fuck her face. I always hoped that beneath her prim and proper exterior beat the heart of a true whore. I knew that once it was over and the passion of the moment passed she would be revolted by how she had been used and worse by how she had loved it. As that pleasant thought lingered in my mind Joe began to scream that he was going to cum. He pulled Suzanne's hips tightly to him and unloaded his load deep within her pussy. That set off a chain reaction. Suzanne started to shake violently as Joe spewed his cum deep into her pussy. She was cumming hard but her screams were muffled by my cock. I couldn't hold off anymore and shot my load down her throat. Suzanne tried to pull away and gasp for air but I shoved her head deeper onto my cock until she was gagging. Finally spent, I released her head and watched as she collapsed onto her stomach.

Suzanne was a mess. She had been used like a cheap whore. Worse, she enjoyed it and I knew that she had. She reached for the sheet to cover herself and I told her to stop. I wanted her to stay that way, fucked and exposed until I got back.

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