Quarrelling with Kaylee


I looked at her pleadingly. Who knows whether I was begging her to stop or to finish me off… Suddenly my jaw fell open and I felt my climax swirling up. Kaylee didn't let up, and the first spray of cum shot out of me and into my boxers. I clamped my mouth shut and did my best to stifle a groan. She kept tugging at the base of my cock, squeezing me as it pulsed with each new spurt into my clothes.

Shutting my eyes in ecstasy and embarrassment, I felt myself soak my underwear, cum trickling down my thigh. When it was all over, Kaylee invisibly removed her hand from my lap and left me alone. I sat there in between both girls, completely humiliated. I just let my girlfriend's little sister jack me off… right fucking next to her. And I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best orgasms I've had.


After the movie was over, Melissa was the first to get up off the couch. My heart had been racing a mile a minute, praying that she didn't know what had happened… and that she wouldn't find out. I made damn sure my hands stayed in my lap, forcing the blanket on me so she wouldn't noticed my, um, guilt. She took the empty popcorn dish into the kitchen, and no sooner was she out of sight that I leapt off the couch and shot into our bedroom.

I grabbed a clean pair of boxers and a pair of shorts, and changed as fast I could. I stuffed my still-damp clothes in the hamper (underneath everything else), and took a deep breath. Not wanting to hide and seem suspicious, I went back out and tried to act casual. Melissa saw me and asked why I changed.

"I dunno, I guess after being under the blanket all that time, I felt too warm."

"Hmm, you're a finicky one tonight! First too cold, now too hot," she commented.

"Yeah, I'm uh- hard to please," I tried to joke.

"No kidding!" Kaylee teased.

I glanced over at her and she gave me a momentary smirk, replaced by one of unaware innocence. She was standing up from the couch now, and reached one arm over her shoulder to scratch her back. It pulled the fabric of her top in a way that revealed half of her abdomen; exposing her skin along one side of her stomach. I reveled in the sight, admiring the smooth contour of a young body that still had an enticing curve indenting before her hip.

She quit her stretch and casually fixed the material to cover herself back up. My face flushed completely red as I looked back up at her face and saw her conscious stare; her mouth cocked to one side, lips slightly curled to say, 'Like what you saw?'

Thankfully Melissa had her back to us, looking in a cabinet, and hadn't noticed the exchange. Not having the emotional wherewithal to deal with the situation any longer, I found some excuse to go to bed. "Maybe I should hit the sack early. Make sure I'm not coming down with anything."

It worked well enough, and I eluded any additional "confrontation" for the night. Part of me was wracked with guilt as I laid there in bed. I couldn't believe I allowed it all to happen. I tried to keep convincing myself I was the victim; that I was somehow protecting Melissa from knowing the truth about her sister... But inside I knew that was bullshit. When my girlfriend finally came to bed, I had to make the effort to roll away from her, just to make sure she wouldn't accidentally run along my newest Kaylee-inspired hard-on. God, I already want more…

The next morning, not needing to go into work, I intentionally slept in as late as I could. Not because I was so tired, but because I was too uneasy to venture out of the safety of my bedroom. Melissa had already gone to work, and I had no idea what Kaylee was up to. I knew I had to confront her and somehow mitigate the events of last night, but I wasn't so sure about my resolve.

Maybe if I could stop thinking about her for ten seconds… I don't know. I think the worst part of it was the more I replayed Kaylee's handjob, the more 'wrong' I realized it was. And that was turning me on even more. In the shower, I reluctantly broke down and allowed myself to masturbate to her hot little body. The naughtier my imagination became, the closer I brought myself to orgasm. Words flashed in my head: young, little sister, slut, teenager, college, cheat…

I finally came to that last word. I was horrified that it seemed to turn me on the most. I hadn't really cheated, had I? As my body relaxed and I regained some composure, I tried to steel myself against a wave of guilt. That was it. Whatever happened was not going to happen again; I wasn't willing to go down that path any further. Whether it was out of some sense of honor, or out of the fear of the depravities that I would sink to, I didn't think about it.

After getting myself ready for the day, I finally left the room and went to the kitchen. My sense of empowerment and determination was shaken the moment I saw her. Kaylee was standing away from me, looking out a window with a cereal bowl in one hand. She was only wearing a tiny pair of panties and a thin white tee-shirt. My heartbeat sped up when I looked at that perfect ass, barely hidden but perfectly outlined in her underwear. I was immediately reminded of her shorts the previous night as I trailed my eyes down the back of her naked thighs…

"Well good morning, sleepyhead! And here I thought I was supposed to be the lazy one!" she spun around and smiled at me teasingly. The fabric of her shirt was almost see-through. Oh, wow… It actually was where it clung mercilessly tight around her breasts. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. I could see the full shape of her perky tits; her nipples visibly pressing against the fabric.

"Uh- morning," I flatly replied, tearing my eyes away from her body. Don't give her the satisfaction of showing off her body…

"Feeling better?"

I grabbed a bowl out of a drawer, trying to run my normal routine. "Huh?" I replied thoughtlessly.

"Well, you went to bed early, remember?" she said knowingly.

"Oh, yeah- uh, think I just needed some rest," I croaked. Where the fuck is the cereal? I pawed through the cupboard, agitated.

I heard Kaylee shake a box and turned to see she had moved right up next to me. She had put her own dishes down and held the cereal in one hand, waving it back and forth a little bit. I tightened my lips and moved to take it, but she deftly ignored my action and started pouring it into my bowl for me.

Without looking at me, she nearly purred, "Rest, huh? I thought you seemed a little, umm, on edge during the movie… Like the last thing you needed was sleep!"

My blood started to boil (and not just from anger). Don't play this game with her! "Uh, look Kaylee… That was- that was a mistake…"

She stopped pouring the cereal and looked at me inquisitively. "Watching the movie…?"

Bitch! "No, not- Come on, don't play stupid with me!"

Her jaw dropped open and she glared at me incredulously. Then she lowered her eyes and slowly closed her lips. Thoughtfully, she pouted, "I am only nineteen…"

I shut my eyes and took a slow breath. Ignore her; don't let her get to you… "Look," I did my best to sound stern, opening my eyes again, "What happened last night, uh… It- nothing like that is going- um, going to happen again."

"Hmm… Why not?" She casually rested one of her hands on my hip.

My body jumped at the sudden touch and I reeled at her change in demeanor.

"W-what do you me-… Because I don't want it to!" I stuttered, taking a step back and pushing her hand away.

"Ummm…" she rolled her eyes sarcastically, "I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have, uh, worked unless you wanted it…"

My mouth mechanically opened and closed. I fumed, not being able to think of a quick reply. I just bored my eyes into hers. At least I'm not checking out her body… Her tight shirt around her chest… Showing off for me…

She softened into a sly smile, "I think you might just want it again…"

*Don't* get hard. "F-for fuck's sake! I'm dating your sister!"

"Oh! Is that what this is about?" she almost giggled. "You don't think I'd, like, tell her, do you?"

"What!?" I croaked. She has a point… "I don't- You need to just drop it!"

"Um, I don't think you mean that," she smirked at my crotch.

Oh god… "L-look… If you're gonna stay here for uh- a week… Then you need to- to just knock it off…"

She nonchalantly brought the cereal bowl over to the table, swaying her hips a little bit with each light step she took. "Uh oh! I'm not upsetting the man of the house, am I?"

"God! Just cut it out!" I nearly growled.

"Ooh… I'm sorry, sir," she changed her voice to sound like a young girl. "Wanna be my daddy and… spank me?"

Standing over one of the chairs by the table, she put her palms on the wood and bent over, pushing her ass out to me.

Holy… "You've got to… be uh, kidding me…" I muttered in both irritation and surprise.

She brought a hand off the table and ran it down her side, until it rested on her butt. Her palm rubbed around in little circles, drawing all my attention to it. "No… If you're so mad then why don't you do something about it…?"

I stood there for a few moments, completely incredulous. Part of me was furious, but I was dimly aware that the rest of me was hopelessly turned on. Maybe I *should* just swat her… I reached a hand around and rubbed the back of my neck; I realized my palm was slightly sweaty.

"C'mon," she interrupted me, giving herself a light pat on the ass, "I know you're thinkin' about it…" She leaned over the table further, making her look even more tempting.

I'll tell you, part of me was screaming to just give it to this little tease. But I was damned if I wasn't giving it my all to resist her… whatever the fuck she was doing. The problem was that she just looked so hot!

"You uh… Got a-another thing comin' if, uh… You think this is gonna, um- work," I tried to sound as condescending as I could. I walked out of the kitchen and tried to blow her off.

"Aww…" she called after me, "What about your breakfast?"

"Not hungry," I retorted, not looking behind me. I grabbed my shoes by the front door and shoved them on.

"You're gonna just take off?" She came out of the kitchen, and had her arms folder across her stomach, accentuating the swell of her visible tits through the shirt.


"But I'll be all by myself!" she warned.

"Try to, uh, stay out of trouble," I rolled my eyes.

"That's no fun," she tried, smiling at me. I don't want fun. Just leave, man!

"You'll cope," I offered as I swung the door open. She tried to call something else out to me, but I let the door slam shut behind me. I wasted no time getting to my car and pulling out of the apartment complex.


I tried to keep myself busy most of the day. I went and had breakfast at a coffeehouse. There was a group of teenagers there, presumably on vacation like everyone else. I looked at the girls and reflexively compared them all to Kaylee. None of them held a candle to her raw sex appeal. I wonder if any of them let boys spank them…

Great. I needed to stop that, or else be prepared to sport a perpetual hard-on for the rest of the day. I barely got it down on the drive away from home, and now there I was thinking about her again. I picked up a newspaper and read the business section; that was harmless and boring. Thoughts of Kaylee were mostly pushed out of my head.

Eventually I left and decided to catch a movie. Anything is better than going home. I really had no idea what to do. Was she going to try and hit on me every moment we were alone? Was she really hitting on me anyway? Maybe it was all just a twisted game… If I actually gave in, would she just laugh in my face? Would she tell her sister? The only reason you care is because you're thinking about doing it…

I was distracted throughout the whole movie. I specifically chose a mindless action film so I could lose myself in explosions and violence, but it didn't pan out. My mind raced the whole time, trying to think it through. Okay, if anything, it's just a crush. She's something new, and she showed you some attention… You're just blowing it all out of proportion. Yeah, that was all.

I found various things to busy myself with for the rest of the afternoon. But let's be honest. All I was really doing was changing the scenery around me as I fantasized about Kaylee's body. Her smooth legs, her flat tummy, her tight ass, her firm breasts… You get the idea. I replayed all the things she said. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't say such fucked up things to me… I mean, come on! Talking like such a slut? Asking to be spanked? It was all so naughty. And on top of it all: being Melissa's little sister… Fuck, I can't stop thinking about it!

Eventually I ran out of things to do and started on my way back home. It was late in the afternoon and I knew Melissa would be back fairly soon anyway. Knowing that made me feel better; I wouldn't be alone with Kaylee for too long. I was determined to minimize any opportunity she had to tempt me… or toy with me… or whatever it is she did. It was only gonna be a week. Not even a full week. Surely it couldn't be that difficult to hold out. She'll probably get bored anyway. If she even really cared. Did I want her to…?

When I got back, the first thing I noticed was the absence of my girlfriend's car. Damn. I went up the steps and let myself in with considerable anticipation. I wasn't even sure if Kaylee was going to be around. I tried not to admit that part of me wanted her to be waiting there for me…

Once in, I noticed her right away. She was balled up on the couch with some paperback book raised up to her face. Because the back of the couch faced the entryway, I couldn't see what she was wearing. Huh, she's just reading… Almost seems disappointing... She popped her head around and looked at me. With a clearly forced smile, she said a quiet, "Hey."

"Hey," I replied civilly.

"Have a good day?" she offered.

"Uh, sure I guess. You?"

"I dunno. Just been, like, sitting around."

"Doesn't sound so bad," I returned noncommittally. I kicked off my shoes and walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. Digging through the fridge, I heard her get up and pad into the room. With a coke in hand, I swung the door closed and turned to her. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore a reasonably modest top. However she was wearing a short, loose, white skirt that didn't even go halfway to her knees.

The contrast of it against her skin just made her legs look even better than before. I surreptitiously glanced down and saw she was barefoot. The effect made her look both young and innocent as well as knowingly slutty. Not even five minutes here and you're already drooling.

"Mind if I get something?" she asked shyly.

I took a step back and offered the fridge to her. "Go ahead."

She politely stepped around me and opened the fridge. I'll admit it; I was surprised she didn't rub her body against mine to try and get a rouse out of me. As she grabbed a drink, she sighed, "Look, about earlier…"

Oh boy, here she goes!

"I just um… I guess I wanted to say, I'm sorry." She turned around and leaned resignedly against the refrigerator, facing me.

Huh!? I think my face was an open book to my thoughts.

"Honestly," she continued, "I… I don't know; I got carried away. You know? At first I thought it was just harmless flirting… but, oh, it doesn't matter. I know I went too far…"

I was completely stunned. She actually seemed remorseful. "Well, yeah. I guess we both did," I tried to be conciliatory.

"No no," she dropped her eyes down, "I shouldn't have made you…" she trailed off. My mouth went dry at the memory of her handjob. "Uh- well… I'm just, I'm sorry."

"Um… Well, me too. Okay? Let's just put it behind us and, uh- be bygones." Maybe this wouldn't be such a disaster after all…

"So then, you'll… forgive me?" She brought her eyes back up to mine and looked at me cutely. She was delicately biting the corner of her lip. She seemed sorry, but part of me thought it was too good to be true. She almost seems *too* sorry…

"Uh- don't worry about it. Let's just forget it, okay?" I wanted to drop it.

"N-no… I want you to- to know that I am sorry…"

"Yeah, it's- it's fine. Really."

She broke into a bashful smile and took a tentative step forward. I realized I was backed against a counter and suddenly felt very nervous again. She reached out her hand and held it in front of me.

"Shake on it?" she asked.

I let out a small laugh. "Okay, sure." I reached out and took her hand. She gave it one hard shake, but didn't let go right away.

"I'm glad we could, like, work this out…" She took another step closer to me. My heartbeat started to speed up.

Without letting go of me, she gently guided my hand down to her leg. She pressed it against her skin and forced my palm to rest on her thigh. I should have just snapped my hand away… But I didn't. Maybe it was because I was stunned; lulled into lowering my guard. Maybe it was because you've been wanting to touch that smooth skin ever since you saw it.

"You know… This morning I- I wasn't joking…"

Oh shit.

"If you want to- um- spank me…? Just to make sure we're- we're even?" She gingerly guided my hand up her leg. I passively just let her do it. Somehow my mind was racing and blank at the same time.

"Uh… K-Kaylee…"

"I mean… If you think you might need- need to… punish me… I, um…understand…" she persisted in an apologetic voice. My hand was pushed up even further, under her skirt now. Oh god… is she even wearing…?

My breath got shallow. I don't know what came over me; it was like I was hypnotized. Next thing I knew, my hand was cupping her bare ass. I was tenderly grabbing her, squeezing even. Then I realized her hand wasn't even on mine anymore. She nervously fingered the hem of her skirt as I groped her. With a furtive smile, she slowly turned her body to the side, taking a small step back away from me.

My fingers traced along her skin and back around to her thigh as she moved. She continued until she was completely turned away from me. With one hand, she stretched out and leaned it against the refrigerator door. She bent over as she did it. With her other hand, she pulled the back of her skirt up her body, and held it there.

I gasped as I stared at her naked ass. She pushed it out to me, offering it to me. I blinked my eyes hard, taking in the fact that she really wasn't wearing anything. It looked so perfect, so tempting. I dimly realized, if her she wasn't pressing her legs together, I could even see her…

"Please…" she cut my thoughts off with a desperate whimper, "I know I- that I deserve it…"

Realizing my mouth was hanging open, I snapped it shut and recoiled my hand off of her body. "W-what the fuh…"

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