tagErotic HorrorQueen's Night Ch. 05

Queen's Night Ch. 05


Parker watched as Alyse leapt towards Fisher. The deputy reacted as smoothly as any Parker had ever seen, but Alyse beat him out. She was just that damn fast. Parker knew, just from watching her that the way she moved was not in any way human. She was all predator.

The gunshot rang out, but it didn't seem to slow Alyse at all. She whipped her hands across his head, and the slap of the hit resounded through the hall. Whatever she did, she did it right, and Fisher slumped to the floor.

Parker started to race to Fisher. "What'd you do?" He asked, disbelief in his tone. He'd never seen someone move like that, and had never seen such a fast hit.

"Disabled him. I hit a nerve, and the man should be out for a few minutes at least." Alyse brought herself back up to her full height. Parker saw the gunshot wound.

"Jesus, you've been shot." Parker said. Indeed, there was a bloody stain on the sleeve of her white blouse, with a neat hole. The back of the sleeve, however, had a much larger splatter of blood.

"It's nothing." She insisted, her voice a pained hiss. "We need to get out of here." She said. "Can you drive stick?"

"Uh, yea," Parker nodded.

Alyse nodded, and Parker knew she was trying to mask the pain. "Then let's go." She started down the hall again.

"You need to get to a hospital, Alyse." Parker said. "That's nothing to laugh at."

"Trust me," She grunted. "I'll be fine. Come on, Parker!"

"You really like ordering people around, don't you?" Parker mused as they headed out the back of the building.

Alyse fished out her keys and tossed them to Parker. "And yet, you follow along while I incapacitate a fellow officer of the law, abduct you, and have you be my driver."

Parker paused for a moment. He was being irrational, he realized. None of this made any logical sense. She was just a woman he had seen in his dreams. "I drive, you answer questions." He said, trying to convince himself as well.

"Indeed, Parker." Alyse said. Parker unlocked the door on her side, and then opened up the driver's side door.

"Where to?" Parker asked, and Alyse gave him directions to the north outskirts of town.

Once they were past the limits of Cold River, he asked. "So, who are you?" He asked.

Alyse sighed. "My name is Alyse Harcourt."

"That's a name, that's not answering my question."

"Quite the philosopher, aren't we?"

"What do you want to know?" Alyse nursed her injured arm, hissing occasionally. "I run the tavern, have lived in Cold River for a few years..."

"What the hell was that back there with Fisher?" Parker asked, his voice hitting the "cut the crap" tone.

Alyse shrugged a little. "I hit one of his nerves. I've trained a long time. Just because a man is bigger than me and has a gun, does not mean I need fear him."

"I've never seen anyone move that fast."

"You're not in the best of states right now. I'm not as fast as you thought I was." She said it as if to reassure him.

"So your solution is to tell me my brain is playing tricks on me?" He grumbled. Parker was not happy with that answer.

She sighed. "I promise, just follow the directions, and then I'll answer any questions you have."

"Where are we going?" He asked.

"It's a safe house. A cabin that I use for times when Kelly or someone like her might want to find me and I do not wish that."

"Someone like her?" Parker arched an eyebrow. He started to wonder what he was getting into. And then it hit him. She was a drug dealer. Or something, she had to be. Or mafia. Something that Parker wanted nothing to do with. Crap on a cracker.

Alyse turned her head to him, noting. "You're nervous, Parker." Her voice was touched with concern. "As to Sheriff Kelly, we find ourselves on opposite sides of many issues."

"Are you a criminal?" He asked.

A chime of a laugh sprung from Alyse's lips. "Oh, that's a new one. No, I am not a criminal. Far from it. I work inside of the law."

"And what you did to Fisher back there?"

Alyse sighed. "That was...quite foolhardy of me. But necessary." She said. Alyse directed him to go down a dirt path, and after about five minutes of driving, they had reached the cabin.

It was a small, wooden affair that looked relatively new. An emergency generator sat to the side of the house, and there was already a jeep sitting next to the house.

"Thought this place was private." Parker said.

"It is." She smiled just a little. "But I like to keep a getaway just in case."

"Let's head inside." He suggested, eager to get some answers.

She led him inside, opening the door with her unwounded arm. As they walked into the living room, she sat down in an overstuffed armchair.

"There are several things you need to know." She started.

Parker rolled his eyes. "Um, yea, listen, we should really take care of that arm."

"In a minute." She said, closing her eyes. She grunted, discomfort in her voice. "You wanted to know what all this was about?"

Parker watched her eyes flutter. When they opened, her green eyes had gone. Her pupils were large, catlike now. Her breathing grew deeper, the curve of her chest rising and falling with each labored breath.

"It has to wait." Alyse said. "Parker, I need you to stay very, very still."

"What?" Parker furrowed his brow. "The hell is going on?"


Alyse couldn't fight the hunger any longer. She knew there were a few bags of blood in the fridge, but she didn't want some bagged blood. She wanted his, hot and straight from the source. Her body raced with need, of the pure carnal hunger inside of her.

"Parker," She whispered. "Can you trust me?"

He answered quickly, as if on instinct. "Yes, I think I can."

Alyse summoned all of her will power, trying not to consider how much she'd like to devour him. She stood up from the chair. It was only then did she realize how large he was. Taller than her by a great deal, and with broad shoulders, she felt oddly fragile compared to him. No human had ever made her feel like that.

"May I kiss you?" Alyse asked him.

Parker nodded slowly. "Yes, you may." He answered, and without any further agreement from the two of them, their mouths crushed together.

It was heaven on Earth. He had soft, gorgeous lips, applying just the right amount of pressure to drive her crazy. The entirety of his scent filled her nostrils. He smelled of masculinity and power, and it lingered in her like the aftertaste of good liquor.

His tongue pushed past her lips, invading her mouth. She responded in kind, their two tongues dueling for some semblance of control.

When he finally came up for air, a single exclamation fell from his lips. "Wow."

"You haven't seen anything yet." She felt a smirk on her face grow. She started to kiss down his face, tracing her lips down the strong line of his jaw. His face was rough with day-old stubble, prickling against her lips.

She worked her way down to his neck, licking his throat with a single, slow drag of her tongue. She could hear the pulse of his vein, and she fought every urge to sink her teeth into the pulsing, hot vein.

"Alyse," He whispered, his voice rough with need. "This..."

She placed a finger to his lips. "Shh, Parker. Just let it happen." She needed him, now. And she needed his blood, needed to feel it sliding over her tongue.

Alyse lifted his hand, her own hand tiny compared to his. She brought it to her mouth, and kissed the callused thumb of his hand. She felt her fangs, her entire head throbbing with the need to taste him. "Parker, I..." She didn't want to hurt him.

"I trust you."

And at that, she sunk one of her fangs into his thumb. He groaned, the sounds of pain and pleasure mixed together in her ears. As her fang pierced the flesh, blood welled into her mouth.

It was delicious. Hot and tangy, it rolled across her tongue. She gulped the blood down with greedy licks, feeling the power run through him. She had drunk from many species before. Weres, witches, even the succubi. But never had anything felt so empowering, so delicious. Power flowed through her body, mending the wound in her arm.

When she finally lifted her head and looked up to Parker, his eyes were glazed in a euphoric state. He shook his head and looked down to her. Oh, those eyes could melt her.

"What..." He couldn't even finish his thought before Alyse answered.

"Parker, I need you." Alyse grabbed him by the shirt. "Bed, need..."

His hands grasped her, grabbing her hips. He hoisted her up, scooping her into his arms. Alyse gasped a little as she felt him pull her close against his broad chest.

"Where?" His voice throbbed with need, making her own desire skyrocket.

"Uh, down the hall, last door on the right." He carried her there, each step making the anticipation more and more unbearable. The door was open, and he nudged it with his shoulder to make the door swing in so she could carry her.

Gently, he deposited her on the mattress. Parker's eyes met hers. Those dark gray eyes were so wild, filled with lust, it excited her. Her hands reached out for him, grabbing his shoulders greedily. She drew him in for another kiss, which slowly evolved into a series of light, hungry nips at each other. Their lips and teeth picked at each other, tasting and kissing skin.

Alyse couldn't get enough of him. His flesh tasted salty, masculine, enough to drive a girl mad. He pulled away, much to her disappointment. She whimpered with a needy tone.

"Don't worry, Alyse, you'll have me soon enough." He whispered. He slid off his jacket, revealing toned arms. Next off was his shirt. He wasn't overly muscular; he had the sleek form of a swimmer or a runner. She mused that he was built like a sports car, not a hot rod.

"You," She purred. "Are delicious, Parker. But I believe I have you at a disadvantage." She sat up for him, and unbuttoned her blouse. She flung the garment away was free of it, leaving her in just her bra and slacks.

"Unbelievable." Parker murmured, and he moved over her again, pushing her back down to the bed. His hands glided over her waist, down to her hips. Alyse's hips rose off the bed, eager, and he took advantage of that to unbutton her slacks and slide them off.

"What's unbelievable?" Her voice was fragile, vulnerable as she was displayed for him.

"You are gorgeous, woman." Parker whispered.

She whispered back to him. "I don't want to think right now, Parker. I need you."

He gladly obliged her, taking the last steps of unfastening her bra, and then sliding her panties down. The cool air of the house swept over her. His blood was in her, warming her, though, and she didn't mind at all.

Alyse reached up to unbutton his jeans, sliding them down his legs. His boxers, a solid gray pair, bulged with his arousal, and she happily freed him.

"Oh, my," She purred. He was gorgeous. It was nice to know that her dream of him hadn't exaggerated anything at all.

But Parker didn't take her. He kissed he stomach, teasing with its lightness. Alyse moaned, needily, until his lips started to trail further down. Alyse moaned with delight, her hips arching upwards, offering herself to him.

His tongue flicked across the lips of her sex, teasing just lightly. She moaned, and he took it as a sign of encouragement. He slowly dragged his tongue across her pussy. "Oh, Parker..." She groaned.

A low, rumbling chuckle rose from between her legs, and he continued to work on her, teasing her, licking her. Each lick, each brush against her, sent a delightful little jolt through her.

After a few more licks from him, he looked up to her, grinned and then simply looked down again. He speared her sex with his tongue, sending a sharp gasp expelling from her throat. Gods, it had been too long since she'd had this kind of pleasure.

His tongue thrashed and swirled, tasting every inch it could reach. His fingers joined in quickly, replacing his tongue inside of her. Alyse tried to keep her composure, keep it off, but she wasn't kidding anyone. She wanted this even more badly than she thought she ever could.

She called his name and released, her womb spasming in delicious convulsions. Her hands clenched into the sheets, and she moaned in delight.

She felt her cream drip to her thighs, and a little giggle arouse from her.

"Something amusing?" Parker growled. He lifted his face, touched with a smile, and his lips and chin were shining with her juices.

Alyse smirked. "Not amusing, but it has been a while since I have felt that good. "Now there was a lie. She had never felt this good.

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet." He growled.

"Let's see what you have." Alyse challenged him.

And Parker gladly obliged. He covered her body with his, sliding their bodies together. His warmth comforted her, made her feel so alive.

His member pressed against her thigh, eager and hard. She looked into his eyes, and pleaded. "Please, I need you. Now." She couldn't take it any more. She needed him.

Alyse watched as he took himself in hand and guided himself into her. She slid just the head into her folds, and she moaned in wild pleasure at how thick he was. Parker only made it better when he lowered his hips, burrowing inch after delightful inch inside of her.

She was, slowly, losing her mind to this man. "Fast," She pleaded, and a grin touched his lips. He started a series of powerful, hard thrusts. Her body shook beneath him when his hips slapped against hers, powerful on each stroke. Even without a need to breathe, she found herself breathless as how hungry he was.

His lips assaulted her neck, teasing the flesh there. Powerful hands grasped her thighs. The man knew how to make a woman feel feminine. God, it had been too long. She anchored herself to him, wrapping her legs around his ass. Her hands settled on his arms, and she held to him like it was for dear life.

"Parker," She cried, and knew that he was going to quickly drive her to her pleasure again. But she didn't want another selfish climax. She wanted him deep inside of her, warming her.

"Alyse," He whispered into her ear, and that alone made her even wetter. She hadn't had anyone to whisper like that in so long, too long.

"Cum with me." Alyse pleaded, her voice growing husky and needy. "Cum with me, Parker."

His voice held no reply, only the hot labored grunts of his heightening pleasure. She felt her pussy clench, each muscle tightening, wanting to milk every drop of seed from him. She cried out in a short strangled gasp in her climax, and her entire mind grew white for a second from the intensity.

She felt his seed burst within her, hot and potent. Alyse's mind raced with two trains of thought. The first was perfect pleasure. Never before had anyone made her feel so damned good. She could live off this pleasure, she swore.

The other, though, was to feed. She needed him, to make him hers. Mine. Mine. Mine. The impulse ran through her head. She couldn't fight it. She needed to follow it. Her fangs grew again, and she didn't even think about it. Her lips slipped to his neck, and she opened wide.

She didn't remember biting him, just the euphoria of his blood filling her mouth. The hot iron taste of his blood, the power filling her, the sheer profound ecstasy only heightened by the taste of him.

And his moans of pain and pleasure.

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