tagIncest/TabooQuest For Trinity: Life Goes On

Quest For Trinity: Life Goes On

byL.A. Wicker©

This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way!

This story may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

"I think that something's going on between Ken and Trinity." Barb Jones said as she turned to look at her husband Tom. "You remember how she was back in college," she added as she reached for her cigarettes and carefully lit one and hoped that Ken wasn't screwing his aunt.

Tom pulled his eyes from the movie that they'd been watching and couldn't believe what his wife just said. "What?" he asked in shock, trying to picture his son Ken, screwing the shit out of Trinity. If you are, you best pop that hot ass a few times for me. Tom laughed as he continued thinking of Ken humping the hot woman.

"I said, I think your son, is screwing his aunt!" Barb said in a loud voice as she glared at Tom. Why don't you clean your fucking ears out? She thought as anger rushed through her. She knew that Tom had a thing for Trinity in college, but she was only after money or a big cock. So, that left poor Tom out. He didn't have either one.

He looked back to Barb and he wanted to slap her teeth out of her face. You fucking bitch! It wouldn't take much for me to knock your ass out! He thought looking back to her, wishing he had the nerve to put Barb in her place. Tom was so tried of being pushed around and bullied by her.

"I heard you; I just couldn't believe it," he said as he returned her evil look. "There's not much we can do about it. He's over eighteen and she isn't a blood relative," he added and couldn't help thinking of how good Trinity looked.

"Well I don't give a shit! He shouldn't be up there fucking her!" Barb said as she flipped an ash into a nearby ashtray and puffed her cigarette. "I'm seriously thinking about going up there and seeing if they are or not," she said looking at Tom and wondered if he still had feelings for Trinity. "You should come with me." Barb said and had a good idea he wouldn't. He liked staying at home and watching TV.

"Nope, he's old enough to take care of himself and besides that," he paused to light a cigarette before going on and Tom knew his next words were going to really piss Barb off. "If he is fucking her, I'm proud of him!" Tom said with a smile as visions of Ken screwing Trinity filled his mind.

Barb sat in shock and could not believe what Tom just said. "You fucker!" she yelled as she stood up and was ready for a good fight. "You had the hots for her no good, horny ass too! Did you ever fuck her? I know all our friends did. She'd lay down for any guy with a fucking dick!" Barb screamed at Tom and she wanted to kill him.

Tom just laughed at Barb and he wasn't going to tell her anything. "I wouldn't tell you if I did or not. We weren't married or going out then, so it's none of your fucking business!" he yelled back at her and he knew that they were finished. Both of their kids were grown and out making a life for themselves, so he was through with Barb.

"I'm sure you did," she growled as she thought of Tom fucking her nasty sister-in-law. "Was it good? Did she fuck you like a whore?" Barb yelled and didn't see the hand swinging towards her face, until it was too late.


Tom's big hand hit Barb so hard that her cigarette flew from her mouth and across the room. "Fuck you!" he said jumping off the bed and went to the closet. "I'm done with you and all you're constant bitching! I'm leaving and never coming back." Tom said as he threw his suitcase on the bed and started packing his clothes.

"You know what? Fuck you, I don't need you! Go and don't ever come back!" Barb screamed and quickly knew she fucked up. Now she had to get off her ass and find a job. Oh fuck! I haven't worked since Ken was born. What am I going to do? She thought and hoped that things worked out.

"I'm going as fast as I can. I can't wait to get out of here and away from you!" Tom said with a big smile and it felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off of his shoulders.


Back in Montana, Ken was on Trinity, screwing her hard and as fast as he could go. "Oh fuck, this is so nice!" he moaned as his stiffened cock slid in and out of Trinity with ease. "I'm going to be on you every chance I have," he moaned again as a loving smile covered her pretty, aging face.

"You can have me anytime you want," she said in a soft voice as Ken's young, hard cock used her as if she was a whore, but Trinity loved it hard and fast. "Go baby, fuck me all you want!" Trinity cried out and hoped she would please her new lover. She'd been alone too long and would do anything Ken asked of her.

He pumped with long and hard strokes, lifting her fine, mature ass off the bed with each hard stroke in. "Your pussy is so good! I'm going to be in you all the time!" Ken said as he watched her full breasts swaying back and forth.

"Oh yes, fuck me all you want! I'm all yours!" Trinity squealed and felt something nice sweep through her pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm about to cum, baby!" she cried, sat up on her elbows and watched his big cock fucking her stretched pussy. "That's my boy! Fuck it hard!" she growled with need in her voice and Trinity was so close. "I'm your whore, now fuck me like one! Fuck it harder! Fuck me!" Trinity screamed.

Ken heard her and was more than happy to do as he was told. He fucked her hard and didn't care if he hurt her or not. Trinity told him to fuck her just like a whore and he was doing it. "You like it hard, you fucking whore?" he asked as he pounded her pussy and loved every second of it.

"Yes, the harder the fuckin' better!"

"You are a fucking whore!"

"Yes I am, but I'm your whore!"

"My own little whore," he smiled as his cock continued to ram in and out of her once, tiny pussy.

"Oh yes! I'll always be your whore," she softly moaned, fell back on the bed and enjoyed her young stud fucking her with no mercy. "Oh Kenny, yes!" Trinity whimpered as he used her and she loved it all. You're so wonderful. She thought watching the pleasure on his face and Trinity knew she'd never be lonely again.

He looked down and still couldn't believe this was happening. He was fucking the holy shit out of his sexy aunt and she loved it all. "You're so pretty," he said as he leaned down to kiss her panting mouth. Her tongue slid into his and Ken gently sucked it as they gazed into each other's eyes. Oh God, I love you so much! Ken thought as he continued loving her wonderful body.

"Thank you, baby." Trinity purred in a soft voice as she looked up to her handsome lover and she gently hugged his neck. "You're going to end up screwing me to death!" she smiled and hoped he would. She had been without a man for so long and it was time to make up for it.

Ken just smiled as his hips kept moving back and forth. "I might, you never know," he whispered as his eyes gazed to Trinity's large breasts, gently sloshing all around. "Next time we do this." Ken moaned and couldn't keep his eyes from her large mounds. "I'd like you on top and these fabulous things in my mouth," he said with a big smile as he continued watching her big breasts moving back and forth.

"I love being on top and my man sucking them as I fuck him!" Trinity moaned as she thought of being on Ken, with his long cock in her and him sucking her nipples. "Stop for a second," she smiled and knew she was about to make him very happy. "I wanta do it now," she whispered and watched a big smile covering his face.

Ken couldn't move fast enough. "Oh yes!" he moaned as Trinity climbed on him and took all of his stiff cock. "Fuck, I love this and you so much!" Ken said, grabbed her and hugged as tight as he could. Her hips slowly moved up, down and in small, tight circles and her breasts were dangling just above his mouth. I've fuckin' died and went to pussy heaven! He laughed, sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and loved the loud moans coming from deep inside Trinity.

Ken's words filled her ears and sank deep into Trinity's heart. "I love you too," she whispered as her hips began their magic and when he started sucking her nipple, Trinity thought she was going to explode. Her nipples were the most sensitive part of her body and she loved them to be sucked. His tongue licked around her dark and very large areolas. "Yes!" she whimpered as the wonderful sensations rushed from her nipples, through her body and to the deepest part of her wet and excited pussy.

Ken rested his hands on her hips as he teased and gently sucked her tender nipples. He loved Trinity's soft moans of pleasure and now, he couldn't wait for her to cum on him. "We are going to end up killing each other." Ken smiled as he watched her beautiful face and hoped this would never end. He knew she was close to thirty years old than him, but Ken didn't care. He loved older women to begin with and this older lady was out of this world and all his.

"What a way to go," she moaned and a nice, warm feel started to overtake her body. "I'm so close!" Trinity cried as her hips moved faster, she drove him deep in her and Trinity couldn't wait to cum.

Ken continued to gently hold her slender hips as his hard cock slipped in and out of her gorgeous body. "Do it then! Cum all over my cock," he said as he looked up to her pretty face and Ken knew he'd never love anyone again.

Trinity moved faster and knew this was her man. Nobody would ever be inside her, but Ken. "Yes, I wanta cum so bad!" she cried out as she humped up and down his long and beautiful cock.

"Do it, you sexy, fuckin' thing!" he ordered, grabbed her meaty ass and Ken squeezed both of her tender cheeks with all of his strength. "Cum on me!" Ken said, drew back his right hand and he slapped Trinity's left cheek. She jumped and her already tight pussy squeezed him so hard, he thought it was going to snip off his cock. "Oh fuck, that was awesome!" he yelled out, drew back his left hand and let it fly.

Trinity was riding him like a wild animal in heat, but when his hand slapped her butt, she couldn't help screaming. "Yes, oh my God!" Trinity screamed so loud, it hurt her own ears. "That was out of this wor..." she was about to say, until his other hand lit up her other cheek. "Oh Ken, I love it!" Trinity squealed as she eased down, smashed her tiny clit between their bodies and humped it against him.

"Yeah, that's what I'm takin' about!" Ken laughed as he watched her going wild. Her body felt so good against him and as wet as Trinity was getting, he knew it wasn't going to be very much longer. His cock was deep in her and when she sank down and humped him, he had an idea that things were just about over. "I'm going to fill you so full of cum," he moaned, sucked Trinity's breasts and just watched her.

"I'd love that so much!" Trinity moaned as her hips trashed about. "I love when my man cums in me," she whimpered with need in her soft voice and that fire deep in her pussy was growing bigger and needed to be put out. "I could do this forever," she smiled and had a good idea that Ken would be on her and in her every chance they had. I can't believe how good you're making me feel, she thought as her slender hips continued moving in every direction Trinity could manage.

He smiled up to her and asked, "You like this sweet thing slapped?" Ken smiled as he gently caressed her ass.

"Hell yes I do!" Trinity growled as her hips ground against him and she didn't see Ken's hand lift in the air.

Trinity rode him with vigor and all thoughts of him being her nephew left her mind. She didn't care anymore, she had her dream lover and nobody was going to take him from her now.

His hand came down on her right cheek again, Trinity froze and couldn't move, but her tiny, once lonely pussy did. "Oh...oh..." she cried as a wonderful rush swept over her body. "You did it!" Trinity squealed as she started to cum. "My baby!" she screamed as her pussy locked around him, her mature heart raced out of control and her head was spinning. "Ahhhh, yes! Yes!" she screamed louder than at any time in her life. Not even her late husband had ever given her such wonderful feelings as Ken was at this very moment.

Ken watched her exploding, as he enjoyed her tight muscles spasming around his hard cock. He felt his cock jump and Trinity got another gift. He lifted his hips, drove his cock in her more and he came. "Oh God! I love you!" Ken yelled as he released in her. His cock shot warm cum deep into her fabulous body and Ken knew life couldn't get any better than this. He kept shooting in her as they held each other close.


Mollie was on her bed, legs spread wide with her favorite vibrating toy deep in her young pussy. "Oh yes!" she whimpered thinking of the most dirty thoughts she could muster. She slipped it in and out of the tiny, lonely hole, thinking of the man she loved and wanted so bad. "I need you in me!" Mollie cried as her pace quickened and she hoped to bring herself some needed pleasures.

Mollie knew that a girl her age should not be here and all alone. She knew deep down that she should have a young man on her, but she didn't want just any man, she wanted the best man in the whole world. "Oh please," she whimpered and hoping this lifeless, cold thing in her could ease some of her discomfort, but deep down, Mollie knew what she really needed and it wasn't this.

She moved it faster and prayed that something would happen. She hadn't been able to achieve an orgasm in months and it was killing her. Mollie's grades were slipping for the first time in her life and her boss told her to shape up or she'd be fired.

"Please!" Mollie whimpered with need in her voice. "I need to cum!" she whispered as tears began to run from her eyes and down the sides of her beautiful face, dripping on her pillow. Just a little one would be so nice. She thought as the toy vibrated in her tiny hand and in her young pussy.

She moved it faster and prayed more, begging for some kind of relief and she heard a soft knock at her door. What the fuck? She screamed to herself, turned to look at her clock next to the bed to see that it was just after two am. She quickly turned off the annoying toy and put it in her nightstand. This better be damn important! She growled to herself, grabbed her pajama bottoms, pulled them on and walked to the door. "Who is it?" she yelled through the door and wanted for a reply.

"It's your father." Mollie heard and she couldn't open the door fast enough. Her Daddy was standing there with his suitcase in hand and Mollie hoped that all of her prayers were about to be answered.

She covered her mouth and fought to hold back tears of joy. "Please tell me that you left her once and for all," she smiled, tried to hold back her tears, but couldn't.

Tom just smiled at his very sexy young daughter. He couldn't help noticing that her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared and Mollie's nipples were so hard and looked so inviting. Damn, you're so fucking hot! Tom thought as his eyes slowly moved up to her pretty, brown eyes.

"Yes I did!" he said with happiness in his voice, dropped the case and grabbed her. He hugged with all of his might and a strange feeling rushed over him. Tom was getting a hard on for his baby girl. "It felt so good when I walked out the door. It was like...nothing I've ever felt." Tom said and wondered why he was having these kinds of feelings for her now. He'd never thought such things about Mollie.

Mollie rested in his strong arms and was never happier in her life. She knew Barb was her mother, but Mollie hated her and never understood why Daddy ever stayed with her for as long as he had. Any other man in his right mind would have left the cold-hearted woman years ago, but dear ol' Dad stuck it out.

"I'm so glad." Mollie whispered as she enjoyed his arms around her body. She left home two years ago and never looked back. She hated leaving the two best men in the world, but Mollie couldn't live with her mother any more. She stayed in contact with Daddy and Ken through the web and phone calls when they were at work.

"I can't wait to start enjoying life again and I need to get laid so bad! Do you have any hot girlfriend that like older men?" Tom asked as he reluctantly pulled from the sexy young girl, but if he didn't, he knew she'd feel his hard-on.

Mollie was a bit taken by his words and she wasn't going to let him near any of her friends. "No, you're gunna be hanging out with me and nobody else!" she said with a harsh tone that sounded like her bitch mother.

He looked at Mollie's sleek five foot seven inch body, her hard nipples slightly poking against her small shirt and Tom grew harder than he'd been in years. Damn girl, is somebody horny or is it just me? He thought and couldn't help but staring at Mollie's nipples.

"I plan on having you all to myself and I mean it, buster!" she said with a smile as she watched his long cock growing more with each passing second. Poor Daddy, I should help you with that. Mollie thought as she tried her best not to get caught looking at him.

"Well, don't be shocked if I run around with a constant boner!"

"I'd like that." Mollie purred as she looked down to Daddy's big, swollen cock and smiled. "Will it be all for me or someone else?" she asked with a bigger smile.

Tom couldn't believe what Mollie just said and asked him. "I wonder about your ass sometime. You're a kinky little shit," he laughed and wondered if this was a good idea or not. Mollie was a total knockout, but she was his daughter.

"I'm a kink freak," she whispered as her brown eyes looked back to his massive erection and Mollie couldn't help but thinking of it deep in her young body.

"Ok, get your ass to bed before we end up breaking a few laws!" he laughed as he watched Mollie all but drooling on his cock. He knew that she was a horny girl, but Tom could have never imagined anything like this.

"Oh Daddy, don't be silly. I love hugging and flirting with you and now." Mollie purred as she moved back into his arms and made sure her hips were completely against his cock. "We can take it up a notch or two, maybe even three," she said as she gave her thin lips a long and very slow lick.

He was helpless as Mollie's words filled his ears and her wonderful body drove him crazy with need. "God help me!" Tom laughed as his arms went around her body and he hugged. "I'm going to be hard day and night," he softly whispered in her ear and he tenderly kissed it.

"I'm going to love it!" Mollie whispered back as she rested against him. I'm going to end up getting my dream man after all! She thought as visions of Daddy fucking her, filled Mollie's dirty, little mind. "I'm off to bed and tomorrow, you best be ready for some fun!" she smiled, pulled from him and quickly went to her bedroom. Oh my God! I'm on fucking fire!" Mollie thought as grabbed her tiny pussy and wondered how long it would take for her to convince Daddy to fuck her.

Damn, she's a crazy little bitch! I know she's a horny, little babe, but I'd never suspected her of wanting to fuck me. Tom thought and tried to remember if he'd smelt any booze on her breath. This is going to be crazy! He thought with a laugh, took off his clothes, lay on the sofa, and drifted off to sleep with his pretty daughter on his mind.


Mollie woke the next morning with a horrible, burn deep in her body and she knew why. Her Daddy was in the other room sleeping on the sofa. I'm going to drive him fuckin' crazy! She and quickly got out of her bed and went to shower.

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