tagGroup SexQuinn Goes Down

Quinn Goes Down


Quinn was a twenty-something city girl, three years out of college and enjoying life as a well-paid executive assistant in a communications firm, while working on her MBA. She was smart and ambitious, and planned to be the executive, not the assistant, by the time she was thirty.

Quinn managed to fit an active social life into this busy schedule also. She had a good figure, worked out regularly, and had eye-catching red hair. Although she had no steady partner, she went to restaurants, movies and clubs regularly with her friends. Since her sophomore year in college, she had accumulated a number of fuck-buddies, men and women who enjoyed sex, but had no time for a steady relationship.

This Saturday morning, Quinn woke up with a slight headache from one vodka too many the night before, and a recently fucked feeling in her pussy from her buddy Steve's large cock. Steve was a cop, a detective. They had arranged to meet at a club the night before, and had danced energetically with their group. Later, as the dances got slower, she and Steve had clinched on the floor. As they hungrily kissed, she felt his cock grow against her belly. She thought of fucking him in the club, or at least blowing him, but they decided to go to a friends apartment first to party a little more.

At the apartment, Quinn soon decided she needed a fuck. She grabbed Steve, and found an empty room. As he undressed her, her short dress fell to the floor, leaving her braless, in a red thong that showed her ass to perfection, thigh high stockings, and black patent spike heels. She dropped to her knees and undid his fly, allowing the engorged cock to leap out to her waiting mouth. She was proud of her cocksucking skills, and could deepthroat most of the cocks she sucked. Steve was groaning in pleasure as licked his balls on the down stroke and swirled her talented tongue on his cockhead on the upstroke. She wanted him to last long enough to fuck her, so she quickly stood and turned, bending at the waist and removing the thong. Steve knew her preference, and now he was on his knees, tonguing her pussy, searching for her clit. She felt herself getting close to orgasm, but knew she needed that cock. She dropped to the floor on her knees, ass in the air, and growled over her shoulder "Fuck me, now".

Steve wasn't the brightest spark, but he could follow simple commands. And he could fuck. He went deep inside her, then slowly withdrew, and gradually accelerated his assault on her pussy. Within minutes, Quinn felt his full weight banging her ass, and his full length fucking her deep. He grabbed her wrists to pull against as he fucked her. Quinn noticed they had an audience, a Japanese girl named Miko. She stood just inside the door, skirt around her waist and one hand actively caressing her clit.

Then, Quinn felt something strange-cold metal on her wrists. Fucking Steve had cuffed her! The bastard. Quinn had never gone for any form of bondage, she was very much a straight sex girl-with boys, and girls, and toys, and a little anal, and occasionally some spanking, and once or twice water sports.

He continued to fuck her, but now had grabbed her hair and motioned Miko to join them. The Japanes girl removed her dress leaving her in white cotton schoolgirl panties. With her small breasts, she looked about fourteen. She took off the panties, showing a shaved mound. Steve was silently orchestrating every move now. Miko lay on the floor leg spread, in front of Quinn.

Now Quinn was at a loss. She enjoyed girls as much as boys, but had never been in a threesome-except for the time she sucked off two guys together on a dare, or when she gone down on her college room-mate as her boyfriend watched and jerked off. Those times didn't really count, Quinn thought, and they didn't involve being handcuffed anyway.

Steve decided things for her. He grasped her hair and forced her face between Miko's legs. Quinn tasted the wet pussy and became ravenous, she needed to eat this girl, give her an orgasm, and take Steve's load also, before she could get off herself. Her tongue entered the Japanese girl's cunt, found her clit, and attacked it eagerly. Miko grabbed her and pushed her closer to her pussy. Steve continued to fuck her, and now had a finger in her asshole! Quinn couldn't hold back any more. She felt orgasm rippling out from her pussy, forcing a scream from her as Miko arched her back and went rigid in her climax. She felt Steve pull out and as he groaned, his hot seed landed on her back.

Quinn lay in bed and thought about last night. A new fuck buddy in Miko. Her first threesome. She decided that it was a good thing, and good things should be repeated. Maybe with two girls, or two guys, or girls with strap-ons, or girls with strap-ons and a guy, or.....Quinn felt a new world opening up, one that demanded to be explored.

If you want to hear more of Quinn's adventures, vote and write. And remember, this is fantasy, be safe.

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