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Ramu On A School Trip


Dear readers, remember I had promised to ask Ramu for more tales from his erotic life. The other day when Ramu visited me we sat sipping a drink and chatting. I asked him that he should tell me some more stories. He laughed and replied that there is nothing more to tell. I did not believe him and persisted. 'You are a principal of a school and there are many lady teachers and girls around you. You must have had some romantic liaisons with them'.

At first he tried to avoid the issue but with some persuasion and few drinks later, he told me the following story.

For those readers who have not yet had the good fortune of meeting Ramu, I am introducing him here in few words. Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Ramu to his friends was the principal of a government school. He stands six feet in his socks, is slim and handsome. He is married and has two very cute children. He has some magical effect on the female sex and they are ready to oblige him. Ramu is very virile. He can make love to ladies morning, afternoon and night for days without feeling any ill effects or fatigue. Now let us get on with the story.

My name is Ramu. I am the principal of a government secondary school. Our school had the policy of taking the senior students for an educational excursion once the academic year was over. The school arranged three to four such trips and the students chose the one they wanted to join. The excursions were to places of historical interest and architectural importance.

During the excursion the students were kept busy with physical training, sightseeing, games and track events. At night they participated in indoor games. Individual and team prizes were given to the winners of indoor and out door events. In other words the students were always keen to join the excursions. At the start of the next term they had to submit a paper on the excursion. The marks obtained carried weightage in their final grades.

As the responsibility of their well being and safety was that of the school, the school sent one male teacher for every twenty boys to ensure their safety and to see that they did not get into any trouble. As the girls carried a very perishable item between their legs, one lady teacher was deputed for every ten girls to look after them and ensure that the boys don't get into them. In case our school staff did not suffice, we invited teachers from other affiliated schools.

Few years ago sixty boys and thirty girls signed up for a particular trip. I, with two other male teachers made up the male staff. The ladies staff compromised of Mrs. Rama, a senior lady teacher of our school, Mrs. Rajni, a teacher from an affiliated school and Miss Gita, also from our school.

Mrs Rama was 50 years old with streaks of grey hair peppering her head. Mrs Rajni aged about 35 was very fair and had a pretty face. A little plump but she must have been a stunner when younger. Miss Gita about 25 years old and had joined us about six months back. She was not a beauty but had a very charming smile. She had a good figure with long black hair and nice big boobs. She always smiled sweetly at me whenever we met. Whenever I saw her, my cock became hard. I was looking for an opportunity to get to know her better and fuck her if possible.

She was actually the main reason for me to join this batch. What better opportunity could I get I reasoned than spending seven days together in close contact? The responsibility of different aspects of the trip like sightseeing, transport, games etc. was supervised by different committees. A committee consisted of two teachers, a male and a lady teacher.

I being the senior most, I took charge of finance and food. Food normally was the area, which had the maximum number of complaints. In the food department I chose Miss Gita to assist me. This way I thought I would be working closely with her and get to know her better and maybe manage to get into her. We had planned to stay in a school at our destination. As it was vacation time the school would be empty.

On arrival we settled down. There were four rooms for the staff members. The other two male teachers were required to share one room, Miss Gita and Mrs. Rajni shared another while Mrs. Rama and I had single accommodation.

The routine was that the students got up at the crack of dawn and after a quick wash they did physical training for an hour. Then shower etc. and participate in the day's activity. In the afternoon games and track events were held. In the evening they played indoor games and 10.30 p.m. was 'lights out' time. The food was served in a big hall during fixed hours. The table for the staff was in the centre of the hall. The boys and the girls sat separately on either side of the staff table.

On the first morning after breakfast Gita came to me and said that she wanted to discuss several points regarding the menu and procurement of provision. 'Is it very urgent?' I asked.

'No, nothing that can't wait but we do require to discuss it today' she replied.

'This is first day and I have lots to do and check. We will talk in the evening. Is that okay?' I told her.

'Fine. I will see you then' she said and left.

I watched her go. Her ass was moving very sensuously. I was just hoping that I get a chance to make nearer contact with it and her choot soon.

In the evening she approached me again. I told her 'I have just come back from the town and am feeling very dirty and hot. Let me have a shower and change then we will meet'. Then as an after thought I added 'Gita why don't you come to my room in an hour with the papers. We will settle everything then'.

Not suspecting any design on my part she said, 'Okay I will be there in an hour. In the meanwhile I can also shower and change'.

Punctually in an hour she came to my room. She looked fresh and had changed into a pretty sari. She looked very beautiful and desirable. I lay relaxing on the bed and watched her enter wondering whether lady luck will smile on my lund today and get me the choot of this pretty angel to fuck.

The room was sparsely furnished. There was only one chair, which I offered to Gita while I sat down on the bed opposite her. After initial small talk we got down to business. We discussed things for thirty minutes. Then I told her that I had to go and attend another meeting.

She said 'Sir I have some other points left to discuss'.

'Then please wait here I will not be long. It is just a short consultation. If you want to read something then you can check out that file' I told her pointing towards a file lying on my bedside table and left. The file contained a collection of erotic poems and stories written by my good friend Sahebji. If she reads them her cunt will surely get wet and hot and lubricate the passage to fuck her choot and grease my path to it.

I came back in about half an hour. Gita was reading the file.

I said 'They re good aren't they? Did you enjoy them?'

Seeing me she stood up and facing me said 'You are a very bad man to make me read such stuff'.

'Are you offended? I asked.

'No, not really. I am a big girl now you know' she replied.

I placed my hands on her arms and said 'Sure you are a big girl. Let me check how big? And pulled her to my chest and raising her face with my forefinger kissed her lightly on her lips.

At first she struggled to get free. Her struggle was so feeble that she would not have freed herself from a young lad. I got bolder and kissed more passionately. After the initial passiveness she started to respond and kissed me back. For some time just stood kissing each other. Then while continuing to kiss her I placed my hand on her boob and squeezed it slightly. A soft moan escaped her mouth. Then I pressed her tit harder. Her moan became louder.

I led her to the bed and we both sat on it side by side. I kept kissing her tried to put my hand inside her blouse. Her blouse was tight and could not achieve my purpose. She did not make any protest and kept moaning with pleasure. I then opened a few buttons of her blouse and pushed my hand in and caught hold of her nipple and pinched it lightly.

She responded by pressing her lips harder to my lips. While kissing her I pushed her back on the bed. We lay there with our bottoms on the edge of the bed and our feet on the floor. I opened the balance buttons and pushed down her bra strap and laid her tits naked. Releasing her lips I kissed her tits and nipples.

She was now moaning louder than before and kept repeating, 'Oh sir, oh sir, it is wonderful'.

I said, 'Gita dear don't call me sir call me Ramu'.

Then while sucking her both nipples in turns I placed my hand on her choot from outside her sari and started to rub it. She was now mad with desire. She raised her hips and pressed them to my hand. While continuing my action I slowly pulled her straight on the bed. We now lay side by side on the bed. I kept rubbing her cunt and slowly and stealthily pulled up her sari to above her waist and then rubbed her choot from outside her panties.

Feeling my hand on her panties she said 'Please Ramu don't'.

I said, 'Are you enjoying what I am doing?'

She nodded. 'Then please let me' I continued.

I pushed down her panties as best as I could and ran my finger between the lips of her cunt and took her swollen clit between my fingers and pressed it. She shuddered as if an electric current had gone through her body. Her legs opened wide making more place for my hand. Her hips were now slowly moving up and down in fuck motion. She was steeped in throes of passion.

I did not want to delay any more and quickly removing my hand from her clit pulled down my pants and underwear releasing my cum oozing hard cock and put my hand back on her clit recommenced to massage it. I pushed my pant to the floor and got on top of her. Pushing her panties to one side I rubbed my cock in the furrow of her cunt. I did not undress her completely, as I did not want her to emerge from the depths of passion she was in.

Then placing my cock on her fuck hole slowly tried to push the head of my cock inside her. She immediately closed her thighs tight imprisoning my cock. 'Please Ramu let me go and don't do this. I have never done this before. It is my first time and I am scared that I might get pregnant'.

'By jove, what luck? A virgin to deflower' I thought and my cock expressed its happiness at this thought by becoming a shade larger. I kept pushing in and out as best I could.

'Darling open your thighs I will be as tender as possible and you will not get pregnant as I can't make babies' I said.

Hearing this she relaxed visibly and her thighs separated. Seeing my chance I pushed my cock further in. Her hymen stopped the progress of my cock. Then I started to kiss her to stifle any loud scream from her and gave a mighty push. In one stroke my cock tearing past her virginal barrier was buried to the hilt in her tight passage of bliss.

The sudden push had taken her by surprise and this combined with the pain she screamed 'AAMFFF AAIIMMFF'. I saw her eyes had tears in them. Tenderly I kissed the tears away and simultaneously kept moving my cock in her tunnel of love. She opened her thighs wider to facilitate the movement of my cock. I continued my in and out movement.

With each stroke as my lund rubbed against the torn edges of her virginity Gita said, 'Oh!' But the oh's soon turned into ah's and ah's into AAHH's. I pulled my cock back to the tip of her choot and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. It was not long before her hips started to move in rhythm with the in and out movement of my lund.

Suddenly Gita clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and a wild look came into her eyes. I knew she was very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrust viciously into her, ramming her so hard that her tits rolled back and forth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back and thrust her head back her eyes clinched tightly close. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. With a loud 'oh my god' she came immediately triggering off my orgasm also. Gradually our motions slowed and continued to make soft "ahhhh" sounds. We both opened our eyes. Our lips drew together and kissed a long tender kiss.

Soon my laurda became soft and I withdrew it from her heavenly fuck tube. She lay there with her legs apart and a mix of our-cum streaked with the blood of her shattered virginity, oozed out of her choot. She confessed that she had never cummed so hard and for so long before. We lay there kissing and fondling each other for some time and then I suggested 'Gita darling take off your clothes.

Next time I want to feel your body touching mine. It will enhance the pleasure for both of us'. She gave me a long kiss and said 'You undress me'. I then undressed her with her active assistance. Gita's naked body was beautiful. Her pubic hairs were nicely trimmed. Her tits firm and nipples erect with excitement.

I said 'Gita your panties and sari are stained'.

'Don't worry I will wash them when I get back to my room' she replied. We then fucked two more times and fell asleep in each other's arms.

After some time Gita woke me and said, 'It is getting late and if we want dinner then we must go now'.

'Are you very hungry? I asked her. 'No much. Just a little bit, but I am sure you must be hungry' she asked.

I said 'No, I am not hungry for food but only for you. I will now introduce you to a new taste'.

I then turned around and said, 'You take my lund in your mouth and suck it and swallow my cum. It will not be enough to still your hunger pangs but it will definitely give you appetite for more of it and in the mean time I will sip the sweet nectar of your beautiful choot'.

She took my erect cock in her mouth and started to suck, while I latched on to her cunt. As I licked her choot and sucked her clit she was delirious with pleasure. In between sucks, she kept moaning and saying 'Ramu dear I have never felt such pleasure before. Please go on. Do not stop. Yes more please more. Oh I AM COMMMMINGGG'..

She came three times before I shot my load in her waiting mouth. We then fell asleep again. A noise woke me. When I opened my eyes I saw that Gita was pulling on her panties. 'Where are you going?' I asked.

'It is late and I must get back to my room' she replied.

'Don't go yet let us fuck one more time' and pull her into the bed. Then after a glorious and satisfying fuck I asked her 'Gita why don't you spend the night with me? We will fuck many more times till morning'.

'No, I must get back to my room otherwise what would Mrs. Rajni think of me'. I asked her again to stay but she was adamant but promised to come again tomorrow and left.

In the morning at breakfast Gita sat blushing every now and then and Mrs. Rajni kept throwing me hot and knowing glances. The day went by in routine work. I however kept running into Mrs. Rajni. Wherever I went, I found her staring at me with lust in her eyes. I could see that she wanted me but I preferred Gita's tight choot to her well-fucked and loose cunt. I tried to ignore her as best as I could.

In the evening I lay naked in bed waiting for Gita to arrive. I looked at my watch and saw she was already late by thirty minutes. 'What has happened?' I wondered. At that moment there was a light knock at the door and Gita entered slightly out of breath.

'What happened? Why are you so late?' I asked her.

'I will just tell you every thing. Let me first catch my breath' she replied. After undressing she joined me in bed.

'Mrs. Rajni knows everything' she said.

'How can that be? Tell me' I asked.

'I suppose it was my fault but let me start at the beginning. When I left here last night I crept into my room quietly. I started to prepare for bed when I was surprised to hear Mrs. Ranji say, 'So you are back dearie. I thought you had forgotten that this is your room'. I did not reply.

Then she added 'Where were you all this while dearie? With the principal no doubt, having fun and enjoying your self. Dearie why did you not sleep there also? I am sure he would have liked that. You both were also missing at dinner. Are you hungry my love? Have you had anything to eat?'

'Yes I had something' I mumbled truthfully and gave my erect cock a few licks.

'I can imagine what you ate' she said. Thank god that the room was dark and she could not see me blush.

Without replying I went into the bathroom to clean up. As I was entering the bathroom I heard her say under her breath 'Some people have all the luck'.

After changing into my night suit when I came out I heard Mrs. Rajni breathing heavily and thought that she had gone to sleep. After hiding my soiled clothes I also went to sleep.

In the morning when I woke I saw Mrs. Rajni standing near my bed and inspecting my stained panties with lot of interest.

'What are you doing with my panties? I exclaimed.

Without looking at me she smelt it and said, 'From the stains of cum and blood on your panty I can wager dearie that the principal popped your cherry last night'.

I was annoyed and jumped out of bed and snatching the panty said angrily, 'What if he did? What is it to you?'

'You don't know how fortunate you are' she said softly.

'Why did you not wash your panties as I had told you' I asked sharply.

With a defiant look she said, 'I wanted to keep it as a memento of our 'first time'. Do you have any objection?' Seeing that she was serious and did not want to annoy her, I let the matter drop.

Then today evening she kept talking and talking and would not let me go despite my giving her several hints. At last she said, 'I know you are anxious to go to the principal. Go for all I care and enjoy your self and leave poor me alone'.

I quickly left and ran all the way here. 'Enough talk' she said and added 'let us fuck now. I missed your cock all day and since evening my choot is on fire. Ramu please fuck me hard and fast'.

I did not need to be asked twice. I got on top of her and pushed my cock in her already wet cunt and started the fuck movement. After several minutes Gita started to moan and pant. Her eyes were closed, her butt was moving in rhythm of my strokes and she kept saying, 'Oh Ramu this is what I missed all day. Yes fuck harder. Yes faster. God it is lovely. Oh don't stop. Y...hes y...hes more more y..hes I am COOMMIIINNNGgg' and came. At that very moment I also shot my load in her waiting love canal. We both lay on the bed enjoying the sensation.

While we kissed Gita took hold of my cock and started moving the foreskin up and down. My limp cock became semi hard.

At that moment Mrs.Rajni burst into the room. Apparently Gita in her hurry had forgotten to lock the door. She stood there looking at the scene we presented. My mind started to work overtime. If Mrs. Rajni squeals about us then both our careers would be ruined. 'What could I do?' I thought hard but Mrs. Rajni herself soon solved the problem.

'Just as I thought, fucking no doubt. I told you dearie you were fucking the principal. What have you got there in your hand dearie? She said taking my semi hard cock in her hand, 'Oooo it is a very beautiful cunt rammer' she said and started to kiss my cock and lick it. My cock immediately became erect. She then took it in her mouth and sucked on it. 'Oh it tastes just as good as it looks. Please sir, introduce it to my cock thirsty choot'.

I looked at Gita. She grinned and nodded. Apparently she was having the same misgivings as me. 'Rajni I will fuck you if you want but you must promise that you will do everything I want. Another thing, call me Ramu while we are here together' I said.

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