tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage Ch. 04

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 04


This is a romantic crime thriller which contains some romantic sex, some non consensual sex, some male on male violence, and a lot of very interesting and interacting characters, with some twists and turns in the story.

I have tried to keep things as tasteful as I can, keeping in mind some peoples sensitivity.

As with all my stories there is not always a nice tidy happy ending for everyone – life is just not like that.


Rachel felt very woozy as she looked down at the now nearly empty bottle in her hand. Dark had descended and she looked across at Patrick as he sat in the shadows smiling across at her. During the day they had either sat in silence, or quietly chatted, talking about this and that. Patrick had continued to tease and flirt with her, whilst she had asked him about himself, what he did and why he did it.

She was fascinated. She had never met a professional criminal before and he didn't seem to be how she imagined them to be. He was funny with a quirky sense of humour. Apart from tying her up and the tussle in the toilet he hadn't hurt or mishandled her, and he was very good looking.

Even the strong taste of the Scotch which at first she had disliked had somehow become nice, she had, without realising it drank nearly half the bottle. She was drunk and all the worries about being kidnapped and held seemed to have been blurred away into the adventure that Patrick had told her to look at it like.

Patrick sat watching her, a smile on his face, and a very masculine awareness to being alone with a beautiful woman who was so obviously drunk and under his control. "Think you've had enough sweetheart?" and he moved closer to her, taking the bottle from her hands and placing it the other side of him on the floor. Slipping his arm around her he told her, "Rest your head on my shoulder, get comfortable, Jerry should be here very soon."

"Warren told me he loved me you know...I thought he did.....but he was married......you men are all bastards..." she slurred as she spoke, her head dropping onto his shoulder. She had reached the self pitying stage and was pouring out her heart to him. "What is it you men want...why did he lie to me?"

Bending his head down towards hers, Patrick whispered, his voice a sexy low rumble, "I know what I want." And his mouth opened over hers, the tip of his tongue entering her mouth, tasting the taste of the Scotch on hers as she kissed him back. Easing his body around for better access, his right hand reached up and cupped her left breast through the material of her top, feeling the weight of it in his palm, squeezing slightly he deepened the kiss. Slanting his mouth he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, nibbled on it and then started to kiss her in earnest, his hand slipping inside and down into the neckline of her top, his hand searching out her breast, the feel of her nipple hard against the tips of his fingers.

Slowly as he kissed her he realised that she had stopped kissing him back, and drawing back a little he looked down at the unconscious girl, passed out drunk in his arms.

"Sleep tight sweetheart." and kissing the end of her nose he carefully laid her down on the blanket, stood up and walked over to the window to look out into the dark and quiet night.

Hell of a time to fall in love he thought, and totally the wrong woman.

Timing was always everything in his way of life, and right now his timing seemed to be completely gone.


Megan sat on Jerry's lap her arms around his neck. "Why do you have to go, you only just got here?"

"It goes with the job. I promise I'll be back later on tonight."

"I think your boss is mean. He should get more staff. You work too hard anyway." And she bent her head kissing him, a sweet wet kiss that he felt all the way down to his toes.

"I'll remember to tell him that when I see him." Jerry laughed, pulling her closer and rubbing his hand up her stocking covered thigh. "But in the personal security business you have to have staff you can trust, and I guess he just trusts me the most."

Megan beamed down at her man, proud that he was such a nice man. She believed everything he told her, never realising his real job and his real past.


The casino was buzzing with noise. The sound of roulette wheels with the small balls bouncing around as they spun mingled with the murmur of the customers and the sound of people playing Blackjack as they called for cards.

Snake sat at one table placing chips on the numbers seven and seventeen, a couple of his men standing slightly behind him, a crystal tumbler full of amber liquid next to him.

The dealer called out "No more bets." Just as a large man with a shaved head came over to stand near Snake, standing quietly and reverently he waited until the ball had dropped into the number slot and the dealer called out "number thirty red." and Snakes chips were swept away with the other player's chips covering the table. Stepping forward the man spoke, "The room is ready Sir, please follow me."

Snake got up, pocketing the rest of his chips apart from one which he threw as a tip to the dealer, a hundred quid chip. Following the large man out the main casino floor, up the sweeping staircase and to a door on the right he stepped through to meet up with the other four men in the room to play in the high stakes poker game.

"Good evening Gentlemen let the night begin."


Rachel's friend Sarah put the phone handset down, a feeling of panic starting to take hold. She had spent the evening phoning around all the people she could think of asking if anyone had seen Rachel since yesterday. No one had and the last call had put the fear in her when she had spoken to Alice, one of Rachel's co workers only to find that Rachel had not been into work today, or phoned in sick.

Biting her bottom lip her hand hovered back over the phone. Should she call the Police? What if Rachel was alright and just had stayed over with some guy? Would she be angry and would the police think she was over reacting. What if she turned up sometime during the night? Deciding to wait one more day she prepared for bed, the feeling that something was wrong but not sure whether she should act on her instinct or not.


Patrick heard the car as it crunched over the gravel in the yard, creeping over to the window he looked out into the dark seeing Jerry's car as it came towards the building and then disappeared from view around the side of it to the back. Walking past the passed out Rachel he walked down the stairs to the back door and opened it to let Jerry in. "Have you brought any food or drink?"

"No...should I have done?"

"The little you brought didn't last long between us...I'm starving."

"There should be some stuff at my mate's place you can have. We should get going. I told Megan I would be back with her about three o'clock this morning."

"Sorry to put a small dent in your love life there Jerry my man, but if you want me to survive and get the goods over to the buyer you need to keep me alive, fed and somewhere a little more comfortable than this."

Looking around him panic building, Jerry suddenly blurted out, "Where's the girl? What have you done with the girl?"

"Not what you think."

"If you've hurt her...."

"Calm down. She's upstairs passed out on the floor. A little drunk but she's ok."

"You know what Patrick; you really are a complete bastard."

Walking up the stairs Patrick turned around and stopped, "and you're not?"

"I don't go around kidnapping women, tying them up and then getting them drunk to take advantage of them."

"Unfortunately I never got to take advantage of her. She passed out before I got the chance."

"So what are you going to do with her? You're not going to hurt her? Snake has got a contract out on you and anyone who helps you, which means me, and as you've roped her in, the girl."

"He's not going to find out about the girl, I'll keep her with me for the time being until we can get away and then phone the police to let them know where she is. She'll be fine and we'll be safe and sound, and you and Megan can start your new life with the knowledge that we enlightened a nice boring life with a little excitement."

"Fuck off you bastard, you're almost as twisted as Snake."

"That my friend is why I'm getting out. I don't want to go the next step down the line into his depravity and if I stay much longer I know I will."

"Maybe there's hope for you yet. All you need is to meet someone nice like my Megan."

Turning around and walking up the rest of the stairs Patrick murmured under his breath, "I think I just have."


The two men sat in Jerry's car, the unconscious woman curled up in the back, "He lives in there, top flat. Should be quiet and its outside of Snakes area of control. Just lay low there whilst tomorrow I'll go meet up with Darwin Ztotsi and complete the deal."

"You'll be careful. How well do you know this Ztotsi?"

"I used to work for him up North for a couple of years in Manchester. Top bloke. He's looking to spread his wings and start up down South. This deal will help him. Breaking into Snakes area is his number one priority and there's bad blood between him and Snake. Something to do with an armed robbery on his manor that Snake pulled about three years ago."

"I remember the one. Post office, a woman got hurt. It's one I planned for him. One of the men panicked and let off a shot. She got it in the arm."

"Police blamed Ztotsi's gang and fit a couple of his men up for the job including his brother-in-law. He's wanted to pay back Snake ever since."

Turning in his seat Patrick looked back at the sleeping Rachel, "We need to get out of sight, let's get her out the car and into the flat." Climbing out and reaching in to pick up the girl Jerry lifted her whilst Patrick went up to the main door opening it and checking to see if anyone was about. Waving for Jerry to come he held the door open as Jerry carried the limp body in and towards the stairs.

"Its second floor, door on the right."

Running up the stairs Patrick knelt in front of the door and looking back at Jerry asked him, "Alarmed?"

"Nah...my mates a civilian. Should be a piece of cake to open."

Taking two pieces of strong wire Patrick manipulated the key hole until he heard the soft click and stood to open the door for Jerry to pass in, then closed it behind them. Walking through to the bedroom Jerry lay Rachel down on the bed and stood looking down at her as she groaned and turned over onto her side, her skirt riding up revealing black lacy panties and a lot of lovely skin. Patrick leaned past him, pulling down her skirt hiding her from Jerry's view. "Go stare at your own woman's arse." he growled, "Come into the other room we need to start to make some plans about retrieving the goods and getting them over to the handover."


Whilst the two men discussed what to do Patrick opened the fridge, cupboards and freezer. Finding no fresh food he opened a tin of baked beans and took out a couple of frozen burgers and started to prepare them, wrinkling his nose and telling Jerry to get them some basic fresh supplies. Wolfing down the food he explained that he had hidden the stolen coke in three different sites for safety. One site was in an old unused air raid shelter in the back garden of an old age pensioner down the road from where he lived, one was in a garage he rented where he kept a spare unregistered car, and the last lot was tucked into a hollow tree in the woods not far from the lab.

"The stuff is all safe; Snake doesn't know about the sites, they're off his radar completely. Only problem is being out in the open retrieving them. Have to do it at night at the last minute."

"Shouldn't be too difficult."

"We do the exchange here. It's private. You bring your man when the time is right. I need to get my passport and private papers from my safe in the garage and the key for it is at my flat in the bottom of a pot holding a plant. My place is probably being watched at the moment. Can you arrange that?"

"No problem. I'll sort that."

Putting his dirty plate in the sink Patrick leaned against the counter, his body slumped and tired. "Ok. You had better get going or Megan will call out the Police to look for you."

Grinning Jerry turned towards the door, "See you tomorrow. I'll phone before I come."

"That reminds me, you had better bring a new pay as you talk phone, using Rachel's from now on is a no no as the Police will start to look for her and try and trace where any calls on it are coming from."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah a lot luck..."


He looked down at the sleeping woman on the bed, her body sprawled out, still in her dirty clothes. Bending over he started to undress her, holding his breath when she groaned and her arms moved as if to ward him off. Slipping the top over her head revealed her body, her breasts cupped in a black lace bra the edge decorated in a soft pink, her long torso covered in soft inviting pale skin. Licking his swollen and split lip Patrick stood admiring her for a few minutes before bending back down and slowly peeling off her short skirt. The matching panties barely covered her womanhood, her dark pubic hair visible through the sheer lace.

Growing hard he sat on the side of the bed, one hand reaching out to slowly touch her, his fingers skimming down from her shoulder, over the lush firm mound of her breast, then the lace covering it, over her tight midriff, belly, past her navel and onto the edge of her panties. Restlessly she moved, turning to her side, the dip of her waist and the curve of her bottom calling to him. Moving his head down he gently kissed her on the side of her body and then standing up removed his tee shirt, wincing a little as he stretched his arms up and his bruised ribs reminded him that they were sore. Undoing his jeans and shucking them along with his boxer shorts and boots he picked up the knife that had been nestling the whole time in them, putting it under the pillow, and lifting up the covers slid into the bed behind Rachel, covering both of them and then snuggling up to her.

She felt just perfect in his arms and he rubbed up close so that his engorged cock was pressing against the two twin globes of her bottom. Burying his face in her silky hair he took a deep breath absorbing the scent of lemon shampoo into his lungs and with a contented sigh drifted of to sleep.


The middle aged American man with the combed over sparse hair stood up, thanking the other players for such an enjoyable game. He gathered the large pile of chips into the tray nodding across to Snake who was sitting there very still and a false smile on his face. Over the past four hours Snake had lost most of his pot to this man and he was fuming inside, not one to take losing lying down.

"Are you sure you won't stay and give me a chance to win back some of the money?"

"No thank you Mr Armstrong, but maybe next time I'm in London we can meet up for another game."

Standing up himself Snake asked the man if he would join him for a drink downstairs before they made their way home.

"I'd like that very much."

Others that were sitting around the table started to stand and get their things together and Snake watched as the man gave the tray to the attendant and made arrangements to pick up the cheque from the office paid in exchange against the chips after he had had his drink. Walking down the sweeping staircase beside the man, Snake nodded to his two men who stood silently waiting for their boss at the bottom of the stairs, and then slightly towards the man walking next to him. Both men nodded back and quietly left the casino, waiting outside, knowing what they had to do, as they had done many times in the past.

After a couple of rounds the man stood up and shook Snakes hand, "I'm going to pick up my winnings and get back to the hotel."

"How are you getting there?"


"Let me give you a lift."

"I don't want to put you out."

"It's no problem."

Walking out the Casino Snake pointed down the road, "My car is down the side road just up there."

As they walked and turned into the side road Snakes men stepped out of a shadowed doorway barring the way. The man stopped and started to turn towards his companion only to be grabbed, his arms held behind him by one of the men. Snake stepped forward and took a hard hold of the man's balls, squeezing them so that the man gave a sharp yell. "Listen to me you slimy bastard. I don't like being parted from my money. You have a choice, your balls or paying me back."

A slight tightening of his hand made the man gasp, "I'll give you back the money."

"I thought you'd see sense." Stepping back, his hand leaving the mans groin Snake laughed, "How would you like to pay? I'll take a cheque."

Snakes man let go of his arms and he rubbed his groin, and then reached into his jacket pocket pulling out his cheque book and pen to write it out.

"Don't forget the interest......at lets say fifty percent."

"Fifty percent.....?"

"Yeah.....and don't think you can cancel this in the morning or tell the law about it or my men will come and get your balls. I'm sure you want to keep them so keep your mouth shut."

Snatching the cheque from the man Snake turned around and strode away, his two men following, leaving the scared man shaking in the dark street.


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