tagIncest/TabooRaunch at the Ranch

Raunch at the Ranch



Sherin parked her ass in the driving seat and wound down the window. She gave a rueful smile at the two men standing on the drive, her eyes taking in the formidable bulges that were tenting out the front of their shorts.

"Sorry I have to go, boys," she said, "but I should be back in a few days, if mom's all right, of course."

"Honey," Sherin's husband Terence replied, "you don't have to apologise. It's not your fault your mother's not feeling well."

"Certainly isn't, mom," their son Jason replied, "and we did have another really hot threesome last night, didn't we?"

"We sure did, sweetheart," Sherin replied, smiling at her horny sex-mad son, "my pussy still feels sore from that nice hard pounding you gave it. Not to mention my ass, thanks to you, honey," she went on, smiling at her husband.

"Yeah, mum," Jason said, "dad and I both enjoyed double penetrating you, didn't we, dad?"

"Bloody well did, son," Terence replied, as a mental image of the night before came into his mind's eye with Sherin on top of their son, smothering Jason with her big succulent tits as she posted up and down on their offspring's stiff cock, while he, Terence, simultaneously rammed his thick pole up his wife's ass. The threesomes that mother, father and adult son enjoyed together had certainly pepped up Sherin and Terence's sex life, not that either of them had had any complaints about their several times a day sessions before their son was invited to participate.

"I enjoyed it too," said Sherin, "you men certainly know what to do with those lovely big cocks of yours."

"They're both for you, mom," said Jason, smiling at his mother as he, too, got a mental image of the previous night's events, remembering with mouth-watering delight fucking his mother's cunt and sucking her luscious tits at the same time as his father was fucking her ass in another of their hardcore frenzied orgies that had lasted well into the early hours.

"Thank you, sweetheart," said Sherin, gratefully, "no woman could ask for a more beautiful pair of pricks than yours and your dad's."

"You deserve them, honey," said Terence, "it's only right that Jason and I should give you them in return for being such a beautiful wife and mother."

"Go on with you," said Sherin, bristling with pride that she was indeed the wife and mother of the two fine specimens of the male sex that stood in front of her. Jason was fast taking after his father every which way, having blossomed into a handsome sexy hunk, now a strapping twenty-four years old, the gawky teenager that had been her and Terence's son when he first joined in with them now gone forever but still very much remembered.

"What dad said is true, mom," said Jason, who not only possessed a sexy body but a sexy voice too and now cutting into Sherin's thoughts, "you are the most beautiful lady in the world."

"That is a real compliment, sweetheart," replied Sherin, happier than ever as the compliments kept coming fast and furious, almost as fast as when her husband and son unleashed their spunk on and in her, as they had done the night before.

"We're gonna really miss you tonight, honey," Terence said, before Sherin and Jason's mutual admiration for each other got out of hand and giving the bulge in his shorts a little tug. Jason was also rubbing the equally impressive bulge in his shorts and Sherin licked her lips at the bewitching sight of her husband and son's big cocks clearly outlined through the close-fitting material.

"I'm sure you'll cope without me," laughed Sherin. "It'll give the pair of you the chance to enjoy some quality father-and-son time together. The way you two sixty-nined in front of me last night was electric, you won't miss me."

"Oh yes we will, honey," said Terence as his wife's remark reminded him just how hot the latest sixty-nine he'd enjoyed with his son had been. It was one of their favorite positions and the men had made sure they put on a good show for Sherin who had been practically foaming at the mouth with excitement as she always did when voyeuring on her husband and son, once again indulging themselves in all the joys and thrills of some hot all-male sex.

"Do we get a goodbye kiss, mom?" Jason asked, the sound of his voice bringing Terence back to the present. Terence's cock was now so hard it threatened to split his shorts in two and he didn't want that to happen. Of all the shorts he possessed, the pair he was wearing that morning had sentimental value, having been bought for him by his late mother Gladys some years ago and which, he was proud to admit, he was still able to get into, having kept himself very trim and fit over the three decades that had elapsed so quickly since he was a teenager.

"A goodbye blowjob would be better," said Sherin in reply to Jason. "Those rock hard cocks you're both sporting in those tight shorts look like they could do with some attention."

Jason's cock was straining the material of his shorts just as Terence's was doing. The young man, a carbon copy of his father in both looks and physique, didn't need any further invitation for one of his mother's astounding blowjobs and he reached inside the right leg of his shorts and fished out his mouth-watering hard-on before it was able to burst through of its own free will and ruin a perfectly good pair of shorts.

His father whistled the pride of a proud father as his eyes took in the stupendous beauty of Jason's aroused prick and the young man moved the few steps forward to the car towards his mother. Sherin immediately leaned her head out through the wound-down window and opened her mouth, swallowing Jason's seemingly constant erection in one long gulp.

"There you go, son," said Terence, enjoying as he always did the spectacle of his wife sucking their son as Sherin tossed her long blonde hair backwards to give her husband the best possible view, "feels good, eh?"

"Silly question, dad," said Jason, grinning at Terence, "you know bloody well mum's the world's greatest cocksucker."

"Mmm," said Sherin, unable to say anything else with her mouth full of her son's cock, Jason's balls dancing gently against her chin while from the back Terence had a great view of his son's hard tight ass encased in his white buttock-hugging shorts.

"Fuck mom," Jason said, "I certainly am gonna miss this while you're away. And fucking you, too."

"So will I," said Terence, likewise releasing his swollen membrane into the atmosphere and moving over to stand next to Jason. Jason was enjoying his mother's blowjob as he always did, Sherin's sucking technique was second-to-none, but he was man enough not to hog her to himself, knowing that his father was eager for a quick suck before Sherin departed on the long drive to her mother's.

"Here dad," Jason said, pulling his cock free from Sherin's mouth which was immediately filled again with her husband's, "say goodbye to mom, too."

Jason stood back and masturbated as he watched his mother first suck and then kiss the shaft of his father's hard cock before Sherin pulled back and wiped her mouth with the flat of her hand, removing the traces of the mens' pre-cum that had seeped into it. Even after six years of regular threesomes and occasional full family gangbangs, Jason still couldn't quite believe that he was being freely allowed to join in with the very people responsible for his being.

"Oh that was nice," said Sherin, after ten minutes or so treating Terence and Jason to alternate blowjobs, "I'd like to get out of this car right now and get you boys to fuck me all over again like you did last night. But I have to go."

"Give gran my love," said Jason, still wanking his hard throbbing cock in his hand in front of his parents without an iota of shame nor embarrassment, "I hope she gets better soon. A few licks of gran's pussy with that hot tongue of yours, mom, should cure her in no time."

Sherin licked her lips at the thought, it had been some time since she had last visted her mother and the two had enjoyed themselves together. Sherin and her mother Dorothy still enjoyed sex with each other but it wasn't quite the same as it had been when Sherin's father William was alive, the many threesomes she had enjoyed with her parents were some of Sherin's most abiding memories.

Not to mention the full family fuckfests when, after her marriage, Terence and his parents had joined in with them. It had been so hot watching her husband and father-in-law taking it in turns to fuck both her mother and mother-in-law, not to mention fucking each other man-to-man, and then riding her father and father-in-law's cocks when William and Arthur, Terence's father, could drag themselves away from Dorothy's enthusiastic pussy and that of Terence's mother, Gladys.

It was a terrible shame that William had died just before Jason was old enough to join them. Sherin knew that her father would have been just as proud of his grandson as his maternal grandmother was - and is. Terence's mother Gladys had also sadly died about a year after she and her husband Arthur were guests at Jason's cumming-of-age party but Arthur still visited from time to time, though he had been a bit under-the-weather too, lately.

"Maybe I'll bring mom back with me," Sherin said, "it's three months since she last paid a visit and when I spoke to her on the phone recently, she did say she was missing us all. And the recuperation will do her good."

"I'm sure you, dad and I can help gran recuperate," said Jason, his hand still flying up and down the shaft of his big greasy rod.

"I'm sure we can," agreed Sherin, still reluctant to turn on the engine and depart. It seemed such a shame to have to leave these two handsome horny men with their big cocks openly on display to her but Sherin loved her mother just as much and was not going to ignore her now that Dorothy needed some caring for.

"Let us know if she does want to come back with you," said Terence, "and I'll try and get dad here, too. You know he's got quite a thing going for Dorothy, especially since mom died."

"Arthur's got a thing going for everyone," laughed Sherin. "Mom certainly enjoyed getting fucked by him the last time we were all together."

"I'd love to fuck gran again, too," said Jason, "she has such a tight lickable pussy and she's always cums so hard. You'd never guess how old she is."

"I'll tell her that," said Sherin, "she'll be very proud, I'm sure. It's a pity you both can't come with me."

"I'm afraid needs must," said Terence, "got the ranch to run, can't up sticks just like that," he finished, with a flick of his thumb.

"Oh well," said Sherin, shrugging her shoulders so that her tits bounced as if struggling to get free from the tight top she was wearing, "I suppose I'd better make a move."

"Yeah, honey," said Terence, "drive carefully, whatever you do. Jason and I want you back here in one piece so we can have some more hot sex together."

"That's right, mom," said Jason, "I'm gonna really miss licking and fucking that tight juicy pussy of yours. Phone us when you get to L.A., won't you?"

"I sure will," replied Sherin, switching on the ignition at last and blowing the men a kiss, "and I'm gonna miss both your cocks while I'm gone."

"The perfect excuse for a welcome home party, in that case," said Terence.

"You'd better believe it, mom," giggled Jason.

"Too right," said Sherin, "I'll be feeling so horny, I'll wanna get down to business as soon as I get back."

"I'm sure dad and I will be only too ready to get down to business too, mom," Jason said, his giggle turning into a laugh. "You know how much we both love licking and fucking that nice juicy cunt of yours."

"Stop talking like that, sweetheart," Sherin replied, only half seriously, "otherwise I never will get to your gran's."

"Sorry, mom," said Jason, "you better get going before we all get carried away."

"I think I better had," said Sherin, reluctantly preparing to depart at last. "I'll see you in a few days, hopefully. Behave yourselves and if you can't be good, be careful."

"Oh we'll be good, all right," laughed Jason.

"Yeah," laughed Terence, "and careful, too."

"'bye, then."

Sherin licked her lips as she gave a last lingering look at Terence and Jason's cocks, the thick engorged heads fully exposed through their retracted foreskins, and then, willing herself to concentrate on the mundane act of driving, let in the clutch and accelarated away down the drive. She tooted as she turned onto the main road outside the ranch and the men, still with their cocks in their hands, watched until the car disappeared from view ...


"Well, son," said Terence, looking down and admiring yet again Jason's cock, its rock solid hardness showing no signs of abating, "looks like its just you and me, now."

"Yeah, dad," said Jason, "and I'm so fucking horny. Mom's blowjob has really turned me on again, like it always does."

"Yeah, well your mom ain't the only one who can suck cock," said Terence. "Let's go round to the verandah, I'm feeling fucking horny, too."

The two men walked with their cocks still exposed round the side of the ranch house and climbed the three steps up to the verandah. Terence wasn't one for wasting time and he immediately dropped to his knees in front of Jason and reached round and grabbed his son by his ass cheeks, luxuriating in the feel of Jason's buns snugly accentuated by his close-fitting shorts.

"Suck me, dad," Jason said, "prove to me you're just as good as mom again."

Jason placed his hands on his father's head as Terence feasted his eyes on his son's fully exposed manhood. The young man took after his father and grandfather Arthur in the cock department, Jason being the proud owner of at least seven and a half inches of meat that always seemed to be in a perennial state of arousal.

Terence cupped Jason's big sweaty balls in his right hand while keeping his left firmly attached to his son's ass. He leaned forward with his tongue at the ready and gently licked the outstretched head of Jason's cock that his son was pointing invitingly in his direction, tasting the pre-cum and lapping up the salty masculine taste of the goo. Jason lifted his vest off over his head, then he tugged at the waisteband of his shorts.

"Let's get undressed, dad," said Jason. "There's no-one else here to see us."

"That's one of the advantages of living in the country," said Terence. "No nosey neighbors."

The two men removed their clothes and, as soon as they were both in the nude, Terence dropped to his knees again as Jason stood before him to resume having his cock sucked. The tentative licks Terence had given his son a few moments earlier were a mere prelude to a full blowjob and Jason gasped as, this time, Terence took his offspring's cock deep into his mouth, almost choking as Jason's engorged knobhead hit the back of his throat.

"Fuck, dad," said Jason, "you sure are every bit as good as mom."

Terence lifted his eyes to Jason, giving him a smile of thanks as best he could considering he was still sucking hungrily on the thick rod. Jason closed his eyes as he was sent on another trip to paradise, less than twenty-four hours since he, his mother and father had had another of their regular threesomes. It was indeed, Jason admitted to himself, a pity that his mother had had to leave to attend to his grandmother but he and Terence both knew that Sherin would not want them to go without enjoying themselves until she got back.

Like his wife, Terence was a first class cocksucker and could go on sucking without a break for as long as he chose, a technique that had been handed down to him, with a few tips, from his father Arthur. Jason tweaked his father's nipples and drew Terence up to his full height, then with a little smile on his face, he beckoned his father over to the sun lounge.

Terence and Jason climbed onto the lounge and got into the sixty-nine position again, as they had done the night before and the night before that, in fact almost every night before that in the past six years. Alas, Sherin was not there now to talk dirty to them and applaud loudly as father and son pulled each other's triggers but that couldn't be helped, alas. Jason and Terence were now completely lost in a world of raunchy all-male sex as they mounted each other, their heads going down on each other's cocks.

The heat of the summer sun reflected and refracted on the naked writhing bodies as Terence and Jason abandoned themselves to the sins of the flesh. Jason's cock felt so good in Terence's mouth that he was still reluctant, after fifteen minutes, to relinquish it but there was that other special place where his son's cock always felt so deliciously good and Terence was now so fucking horny he just had to invite Jason to go there.

"You know what I want, don't you, son?" Terence said huskily, as he let Jason's cock fall from his mouth.

"No, dad," said Jason, teasingly, "tell me."

Terence didn't need to put into words what he wanted. He lifted himself off the sun lounge and turned his back and, placing one leg up onto the verandah wall, stuck out his ass towards his son and looked back over his shoulder. He reached down to grab his cock and begin wanking it through his spread legs as Jason moved in with his cock primed and ready for action, placing it at the entrance to his father's ass.

"Does my daddy want me to give his ass a good seeing to?" asked Jason, still going along with the teasing game.

"Yeah, come on, son," Terence said, his words escaping from him in a rush, "don't keep me waiting. My ass really needs a good fucking."

"You asked for it, then, dad," said Jason, abandoning the teasing game, and Terence gasped as he felt the head of his son's cock nudge his hole, "I'm gonna fuck you just as hard as I fucked mom last night."

"So I should hope," laughed Terence even though he knew he didn't have to hope at all, only too aware from past experience that Jason was always immensely pleased and proud to be allowed to fuck his parents and he wasn't about to change now, simply because Sherin wasn't there.

Terence let go of his cock and clasped his buns, spreading them wide and exposing his asshole to Jason.

"Fuck, dad, you've got such a lovely tight hole. It was made to take cock."

"Glad to hear that, son," said Terence, even though the pair of them had had similar conversations every time they got down to action, "rim me first, lad, I wanna feel that nice hot tongue of yours in my ass."

Jason knelt down and obediently gave Terence's hole a thorough lick, proving yet again that he had inherited his father and grandfather's vast arsenal of sexual skills, including rimming. Terence loved having his ass licked almost as much as he did getting it fucked and he trembled with excitement, coming out in goose bumps, as Jason's tongue worked its magical way along the crack between the paternal buns.

"That is such a sweet asshole, dad," said Jason, withdrawing his tongue and satisfied that Terence was now sufficiently lubricated. "Now, are you ready for this big torpedo of mine?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, son," replied Terence, his voice seething with lust. He had taken cock up his ass many times in the past thirty years from his father Arthur and late father-in-law William and now his son Jason and his asshole was fully able to accommodate a cock the size of Jason's with effortless ease, there being no need whatsoever for the pair of them to acclimatise themselves before getting the act of fucking off to a truly great start.

Knowing how much Terence loved to be fucked and fucked hard, Jason stood and didn't waste another second as he rammed his fat rod into his father's ass. Jason's own naked and deliciously firm buttocks began clenching together as he upped the tempo, his legs shaking and his face breaking out with sweat as he exerted more pressure on Terence's asshole.

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