tagNonHumanRe-population Ch. 02

Re-population Ch. 02


Ch 2 – Continuing the takeover (Rhonen)

At the urging of some readers, I've decided to write a sequel to the original story. Please feel free to comment on the story, and reply to me about your thoughts. I would love to correspond with you about what you liked or didn't like.

Years before, a few survivors of a dying planet had sent out scouts to find a planet suitable to re-populate the dominate species of the planet. The condition of their sun deteriorated so rapidly, there was not time to build enough space ships to transport anywhere near enough of the population to have enough genetic diversity to insure the survival of the species.

After much thought about how to utilize the short time remaining and the limited resources, it was decided that the species had a better chance of survival if the relatively few space ships on hand were refitted to store the genetic material of thousands of it's kind. The limited space onboard could store the future of more of it's inhabitants if they were simply a test tube of genetic material instead of a full grown adult that would need a lot of resources to survive what could be a long space journey. The plan was to find a suitable species on another world and use it to bear the dying planet's offspring.

After a very long journey, one ship came across a planet with the right conditions for the alien world's plan for re-population. This prospective planet had moderate temperatures and plenty of dry land on which to live, even though 3/5ths of the planet was covered by water. Of the 9 planets that orbited the star, the 3rd planet in this solar system was the only one that could support life.

The quickest way to implement the re-population plan was to utilize automated insemination modules. They would capture the host planet's male sperm and re-engineer it to transport the alien planet's genetic material into the host planet's female body. There it would gestate as if it was the host planet's normal offspring.

The male's senses and judgment would be clouded so that he would not know that his sperm was being harvested, and the female would be similarly conditioned with a chemical substance that would enhance her fertility, while encouraging her to be a willing participant to insemination.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The plan had been working well for a number of years now. The automated insemination units had been placed in locations with the highest possible number of potential surrogates; warm beaches where healthy young men and women congregated.

The fertility rate initially, was really good. It was almost 80 percent. The automated units were able to operate for almost 5 years, until they finally ran out of genetic material to use for insemination. By the time the automated units had run out of genetic material, more than 10,000 young females from the host planet had been fucked and inseminated. They were now raising children that were a little more than 4 years old. Some of the females chose to raise their offspring by themselves, and some had taken a human male mate as a partner. The initial breeding function had indoctrinated them into ignoring the fact that their children usually did not resemble the parent.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Because most of the impregnated human females came from various parts of the host planet, no one would notice an increase of the number of children that were more physically fit and smarter.

As the male offspring grew, they took on traits of strength and fitness that would be the envy of any human male. Their reproductive organs were larger than most human males as well. Almost all the male offspring had cocks that were longer than 9 inches and almost twice as fat as the average human male. Their balls were able to produce almost twice the amount of sperm as an average human male.

The female offspring grew to be extremely desirable. Each had measurements that were the envy of every girl they grew up with. Their bust length hair flowed effortlessly past a flawless features face. Each had bust and hip measurements that made Playboy models look like homely schoolgirls.

Even though they were being raised as human children, the alien DNA in them gave them the knowledge that they were not human, and that their primary purpose was to pro-create with as many humans as possible within their life span. There seemed to be a sense of urgency to seed this planet with more and more of their own kind.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Rhonen was one of the original offspring. By now he was a physically attractive, 5' 10", rock hard abs, 19 yr old, and was attending a large university that had a large female population. It was realized early on that these educational institutions attracted some of the best human stock for reproduction. With his enhanced IQ, he could have tested out of college with a degree in anything he wanted within 2 years but he was fully aware of his 'mission'. His academics were planned so that they were well above average so that he would be able to continue attending classes, but below the point that would have attracted too much attention. For him, classes were easy. He could study very little and still get a good grade. This left Rhonen more time to look for ideal female candidates to impregnate.

Rhonen had found himself an apartment close to campus so that he wouldn't have to take the potential mother very far to be impregnated. He had studied for years, what attracted women and had decorated his apartment accordingly. His alien DNA had also given him the knowledge of how to prepare airborne scents that would render the human female more susceptible and willing to have sex. Most of Rhonen's conquests happened on weekends, when most of the females would be out having a good time. He found he had an easier time of finding his victims at the local watering holes close to campus. It was just such a visit to the Jayhawk Suds, a place where a lot of the college kids hung out near campus on a Friday night, that Rhonen spotted a potential specimen.

Alicia had been in the bar with her friend Pam for about an hour already. They both had been studying hard for weeks for the test they had taken that day and needed to unwind. They had come to have a few drinks and dance to some music, and weren't really looking to hook-up with any guys. That didn't mean that more than a few guys tried connecting with this 5' 8", 19 yr old hottie. Alicia was the type of girl that you could imagine being a Playboy Centerfold. Her natural 36 C breasts were rock firm and tipped with eraser hard nipples that always seemed to be super sensitive. Her perfectly firm ass was solid muscle, a testament to her regular workouts. Her seductive brown eyes were something that any man would be drawn to.

When it came to looks, Pam was no slouch either. Her and Alicia were the same age and had it not been for her blonde hair, instead of brown, you could have almost sworn that Pam and Alicia were twins; it was absolutely uncanny. Maybe their similar looks is what drew them to each other as friends at an early age -- who knows. Anyhow, they were inseparable.

This bond between the two girls did not go un-noticed by Rhonen. He knew that if he were to win over one girl, the other would follow along, wherever things lead. Rhonen knew it was an old icebreaker technique but buying them a drink was a nice gesture and this handsome hunk had piqued the girls curiosity.

The three of them were able to find a table in a corner and settled into some getting-to-know-you conversation. After a few minutes, the girls went to the bathroom to 'exchange notes'. This gave Rhonen the perfect opportunity to lace their drinks with a special liquid that would make the girls more susceptible to Rhonen's suggestions. When the girls came back to the table, they were all smiles and apparently had decided to see where the night would lead with Rhonen.

The girls finished off their drinks and Rhonen ordered another round. The girls only had time to take a sip of the 2nd round when their expressions changed, from a bubbly in-charge personality to one of submissiveness. Rhonen knew the drug was beginning to work on them.

Rhonen suggested they all go back to his place for some additional drinks and view his art collection. To the girls, this seemed to be going a little fast but for some reason, they were in an extremely agreeable mood. Being art students, the thought of sharing an art interest, mollified some of their normal 'red flag' thoughts.

Grabbing their purses, Alicia took Rhonen's right arm and Pam took his left arm, walking the two blocks back to Rhonen's apartment. By the time all three made it to the apartment, the girls were fully under the drug's effects.

Upon entry to the apartment, the girls' attention was drawn to a large painting that was very erotic in nature. Rhonen had them sit on the couch, while he went to fix them another drink, this time spiked with a drug that would make them extremely aroused.

On the coffee table in front of them was a piece of art that resembled a large cock. The girls thought it was odd, in a funny way, to find something like that as a center piece on a guy's coffee table, but somehow felt more intrigued by it than put off. Pam was the first to pick it up to get a better look at it. Alicia's fingers soon found their way to it as well.

To the girls, it didn't feel like a piece of wood or stone; more like the real thing. It didn't have the look of any substance the girls could think of. In fact, the phallus was coated with a substance meant to heighten arousal, and each time the girls made contact with it, more of the substance was absorbed through their skin.

Rhonen had been observing the girls all this time and had delayed bringing their drinks until they had time to fully appreciate the phallus. Handing their drinks, "It looks like you two have become acquainted with my sculpture" and encouraged them to "drink up" even as both girls were still admiring the 'center piece'.

Downing their drinks, tt wasn't long before the cocktail of drugs had taken their full effect.

"I think you girls need to see and feel the real thing", as he unzipped his slacks and took off his shirt. The girls' attention was quickly riveted to Rhonen's crotch in anticipation of what would soon be displayed. When Rhonen's shorts dropped to the floor, each girl uttered an audible sigh, while licking their full lips.

"Before we begin, lets get you girls out of those clothes." Due in large part to the drugs flowing through their system, their state of arousal was such that they nearly ripped their own clothes off to be ready for what was next.

The girls found themselves standing in front of Rhonen like two soldiers waiting for orders. Putting a hand on each of their shoulders, Rhonen applied a steady downward pressure until both girls were on their knees, with Rhonen's large cock waiving just inches away from their face.

Within seconds, Alicia was licking one side of Rhonen's cock and Pam was licking the other side. Occasionally one girl would take a mouthful of cock, slowly swirling her tongue around the cock hear and then slowly savoring a slow slide into her warm mouth, trying to stuff as much in as possible. All the while, the other girl would be trying to inhale each of Rhonen's balls as if it were a succulent gourmet dish. The girls need for cock was insatiable. Soon the room was filled with sucking and slurping noises.

Had Rhonen been a normal human male, the girls' hungry assault on his cock would have had him shooting cum within mere minutes. As it was, even with Rhonen's superior staying power, these girls were quickly bringing his cock into full readiness and well on its way to spraying a copious amount of cum. Since the whole point of his seduction, was to fill their pussies instead of their bellies, Rhonen grabbed each by the hair and pulled their mouths off of his cock.

Pulling Pam over to the coffee table, he laid her out on it so she was facing up. Her rock hard nipples were pointing straight up. Her pussy glistened with excitement, and a copious amount of her cunt juices coated the inside of her thighs.

Alicia was ordered to get down on her hands and knees, in between her friend's legs and began sucking on her friend's nipples. The girls had never done any girl-on-girl stuff before but Alicia seemed to be learning quickly. It wasn't long before Pam was cooing with little oohs and aahs.

After giving Pam some initial warm up time, Rhonen got on his knees behind Alicia and pulled her body back so that Alicia's mouth was now lined up with Pam's pussy. Without any further direction, Alicia's tongue went to work on Pam's slit.

Rhonen's fingers traced up Alicia's moist inner thighs and began probing the inner folds of her neatly shaved, slick pussy. Inserting one finger into her hot cunt, he could tell she was really getting turned on. A second and third finger soon followed, making slurping sounds as his combined fingers plunged in and out of the hot swamp she had for a cunt.

His fingers withdrew and the bulbous head of his cock soon pressed at the entrance. In a jarring lunge, he drove all 10 inches into her at once, until his balls smacked her clit in a loud slap. It caught her off guard so much that she lost her breath and her rhythm of licking Pam's pussy.

Even though the insides of her cunt was gushing a copious amount of fluids, she was extremely tight, and Rhonen paused to giving her time to adjust to his length and girth before withdrawing almost all the way out.

Rhonen shoved his cock back in, but not quite so forcefully this time, and began to work into a constant speed of plunging in and out of Alicia's pussy. This went on for some time and Alicia's body was glistening heavy with sweat. With Alicia getting close, Rhonen increased the speed of his strokes until it was almost a blur.

At the moment Alicia started to peak, Rhonen slammed in hard and fired a powerful shot of cum into her waiting cervix. Alicia had been building toward a powerful climax but the feeling of Rhonen's cum hitting her insides like a fire hose, was all it took to send her into a screaming orgasm. At the same time, she sucked hard on Pam's clit, causing Pam to let loose with her own climax.

Barely giving the girls time to recover, Rhonen withdrew from Alicia's steamy cunt and had the two girls trade places. Now Alicia was on her back on the coffee table and Pam's mouth was buried in Alicia's pussy lips.

Without giving her much warning, Rhonen lined up on Pam's upturned ass and slammed his cock into her sopping cunt. The effect was a repeat of Alicia. Pam momentarily lost track of what she was doing, and the breath was literally knocked out of her. She soon recovered, as Rhonen started into a rhythm of sliding his cock in and out of her equally tight cunt.

For Alicia, Pam's licks and sucks caused her to have wave after wave of non-stop orgasms. She had no choice. She had been thoroughly fucked by Rhonen and now Pam was pouring it on with expert style lips and tongue. She tried to tell Pam to slow down or stop Rhonen was beginning to really pound Pam's pussy and it was primal instinct for Pam to increase her licks, like a woman possessed.

By now, Pam was slipping in an out of mini-orgasms almost as fast as Alicia. Her nipples dripped profusely with sweat from her body, like a wet washrag being rung out. Pam's mini-orgasms were building into a monumental one.

At just the right moment, Rhonen slammed into Pam's cunt and stayed there, firing shot after shot of potent alien cum. Pam's orgasmic scream was partially muffled by Alicia's pussy, as her mouth was driven into it hard. This was the last straw for Alicia's super sensitive pussy. She wrapped her legs around Pam's head, locking it tight to Alicia's pussy. Had Alicia not passed out, Pam would have suffocated. As it was, it was only enough to cause Pam to black out from the orgasm and lack of air.

Rhonen pulled his softening cock out of Pam's sticky cunt and untangled Alicia's legs from Pam's head to give Pam a chance to breath again. Walking over to a cabinet, Rhonen pulled out a set of headphones for each girl, placed it over their ears, and turned them on.

While Rhonen sponged each girl off and cleaned up the seepage from their cunt, the voice in the earphones played in their head, telling them they would soon bear a child but not to be concerned about who the father was. Inside their womb, Rhonen's sperm had found the waiting egg and had fertilized it. The human DNA in the egg had been taken over by Rhonen's alien DNA.

Re-dressing them, he removed the headphones and put them away in the cabinet, then sat the girls on the couch as if they had just come in the door. Awaking from their blissful slumber, the girls apologized for being so tired as to have nodded off on their host's couch. Rhonen, playing the perfect gentleman and drove them home so they could sleep in their own bed.

After dropping the girls off at their apartment, Rhonen headed out again to find more fertile human females.

The story continues . . . . .

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