tagLetters & TranscriptsReader, I Went Even Further ...

Reader, I Went Even Further ...


In a previous report -- Reader, I Pimped His Cock -- Mrs X, proprietor of a website featuring mature women, told us how her sex life broadened, and led her on to her current career, when she indulged an itch to watch her husband, Ron, fucking other women.

She bought him a blow job for his birthday and took part by licking out the hooker who delivered it, a stylish young woman called Sally.

She told a friend, Shirley, about enjoying the experience and Shirley volunteered to be fucked by Ron while Mrs X watched and filmed the performance.

This is how she told us what happened next, in one of a series of interviews about her life story ...

"Like I told you, it was like a rocket going off in mine and Ron's sex life. We kept watching the tape and talking about it and shagging like teenagers.

"I was happy I'd done it all, but it was enough going wild for me for the time being.

"But Shirley couldn't leave it alone. She was on the phone to me every day, wanting to know what Ron had said about her, and how I felt about it, and might we do it again, and when could she come round and see the tape. And, of course, once Ron had got over the first thrill, he started broaching the idea of a repeat. And I've got to be honest, I didn't take a lot of persuading. Like I've said before, once you've tried strawberry, you get a bit bored with vanilla, and you start wondering why you don't have hazelnut and honey sometimes too, if you get what I mean.

"I arranged to meet Shirley in the pub -- quite a smart modern place, with waiter service, but basically a suburban local. When she came in, honestly, it was so funny. She'd been in one film where her pussy had a non-speaking part and she was clearly already thinking of herself as a star. She had on this coat with a fur collar all up around her face, so she was peeking out of it like a lapdog in a Hollywood handbag. And she was wearing that much jewellery she jingled like a glass curtain. Everybody was looking as she sashayed across the room, but I guess that's what she was after. And I tried not to laugh too much. In a way, I knew what she was feeling. It felt to me like I'd crossed over into some sort of other world -- a bit dangerous, but exciting, too -- and me and Shirley were really too exotic for places like that. Although from what I found out later, we were probably not the only ones in there who could tell stories you would never have guessed at.

"I'd found us a table in a quiet corner because I knew Shirley was bursting to talk and she found it hard to keep her voice down. She called over the waitress and ordered a gin martini, with one cube of ice and an olive, and I thought that sounded cool so said I'd have the same. It's been my drink ever since. Shirley kept to chit-chat until we'd got them. Then it was down to business. Had I watched the film? I said I had, and Ron had done quite a classy edit. He was going out Friday, with the lads from the cricket club, so we could watch it on our own if she wanted to come round.

"That was when she said she had somebody she wanted to bring with her. Obviously I wanted to know who but she would only say it was a girlfriend and somebody I'd be pleased to see.

"I said: 'Look, Shirley, I'm a big girl and I got a kick out of what we did and I can't pretend it didn't happen. But I don't want it all over town.'

"But she swore on her life I could trust her, and her friend. I should have known better, of course, but it wasn't me on the film, after all, and I could live with a guest audience if Shirley could.

"After that, she wanted me to tell her all over again about my first experience of eating pussy. I told her what Ron had said -- it was a big male secret how good it tasted, because if we knew, we'd all be at it and they'd be out of a job. I said that old nursery rhyme about girls being made of sugar and spice suddenly made sense. It tasted like a mix of the two. Or at least, Sally's did. We had another couple of martinis and started speculating about what other women in the bar would taste like and it was all downhill from there, I seem to remember.

"Anyway, I probably should have guessed, but I didn't. Shirley's surprise guest was Sally. I'd told her about the Blue Cabs angle and she'd tracked her down and said I'd like to see her again. And Sally, apparently, jumped at the chance. She gave me a nice kiss as she came in the door and I was surprised how excited I was to see her again. I was glad I'd done myself up for the evening, just in case of you never know what. Sally looked terrific, once again, in another tailored suit, with seamed stockings, immaculate, and heels. She sat in a chair opposite me and I found myself trying to see up her skirt, like some letchy old fella.

"Shirley beamed at us, like she'd arranged a promising marriage.

"She said: 'I offered to pay Sally her usual professional fee to come along tonight but she said you got girlfriend rate -- just drinks and nibbles. And I said you might manage a very special nibble.'

"I said: 'Fucking hell, Shirley -- why don't you just say the most embarrassing thing you can think of?'

"Sally blushed a bit but she laughed and said a girlie night was a treat for her, and anyway she might know somebody who could use the videotape. Then she said something that took me aback. She looked me in the eyes and said: 'Also, if I'm honest, I can't stop thinking how it felt when you did that thing for me. It's not often I get much out of a trick but that was something I'd pay my own money to get again.'

"Honestly, I just about squirted in my knickers when she said that. I covered up somehow -- blew Sally a kiss and bustled around sorting drinks and snacks and so on. But I knew then that somebody's petals were going to get parted before the night was over, one way or another. I could see Shirley was jealous as hell. If anybody was going to get horny, she liked to be the reason. Personally I was a bit high on being fancied by a gorgeous young chick and I was up for anything. Like I say, I'd already crossed the border from ordinary suburban life and come to terms with it. And I suddenly felt free to go wherever this game took me. I thought, fuck it, girl, if you can still get some pleasure out of your pussy, go for it.

"I know you want the dirty detail and I'm getting there, babes.

"We watched the video once straight through. By the end of it, Shirley was diddling herself. She was wearing tight black leggings which showed off that fat yo-yo of hers and she was pushing the material into the crack. Sally kept catching my eye, with a dreamy smile on her face, and was stroking one thigh through her skirt. I'd noticed before that she had lovely hands, with long slim fingers, like a musician's, except for the nail gloss, which was pearl grey to go with her suit, and I remember noticing them again and feeling an erotic charge at the thought of them stroking my bare ass.

"Shirley had the remote and she whizzed back to the point where Ron got his tongue in her and paused it there. 'I love that bit,' she said. 'But men never do it for long enough, do they?'

"Then she said: 'I've got to try it.'

"And Sally said 'be my guest darling' and pulled up her skirt and wriggled forward in her chair and parted her legs. She was wearing a tiny white thong which didn't quite cover her delicious black bush and you could see her pussy lips all swollen and pink either side of it, where it sliced into her puss. Shirley knelt down and tore it open and got her tongue in and after a minute, Sally pushed her away and turned around and draped herself over the back of the chair with her ass in the air and she pulled her ass cheeks open to expose her bumhole and Shirley took up the invitation and got her tongue in there too and started moving between holes, spreading the honey around. With one hand, she reached behind her and pulled her leggings down over her own ass and wiggled it at me, and I knelt down and pulled her leggings and panties further down and got my fingers in her and she clamped on them hard. For a minute, there was no sound except all our licking and squelching and moaning. I wished I had the camera running but I didn't want to give up my place.

"Next thing, we were all stripping each other off. We left the stockings and garter belt and shoes on Sally and she looked stunning. Shirley and I got naked and we probably showed our age a bit in comparison. But like girls do, we all complimented each other on our best bits. Shirley got points for eyes and ass. We both said Sally had the most fine back -- lean and shapely and evenly brown all over. Sally said I had really really beautiful tits and she lifted them to her mouth one by and my nipples swelled up like little clitties at the feel of her cool fingers and her warm mouth. Then we sat side by side while I did the same for her and we stroked each other.

"Shirley, the minx, went into her bag and came out with a strap-on. She was always a party girl. 'Get her cock-ready, Sally darling, and then we can all get what we need,' she said, as she buckled it into place. It had a little nub at the back end that fitted into her pussy.

"When she was ready, Sally lay back on my leather chaise longue with a cushion under her ass and I ate her lovely box until she pulled my face into it and pumped sweet juice into my mouth in three great gushes, while Shirley ground the dildo into me and came against it herself, squealing ' fuck, fuck, fuck'. Did I swallow? Hell, yes.

"After that, we sat around as we were and had a spliff and a couple of bottles of wine. And we talked about porn we had seen and how we could make it better.

"I said the trouble was nobody usually said anything very convincing. If I was directing, I'd want sexy words, nice and clear, not just grunting and give-it-me stuff.

"I asked: 'What's the dirtiest thing we can all think of to say?'

"Shirley said: 'I like the way the Irish talk about hole. It's such a good basic word. I want one of you to ask me to stick this rubber cock in every hole you've got.'

"Sally fixed me with her brown gaze and said: 'Can I suck your nipples with my pussy?'

"And I said: 'I want the two of you to lie down together, so I can lick two cunts at once.'

"Then we took those ideas and played around a bit more, so we could take photos, for Ron's sake.

"If I thought I'd had my birthday early, it was just as good for him when he saw the pictures.

"And it wasn't long before Shirley was on the phone again, offering another volunteer to make some more.

"Like I told you before, we got quite a little club going. You'd be surprised how many respectable women fancy themselves as porn stars. And that's where the story of the website begins.

"How am I doing so far, darling?"

this chapter ends here ...

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