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Reality Check


We had just finished dinner and I was standing at the sink cleaning the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. She walked up behind me, gave me a hug and said. "We have to get your cum eating out of the way, I think it could be interfering with our normal sex life."

I stopped in stunned silence.

This was the first conversation we have had about my fantasy while not in bed and it was unexpected. My heart fluttered as the reality of what I had been asking for in a fit of passion, was now being openly discussed. I knew she was prepared to "force" the issue. I had been telling her I wanted her to make me do it, force me to do it, tell me to do it, talk about it, make fun of me for wanting it, whatever. After I orgasm I never want to eat my cum, but shortly after, I'm sorry I wasn't "made" to swallow it. Apparently now, I would be.

"OK" was all I could say. My heart was in my throat and I was embarrassed. She was very matter of fact and obviously comfortable with her control and my embarrassment.

She unbuckled my pants and pushed them down. She fondled my cock and then squeezed my balls. I turned around, as she pulled my trousers half way down my thighs exposing my nakedness and kissed me passionately on the lips. Breaking her kiss she said, "for the rest of tonight you will do whatever I ask, immediately, is that clear? You will be swallowing your cum very soon, then we'll come back downstairs and watch some TV, OK?"

"Yea honey." I hugged her as she kneaded my hard penis.

"Would you like that, you have told me you want to do it, so now is as good as any."

I looked at her smiling face and said, "Sure."

She caressed my cock, looking down at it and lightly pulled on my pubic hairs. "I wonder what you would look like shaved?" It was a rhetorical question, but my cock pulsed. It didn't go un-noticed.

"You go upstairs, get undressed and wait for me. Don't touch yourself. I'll finish the dishes and come up shortly. You just wait for me and think about what you are going to do. Now go on, go upstairs."

As I walked away pulling up my pants, she stopped me and asked. "What do you want me to do when I come upstairs?" To have me answer this question not in the throws of passion, not being hugged and fondled, but standing alone in the middle of a room, my pants unzipped and open, a reality check.

"I want to cum and then I want you go make me swallow my cum."

She smiled, "Spoken like a true slut you are, very good, go on now," she said dismissively.

I was soon naked, lying face up on our bed waiting for her. She was taking her time so I would have to think about what I wanted. It had been at least 15 minutes. My stomach was flipping with embarrassment and the reality of what was about to happen. Was she really going to make me eat my cum and did I really want that. If I told her "no", then it would be no for ever.

She walked into the bedroom and looked at me lying naked on the bed. Without saying a word she started to undress. Once naked, again without talking she crawled over my chest and put her pussy onto my mouth. "Get me ready," was all she said.

My favorite thing in the world is to lick her pussy and my favorite way to do that is to have her face fuck me, so this was perfect. Her pussy tastes wonderful and within moments, I'm lost in her, face pushing into her trying to get inside her pussy.

After a few minutes she rolls off to the side and says, "Put your cock in me". I do, it is warm and heavenly. She looks right at me saying, "This is not a marathon, cum in me as quickly as you can." I continue pumping into her. As I get closer, she reminds me I'm going to lick her clear of my sperm once I do cum. That was all it took to push me over the edge. I look right at her and say, "Yes, I am." With a deep thrust, I start shooting my sperm into her pussy. I hold her tight gasping for air as I finish my orgasm.

She kisses me and hugs me softly and says, "Onto your back again". I slid out of her and roll onto my back. I'm tired and not really interested in what will happen next, but I have asked her repeatedly for this, and now she is going to follow through. I am not happy I have asked for this, and now I'm slightly turned off and scared.

She again crawls up my chest bringing her pussy just inches from my face. She is holding her hand over her pussy, but then reaches down with both hands and opens herself and asks, "Do you see your cum in me?" She is soaked and yes, there is a glob of cum almost ready to drip from her.

"Yes, you are soaked, and I can see my cum in you." I look up past her pussy, between her tits to her smiling face.

"This is what you wanted, what are you waiting for, get that tongue busy and start eating your cum from me."

I bring my mouth to her pussy and push my tongue into her as far as I can, and lick and suck until my mouth fills with my sperm. She sits up just a bit and looks down at me as I swallow my first load of cum. She smiles, but says nothing. The sperm tingles the back of my throat. She lowers herself back down and starts grinding herself onto my face. Within minutes, my face is covered in cum and her wetness, and within minutes after that she orgasms hard, pushing more cum into my mouth. I now swallow hungrily. She rolls to the side clamping my head between her legs as I continue licking her softly as her orgasm calms. This is my favorite place to be in the world, trapped between her legs after orgasm. Within moments, we crawl next to each other, I can tell my face is soaking wet. She looks at me and laughs, "Your face is a mess. Don't wash it and don't brush your teeth. I want you to "enjoy" the taste of your cum and look like a slut, for a while anyway. Let's get into PJ's and go back downstairs and watch the big TV"

We hop out of bed and she slipped on her pajamas and head for the stairs. I quickly stopped her and said, "Thanks, I needed that". She looks at me, smiles and says, "I know you did...anytime." She lightly kisses me and licks my lips and a quick dart of her tongue into my mouth. Which taste is she searching for, the taste of my cum in my mouth, or her pussy. I'll have to ask later.

"Did you like it, the taste of your cum, did you like it?"

"Yes, yes I did, I actually like the taste but more importantly, I loved you telling me to do it."

"You do realize you will be eating a lot of cum from now on."

"Yes, I do. I want to."

She pulled back and looks down at my nakedness. "We really need to talk about you shaving."

I looked right at her and said, "Yes, yes we do."

Something had changed between us, and I liked it. She headed for the stairs as I stood for a moment feeling very vulnerable, very naked and very happy.

Yes, something had changed, but I think it is for the good.

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