Rocky Rodocker waved at Officer Andy Martin as he opened the drivers door to his Corvette which was parked in front of his office on main street, Cheboygan, Michigan. “Hi, Andy, keep on fighting crime,” he hollered, just before closing the door.

“Prick,” was all Andy could think of as he watched Rocky drive off. “Big powerful prick, that no body fucked with. Man stood six foot seven, and weight two hundred, ninety five pounds. He was the only employer of note in the county, what with Rodocker Containers, and he was the Mayor, and the local justice of the peace.” Rocky signed his pay check, as he did everybody else’s in town.

Andy had to admire his record and that body. Damn guy had a twenty one inch neck, thirty seven inch sleeve, a thirty four inch waist, a tight ass, and tree trunk legs. He wore size sixteen shoes, and his fingers were six inches long. It was no wonder that when he held down the defensive right side of the Michigan line the sports writers called it the “Rocky Wall.” What he called aggressive, other teams called mean, when he would throw other lineman around like high school kids.

Rocky was, at age forty two, siting on top of the world. Engineering was easy, and as an undergraduate he had worked for K & D containers in Detroit. He came up with ways to make containers cheaper and faster then K & D, but kept that information to himself until after he graduated. The banker loaned him the capital to start his company, which he located in Cheboygan because of the cheap land, power, and unlimited supply of water from Lake Huron.

His employees did not know what his profit margins were, as he kept all that information at his office, which was located five miles from the plant. Last July, at the end of his fiscal year, his CPA informed him that his company was worth over one hundred million.

Rocky carefully thought through a plan to bring to Cheboygan young, good looking married women, that he would trap into fucking him on a regular basis. He had purchased “Black Lake,” in the company name, of course. After building twenty, one hundred and fifty thousand dollar homes, he begin to put his “Promotion and Raise” plan into effect.

“Rodocker Containers” placed advertisements in several newspapers for new employees. Photos of the employee and his wife were requested. It was the age and looks of the wife, that landed the job for an applicant.

When hired, the applicant was told that all jobs had a probation period of one year, with a first review in six months. Rocky made sure that the new couple purchased one of his homes, and that they were approached by the local car dealers to buy an expensive car. The reason, of course, was to get them up to their ears in debt.

As Rocky pulled off route 23 onto “Black Lake” road, he did not know if he would get laid today, but he was sure that if not today, he would fuck this one tomorrow.

She was Katherine Morse, wife of Kenny. Often, he had watched her walk down Main Street, with his binoculars, as he mulled over the right time to begin to pull the rug out from under her. As she came near his office, he would go outside to speak to her, just as a reminder that he was her husband’s boss, as well as the holder of their home mortgage, and car lien.

Katherine was twenty four. She had an average figure and bust. Pretty woman with long brown hair, that she liked to put up. While shopping, her sun glasses were a fixture on her head. Rocky had pictured, in his mind many times, sinking his cock into her muff.

Her two kids were at school, and she was barefoot, cleaning her house in her jeans and blouse when Rocky drove up. She heard the car, and opened the door, as he came up the steps. “Hi, Mr. Rodocker, how are you?’

“Just fine Katherine, out your way. Wondered if I could get a cup of coffee, while we chat? Call me Rocky.”

After the ever present coffee was poured, they both sat at the table. “You know Katherine, Kenny comes up for his six month review of his performance in two weeks. He is a nice guy, but I do have some reservations about his staying at “Rodocker.”

“Oh my God, Mr. Rodocker. Oh, my God!” Katherine’s eyes filled with tears. “We are so happy here. I don’t know what we will do. We owe so much money.”

Now was the time for the line that Rocky had played over and over in his mind. “Perhaps, if you could add some incentive to keep Kenny on, we could commit to a long term relationship?”

Katherine’s face first registered confusion, as she ran his words over in her mind with her eyes downcast. Then, slowly she raised her head and looked Rocky in the eyes, with anger on her face, she whispered; “You mean to fuck you on a regular basis?”

“Once a month,” Rocky retorted with his smart ass smile on his face.

“Damn you. You get out of my house. I have no intention of fucking you.”

“Katherine, I’ll be back tomorrow at ten AM. If you answer the door wearing street clothes, I will know that we have a problem and will leave. If you have on sleeping clothes, I will come in and we will spend a couple hours together.” With that, he got up and walked out of her door. Sitting there, with her head in her hands crying, Katherine heard the Corvette roar out of her drive way.

Katherine got up, and sat at the table in the kitchen. She drank her coffee, and gazed out of the bay window overlooking the lake that she and Kenny so loved. Kenny had been laid off by General Motors. It had taken him five months to get this job. They were just two kids from Dayton, Ohio. Neither of their parents had the money to help them out of this mess.

If Kenny lost this job, they would be bankrupt in a month. “That Bastard. Well, what if I do fuck him? He won’t tell anyone. He is clean and neat, so there is little chance for catching something. A couple hours a month?” She walked down to the shore.

It had been five years since she had sex with anyone but Kenny. During those same five years, she had been confined to her various homes with two children, who were finally in school. She realized that she was getting aroused by the thought of Rocky’s coming out to “Ravish” her. Her nipples came erect, and she felt the wetness of her seepage wetting her legs. She begin to think of what “Teddy” she would wear in the AM. Kenny came home at 5:30 PM. By then, she had composed herself, and had her usual smile as she gave him a deep kiss.

At 9:50 AM, the Corvette, with that distinctive engine sound, ground to a halt in Katherine’s drive. “Bastard is early,” Katherine thought as she opened the door enough to show him that her garb was most assuredly for sleeping, since it was a see through “Teddy,” which hardly covered her tits and full bush covered cunt.

“Touchdown, on the second play,” played in Rocky’s mind as he walked through the door. He picked up Katherine as easy as most men pick up a suit case, and pushed the door closed with his leg. He knew where the bed rooms were. He had built this house. Carrying her like a child, he walked into the bedroom and placed her on her feet. He untied two bows and dropped her clothes to the floor. She stood naked before him.

He again picked her up and lay her on the bed. Every part of her came alive. She felt the cool sheets under her. Her breasts felt a chill, as did her pussy, which was still wet, because she had just washed it preparing for his arrival. She propped herself up on one elbow to see him better while he undressed. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted, with some embarrassment, that her nipples were erect. She knew that he would see that

When he removed his shirt, she drew in a startled breath as the size and tone of his body became apparent. After his shoes and socks came his pants. Another gasp escaped her when his partly erect cock sprang from his under pants. She thought that cocks were cocks. Kenny’s was six inches long, and two inches thick. Her first sex partners was almost identical. But this was not a cock, it was a living thing.

Rocky’s cock had startled many a woman. It was a deep purple in color. On top of a nine inch shaft, was a head the size of a child’s fist. It seemed to be suspended below his ass, with balls which were larger then an orange below it. “Will all that go in me?” she whispered mostly to herself, but loud enough for Rocky to hear.

“You will stretch. That part is the part I like the best,” Rocky said as he pushed her legs apart and begin to kiss around her full growth of brown pussy hair. He loved to smell pussy. He would work up to the fuck slowly. It was the only way to get them ready for his kind of fucking.

Katherine lay her head down.” She trembled now. She had the nerve to do this, when he was gone, but now he was here, and he was bigger, much bigger then life. She could hear the birds sing outside. She could hear her heart beat, and then she felt one of those six inch fingers enter her cunt. Rocky bumped her cervix back and forth while he nibbled gently on her love button. The other hand was gently tracing the edge of her right nipple. It worked every time.

Her clitoris begin to swell. Her breasts engorged. She let out a soft long sigh, that became a moan. He felt the new wetness of her cunt, as it begin to swell and close down on his finger. In the sunlight, which partially played on her body, he saw that the skin of her chest and tummy was becoming flushed. She would cum any moment, and he tensed his body for that moment.

“Oh, God, Yessss, I’m coming Oohhhoooooooooooo.” Katherine’s cunt walls begin to clamp onto Rocky’s finger.

Rocky slid his body onto Katherine and put his cock into the entrance of her pussy. His first push ran it the whole length of Katherine’s pussy, which was seven inches. It moved her to ecstasy. “Oohhoooooo, Ooohhhhhhooooo.

He ran it all the way out. Katherine was beside herself with pleasure. It traveled in again, further, deeper. Katherine tensed her stomach muscles as she judged if she could contain him. Aware now of his every movement, she felt that thing pull out and come in again, this time even further. Her eyes closed, as the next in a long series of orgasms reduced her to an orgasm machine, being played by a master.

His hands grabbed her ass. He raised his head and his ass thrust inward and forward five, six, seven, eight, nine times, as his cum was injected into the mouth of her cervix.

“ It was a good start.”

He lay with her, side by side. A smile played on his face as she nibbled on his ear, and ran her hands through his hair, gently stroking it. She felt like a small child with a Saint Bernard dog. Perhaps that is how she viewed it, but to Rocky, she was a “Full Bore Pussy, that was now his to fuck anytime he wanted. Oh, sure, she would complain when he stopped next week, but she would get used to him fucking her two or three times a week, as the other four housewives had.”

Rocky got up on his knees. He gently raised her to her knees, and got behind her. Her cunt was soggy, and its lips were engorged, so that the slit was wide and invited his cock to enter and slide into her smoothly. It would be months before Katherine got over the ecstasy of his first entrance, it was so filling. She lowered her head, as he grabbed her breasts and begin to fuck her hard.

Never before had she felt less in control. Her body was his to “Ravish” as she had thought. But, now, “Ravish’ took on a new meaning. It was her first glimmer of the true fact that she was his to fuck at will. There was no turning back now.

“Imagine if he told Kenny?”

Her inner thoughts were interrupted when her orgasm begin to build. It would be her first in this position. Rocky felt the changes in her body. As he pumped his cock into her, he reached down and roughly pawed her clit, and then squeezed both her tits hard. She erupted in a mind blowing orgasm, with her back humped to accept all of his meat.

Rocky’s cock answered her convulsions with several streams of his cum. As she got off the bed to douche, he said, “ Katherine, I love fucking you.”

“I’ll bet you do?”

She returned to the bedroom. As she sat on the bed, he pushed her head down so that her face was inches from his cock. “Lets give your pussy a rest. Suck me for awhile.” Katherine smiled. It would give her pussy a rest, so she begin to exam this “Thing” that he had put in her.

His head was propped up and a smile played on his face as she begin looking first at him and then it. Her eyes were on his as she took the end of his cock into her mouth and slowly ran her tongue from side to side at the base of its head.

A long finger went into her pussy. It did feel good. She relaxed, and they lay like that for several minutes. “Enough, lets fuck,” he said as he pulled her mouth off his cock, and rolled her onto her back. Picking up both of her legs with his arms, he pined them next to her upper body along the side of her breasts.

Her cunt was now facing up, and there was no way for her to tuck her cunt away from that “thing” of his. He slid it into her. Her orgasm came on slowly but surely. As she let the moan escape her lips, and her cunt contracted onto his again engorged cock, he thrust his ass with abandon to fill her cunt with his sperm.

He kissed her gently. As he got dressed, he said, “I’ll need more of this Friday. See you at nine.”


Naked, propped up on her elbows, with his sperm running out of her cunt onto the bed, Katherine knew that she now belonged to two men. With a sigh, she said, “See you.”

The following Monday Rocky was watching the women walking between the stores on Main street. He spied Reba Booth. He had seen her several times, since she and her husband had come to town. It was almost time for his “Promotion and Raise,” one act play. They had purchased one of his houses, and bought not one, but two expensive cars.

Reba was from a little town in the Indiana. “Damn, they must feed them well down there, look at the tits on that woman?” It was a warm June day. Taking a better look with his binoculars, he noted that she was tall, with long legs that attached to an ass that was tightly round, but not too big. She had a tight trim waist, running to almost thin upper body. On her front, protruding out from her chest were two huge tits. It must be seven inches from her chest wall to the nipples, and they half covered each arm on the side. At that instant, she dropped some things. She bent towards him as she reached for the ones in front. “No fucking bra.” As she quartered away to pick up an item behind her, her short cut off shorts slid to one side exposing a mat of blond cunt hairs. He pulled the Booth file. “Next week would be a good time.”

Fate intervened. Ron Booth was killed in an auto accident. Rocky was quick to make the most of the change, before she committed to moving herself and her two children out of town.

Stopping at her door the night of the accident, Rocky told her; “Rodocker Container would pay all Ron’s funeral expenses. I am in need of a secretary. If you want the job, I will start you at twenty five thousand, with promotion and raise reviews every six months.”

The fact was that he did not need a secretary, but it seemed like a good idea at the time to have an in house fuck. “My my, she is a great trophy.” He would have to let things sit a while before the fucking was to start.

Reba thought of him as a great big teddy bear. He had been so nice to her. There was just the two of them on the second floor of his building. She even begin to flirt with him. It was like dangling meat in front of a grizzly bear.

There was a blizzard snow storm on the third of December. Main Street was deserted. Rocky locked the door. He came up behind Reba, and ran his arms around her waist. She straightened up and tilted her head back and turned to kiss him on the side of his face. His hand rose to grasp, for the first time, those pointing, protruding, melons of pleasure; her gorgeous tits.

He unbuttoned her velvet black dress, and rolled it off her shoulders. The bra fell to the floor, her tits now free to hang and sway as he moved her from side to side as he turned her around so that his mouth could contain a nipple. A long finger slid her panties to one side and slid into her now wet pussy. His thumb was busy circling her love button.

She panted, moaned and said, “Fuck me Rocky, Fuck me.”

Rocky lowered her face down to his desk top. He lifted her dress, and lowered her black panties to the floor. As he dropped his pants, and stepped out of them, he marveled at the sight of her ass before him. There was those long tanned legs. Her fanny was pale white. Her blond bush covered cunt nestled between her legs, ready for his cock.

He placed the end of his “Thing” at her entrance. Bending over, he held her by the shoulders as he thrust that cock of his deeply into her pussy. She was pushed forward off her feet, and flat on the table. His next push buried all ten inches into her unused cunt.

“Rocky, Rockyeeee, Rockyeeeeeee,” she cried out as the force of his thrusts lifted her off her feet. It was only the eight thrust that sent her to “Orgasm Land,” where she was now to become a permenent resident.

With happy satisfaction, Rocky filled her with his sperm. Time passed. Reba was Rocky’s mistress, but she was careful not to intrude into his marriage.

On the day that Rocky’s twin sons turned eighteen, everything changed. It was a Saturday morning. Rocky’s two sons were with him when he came to pick her up. This was new, since never before had he let on she more then a secretary to the members of his family.

They had been in the office hundreds of times, since Reba started with the company. Nice kids, who one day would be big like their dad. She had gone out of her way to be pleasant to them.

Danny and Jimmy had also paid a lot of attention to her. In the summer months, her low cut sun dresses would reveal gobs of tits to a boy standing nearby. Her habit of going bra less had make both boys at one time or another have raging hard on, causing them to leave her part of the office.

It was at the company picnic the year before that both boys begin to say to each other, that they hoped that one day they could fuck that woman. She had worn a tight white bikini, that showed her cunt hairs and breast nipples when wet. The men at the plant, as well as the boys, still talk about how her tits flew as she ran and jumped playing Volley ball.

They drove to his hunting camp in the Huron National forest. Rocky made them all a Bloody Mary, as Jimmy made the fire. Rocky put on some music, and ask Reba to dance with him. When the song changed, Rocky said to Reba, “The boys want to learn how to dance. You dance with them.” Danny was first. As soon as they started, she felt his hands begin to roam down her ass, and along the sides of her breasts.

She had another Bloody Mary, between dances. They seemed to be very strong. The other brother, Jimmy, was even more aggressive. He pumped his erect, pants covered cock into her groin as he held her ass with both hands. They were a couple of kids, but they were rubbing her “Zones.” Rocky sprawled on the couch with a smile on his face.

When the fifth dance ended, she stood there tipsy. Rocky got up and came up behind her. He lifted her sweater up over her head, letting it drop to the floor. Her bra followed, as well as her pants, and shoes. She stood before them all naked. Reba knew that Rocky was going to let them have her. She gazed at him, eye to eye. She felt her skin flush as he reached towards her.


He picked her up in his arms. Heading for the bedroom, he said to the boys, “Lets go fuck, boys, she is yours to play with.”


Rocky lay her on the king size bed. Jimmy said, “Dad, I’ve been dreaming of playing with these tits, and fucking her ever since you told us that we can fuck her all we want.” With that, he buried his head into her joy melons.

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