tagLoving WivesRebecca Gets Maitre D' Service

Rebecca Gets Maitre D' Service


Rebecca entered the shower and was washing away the cum of three men, strangers, whom she had just let fuck her (see Rebecca's Jacuzzi Surprise). The scene in her mind -- three men in the jacuzzi, first touching her body, then forcing their cocks into her mouth and pussy, then cumming in and on her as she orgasmed -- was running through her mind as she heard her husband enter their hotel room.

Rebecca wasn't sure if her husband had seen her display of wantonness; but, given the long time he left her in the jacuzzi alone, she imagines he was watching.

"Hey sweetie," he says as he enters the bathroom, his grin as wide as the sink. Rebecca knew then that he had seen her.

"Looked like you had quite the time," he said, still grinning.

"Unbelievable! That was so erotic and naughty and slutty! I just couldn't stop it. My pussy was on fire," Rebecca said emphatically. "I'm still horny!"

"Horny is good," her husband said, "but we have a reservation in 30 minutes at Amici's. So dress quickly."

Rebecca did dress quickly, partially because she was now in a hurry and partially because she wasn't wearing much. She had decided to wear a nice black dress with a plunging neckline and flowing hemline. Basking in her horniness, she decided not to wear any panties and to wear a demi bra that emphasized her ample 38-D breasts.

"Wow," said her husband as she emerged from the bathroom. "You look good enough to eat! Or to eat off of!"

"I hope so," she said as she walked past him flipping the back of her dress so he could see that she wasn't wearing any panties.

They arrived at Amici's and given their reservation they were escorted to their table. The maitre d' took several glances at Rebecca's cleavage as she walked by and she was sure he was checking out her ass too. Rebecca was loving the attention and the attention was serving to maintain her heightened horniness. After ordering Rebecca excused herself to the ladies room, the pretense gave way to her real reason, to flirt with the maitre d', and he took the bait. As Rebecca got up to walk across the restaurant the maitre d' met her just before she entered the hallway to the bathrooms.

"Hello, Ma'am," said the maitre d', "my name is Adolfo, please let me know if I may be of service." He was smiling broadly and Rebecca noticed more now his broad shoulders and slim waist. This was same thing he said when seating her and her husband, but now it took on an entirely new meaning and Rebecca's pussy went flush.

"I am looking for the ladies room," Rebecca said. "Can you show me?" She too was now smiling.

Adolfo waved his hand down the hallway and as Rebecca turned to walk he moved along side her. The hallway was only 20 paces long, but before they reached halfway Adolfo's hand was on Rebecca's lower back and flirting with her ass. As they reached the ladies room Rebecca stopped and turned to face the ladies room door. Adolfo stepped on front of her and ran one hand up and down her left hip, while his right hand was moving up and down her right side, from waist to breast.

"Let me know if I can be of service," he said again grinning.

Rebecca, with her pussy screaming for attention, said, "I am sure I will need your attentions later. I will likely forget where this ladies room is." As she moved toward the ladies room door she lightly dragged her hand across his hardening cock. She could feel him jump, just a bit.

When Rebecca exited the ladies room, Adolfo was gone. That was probably a good thing, Rebecca thought, as she wasn't sure she would be able to contain herself if he were there. She rejoined her husband and she told him of Adolfo's advances.

"So what are you going to do?" he said.

Rebecca knew that her husband wasn't worried for her and that, "what are you going to do," really meant, "are you going to fuck him." She loved her husband for that.

As dinner was winding down, Rebecca was watching Adolfo to see when he was free. She timed her next visit to the ladies room so as to attract his attention. She wasn't yet sure what her intentions were, but she figured Adolfo did. As Rebecca made her way to the ladies room she was again greeted by Alfonso.

"Can I be of service," he said in his sultry Spanish accent.

"I am sure you can," Rebecca said, with a wry smile.

Adolfo led Rebecca down the hall, his hand drifting across her ass cheeks. Rebecca made no move to stop him. When they arrived at the ladies room Adolfo guided Rebecca to the left this time. As he opened the door he turned on the light and Rebecca could see that it was a store room. Adolfo locked the door behind Rebecca and immediately pulled her close.

He began to kiss her passionately and Rebecca responded. She could feel he pulse quick, knees weaken, and her pussy moisten. Rebecca could feel Adolfo's cock hardening inside his black uniform pants. His hands had now found their way under her dress and were caressing her naked ass. Adolfo began leading Rebecca over to stack of boxes marked "tomato paste."

"Take out my cock," he said.

Rebecca could tell that his machismo was now in full swing. He was going to be in charge now. He was going to be the aggressor. Rebecca had to admit she liked that. Rebecca unzipped Adolfo's pants and reached in and pulled out a nice, hard, and longer than average cock. She knew what was coming next and while she held, and began to stroke his cock, he gently, yet forcefully pushed Rebecca to her knees.

On her knees, Rebecca took Adolfo's hard cock in her mouth and began to suck his cock. She was enjoying herself and her horniness was now in full swing. She began to suck Adolfo's cock in earnest, her head bobbing faster and more and more of his cock was now in her throat. He began to moan.

Rebecca was enjoying the thrill of sucking Adolfo's cock. A man she had never met until dinner. He was now holding his hands on her head and forcing his cock on her. Deep down she had to admit she liked this. She liked it when the man took control and she knew she had to submit to his desires.

"Yes, suck my cock. That's it, suck me." It was then that Rebecca realized that Adolfo didn't even know her name!

Adolfo then pulled Rebecca away grim his cock and pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and bent her over the boxes. Rebecca knew that she was about to get fucked. She knew that he wasn't going to be gentle. She could feel him lift her dress and slide his fingers along her very wet pussy.

"Oh, yes, Adolfo, fuck me. Fuck me now. I want your cock inside me."

Adolfo was now moving his cock along Rebecca's pussy, but he hadn't entered her yet. Then he began to enter his cock into Rebecca's pussy. Inch in, inch out, two inches in, two inches out, three inches in...

"Oh god, Adolfo, fuck me. Put your cock on me. Oh, oh, oh!"

Adolfo's cock was now deep in Rebecca's pussy and he was starting to fuck her faster. Rebecca was loving the fucking she was receiving and she could feel an orgasm quickly building.

"Adolfo, make me cum. Fuck me hard!" Adolfo was. The sound of Adolfo's body slamming into Rebecca's filled the room, mixed with moans of and Rebecca's pleads.

"I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. Oh, OH... Fuck me!" It was then, in the midst of her impending orgasm that Rebecca looked up and to her left, and first noticed that there was a door and small window - with three men's faces peering through. As her orgasm took her she could only understand this as an observer. She realized that these three men have been watching her get forcefully fucked, but in the middle of her orgasm she was powerless to do anything about it.

Adolfo was still pounding her pussy as her orgasm started to pass. She could hear Adolfo moaning more loudly now and his thrusts were becoming harder and more erratic. He was going to cum!

Rebecca, not wanting his cum dripping down her leg as she walked back to her chair, moved away from him quickly and dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. This happened so fast that Adolfo barely lost his rhythm and was soon pounding his cock into Rebecca's mouth. To emphasize this, Rebecca took his hands and placed them on her head. He understood immediately and began to fuck her face, holding her head while he plunged his cock over and over into her mouth.

Rebecca was loving the feeling of Adolfo using her. He still didn't know her name. He was simply fucking the face of this tall blonde and building up a strong cum spewing orgasm. He was pleasing himself and using Rebecca to do it. Moments later Alfonso moaned loudly, grabbed Rebecca's head even more forcefully, and began to shoot his cum deep into Rebecca's mouth. Rebecca was thinking that it was good that she liked this as she couldn't have done anything about his cumming down her throat anyway. Two, three, four jets of cum entered Rebecca's mouth and she sucked and swallowed as best she could.

Adolfo slowed his face fucking pace and relaxed his grip on Rebecca's head. She was still sucking his cock but the urgency was gone and his cock began to soften. Adolfo then stepped back and looked at Rebecca.

"Thank you for letting me service you," he said with a grin.

"My pleasure," Rebecca said. "I am sure we will be coming back to this restaurant soon. I hope you can service me again." It was then that Rebecca remembered the voyeurs at the door window. She turned toward the window and saw two faces that looked like cooks. They too were smiling broadly.

"Maybe the cooks can service you next time too," said Adolfo. "They are from Madrid as well."

"I think I'd like that," Rebecca said as Adolfo opened the store room door. Rebecca grabbed Adolfo's cock as she walked past him and back to her table with her husband.

"Wow. That was some bathroom break," he said. He then took his napkin and leaned forward and wiped something from your chin. "I think you still had some of the maitre d' on your face," he said smiling.

"Thank you," Rebecca said in playfulness. "I think the next time we come here the cooks may want to serve me something special. They got quite a show just now."

Rebecca and her husband then got up and left. The maitre d' was not there to say good by.

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