He smiled widely as he saw her standing there in a red negligee. The sheer crimson material hid the hint of matching panties beneath. She watched his reaction with a sexy pout on her face, pulling up her hair, posing for him.

"Well, what do you think?"

"You're such a sexy package. I want to unwrap you. Red is definitely your color."

"You think?" she asked teasingly, her hands moving over the flimsy material caressing her body.

"Yeah, I do," he breathed as he slowly walked in a circle around her, drinking her in. He stopped behind her and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"It looks amazing, but it'll look even better when it's off." His hands began to knead her shoulders as he pressed his body close to hers. She seemed to melt into him as he lightly kissed her bare shoulders. He moved her fiery hair aside and did likewise on her neck. His hot breath sent erotic shivers through her frame. She gave a sleight moan as he breathed into her ear.

His passion was growing now and she could feel it pressing into the small of her back. His eager hands slowly made their way to her front and caressed her ample breasts through the sheer material. He could feel her nipples stiffen at his touch. She moaned louder now and he bent his knees so he could grind his hips into her inviting bottom. She welcomed the movement and hungrily pushed back into him.


"You like feeling what you are doing to me, don't you?" he whispered.

"Yes. It feels so good pressing against me."

He slid the negligee over her head, his fingers lightly tracing along the sides of her breasts and underarms as he did. She shivered again, and then moaned as his hands made their way back down to continue caressing her breasts.

"Shall I unwrap some more?"

"Yes," she sighed.

He slid his hands down her stomach and she shuddered as he did so. He let them ride on her gyrating hips for a moment, pressing her into his swollen manhood, and then slid them down to feel the silky material of the panties. His fingers moved over her mound and began to feel her sex inside. The panties were already moist. Her breathing became more urgent as they stood there, his stiffened member rubbing against her behind, and his fingers from the front. She moaned louder, and he in turn, began breathing heavily in her ear.

"I want your fingers inside me," she whimpered.

"You do?"


He slid his hand into her panties, her curly hairs tickling his fingers as he did. When he found her sex, it was dripping with her juices, and he easily slipped a finger inside her. She gasped. The heel of his hand began rubbing against her swollen clitoris. She now ground into him wantonly, her moaning coming in quick succession between ragged breaths. She locked eyes with him over her shoulder.

"I want to taste you."

He kissed her then, long and hard, their bodies still melted together in a carnal slow dance. He withdrew his finger from her, hooked his fingers into the straps on her panties and slid them off. She turned to face him now, her hands sliding beneath his shirt, her fingers running softly through his chest hair and tweaking at his nipples. She slid the shirt over his head, and then, as they kissed again, her deft fingers unzipped his pants and found their way inside the band of his boxer briefs. Her touch sent an electric shock through him. Her fingers lingered there a few moments longer and then she slid of his briefs.

Both naked now, they lay on the floor pressed into a passionate embrace, their hands probing each other. She turned and straddled his face as she bent to take his engorged member in hand. She lightly kissed its length, and then engulfed it in her wanting mouth. He groaned and in response she accepted more of him.

Her sex was before him now, moist and fragrant. He slowly began to lick around her swollen clitoris. He could hear the muffled whimpers coming from her busy mouth. As his tongue continued to caress her clitoris, he slipped a finger inside her. Her juices were flowing heavily now, dripping down his chin. Her hips ground into his face, and she began to work more feverishly on him. Her hands grasped his behind, pulling him closer to her hungry mouth. Her fingers lightly tickled his anus. The sensation sent his hips trusting into her face. He withdrew his slick finger from her sex and lightly traced around her anus. She moaned louder, never releasing him from her mouth. The moans vibrated off of his erect form sending shivers through him.

He pressed his finger into her anus then. It slid in easily with her own natural lubrication, and she groaned loudly as he did so. He slid another finger back into her sex. Her hips began to quicken their pace as he worked all of her entrances. Her wet mouth surrounded his member, taking in every inch of him. Her finger poked into his anus and he moaned loudly. It was a new sensation for him. It felt amazing coupled with feeling of being in her mouth. He could feel his fingers filling her insides. Exploring her.

They were both near the edge now, covered in sweat and moaning loudly. Her muscles tensed, and with a deep moan she came, sending her love over his face and hands. Her orgasm sent shivers through him and he thrust his hips upward as he exploded deep in her mouth. They lay tangled on the floor shuddering in the wake of their passion. She turned around to face him and they embraced each other and kissed. He felt around for the negligee and handed it to her.

"See, it looks so much better now."

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