tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed Academy for Girls Ch. 02

Red Academy for Girls Ch. 02


--Red academy for girls is an advanced school for those between 18 and 21 years of age, who wish to excel in the future of art, science, literature, and athletics.--

She hugged me. "Don't cry Mercy. Let's just get dressed and you can explain." Partly in shock and partly in shame I stayed on my knees. Trisha Got up and left me, confused with the water still running.


I think I was probably in shock when I left that stall. Though this wasn't the first time I'd been assaulted but I never thought a girl would or could touch me that way.

I always avoided the memory of the assault at my previous school because it came from someone who had been let through my barriers. James was my friend. That person you can bitch to and cry on. I had finally flung my shyness out the window when he decided to strike.

I got dressed and waited. My senses slowly starting to come back to me and then my curiosity piqued. Was she truly intersex? I always believed the next evolution of man was a woman body with a penis.

I was desensitized to being hurt that or Mercy's remorse made an impression. James had spent months after the rape brutalizing my mind as well. Driving me into a center of loneliness when a month before I was surrounded by friends. He started rumors that caused people to start fights with me. Seeing weakness and remorse in an attacker was satisfying.

I hadn't even noticed when a dressed Mercy came into my field of vision with her head down.

"Come on," I said, "We can go to my dorm and you can explain this all to me"

We went across campus in silence. When we settled into my dorm room I made some tea. I'm sure the cup between her hands burned her fingertips but the knuckles were white. Maybe that was her only keeping her from breaking down. I remember when my assault happened. Little things like taking baths and cooking were the only anchors that held me together.

I don't understand remorse too much but I guess it's like what I went through. Replaying the events to the point where they seem like a dream.

-The Past-

In a secret bunker like lab, Mercy was a sadistic man greatest work. He created her from the cells up. Making sure she was a mature young lady before his cruelty began. He was many things but not a pedophile.

The suit made out of netting she wore let her tits push against the tabletop bare as he fucked her pussy savagely from behind. He cock was extended out of her and into a pump that sucked on it. The table creaked and swayed as he rammed into her.

She suddenly exploded in and orgasm that clogged the pump on her cock and tighten down on his cock. He grabbed a fistful of her violet hair and pushed her face into the table.

"Stupid bitch, you need to learn to wait for me to cum first." He yelled and pulled his cock out.

Her own cock had gone back and she panted. He was pissed she had enjoyed herself too much again. He tied her hands behind her back before she even knew what was happening. He slid her completely on the table before tying her legs so they bent at the knees.

His cock was still hard and soaked in her cum. He waited and then rubbed her clit with startling gentleness until it started growing. Mercy thrashed. "It hurts! Please roll me over." Her hard cock had been forced to grow straight down against the table. He smiled. When it had fully grown he grabbed a roll of duct tape and put a strip on her cock to hold it down to the tabletop and then taped her mouth. "This is your punishment for slipping up." He said watching the tape prevent her cock from shrinking back down as well. He moved and pushed his still hardened cock against her ass. She let out a muffled scream. While he wasn't above average in length he had a well above average thickness. He forced it into her ass. Mercy let tears roll down her face and into the duct tape.

Every time he thrusted into her ass the tape on her cock pulled and soon her yelps and screams became moans. When he finally shot his hot seed into her ass, she was complacent. Her pulled away from her and left her laying there tied up wanting more of him. He turned off the lights and returned home.

Mercy was still awake when the lights flicked back on. A blonde looked from the other side of the room with keen interest and lust. She spent a few minutes circling the table and poking and prodding at Mercy. This made Mercy crazy. He was never gentle unless it led to pain.

The woman gingerly lifted the duct tape which did in fact hurt a lot but the woman was making Mercy hornier. The Blond flipped Mercy over and got onto the table. She removed her skirt and revealed a freshly shaven pussy. Mercy's mind was focused on one thing. This woman riding her hard cock.

Soon she got her wish. Mercy almost came the minute she felt the woman hot pussy against the head of her cock. The woman smiled and pushed the head in. It felt unbelievable already even if this woman was a bit on the loose side. Mercy's head swam from the feeling. The woman gasped when Mercy came inside her and came on Mercy's cock. Finally relieved of the pent up lust Mercy was relieved when her cock shrank back down. The woman had her head bent down between Mercy's legs watching.

Then, she laughed. "I knew Brandon could make and opportune toy." Mercy's rage boiled over. Toy?

The blonde started cutting the ropes binding Mercy. And then undressed herself completely.

"C'mon girly," She said, "come fuck me." Mercy got up and grudgingly touched this woman from behind. Then, she shoved the woman's head into the corner of the table. She fell down unconscious. Mercy quietly put on the woman's clothes and strolled outside into the first night full of stars she'd ever seen.

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