tagSci-Fi & FantasyReflections of The Way I Long to Be

Reflections of The Way I Long to Be


Jonathan cupped a hand around the flame of the lighter, bringing it close to the wick of the candle. The flame was the only light in the room, and cast warm light upon his face, as well as the oddly-shaped candle. Phallic-shaped, as most candles are, but this one certainly emphasized that resemblance, with ridges and a crown shaped head. The wick emerged from the slit atop the candle, and the shaft emerged from a base, shaped like the lips and pubis of a woman's sex. As the flame touched the wick, it sputtered and flared to life, a bit of acrid smoke wafting upwards, before the flame caught and began to burn steadily and softly. The smoke floated upwards, brushing his nose. For a moment, he swore he could smell both the ammonia odor of semen, mixed with the pungent scent of a woman's vaginal lubrications.

"Jonat, are you coming? I mean, are you coming to bed? I don't want you coming just yet!" A giggle followed, low and throaty. Jonat snapped the lid of the lighter shut, extinguishing the flame. The flickering light of the candle revealed her form lying on the bed as he turned to face her. He stood for a moment, enjoying the vision before him.

Inez lay nude on the bed, her dark and glistening eyes fixed on his. Her dark and curly hair lay piled upon the pillow, surrounding her head like a crown. Her mouth was curled in a wry grin, slightly raising the beauty mark on her right cheek and emphasizing the classical nature of her beauty. One slender hand caressed a nipple, her left curled between her thighs, separating her lips, rubbing at her dark and glistening clitoris.

Blood surged, and as he stepped towards the bed, the pink crown of his shaft preceded him. He laughed for a moment. She looked quizzically at him. "Oh, I was just thinking about a footrace between a bunch of nude men. Y'know, instead of someone winning by a nose..."

"And if they were all bi, you wouldn't need a mechanical rabbit for them to chase. Although, if there were a pileup, it might take a while to get everyone separated, if y'know what I mean?" She reached out and grasped his cock with the hand moist from between her legs. "Bring that nose over here."

As he clambered into the bed, she stroked her wetness onto his shaft. He bent and kissed her, their lips meeting, tongues caressing. He sucked on her lip, then her hands cupped his ass and urged him upwards. He moved up on the bed, straddling her chest, her arms between his legs. The pink head of his cock brushed against her lips, and she darted a tongue out to lick the moisture from her hand off the underside of it.

"So what's so special about the candle loverboy?" Her tongue continued to run the length of him, swirling around his balls. One hand still grasped a cheek of his ass, but the other had returned to its spot between her thighs. "Hold my head," she breathed, before sucking him into her mouth.

He wrapped his hands in her thick hair, lifting her head and consequently sliding more of his shaft into her mouth. "Dunno, supposed to be aromatherapy and such. Thought you'd like it. Smells like sex, like when I eat you after we've fucked, and I came in you and on you. Cum and pussy juice all mixed together."

She moaned at the image, sucking harder at his dick. He began to move his hands, lifting her head up and down, his dick appearing and disappearing within her mouth. He turned his head to look behind him. Her hand moved with increasing speed, rubbing her clit. Knowing he was looking, she slowed and slid two fingers inside herself, then spread her lips as she removed them. Her pussy opened like a flower as she rubbed at the bud at the top of the spread petals.

Her other hand still cupped his, but she brought it down to her pussy for a moment, sliding a finger inside of herself. Glistening with wetness, she brought it back to his ass. With his legs spread straddling her, his own hole was exposed. She brought the wet finger to it, caressing the outside rim of it, hesitating.

"Yes," he sighed, lifting her head up again, even more so, sliding his dick even further into her mouth. Her finger penetrated his ass, the wetness easing its entry. She let it sit there for a moment, then began to gently rock it back and forth, matching the movements he made with his hands and her head.

He could tell by the noises she made and the speed with which her hand was moving on her pussy that her first orgasm was approaching. A flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The light of the candle was enough to reveal the reflection the two cast upon the large mirror across the room. Fascinated, he stared at the image of the two of them upon the bed. He watched as Inez's movements increased, felt and saw her body tense beneath him. Moans emerged from her mouth, and he felt her teeth on his cock as her mouth clenched. He held her head steady, watched her hand freeze in place on her pussy, as well as in his ass, and a spasm traveled up her body. Her back arched beneath him, and in the mirror.

As she came, her body convulsing below his own, as well as in the reflected image, the candle sputtered slightly, a bright blue spark leaping from the wick. Jonat glanced at it, just to be sure nothing was wrong. It was in the middle of a table, and the spark could do no damage, as far as he could tell.

He released her head, easing it down onto the pillow. His cock emerged, wet and shining from her mouth. He bent his head down and kissed her, feeling the heat of her mouth. Her mouth always felt like it was on fire after she'd sucked his cock. He gently took hold of her chin and turned her face towards the mirror. "Look, doesn't that look marvelously sexy?"

Her eyes fixed upon the image in the mirror, and she softly bit her lower lip as she nodded slowly. He lifted himself gently, laying down at her side. Her finger slid out of his ass, and his erection brushed the length of her torso as slid down onto the bed.

She continued to stare at the mirror, then, without taking her eyes from it, lifted her head slightly, turning to kiss his lips. First, it was a gentle kiss, then it grew more passionate. They both watched the reflection in the mirror, their lips wetly meeting, flashes of glistening tongues entwined. His hand caressed her breast, circling her nipples, then trailed down her chest, just the fingertips brushing her skin. She shivered slightly, the her own hands lifted an mimicked his motion, trailing her hands across her breasts, up her thighs, across the curls of her pubic hair.

She broke their kiss, sitting up. "Watch," she whispered. She stepped out of the bed and walked towards the mirror. Her glorious ass swayed with each step, ripe buttocks tensing and relaxing with each movement. He brought his hand down towards his cock, cupping his balls for a moment before circling around his shaft.

Inez approached the mirror, her eyes fixed upon the reflection in the mirror. When she stood in front of the mirror, she reached out a hand and gently ran a finger along the image of her own breasts in the mirror. Jonat slowly stroked his dick, watching as she placed both hands upon ˇ the mirror, looking as if she were clasping hands with her reflection. She brought her face closer, her lips brushing the cool surface of the mirror, for all the world, looking as though she were kissing herself. The mirror fogged up briefly there, then cleared. She lowered a hand to rub it against the reflection of her pussy, the other hand lifting as if to caress the hair of the image in the mirror.

The candle sputtered again, a cascade of blue sparks erupting from the flame. Mesmerized, Jonat's eyes did not waver from the image of Inez making love to her reflection. By the cool blue light of the sputtering candle, the mirror grew warmer, from Inez's breath, and body warmth, and perhaps from something more.

When her reflection's hand reached out to grasp her own head in the same way she had her own hand, Inez was far too aroused to be startled. She pulled back against the hand, and as she stepped back, her reflection stepped also of course. But forward instead of back, and her reflection stepped out of the mirror.

They continued to mirror each other for moment, each cupping the back of the other's head, each rubbing their fingers gently across the mound of the other's pussy. Then Inez gasped, and started to pull back. Zeni (The reflection of Inez of course) stopped her doppelganger's gasp with a kiss.

Jonat marveled of course, as much at the unbelievably erotic sight before him as at the reality of a reflection come to life. The two women embraced, hands running all over each other's bodies, tongues and mouths entwined. As one, they moved towards the bed, still passionately kissing and stroking each other. They laid down upon the bed, next to Jonat. Their kissing became even more passionate as each started to rub the other's clitoris. each knew of course, just how the other desired to be touched. Inez rubbed her left hand against Zeni's pussy, and Zeni rubbed her right hand (being the mirror image of Inez, she is of course right-handed, and her own beauty mark lay on the left, instead of the right) against Inez's own pussy.

As they stroked each other, they continued to kiss, grinding their bodies against each other. Jonat gently stroked the pair, running gentle fingertips along their faces, tracing the edge of their joined lips, following the line of their paired breasts where they pressed against each other. He slowly traced down along the lines of their hips, where they swelled in duplication of each other.

The one on top, whichever one that was, lifted up from the other's kiss. She knelt back upon her knees, and lifted the other's leg, spreading them apart. Inez, for that was who was on top, Jonat realized, straddled the Zeni's leg then, and again leaned forward. This brought their hips together, pressing their pussies up against each other. Inez began to rock forward and back, her movements pulling first her own clitoris forward, then Zeni's, such that their clitorises were constantly rubbing against each other. They kissed again, and it was thus that the pair shared their first orgasm, the spasms and tremblings coursing back and forth between their bodies, each renewing the other as their sensitive and blood-engorged buds rubbed wetly against each other.

They rested for a moment, holding each other, still softly kissing. Jonat continued to stroke them softly, as much to reassure himself they were both real as to enjoy the sensuous feeling of them beneath his fingertips. They lifted apart from each other again, moving on the bed, until each was positioned so that they could begin to lick and caress the other's pussy. Each clasped hands around the other's buttocks, grinding their faces and mouths against the other's clitorises and lips, driving their tongues into each other's depths, tasting the juices, and spreading them onto the clitoris.

Jonat's eyes glazed with sensuality, he stroked himself, absorbing the sounds and sights before him. He glanced over the pair of writhing bodies, at the the mirrored reflection. He traced his eyes along their swells and curves, their tremblings and wetnesses. His eyes met those of his own reflection's in the mirror, and locked there for a moment. His eyes stayed locked on those of the reflection as he stood and moved towards the mirror. The head of his throbbing cock preceded him, and when he reached the mirror, he stopped just far enough from it that the tip of his cock brushed against the pink-tipped reflection in the mirror. As it did, the drops of precum which had been oozing from it smeared across the mirror.

Behind him, the candle sputtered again, the blue sparks cascading forth. Jonat leaned forward, pressing his lips against the reflected lips in the mirror. He knelt then, and began to lick at the reflected penis in the mirror. He was able to do so because while he moved, the reflection did not and remained standing. At first, as he licked the mirror, all he tasted was the warm wetness of his precum, but then, as he pressed his hand against the mirror, as if to cup the hip of his reflection, Jonat felt a momentary resistance. Similar to pushing a fingertip through the skin on top of Jello, he pushed his through the mirror, and wrapped his hand around the cheek of his reflection's ass. He felt the warm, smooth muscles in it, and pulled forward, urging it towards his mouth.

The pink tip of his cock preceded Tanoj out of the mirror, and immediately slid into Jonat's mouth. He sucked on the soft warmth as he slid backwards on his knees, allowing Tanoj to step fully into the room. For a moment, he knelt there, suckling the hard cock in his mouth, cupping and squeezing his reflection's ass with his hands. Then he felt Tanoj's hands grasp his shoulders and urger him upwards. He rose, and met the lips of his mirror-image with his own. They pressed their lips against each other for a moment, before their tongues parted the lips and met in each other's mouths. Their cocks pressed against each other, throbbing and pulsing in time, trapped against each other between their stomachs, their balls pressing softly against each other.

As they turned and stepped towards the bed, Inez and Zeni parted their embrace. Each was coated with a light sweat, each flushed red, nipples hard and protruding, vaginal lips engorged and spread open, glistening wetly. Their eyes twinly followed Jonat and Tanoj, glazed with the same excitement and sensuousness which filled the men's eyes.

Inez and Zeni moved to each side of the bed, and still kissing, Jonat and Tanoj laid upon the bed. They continued to kiss, the one on top pressing his weight against the one below, their cocks trembling against each other. As they embraced, Zeni and Inez caressed them, on each side, their hands drawing lines upon the muscles and lines of the men. After a moment, Jonat, or perhaps it was Tanoj gently turned the other onto his side. They reversed positions, so that they found themselves in front of each other's cock. Grasping it, each stroked it gently, before licking across the crown of it, gathering the precum drops onto his tongue. Knowing each other's likes, they licked at the underside of the shaft, and bit gently at the soft skin beneath the head.

They sucked the other's cock into their mouths, as Inez and Zeni both wet their fingers in their pussies, and slid them into the asses of the men. Tanoj and Jonat both moaned around the hot flesh in their mouth, and pushed their hips slightly back, spreading their cheeks as the women began to fuck their asses with their fingers. Simultaneously, the muscles of the thighs and arms, chests and buttocks tightened on the men, and they released the pent-up semen in each other's mouths. Held for so long, with such throbbing arousal, the cum erupted with force into their mouths, coating their tongues. They both trembled and spasmed, clenching each other, still sucking gently at the cock in their mouth.

Finally, they released each other, and rolled onto their backs. Zeni and Inez both descended upon the mouths of the men, kissing them, tasting the cum and excitement in their mouths.

The night was filled with the flickering, candle-lit images of the four, sharing each other in all ways. Tanoj and Jonat both sandwiched each of the women, both Inez and Zeni being filled by cock in mouth and pussy at the same time. The women licked each other's pussies as each was penetrated from behind, sliding their tongues across wet pussy and hard cock at the same time. One man penetrated the other's ass, while that one buried his cock in the pussy of the woman below him, at the same time as he licked the pussy of the other woman, who sat on the face of the one being fucked. Tongues and pussies, cocks, asses, fingers, breasts and lips, all slipped and slid within, around and upon each other, throughout the night, lit by the flickering light of the candle.


In morning, Jonathan turned to kiss awake Inez. He tasted the salty sweetness upon her lips, and smiled into her eyes as her lids slowly opened. "Wow, I had the wildest dream!"

"Tell me about it," he said, smiling. "I won't ever look in a mirror quite the same."

"Mirror? But, my dream, but, then..." They both turned to look across the room, first at the mirror, then at the candle, now a melted blob of wax on the table. "Think we can get some more of those candles?"

"I think we'll get a few cases of them, and buy stock in the company..."

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