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Reluctant Seduction


Aria was captured with nowhere to run. Looking around in the dark dungeon, she struggled to glimpse a small wisp of light through the cracks. Struggling to climb upon the smooth, wet stone, Aria was able to get a look outside. The sound of horses turned her attention to a shield a guard was holding. "Velsper!" she squeaked and in her shock, let go of the rock supporting her, falling uncomfortably onto her side.

Shaking with pain, Aria knew that if things did not look better, they would just become worse with time. Kingdom Velsper was home to a harsh unknown Lord, stories of whom were known for hundreds of miles.

As if her thoughts had been read, the dungeon door opened and a guard with a torch came down the stairs. "You are to come with me. The Lord Eric will decide what is to become of you."

Pulling her up roughly, she was dragged out of the dungeon into the light. Without warning, a cloth was placed over her eyes and her hands were shackled behind her back. What distance was walked afterwards, she did not know. Aria had no idea where she was, but understood based on her senses that they had walked across the castle yard, put her into another room, and some amount of time had lapsed.

The shackles were cold against her arms, and her eyes began to tear up from the heat of the blindfold. She was sitting on the floor, scared to move lest she bump into some unforeseen trap. The Lord Eric? Could it be--no it couldn't. But Aria now knew that it was time to put up a fight.

Finally after what seemed like forever, someone entered the room, unbound her shackles and removed the blindfold from her eyes. She looked around quickly to see Lord Eric standing in front of her grinning. She remembered seeing him long ago at a royal kingdom gathering from all lands. He was now in his late twenties, tall, and very handsome with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, with a square jaw line, topped with a cleft in his strong chin.

His hair was just barely touching his shoulders, and caught the light as he walked. Aria's stomach churned with disgust at the sight of his lewd grin, which washed away all other attractive features on his face.

He had always wanted Lady Aria and capturing her on a hunting trip was the easiest way to get what he wanted. Sitting on the floor in a dirty dress, he still found her breathtaking as her large breasts bobbed up and down from her heavy breathing; the curve of her hips sloped gently into her small waist and long, shapely legs peeked out from the tears in the dress.

For just 18, her body had filled out nicely. Her large, almond shaped, green eyes looked straight into his. The rays from the setting sun against her hair reminded him of brown agate gemstones. Eric had always lusted after Aria, some might even say loved, but knew that she would spurn any niceties. It was time to be blunt, swift, and rough.

Hurting her never crossed his mind-- Aria happened to be a member of royalty from the land, but her own kingdom knew to fear his. Immediately Eric saw that fear in her eyes.

Aria backed away quickly and crossed her arms. "You will not hurt me," her voice whispered harshly.

Eric's expression softened. "You know I could never do that--"

"Then LET ME GO!!" screamed Aria.

She got up quickly and tried to run, only to be tripped by Eric. Swearing loudly as she tried to get up, he had already gone to the door and blocked her way. He chuckled softly and looked down at her. Aria's face was defiant, which just aroused him.

"You will be locked in here until tonight," Eric said slowly while still grinning. "I will send maidservants to fetch you, who will take you to your bath and provide fresh clothes. Dinner will also be served and then I will see you again." He walked over to her and knelt beside her, Aria avoiding his gaze and seething with anger. "You have always been beautiful, but I find you quite unbecoming in a dirty, torn dress," his voice came out snide and dripping.

Suddenly Aria heaved her hand back and slapped him hard across the face. "I have heard of your kingdom's wicked deeds and false trifles! If my father knew about this--" her voice became stern and she looked him square in the face. "I will not move from this room or do anything you ask! Do you really think I believe you? How dare you take me here! Who do you think you are to force me--"

"Force you?" came Eric's voice mocking, yet laughing, soothing the stinging area of his face where he was slapped. "Whoever said that anyone would be forced?" Kneeling closer to her so his head was near her ear, he whispered "Tonight when we are in my bedchamber, you will beg me to make love to you over and over. I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you and I want you to be mine. I will never rape you. Put up a fight—and well I may rape you, including my 24 guards. But we'd rather not have that now, do we? No my sweet Lady, you will be mine. It's your choice." He kissed her neck leaving a wet cold spot that made Aria tingle.

His hands then cupped her breasts but she pushed him away halfheartedly. Slapping him hard again, she moved away quickly, only to be grabbed by Eric and pushed harshly. The force caused her to fall back onto the floor.

Taking advantage of her prone position, Eric quickly laid himself over her, bringing his lips down to whisper in her ear, "Why must you make things so difficult? You can either let me make love to you, or spend your days in the dungeon. Tell me my sweet, which will it be?" Waiting a moment, he was greeted by silence.

Sighing, Eric stood up and left the room. Aria could hear a scraping sound against the doorknob and then footsteps walking away, eventually becoming silence. Why was she still laying here on the floor like a dumb mule?

"Damnit!" she yelled, pounding the floor with her fist. She sat up right and angrily realized she drank in Eric's every word. Why didn't she push him away harder while he was fondling her? What was going on?

Lord Eric was in his bedchambers lying on his bed thinking lustily of Aria. Closing his eyes, he thought of her nubile form, soft curving hips, the round, full derriere, the high full breasts, against the background of her long, dark, wavy hair.

He wondered what those full breasts looked like bare, cupped in his hands. Were they as large and round as the sweet fruit melons that grew in the gardens? Images of lashing his tongue across the nipples fired heat in his crotch.

Eric wanted to kiss her full lips and teach her how to please him orally. He could remember the way those lips pouted on her defiant face. Stroking his member and lightly moaning, the images of her full lips around his member felt as if they were coming to life, but he stopped, wanting to reserve all his passion for her...

Still grumbling in the locked chamber, Aria looked up as the doorknobs turned with creaking metal. Standing up quickly to face whoever came in, she waited. Three maidservants came in and walked in front of Aria.

"My Lady," began the eldest looking one, "Lord Eric requests we escort you to your bath chamber, provide fresh clothes for you, and then meet him for a formal dinner tonight. Please follow us. And my Lady please, do not think of running away. We will not hurt you, but the guards may." All three looked at her sympathetically. With that, Aria realized her predicament and reluctantly followed the maidservants.

It was nearing nightfall, as the sun was already setting and the colors of twilight spilled across the sky. Aria looked up and saw the first star of the evening, twinkling, and so peaceful and free, an ironic contrast to her situation.

She realized the maidservants had stopped walking and they were inside a large room, with a below ground tub filled with warm water and bath soap bubbles. "My Lady, your gown will be in the adjoining room over there--" pointing across the room to a wooden door "--and after you have dressed, there is a mirror, a comb, and pins for your hair. Lord Eric insists you must look presentable. Have a good evening, my Lady." With that, the three curtsied once again, left the room. Suddenly Aria heard the doorknob make a strange sound and then realized the maidservants locked her in! Even in Velsper, the maidservants don't trust you.

Aria sighed and looked around warily. From what she could tell, the stone walls had no cracks for lecherous spies or hidden trapdoors. Quickly pulling off the dirty torn dress, she slid into the tub and began to reach for the soap. Aria thought of Eric's proposition and realized her sex was becoming warm. What is wrong with me? she demanded of herself. First the man threatens to rape her and now she's aroused?

Aria had never made love before, or had even kissed a man but she was always told stories from her own maids what it was like to become aroused and make love. Aria realized that she couldn't deny the attraction between her and Eric. He was tall and very handsome. His lips still looked full even as he grinned. Did she actually think his lips were nice? Moving uncomfortably, Aria could feel her nipples harden against the water...

Eric waited impatiently outside the castle rose gardens. He decided that there would be a slight change of plans. After instructing his maids, he stood outside by the fragrant flowers and watched the door from a distance. Finally Aria came out. She was absolutely beautiful, as Eric let out a long sigh. The green dress he had picked out for her and had the seamstress adjust fit her body perfectly. Her long hair was styled so the waves curled towards the bottom, just where her hips were.

He noticed the dress emphasized the swell of her breasts and the slimness of her waist. Eric felt his pants tighten at his crotch as feelings of passion stirred with him. As tempted he was to run over to her and rip the dress off and have her against the garden wall, other ideas came into place. Oh, he would have a little fun with her before they made love in his bed. Softly laughing, he began to walk over.

Aria looked around cautiously and noticed a strong, sweet smell in the air, lulling her to their direction. Recognizing roses and hypnotized by the scent, she bumped into Eric. Freezing immediately, she tensed and watched him warily. Eric was in awe. The gown intensified her dark green eyes, and her light olive skin was a contrast against her hair. Her breasts were heaving up and down in time with her heavy breathing.

Aria realized Eric was looking at her bust and quickly turned to the side, asking haughtily "So what do you want, my lord? Perhaps you will rape me out here, then?"

Eric laughed and walked closer to her. "Call me Eric." She stepped away. "Will you walk with me?" he asked to vacant air, as Aria had turned away and began to walk into the rose garden hedges.

She stopped by a garden wall and pretended to admire a climbing rose, all the while in her mind she was running. Then a wild idea came--she would run. Stepping forward with purpose, she aimed for the open archway, yards away from Eric who was following behind her, rapidly closing the gap between them.

Grabbing her arm roughly, he backed her against the stone garden wall and pushed his body against her. Aria gasped and began to blush, feeling his hard member pushing against her lower belly. Eric noticed her pink cheekbones and began to laugh. "Do you like how it feels?" asking lustily. "Soon it will be in your pussy and you will want to keep it in there."

Aria beat against his chest and pleaded. "Don't, just let me go!" Eric's chest began to ache from her fists and his arms put her own in a fast iron grip. Standing there for a few moments, he looked fiercely into her eyes. Then gently, he let her go and kissed her.

Aria's mouth was in a rush of sensation. Eric's tongue explored and teased hers, and her mouth opened further. Her lips were soft and full against his, making him want her more. Slowly, his hands went down to her waist and encircled her body. Aria involuntarily kissed him back fiercely and continued with enthusiasm, her arms around his neck, playing with his hair.

Their tongues met and danced as the rough edges rubbed against each other. The tip of Eric's tongue was pointy and rough as he glided them over Aria's lips. Letting out a soft moan, she thrust her tongue into his mouth as they began another passionate kiss. Her lips felt like soft, miniature pillows, as his pressed and massaged against them, exploring every curve.

His lips moved down and began to caress the smooth curve of her neck. Aria let out a soft sigh and Eric grinned, pleased that he found an erogenous zone. But now it was time to really find out.

Moving his hands upwards, he cupped her full breasts and began to massage them until he could feel her nipples stiffen underneath the fabric, his thumbs teasing the hard nubs. Pulling away quickly, Aria realized her mistake and jumped quickly away from the wall. Eric tried to grab for her but instead, his face was met with a lukewarm punch. Laughing and wincing slightly, he chased after Aria as she ran through the gardens.

Running towards the archway opening, she was not fast enough, as Eric already had his arms around her waist and rubbed his crotch against her ample bottom.

Struggling against him, Aria fell and flailed her legs wildly, trying to prevent Eric from grabbing her. The entire time he laughed, as if he was enjoying some sort of game. "Get off!" she yelled, falling underneath him, and then finally kicking Eric to get some room. Getting up quickly, Aria pulled her dress and looked down on him disdainfully. "What do you take me for, your mistress or your mule? I've had enough of these games--you are to take me back to my father and no harm will come to you."

"Lady you are not the one here to make the demands--I am", Eric said firmly, while getting up. "You will do as your are told. You will stay here as this is your home now."

Aria threw back her head and laughed. "My home? My home? You call this dump a home?" Her laughter soon filled the garden as Eric seethed at being insulted.

He felt the urge to lock her up, but seeing she was taken off-guard, he lunged for her.

Her laughter ending abruptly, Aria tried to pull away but didn't pull away fast enough--what was wrong with her? It almost seemed like she was enjoying what he was doing to her. Eric began to kiss her neck and involuntarily, Aria let out a low sigh.

"I love you", Eric whispered into Aria's ear.

Grinding his crotch against her bottom, he placed his hands on her hips and soon felt her grind against him. Chuckling, Eric continued to trail soft, wet kisses along the right side of her neck and led his hands back to her breasts, which he teased again.

Aria pulled away and looked at him. "What do you think you are doing?"

Walking closer to her, Eric whispered, "What you're letting me do."

Shocked, Aria was saved from responding as a guard called out "My Lord, your dinner is ready." Walking away quickly, she went inside and was led into a large banquet hall.

Once they were seated, Eric and Aria were left alone with their meal. While they ate, Eric occasionally looked up at Aria and grinned, watching her sit stonefaced in front of the food. He caught her gazing at a vase filled with peach-colored roses and savored the pleased expression on her face until Aria realized he was staring, and quickly became stern. He knew that he was able to get to her and make her aroused, as she was slightly pink and her nipples were protruding enough for him to notice after looking at her bosom.

"Aren't you hungry my sweet?" Eric asked mockingly.

"No" came Aria's voice in a monotone, expressionless manner. Crossing her arms, she threw him a defiant look.

Wanting to rattle her cage more, Eric smirked slyly. "You should eat something. After tonight you won't have any energy when I'm done with you--or at least, when you can't beg for more." Seeing the expression on Aria's face, he almost choked on his food but pretended he needed a swig of wine. She took life too seriously, a character flaw inherited from her father.

Watching her, he dipped his fork into the fruit and licked it off slowly. Holding his goblet, he dipped a finger into the wine and began to slowly encircle to lip of the cup. Aria without realizing was watching him intently and then began to blush. At the same time she felt a warm knot developing in her lower belly.

"You know," Eric's voice began with a slight easy drag to it, "I've always liked the taste of fruit. So wet and sweet--would you know what else is wet and sweet?" Savoring the expression on Aria's face, he took another swig of wine.

"Oh shut up you ass," her voice came condescendingly. Eric laughed. He knew she meant to insult him, but he couldn't help but find this funny. He could hear the loud exhale of air from her nose, much like a dragon. Oh yes, he was going to have fun tonight.

"May I leave? I have no appetite."

Looking up, he clapped his hands and a guard entered the room. "Take her to my bedchambers and lock the door. If she tries anything, lock her in the dungeon again."

Aria looked around angrily to see Eric winking at her. His tongue then licked his lips and grinning again, he winked. She found herself becoming aroused and made a point to not turn back to look at him after they left the room.

Still grinning after she left, Eric looked over at the roses. Feeling his groin become tighter, he wondered if her nipples were the same beautiful peach color.

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