tagErotic CouplingsRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 09

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 09


Five men sat in the back of the prison van for transportation between jails. There was no conversation between any of them even though two of them knew each other well and had been close friends.

The vehicle went over several potholes and one of the men grunted angrily as the slight bumps were felt.

"Bloody bastards! Making a point of hitting every hole in the road are ya!" he yelled angrily even though he knew the guards in the front of the van couldn't hear him.

The handsome black haired guy at the front of the vehicle glanced towards him with an amused grin before looking out the small window once again.

A filthy un-kept drunk opened bleary eyes and glanced around before closing his eyes once again.

The oldest of the prisoners pulled a packet of smokes from his pocket and helped himself to one before offering the packet to the man beside him.

"Thanks mate." He said as he took one and put it between his lips before fishing a lighter out of his shirt pocket. He lit his own smoke then passed the lighter to the guy who had offered him a smoke.

"Not going to share?" The black haired guy asked with a charming smile.

The guy who had had the lighter in his pocket looked at the guy who had spoken with an angry look on his face. "Isn't enough I'm sharing this van with you?" he asked bitterly.

"Hey come on, it aint all my fault." He protested as he pushed his black hair back out of his blue eyes.

"Don't start that shit with me Hawk." The guy warned as he put his lighter away.

"Jake..." Hawk started.

"Shut the fuck up or I'll shut you up!" Jake snapped.

The other three men watched them warily. A fight in the enclosed space of the van would not be a pleasant thing.

Hawk looked away from Jake and turned his attention to the scenery outside the van. They were passing through a town or city and it was getting toward late afternoon; surely they would reach the overnight stop soon.

"Ah, Grafton. Great town." The guy beside Jake remarked as he looked out the window.

"It's about time! I'm getting sick of riding in this van," The guy who had sworn about the potholes said as he shifted in his seat.

"How far from here is Brisbane?" Jake asked curiously.

"Depends where abouts you heading," the guy beside him said.

"To the central courthouse day after tomorrow," Jake answered.

"About a six and a half hour drive in this thing. They'll probably send you tomorrow, hold you overnight at one of the stations and take you to court from there. I'm Todd by the way," Todd said.


The vehicle began to slow and it turned sharply. Shortly it came to a halt. The engine became silent and the five men turned their attention to the door they would exit the van through.

There was the sound of voices outside for a few minutes then the door was unlocked and opened.

"Alright! Everyone out. Do it orderly, no mucking around," a prison guard said as he stood in the doorway before moving aside so the men could do as they were told.

The five prisoners climbed from the van and stood in the bright sunshine for a few moments to let their eyes become accustomed to the light.

"Let's get a move on. You'll have a few minutes to settle into your cells before meal time," another guard said and led the way into a large brick building.

Jake walked along in the line the prisoners had formed; he looked around with faint interest as they walked through hallways and corridors.

"Hawkings, Lantry, wait in this room." The guard at the front of the line ordered indicating a room that had a wooden bench along one wall.

Jake and Hawk walked into the room and sat down on the bench. Jake sat as far away from Hawk as he could get without leaving the room.

The guard shut the door and locked it leaving the two men inside.

"Looks like we're in the shit, hey." Hawk commented to Jake but Jake ignored him.

Hawk was silent as he looked around the room. He couldn't understand why Jake no longer talked to him or have anything to do with him. He knew that it all went back to Sky somehow just as the trouble they were in at the moment did, but surely Jake wouldn't turn his back on him over a sheila.

"On your feet!" A tough looking guard ordered as he unlocked the door and walked into the room. "No time for dilly dallying! We don't like rapists here so watch your step! Get in the hallway now!"

Jake got to his feet and did as he was told quickly; he had no intention of giving a guard any cause for irritation. Behind him he could hear Hawk taking his time and the guard erupted into a torrent of swearing at Hawk.

Hawk walked out of the cell trying to ignore the inventive flow of abuse the prison guard was directing at him. He suspected it was an attempt to anger him enough to talk back and let himself in for punishment.

"Get moving you two or you will miss out on your meal," The guard ordered gruffly.

Hawk and Jake soon found themselves in a small cell with the barred door locked behind them. Two guards stood outside the cell talking.

"You two will eat separate from most of the other prisoners. There are some in here who would rip you a new arsehole if they had the chance. Most of 'em in here don't like rapists or men who beat women." One of the guards sneered.

Jake sat down on the edge of one of the bunks without reacting to the taunts from the guards. After a few minutes the guards grew tired of baiting the two men and left the area.

"It's a real shit hole of a place," Hawk remarked.

There was no reply from Jake and Hawk began to pace the cell angrily. His steps were uneven and he limped slightly, the after effects of a kick to the groin he received from a one-time friend. He stopped at the cell door and tried to look along the corridor.

"When the hell do we get fed around here?" he yelled in demand. When he realised there would be no answer he turned and moved to the unoccupied bunk.

"Could we at least talk?" Hawk finally asked Jake.

"Are you stupid or something? Didn't I tell you after we were arrested and charged that I want nothing more to do with you?" Jake demanded angrily.

"Why? Because we get to spend a few days in jail? We'll be out as soon as the judge hears how Sky wanted to be with me and is just playing games because I got tired of her!" Hawk said calmly.

"You forget one thing Hawk," Jake growled as he got to his feet and moved to face Hawk. "I was there. I know exactly what we did to that poor girl and I am finding it awfully hard to live with myself. If I had known what a sick bastard you were going to be I would have refused to tolerate her being with you."

Hawk watched Jake turn away and moved to the bars of the door. Hawk realised there was nothing he could do or say to Jake at the present. he could only hope that a bit of time would turn his frame of mind around.

* * * * *

Janey lay curled up on her side. She was alone in the hospital room, both Adam and Robby having left. Robby went to work and Adam to do some laundry and get himself a meal before returning during visiting hours.

The doctor had seen Janey during his evening rounds and decided she should stay another night in hospital because of her concussion.

The need to go to the toilet finally disturbed Janey and she reached for the bedside buzzer.

"Is something the matter?" the nurse asked when she came into the room in answer to the buzzer.

"I need to go to the toilet. Can I get up and go please?" Janey asked miserably.

"Let me just check doctor's notes, "the nurse said reaching for the clipboard on the foot of the bed. After a moment's consultation of the notes she smiled at Janey as she tucked the file back into its clip, "yes, you can get up."

Janey smiled with relief and pushed herself into a sitting position. She tossed the bed covers aside and reached for the dressing gown the nurse handed her. She was relieved to find she was steady on her feet as she pulled the dressing gown on and headed for the toilet attached to her private room.

"I'll just wait out here incase you need me, " the nurse told her as she opened the door so Janey could enter.

Janey shut the door then hurried to use the toilet. she froze in shock as she saw the streak of bright blood on the paper as she wiped herself.

"Please not my baby!" Janey sobbed as she hurried to pull her underwear up and open the door. "I'm bleeding!" Janey said to the nurse before covering her mouth with one hand and crying.

"Come on, back to bed with you," The nurse ordered as she helped the distraught girl to the bed. Once she had Janey back in bed she checked her watch for the time and retrieved Janey's medical notes.

"How much blood was there?" The nurse asked gently.

"I don't know...a streak of bright red on the toilet paper when I wiped myself." Janey answered between sobs.

"Any pain or contractions?"

"I haven't noticed anything. What's happening?" Janey managed before burying her face in her hands to cry harshly.

"It might be nothing more than some spotting but I shall go and get your doctor to come back and see you. And I'll get one of the midwives to come have a chat with you and see how you are," The nurse announced before hurrying from the room.

Janey turned her face into her pillow and cried. She found herself wishing someone were here with her. Even Robby would be better than no one she thought as she slid both arms across her stomach to cuddle the precious spark she prayed she still carried within her.

The nurse returned a few minutes later with one of the midwives who chatted with Janey, calming her down and at the same time getting answers to questions. A machine was bought into the room and the nurse applied a cold gel to Janey's bare stomach before running a probe gently over her stomach.

The midwife smiled at Janey as a whooshing noise, not unlike that of a washing machine, could be heard coming from the machine.

"Hear that sound? That's your baby's heartbeat. Nice and steady, a good rate." The midwife said as she lifted the instrument off of Janey's stomach, turned off the machine and began to wipe the gel from Janey's skin.

"That was my baby's heartbeat?" Janey queried, her voice soft with wonder.

"Now you tell me if your stomach is tender anywhere." The midwife said and began to examine Janey's stomach, probing gently with her fingers to check the size of the womb.

Janey gave a slight gasp as the midwife's fingers found an uncomfortable spot on one side.

"Did that hurt? Are you sore there?" the midwife queried.

"It just... I don't know, was slightly uncomfortable for a second." Janey replied with a grimace.

"So it's not sore now?"

"It's fine." Janey said and looked at the midwife uncomfortably, "What's wrong?"

"No cause for alarm or worry as far as I can see. Sometimes women spot during pregnancy, which means small amounts of blood loss for no apparent reason. I'll have a chat with your doctor and get him to arrange some tests just to make sure," the midwife said as she covered Janey back up. She then took Janey's pulse and blood pressure before leaving the room.

Janey curled up on her side once more. She was unable to control the tears that streamed down her face and sobbed quietly into her pillow.

The doctor came into the room after nearly ten minutes and spared a smile for Janey who was clearly distressed. He read her notes and then examined her stomach before nodding to himself. He turned to the nurse who had come into the room with him and began talking quietly as they headed for the door.

"What's going on? Why aren't you telling me anything?" Janey demanded tearfully. "Someone ring my brother or Adam so one of them can come and sit with me!" she demanded before turning back to sob into her pillow once again.

A few minutes later an older nurse came into the room carrying a jug and a glass. She placed them on the bedside unit and turned to Janey who was still crying into her pillow.

"Enough of that. Come on let's get you sat up a bit so you can drink this water so you can have this ultrasound the doctor has ordered," The nurse ordered gently.

"Leave me alone...I just want Adam or Robby here!" Janey protested tearfully without looking at the nurse.

"Enough of that now. How can the doctor be expected to be able to tell you what's going on if you won't co-operate and have the tests he ordered done?" The nurse asked in a no nonsense tone as she began adjusting the head of the bed so it started to rise into a slightly higher position. "Now enough of feeling sorry for your self and drink this water so you can have the test. I will be back in few moments to take blood to send to the lab."

Janey found herself alone once more and she moved so she was reclining more comfortably. She reached for the glass of water that had been poured and sipped it before placing it back on the bedside unit.

When the nurse returned Janey had only taken a few sips of drink and the nurse tutted as she saw how little had been drank. The nurse was an older lady, somewhere near Janey's mother in age and it was clear she would tolerate no arguments as she picked up the glass and handed it to a reluctant Janey.

"Drink up. In the ultrasound you'll get to see your baby's image. I heard that the midwife found its heart-beat, always a good sign. Now be a good girl and finish this glass full." The nurse said in a stern yet gentle tone.

Janey found herself drinking the water even though she wasn't thirsty. She handed the empty glass back and nearly groaned when the nurse refilled it.

"Has anyone called my brother or my boyfriend?" Janey demanded unhappily.

"Just let me take this blood and then I will make sure someone has called them. If not I'll do it myself. How's that?" The nurse asked as she efficiently got Janey to take and drink the water without complaint.

"I want one of them with me," Janey said and nearly began crying once again.

"Just give me a moment to get this blood and then I will get straight onto it."

A minute later the nurse left the room after taking the blood and pouring another glass of water for Janey. She returned to the room five minutes later and was pleased to see that Janey had finished all of the water.

"I managed to reach your friend Adam. he will be here in about half an hour, which means he will be here in time for the ultrasound if you want him to go into the examination with you," The nurse said with a compassionate smile.

Janey managed a miserable smile but clearly her heart was not in it.

"Would you like me to turn on your tv so you can watch it until I come back to take you to your appointment?"

* * * * *

Janey watched the technician squirt gel onto her exposed stomach before running a probe through the gel, spreading it around Janey's stomach.

The technician worked silently as he moved the hand held device across Janey's stomach. Every so often he would pause, hold the probe still and press one of many buttons on the console in front of him.

"Can you tell us anything?" Adam asked when there was no comment from the technician.

"Well I can tell Miss Wilkinson here that the foetus is growing in the womb not in a fallopian tube as the doctor had feared. How many weeks did you say you were?" He asked as he looked at Janey.

"About twelve weeks or a little more I think. Is there something wrong with my baby?" She asked fearfully when he frowned slightly.

"Everything appears to be normal, although you're not quite as pregnant as you thought. Mind you it is very difficult to tell at this stage. Another ultrasound in four to six weeks will be able to give you a more accurate due date. The measurements point to you being ten weeks five days pregnant, give or take three days," The technician explained.

A sick feeling began to build in Janey's stomach as she mentally listed those who had had sex with her in the first two weeks she had been abducted. She felt Adam squeeze her hand gently and glanced at him. He was watching her closely.

"Is it possible for me to see the baby on that screen?" Janey asked.

"Wait a moment, I'll get a nice clear shot of the uterus and then turn the screen around so you can see," The technician said. Several moments later he clicked one of the buttons and then turned the screen slightly so that she could see it.

Janey stared at the screen hard, trying to see something that would give her some clue as to whose child she carried. As hard as it had been to think about Hawk possibly being the father of her child after what she had endured at his hands, it was far worse to know that she had to admit to the possibility that Wilson might be the father. The savagery and brutality she had endured from him still haunted her much more than Hawk's treatment of her did.

"I'm busting," Janey said suddenly and the technician gave an understanding smile.

"All finished. You can wipe that goo off your stomach and use the toilet just outside near the change cubical," He said as he wiped the probe off and hung it on a hook on the console.

Adam helped Janey sit up and climb down from the bed she had been lying on and followed her out to wait outside the toilet door for her. When she emerged from the toilet he motioned towards the wheelchair a nurse had used to bring her to the radiography department.

"I can walk," Janey said.

"No! You are sitting in that chair and letting me push you back to the ward. You are to take things easy just like the nurse told you," Adam said firmly.

Janey hesitated a moment before sitting in the wheelchair so that Adam could push her to the lift. "Don't think you can order me around," Janey muttered angrily.

"No but it's obvious I can push you around." Adam said with laughter in his voice.

Janey gave an annoyed groan but was unable to keep a smile from sneaking onto her face.

She had had her first glimpse of her child! And heard its heartbeat! Suddenly it didn't matter that Wilson could be the biological father because she would give it enough love for two parents.

"I really have to start giving serious consideration to names," Janey said out loud startling herself so that she jerked in the wheelchair.

"Hey, easy on there," Adam said soothingly. He halted the chair at the elevator and pressed the button. An elevator slid open immediately and he wheeled the chair into it and pressed the required floor button.

The doors slid closed and there was the slight hitch as the elevator began to move.

Adam moved around to stand beside the wheelchair and Janey looked at him quizzically as he squatted beside her.

"Janey, I know we haven't discussed this...but I have plans on still being around when this child comes into this world. If you need a name to go on the birth certificate, I'd be willing to sign it for you," Adam said softly.

"You...you mean that..." Janey began stunned.

"I mean that I would be willing to take responsibility for the child as if it was my own," Adam told her gently.

"Oh!" Janey said startled. Somehow as welcome as these words were they didn't seem like the ones she wanted to hear. She wasn't even sure what it was she wanted to hear.

"I'll leave you think about it," Adam said softly at the stunned look on her face.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened with a ping. Adam stood up and moved back behind the chair to push it from the elevator.

"Hey Blonde One," The sound of James voice as Adam pushed the wheelchair back into the hospital room Janey was in surprised them both and Janey gave a cry of delighted surprise.

"James! What are you doing here?" Janey asked as she stood up from the wheelchair to give her brother a hug.

James returned the hug and held on for a few moments when she would have drawn away. "You know that's the first hug you've given me since you got back," He said lightly as he released her.

"Come on, in bed," Adam said as he pulled the covers back so she could climb in.

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